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A Helping Whitelighter

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Summary: Willow meets a young whitelighter who helps her.

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chapter 2

Chapter Two

Turning away from Paige, Willow bent down, and retrieve the box off the ground. “I should be going,” she said.

“OK,” Paige replied. “Is it ok if I walk with you out?”

“Sure,” Willow told her quietly. The two women started walking the long path out of the cemetery.

“Why are you here?” Willow asked, after several minutes. “If you don’t mind me asking.”

“Nah, It’s ok. I was here visiting my parents graves,” Paige said.

“You seem at peace with them being gone,” Willow stated.

“Yeah, I am,” Paige replied. She was happy that Willow was initiating the conversation. It was making her job much easier. “I wasn’t ok with it for a long time. I blamed myself for their deaths. I thought that if I hadn’t of been bitching to my dad that day, then he would have seen the car swerve into our lane. It was only recently that my sisters helped me to see that the car accident would had happened, even if I hadn‘t of been bitching to him. Things happen for a reason. Even the bad. It’s these thing that help shape a person. I know it did me. Before they died, I was on a downward spiral, but I turned my life around after their deaths. I started doing good in school, and I even got into collage.”

Willow quietly listened to what Paige was saying. Absorbing all the words that were being tossed at her, but Willow knew in her heart that she was the reason for Tara’s death, and she knew that no good would come from Tara being gone.

Paige knew what was going threw Willow mind. She didn’t have to read her mind to know what Willow was thinking. The same thoughts had run through her mind eight years ago. It was her job to give Willow a little nudge back onto the right path. To make the pain a little more bearable. If she failed, then the world would be gone in less then a year.

The two of them walked in silence for the remainder of the walk. When they reached the gates, Willow turned to Paige and said, “Thank you for talking to me. I’m glad that your at peace with your parents death, but I won’t ever be able to let her go. I screwed so many things up with her the past year, and she forgave me. She was my light in our dark world. Now that she gone that’s all I see. Darkness. After I fulfill her promise, I’m going to England. I don’t know what they have planned for me, and I don’t care. Goodbye.” Willow walked across the street and up the road.

Paige watch her walk away. When Willow was out of her site, Paige turned around and walked back into the cemetery. “This is not going to be easy,” she huffed, just before she orbed back home to the Manor.

Piper was in the kitchen making lunch when Paige orbed in, and sat down at the table.

“It didn’t go well, then,” Piper stated.

“No. I thought I was getting through to her, but she don’t care what happens to her. She drowning in her guilt and sorrow, and I’m not sure how to reach her. I don’t know why the elders enlisted me for this job. You, and Phoebe would be better for this job,” Paige replied to her big sister.

“Why?” Piper asked.

“Because you and Phoebe lost Prue. You know what she going through,” Paige said.

“Yes we did, but Paige you lost your parents. You know how it feels too, and you have had time to heal those wounds. Besides there’s a difference,” Piper said as she walked over to the table and sat down next to Paige.

“What’s the difference?” Paige asked.

“Phoebe and I were in a good place when Prue died. Her death hurt like hell, but we had each other to get through it. Before your parents died you were on a downward spiral, just like Willow was. It was there deaths that helped you back on the right path,” Piper said.

“Ok, so how do I get through to her?” Paige asked.

“Change your strategy. Let her know you’re a witch and a whitelighter, and why she can’t sense it,” Piper suggested to Paige.

“But I don’t know why she can’t sense my magic,” Paige said as she got up to get a bottle of water out of the fridge. “All the Elders told me was that Willow had been spiraling downwards over the last year; that she blamed herself for her lovers death, and if I can’t help her back onto the right path the world will be gone in less then a year.”

“Yeah, damn Elders and not giving the whole story. Good thing you have a sister who can get the whole truth from them,” Piper said; giving her sister a smirk as she walked over to the stove to check on lunch.

When Piper turned back around, she found Paige sitting on a stool at the island, with an annoyed look on her face.

“Are you going to tell me what you found out, or am I going to have to cast a spell on you?” she asked.

“Hey watch it Lil sis. Don’t forget about personal gain,” Piper teased her.

“Yeah, yeah, yeah. Come on. Spill,” Paige said.

“Alright. So it turns out that Willow’s downward spiral was magic induced. Last year her girlfriends mind was taken by a hell goddess. That’s when she started playing with dark magic’s. The elder didn’t tell me what went on though. She told me that Willow started using magic for everything. Getting dressed. Doing her hair. It got so bad her girlfriend…”

“Tara,” Paige interrupted.

“Huh?” Piper asked confused.

“Her girlfriends name was Tara,” Paige replied.

“Ok. Tara broke up with her. Then she started to see a warlock who pretty much got her high on magic. While she was high she crashed a car with her best friends little sister in it. After that she quit using magic, cold turkey. The elder said that the magic has been building up in her system over the past few months. Tara and Willow had just gotten back together when Tara was murdered.”

“Murdered? My god,” Paige said.

“Yeah, it gets worse. The magic broke free from Willow. It took her over. She went after the man who killed Tara, and killed him. At this point she was already to far gone. She killed the warlock for his magic, and tried to end the world. A friend of hers stopped her, but the damage had already been done. She has to learn how to control all of the magic she absorbed over the last few days. That’s where you come in. Willow is suppose to be at a coven in England, but she came here instead. You have to help her see that her life is worth something here, and try and get her to be open to her magic again. The elder wouldn’t tell me what is going to happen next year, only that Willow is the key to good side wining. She also told me this is the only role we play in it,” Piper finished telling her story.

“Great. The entire world is counting on me to help Willow get over her lover death, and murdering a human being. How the hell is this going to work?” Paige asked.

“Like I said, call her on it. Make her face everything and be there to pick up the pieces,” Piper said. “Is she still in town?”

“Yeah. It’s weird being able to sense someone other then you guys,” Paige replied.

“What is she feeling now?” Piper asked. Paige closed her eye and focused on Willow.

“She’s numb. I don’t think she cares what happens to her, after she opens that box,” Paige replied sadly.

“What box?” Piper asked as she started placing their lunch onto plates.

“Tara wanted Willow to dig a box up. I hope what ever is in it will help her,” Paige replied.

“Lets hope so. Come on lets eat. You can tackle Willow again later,” Piper said sitting down at the table with their plates.

A/n: Let me know what you think. Good or bad.
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