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A Helping Whitelighter

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Summary: Willow meets a young whitelighter who helps her.

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Charmed > Willow-CenteredbtvscharmedgirlFR1344,7241154,53117 Feb 115 Mar 11Yes

finale chapter

Disclaimer: I don’t own Charmed or Buffy.

A/N: Alright guys, this is the final chapter. I’m toiling with the idea of a sequel. Let me know what you think of this, and if you want a sequel.

Chapter 4

It was an hour before Willow calmed down. Paige looked down at the picture in Willow’s hand. “She’s beautiful,”

“Yes she is,“ Willow replied. “I thought I lost this picture when we moved into Buffy’s house. It’s the only one I had of us kissing,” Willow chuckled sadly. “ We were watching Buffy’s younger sister one night while she was out patrolling. Dawn came downstairs to get a drink, and found us making out on the couch. We didn’t realize she was there until we heard the camera go off.”

“That’s sweet,” Paige said. “What else is in there?”

Willow placed the picture next to the box, and then slowly looked into the small box. Three things remained in the box, a book, a crystal, and an envelope. Willow smiled as she picked up the crystal. “It’s the dolls eye crystal Tara gave me our freshman year. Buffy gave it back to her after I quit using magic,” she told Paige, as she showed her the crystal.

Willow picked the book up out of the box. The book was old and worn. Willow was barley able to read it title, ‘Earth Magic.’ She placed the book next to her on the bed and picked up the envelope out of the box.

The envelope had Willow’s name on it. “That’s Tara’s writing,” she told Paige.

“Read it,” Paige said.

“I don’t think I can,” Willow replied.

“Sure you can, Willow. You didn’t think you could open the box, but you did that,” Paige pushed.

“No I can’t,” Willow said, as tears welled in her eye’s once again. “Will… will you read it to me please?”

Paige looked hesitant for a moment, before she gently took the envelope out of Willow’s hands. She slowly opened the it up and took out the sheet of paper.

“My dearest Willow,” She began. “If you are reading this, then I am no longer in this world. I am happy to know that you have keep your promise to me. I know I made you promise before we broke up, but I am adding a few things to the box. First off is the book my mother gave to me. We would read it, and practice the spells together for hours. I buried it right before she died, to keep it safe from my Father. I want you to have it. Second is the picture Dawn took of us kissing. I found it while I was unpacking a couple of days ago. I know it was your favorite picture. Lastly is the dolls eye crystal. Buffy returned it to me today. I was happy to find out that you were no longer practicing, but not for the reason you think. You have amazing power, Willow. Power that I know will one day save the world, when nothing else will. That is why you had to stop practicing. I had hoped that I could get you to understand that you were using your powers too much, but when you put the Tabula Rasa spell on us, I knew you were to far gone. Only when you hit rock bottom would you be able to pull yourself back up, and onto the right path. I didn’t want to brake up with you, but I knew I was standing in the way of that. I hope that down the road I will be able to help you learn the basics, and get you onto that path again. If I died before I had the chance to, I am sorry. My wish for you is to learn with people who will teach you what my mother taught me. I also hope that we can be together again. You are the light that shown in the darkness. The light that was missing since my mother passed. You brought me so much happiness, and I hope you can find the same. Don’t be afraid to find love again. It is a precious thing and we never know how long we really have here on Earth. You deserve to be happy. Don’t ever think that you don’t. If my death was not natural, don’t blame yourself. I know you Willow. I know that is exactly what you are doing as you read this letter, and I also know that if you could have stopped it you would have. My death is not your fault. I love you, Willow, and I will always be there for you. In the wind, sun, air, and in your heart. Goodbye my sweet Willow tree. Love, Tara.”

In Willow mind Paige’s voice faded away as she read the letter, replaced by Tara’s. Tears fell heavily down her face, as Tara’s word sunk slowly into her mind. She knew in her heart that Tara was right, and she knew what she had to do.

“Thank you. I don’t know how long I would have sat here watching that box, if you weren’t here. What ever the reason you’re here, thank you. I know what I have to do,” She said. Willow looked up at Paige, who sat quietly watching the redhead, with tears streaming down he own face. A small smile slipped on to her face.

“I’m glad I could help,” Paige told her. “What is it that you have to do?”

“Giles want to take me to England. I don’t know what is in store for me there, but I’m hoping whatever it is will, fulfill Tara’s wishes.” Willow replied.

“I’ll be going then. If you ever need me, just call my name and I’ll be there,” Paige said.

“Who are you,” Willow asked.

Paige smiled and said, “When the time is right you’ll know.” Then orbed out of the room.

Willow sat there quietly for a few moment, before placing the thing back in the box, and headed back to Sunnydale.

Half an hour later, after stopping by the Manor to let Piper know how it went with Willow, Paige orbed into the heaven to meet with the elders.

“You did well, Paige. As we speak Willow is on her way back to Sunnydale,” said a female elder with short curly blond hair.

“Are you going to tell me why, I was sent on this mission,” Paige asked.

A male elder mimicked what Paige told Willow just before she left, “When the time is right, you’ll know. Please keep an ear out for Willow. I have a feeling the young woman will be calling upon you for assistance in the near future.”

“And that’s it? I’m just suppose to wait, until she needs me. Not even aloud to know what this was all for, or how she doing.” Paige wondered.

“That is it, for now,” Said the blond elder. “Go back to your life. Help your sister prepare for the life growing inside her. When Willow needs you, she will call.”

“Fine. Goodbye,” she said, and then orbed home to her sisters.

“Are we sure, she was the right choice for this task, and not a veteran whitelighter?” another male elder asked.

“Yes, she may not know it now, but she will make a great whitelighter one day. She has proven to be very capable. Her first assignment and she succeeded in one day,” the blond elder said.

“Yes she did very well,” agreed another female elder. How long do you think it will be until she’s back up here, asking about the young woman.

“I give her a day,” chuckled the blond elder.

The End

You have reached the end of "A Helping Whitelighter". This story is complete.

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