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A Helping Whitelighter

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Summary: Willow meets a young whitelighter who helps her.

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Charmed > Willow-CenteredbtvscharmedgirlFR1344,7241154,53117 Feb 115 Mar 11Yes

Chapter One

Disclaimer: I do not own Buffy, Charmed, or any of the characters in the shows. I am Just playing with them.

A/N: For the those of you who are following Change of Destinies, Again, I am sorry for the lack of updates. I have a serious case of writers block with the story. I am trying to write the next chapter. I just can't get the words flowing.Hopefully this story will help with that.
A/N2: I Had intended on this being a one shot, but I'm going to break it up. Not sure how many Chapters yet. Let me know what you think.

Willow watched out the window of the bus as it drove out of Sunnydale. She knew she should be on a plane to England with Giles, but there was a promise she had to fulfill before she could go with him. The conversation she had had with Giles the night before was still fresh in her mind.

‘ I know that this is hard Willow , but I think it is best for you to come with me to England. Normally I would leave this up to you, but considering the circumstances, I don’t think it is best for you to be making this decision for yourself,’ Giles said.

Willow stared at Giles from across the dinning room table. She was unclear about what Giles was telling her. Given what she had just been through, it was understandable.

It was a few minutes before she weakly asked, “ Giles what are you saying?’

‘What I am trying to say, Willow, is that you are coming home with me to England,’ Giles said.

‘And I don’t get a choice?’ She asked.

‘No,’ he responded firmly.

‘Because you don’t trust my decisions?’ she asked in a monotone voice. Giles did not respond to this question, however Willow took his silence as a no. ‘What do the other’s think?’ She asked, dreading the answer she was going to receive.

‘Buffy, Xander, and Dawn all think this is what is best for you as well,’ he said, as he took his glasses off his face to clean them.

‘How long will I stay with you?’ she asked, after a moment.

‘As long of time is needed for you to recover,’ Giles said cryptically.

Willow sat silent for a few minutes thinking thing over. She knew that there was no choice, but she had to do something before she went. She promised her, and this was a promise she was going to keep. No matter what the consequences are. ‘I’ll go with you,’ she finally said. ‘But there is something I have to do first, and I have to do it alone.’

Giles looked at Willow trying to assess how to go about this, without upsetting the woman across from him. Unfortunately, given the current situation the was not a lot of options. He settled on trying to talk her out of it. ‘Willow, I do not think it is wise for you to be off on your own at the moment. What ever it is, surely can wait until you return.’

‘No Giles. It can not wait. I made her a promise, and I’m going to keep it. I will not fail her again,’ She said forcefully, but tears welled in her eyes.

At the sight of the tears, Giles almost gave in to her, but he knew it was not an option. He got up from his chair and knelt next to her. He wrapped his arms around her and whispered in her ear, ‘She’s gone Willow, and there is nothing you can do to change that. Tara would want you to take care of yourself first, before you fulfill her promise.’

‘She made me promise Giles. That morning, before she…’ Her words got caught in her throat. ‘She made me promise her, Giles, if anything happened to her she wanted me to go to her mother’s grave. She made me promise.’

‘Her mother’s grave will still be there when you return. Right now you have to go pack. We leave for England in the morning,‘ He said firmly. He gave her a kiss on her head and then walked into the kitchen to get a cup of tea.

Willow sat in the dinning room for a few minutes before going up to her room. She stood in the door way for half an hour before she work up the courage to walk in. She quickly grabbed a few changes of clothing, a picture of her and Tara, and her laptop. She left a note for Giles on her bed, then quietly slipped out the front door.

Willow slowly walked through the San Francisco Memorial Gardens, scanning the headstones for Tara’s mother’s. It was a little while before she found it. The grave was nestled a under an old maple tree. Willow kneeled in front of the tombstone. “Hello Mrs. McClay. I’m Willow, but you probably already knew that. Tara asked me to come.” Willow kneeled there in silence for a moment. “Tara wants me to dig something up. She said it meant a lot to you and her. She made me promise to come and get it if anything happened to her.” willow paused for a moment trying to fight back tears. “I love Tara so much. Please take care of her for me,” Willow said as tears started to fall.

Willow pulled the gardening shovel out of her bag, and started to dig where Tara had instructed her to. She had been shoveling for only a few minutes when she hit a metal box. She pulled the box out of the hole, then refilled it.

Willow sat on Mrs. McClay’s grave, just staring at the box, for over an hour. She didn’t come out of her stupor until she heard a soft feminine voice behind her ask, “are you going to open it?”

When Willow looked over her shoulder, the woman noticed that she was crying. “I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to intrude. It’s just, I say you digging that up over an hour ago. I wanted to see if you were alright. I’m sorry. I’ll just go away now,” the woman said, as she turned to walk away.

“No, it’s alright,” Willow said, surprising herself. She had no idea why she said it, but was suddenly comforted to have this stranger there.

The woman took this as an invitation, and walked closer to Willow. “So why are you digging up an old box?” She asked.

“My girlfriend made me promise to dig it up if anything ever happened to her,” Willow replied, once again surprise herself. She silently wonder why she had told the woman that.

“I’m sorry,” the woman apologized. “Was her death recent?” she asked hesitantly

“Yes,” Willow said softly. “She died two days ago.”

Willow was feeling a soft pull towards the woman. Willow looked up into her eyes and saw the good portrayed in her light brown eye’s. She trusted this stranger. She didn’t know why, and she didn’t really care. Willow looked the woman over. She was a tall brunette. Her hair fell just below her shoulder blades. She was dressed in a simply t-shirt and jeans. Willow stood up and then offer her right hand the woman. ”I’m Willow,” She said.

“Hello Willow. I’m Paige. It’s nice to meet you, though I wish it were under better circumstances,” the woman replied as she took the offered hand.
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