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punctus contra punctum

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Summary: TR: "Point against point." A needed balance for all those sex change stories where Xander appears to easily accept the change. No pairings.

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BtVS/AtS Non-Crossover > DarkchurkeyFR1594,03026611,45317 Feb 113 Mar 11Yes

Chapter 2

AN: Two new scenes! And I definitely have a few more planned! While this isn't gonna be an epic, I hope it'll satisfy.

If anyone is wondering why Giles is so understanding, I figure he's older and well-educated, whereas Buffy and Willow are young.

I don't own BTVS nor make any money from this story.

Easy fix?

“I’m terribly sorry, Xander, but there isn’t any solution to your problem. Or at least not a magical one. You are, for all intents and purposes, now biologically female,” Giles was cleaning his glasses at a furious pace.

“What am I going to do then? Because I’m not a girl,” Xander was starting to feel the despair creep in again, his anger dying with his hope.

“I never said you were a girl, Xander. Just that you are biologically female. A person’s sex and gender are two different things. You are a guy. Indeed, one of the bravest men I’ve had the pleasure to know. I’m not sure if Buffy or Willow mentioned it, but your intervention saved the life of another. At great cost to yourself, I agree, but still. Knowing that, would you do it differently?”

Xander’s shoulders slumped, shaking his head. He would do it again, in a heartbeat. He may hate the consequences, but saving someone's life was worth the sacrifice.

The nightmare continues

Xander’s clothes didn’t fit him anymore. Well, they'd never fit all that great before, but the fit was even less fitty than before. Willow and Buffy kept trying to get him to go shopping for girl clothes. They didn’t seem to quite grasp that he wasn’t a girl and wasn’t going to wear girl clothes, ever. No bras, no pantyhose, no skirts, no dresses -- just a world of no. Plus, the baggier clothes helped disguise the curves.

Instead, he went to the drugstore and got an ace bandage. Which, while hugely uncomfortable, squashed two of his main sources of misery. He couldn’t wear his favourite combo of tank top plus Hawaiian shirt anymore, but it was still miles better than some of the shit Buffy and Willow were trying to get him to wear.
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