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punctus contra punctum

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Summary: TR: "Point against point." A needed balance for all those sex change stories where Xander appears to easily accept the change. No pairings.

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BtVS/AtS Non-Crossover > DarkchurkeyFR1594,03026611,45317 Feb 113 Mar 11Yes

Chapter 9

Bus to change

Xander was sitting on a bus heading to LA. The mayor was toast and he was supposed to be on his road trip. Instead, he was on a bus. He had done a little research and found out that the money he had saved up for the trip was just enough to pay for chest reconstruction surgery. LA was a good place to go, as it was the land of plastic surgery. Xander really, really wanted a hysterectomy or oophorectomy but that was definitely outside of his budget and would have to wait. Still, he was thrilled that he had enough money to get rid of the breasts.

Xander wasn’t sure what the future held. He was desperately wished that he hadn’t been such a slacker in school. Reassignment surgery was freaking expensive and Xander had very little earning power. Bad grades in school meant no chance at college. No college meant limited opportunities. It would take forever to save the money he needed flipping burgers. It depressed him enough that it almost made him want to give up. And he would’ve, if it weren’t for that beautiful moment every morning, just as he was waking up, when he was able to pretend he had his real body. He lived for that moment or that moment kept him alive. Either way, he couldn’t give up. He could get his body back. And he would.

AN: I've marked this story as 'complete' because I've lost a little steam and feel like the point has been made, n'est pas? I still have some ideas for this version of Xander. I have a line on 'magical' sex changes in Chinese mythology, but I need to do some more research. Also, it may require Xander getting powers, which I didn't really want to do. And if anyone is wondering why Giles said there was no magical solution, I will simply point out that the entire show was Euro-centric, in terms of mythology and magic, and Giles certainly wouldn't know about it (he didn't know Chinese and couldn't talk to Chao-Ahn).

Anyway, I also picked chest reconstruction surgery for Xander's first because it appeared to be the cheapest, based on some really sketchy research. I'm not American and have no idea how much these things cost (you can get these things covered by the government in Canada). One site I visited suggested that it could be as low as $1500 American. I figured this was about as much as Xander could reasonably have saved.

More to come at some theoretical future point! Thank you everyone for the awesome reviews (especially LucyH). You kept this story going far longer than I originally intended.

The End

You have reached the end of "punctus contra punctum". This story is complete.

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