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Shadows That Damage

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This story is No. 3 in the series "Diverging Paths". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: Things are getting more complicated for Xander and Cordeila and an unexpected revelation comes to light about Xander.

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CaliadragonFR1513,376244,64518 Feb 1118 Feb 11Yes
Title: Shadows That Damage

Author: CaliaDragon

Fandom: Buffy, CSI: Miami and New York, NCIS, Stargate, Mag 7

Warnings: Slight Angst, Slash, Unbeta’d, Violence, het

Rating: FRT

Pairing: Speed/Horatio, Gibbs/Tony, Gerald/Ducky

Series: Diverging Paths

Characters: Speed, Horatio, Xander, Ducky, Tony, Gibbs, Cordy…

Archive: Any List I send it to and those with prior permission.

Summary: Xander gets a new friend, thinks of old friends and looks towards the future.

AN: The series shifted after I saw this manip by TexasAries.  WARNING!!! If you go to the manip before you read the story you will be spoiled!! Also the Supernatural is known about in this universe, so no thinks Xander are anymore crazy than well they are.


Disclaimer: These characters are not mine.

Part: 1/1


Anthony “Tony” Dinozzo hated his job.  He used to love it, back when he and Gibbs were lovers, but since Gibbs suddenly wanted nothing to do with him Tony hated going to work.  Tony wasn’t sure what it was he had done to cause the end of their relationship, but it must have been very bad.  Even at work, Gibbs treated him differently and frankly, Tony was tired of it.   He was tired of the head smacks that had gotten just a touch harder, tired of the coldness and the anger.  Therefore, after this case Tony was gone.  He wasn’t sure where he would go, but anywhere was better than NCIS and Gibbs. 

Ducky looked over at his young companion and smiled sadly.  He had seen the changes in Tony and Jethro’s relationship as well as the anger and danger that lurked in Jethro’s eyes.  Something was wrong with his old friend, even Abigail had suffered Jethro’s rages recently and the man avoided being anywhere near Ducky.  This had Ducky worried.

Ducky was more than just an elder MD with a story for everything, Ducky was a medium and in his youth, he was a magnet for the demonic.  His mother was also a medium; it was what left her in a delusional state.  A malicious spirit damaged her body and mind before the shaman exorcized it from her body.  Everyone thought she had Alzheimer’s and Ducky let them believe it rather than be locked away for telling people the truth. 

“Don’t worry young Anthony, I have a feeling we will be learning the root of Jethro’s personality change soon.”  Ducky told Tony gently, while reaching down to grasp the younger man’s hand.  Tony turned to look at him and smiled in relief.  Ducky was the only reason that Tony had remained at NCIS to date.  The older man was a great friend and Tony could admit, if only to himself, that had Ducky been interested in anyone besides Gerald Tony would have made a move on the older man long before he trusted himself with to try with Gibbs. 

When they reached the station they were met by the site of a young man with dark brown hair , a tight blue t-shirt and cargo shorts he was talking to the man they were supposed to meet Lt. Horatio Caine.  When the boy caught sight of Jethro, he stepped in front of the Lieutenant and snarled.  Jethro growled back at him.  “Xander what the hell is with the grr?” A stunning brunet woman asked sharply, looking at the NCIS team and shifting into a confrontational stance. 

Tony and Ducky shared a look of worry and then a look of shock, when McGee suddenly pulled them both back away from Gibbs.  “He’s possessed isn’t he?” McGee asked softly, his eyes on the dark haired boy. 

Gibbs spun, pulling his weapon and aiming it at McGee, before anyone else could move both the brunet boy and girl leapt on Gibbs, tackling him to the floor and holding him down.  “Horatio now would be a good time to cuff the possessed and highly trained fighter.” The boy grunted as he took a blow to the stomach from Gibbs.  He snarled suddenly, pinning Gibbs to the ground and biting him on the throat. 

“Don’t you let Miss Glowly-Eyed-Bitch out Xander Harris or I will kick your ass!” the girl snapped.

“Relax Cordy; I’m not letting her out!” Xander snarled out, raising enough to punch Gibbs in the face twice, knocking him out.  Horatio meanwhile, had handcuffed Gibbs and was looking at the two teens in bemusement. 

The boy stood first and then helped the girl to her feet.  “Would you look at my dress? It’s wrinkled, stupid demons; I want that one screaming back to hell!” Cordy snapped trying to smooth down her dress and glaring down at Gibbs. 

“Could someone please explain what just happened?” Chris Larabee asked coldly, looking at the teens and the unconscious federal agent.

“He’s possessed by a demon,” Xander said as though that were obvious.

“So you had to announce it in the middle of the lab?” Chris asked with a raised eyebrow.  Xander and Cordy gave him a sheepish look and laughed.

“Oops?” Xander asked lightly.  His uncle sighed and shook his head, finding out that the boy that Horatio had living with him was his nephew was a shock for Chris.  Larabee and his group had transferred into Miami to take over the local office of the ATF.  He dealt well with Horatio and the two teams had formed a close friendship.  Chris knew that Xander was a good judge of people and if Xander liked Horatio Chris knew that he and his team could trust the man.  It was what made the transition between agents to friends so much easier. 

 “Can you unpossess him?” Tony asked worriedly.

“Sure, but he’ll be horny as hell afterwards.  I only know one ritual and well my whatever it is comes through and makes the person I’m unpossessing horny.  I haven’t figured out why yet.”  Xander said with a shrug while rubbing his aching stomach.  “Ouch,” he murmured bending over as the pain in his stomach got worse. 

“Xander?” Cordy asked worriedly.

“I think he ruptured my appendix.” Xander said bemusedly. 

“WHAT?” Cordy shrieked. 

“I could be wrong, but damn that hurts.”  Xander grunted before straightening up.  “You got any salt around here; I need it to get rid of the spirit.” 

They all stared at him in disbelief, “I have blessed sea salt in my bag Xan, you know I never go anywhere without it, holy water, or a stake.” Cordy said with an eye roll.

Xander grinned, took the sea salt from her, pushed Gibbs over onto his back and began to chant in ancient Sumerian and as the group watched Xander exorcized the spirit within Gibbs.  The demon left with a scream and then Gibbs woke up and looked at the boy sitting on his stomach.  “Hi you were possessed by a malicious spirit that you killed. How are ya?”

Gibbs blinked at the glib question and the quirky smile.  There was no way he was going to tell a teenager that he was hard enough to pound nails.  “Fine, get off.”  Gibbs ordered.

Xander snickered, “I’m sure that’s what you want to do, but we’re in public.”

The people standing around gapped at him in shock when he stood and then fainted from the pain in his stomach.  “Xander!” Cordy cried out, rushing forward Cordy sank down sat on the floor beside him. 

Horatio and Chris both dropped to their knees on either side of Xander, while Ducky pushed his way through the group and knelt at the boy’s side.  He quickly examined the boy and grimaced, “I do believe he was right about Jethro rupturing his appendix.  We need an ambulance now.” Ducky said before looking up and locking eyes with Chris Larabee.  “Christopher?” he asked surprised.

“Hello Ducky, surprise it’s a boy.”  Chris said smirking thinking this was going to make dealing with the fall out of a possessed Fed and his nephew being injured by the same Fed interesting.

“I beg your pardon?” Ducky asked confused.

“Jessica was pregnant with Xander when she married Tony in disgrace for drugging you and having sex with you.  Xander is yours.”  Chris told him honestly, while Ducky gapped in astonishment and then looked down at the boy more closely, he did remind Ducky of his father and the pictures his Mother had of the elder Mallard at Xander’s age.

Cordelia looked at Ducky and then back at Chris, before punching Chris in the arm, hard.  “You and I are going to have a serious talk about you keeping the British Daddy from Xan.” Cordy snarled, making Chris flinch.  The teen was a dangerous and vicious woman Chris knew he was going to suffer for his silence.

Horatio looked at Chris in amusement as he had witnessed Cordelia’s form of verbal destruction on a man that had tried to mug her and Xander.  By the time, the two teens were through with the man he was begging to go to jail.  Speed loved the two as he had someone to snark with that was not intimidated by either his smarts or his attitude. 

Alexx arrived as the ambulance did and with her was Danny and Speed.  “What the hell happened?” Speed demanded as the EMTs quickly worked on getting Xander stabilized and on his way to the hospital.  When they reached the hospital, Speed finally got an answer to his question.  By then the rest of the team had joined them. 

When Cordy finished explaining about them de-possessing Gibbs, she turned to look at Ducky, who Alexx was holding hands with while they waited for news.  “Look old and British if you don’t want anything to do with Xander say so now so I can get the rest of these fashion rejects, Calleigh, Alexx, and Horatio to keep their mouths closed.  If you do want to start a relationship with Xander you had better not bail out at the last minute because he’s weird and mouthy.  If you do, you’ll be meeting the great hereafter pretty damn quick.”  Cordy snapped out her eyes narrowed in threat.

“He can be no weirder than I or my mother, we are both mediums, it is in fact what cost my mother her mind and people now think she has Alzheimer’s.”  Ducky told her honestly.

“What do you mean, why would a medium have Alzheimer’s?” Cordy asked baffled and a little worried that it would be Xander’s future.

“A spirit damaged her mind before it could be exorcised.  The outcome was her having symptoms similar to Alzheimer’s.” Ducky explained.  Cordy sighed and impulsively hugged the older man.  

When Cordy sat back she straightened her clothes and glared at Chris, who cringed.  “I had a good reason for keeping it a secret.”  Chris protested.

“Of course you did.”  Cordy said, her sarcasm ripping through the room, making Chris flinch again.

“I wasn’t sure that Ducky would want to have anything to do with him since Jessica basically raped him.  I also knew that he had a lot on his plate taking care of his mother.  After that I moved to Denver for a while and I lost touch with Ducky and with my family.  I didn’t want to give Xander hope about someone who might not want anything to do with him.”  Chris told her calmly.  Vin Tanner patted him on the back, letting him know that at least one member of his team would get between him and the angry young woman.

Cordy nodded abruptly, “At least I wasn’t wrong about you then.  Thank you for thinking of Xander for once.  Most of his family is losers.”

Chris nodded his head in agreement and then looked at Ducky.  “How is your Mother?”

“She passed away a few months ago.”  Ducky said sadly.

“I’m sorry Ducky; she was a great lady, very kind.”  Chris said softly.

Ducky nodded.  Meanwhile Gibbs was looking at Tony and wondering if he had a chance of getting his lover back.  His heart clenched when Tony looked at him and smiled gently.  He could see forgiveness and love in Tony’s eyes and it made him relax.

Abby came bouncing into the waiting room, hugging Tony, Ducky, Gibbs, and McGee before sitting down and looking at the four seriously.  Kate looked irritated as she sat down and Ziva looked more angry than usual.  “Gibbs, Vance has just issued us new orders.”  Kate snapped out.

“What new orders?” Gibbs asked turning his attention to the three women.  

“He said he would call you in a few minutes and tell you, but I thought you should know beforehand.  He wants us to take over the local office, all of us that are here right now.  Since that team was killed, they don’t have anyone local and he wants to get us out of DC because of the trouble the last few months.”  Ziva answered.

Jethro frowned; wondering at the sudden coincidence of finding out that Ducky had a son living in the area to their being transferred in.  He looked over at Tony, only to notice Cordelia’s frown at the man walking down hall towards them.

“Whistler you freak what is going on?” She demanded as she stood up and grabbed his arm, pinning him to the wall.

“The Powers are making sure that Miami has a strong presence to protect it in the coming months.”  Whistler told her quickly.

“Why?” She asked through clenched teeth.

“Things are changing, trials that were to take place in Sunnydale and LA have come here instead.  We thought getting you and the boy out of there would mean that they would still happen, but that the darkness that would follow them wouldn’t come.  Instead they are following you and the kid.  So the Powers have decreed that you two need strong protectors.  The Initiative and the Hell Goddess Glorificus will be coming here instead of to Sunnydale.  You will end up pregnant in the next year with a baby girl called Dawn, the Powers will see to it.  It will be Harris’s baby, the Powers decree this must happen to save you from being forced to carry the demonic goddess Jasmine.”  Whistler told her after an order echoed in his mind.

“What is the Initiative?” Jethro asked as Cordy released him and stepped back.

“A military group being led by NID and Doctor Margaret Walsh, they are already set up out in the glades.  They have captured several demons and are going to be going after the boy and Chase here to experiment on them since they are only two of ten kids to escape Sunnydale and not end up dead or turned.  They already have Osbourne.”  Whistler answered.

Cordy gasped in horror.  “What are they doing to Oz?” She demanded.

“Trying to force his beast so that they can skin him and examine his wolf,” Whistler answered.  “The Powers need them to be stopped before we end up with a war between the US Government and the Demonic High Council.”

Cordelia blanched and swayed, Horatio jumped to his feet and caught her sitting her back down in her seat.  “Can you give us more information?” Tony asked.

“Yeah and I have two guys coming here to give you information.  They know what is happening is wrong and illegal.  They turned against Walsh.  They should be here any minute, but I was told to give you a heads up and to heal the kid so that he could help.  You’re going to need Harris and Chase here to tell you what is dangerous and what is innocent.”  Whistler told them before disappearing.

A few minutes later they were all out of the hospital and in Horatio’s house.  Cordy jumped to her feet and rushed to Xander, who was grim and angry.  “He told you?” She asked. 

Xander nodded.  “We’ll get him out Cordy.  I promise.”

Cordy sniffled and nodded, the thought that Oz was being tortured was terrible and both teens were shattered that their friend was being abused so badly.  Xander looked at his Uncle and the man that Whistler had told him was his father.  “I want to get to know you, honestly, but right now we need to stop these people from killing and torturing my friend and a pair of vampires we know.”

“Who?” Cordy demanded.

“Spike and Dru.  Whistler told me a Chaos mage gave them both back their souls and put a spell on them that turned them into daywalkers.”  Xander told her softly.

Cordy paled, “Dru’s already nuts! There is no telling what those psychos have done to a demonic seer.”

Xander nodded and started when there was a knock on the door.  Horatio wasn’t the only officer in the room to pull his gun.  Cordy and Xander grabbed Ducky and Abby and pulled them back against the wall out of the line of sight of the door.

When Horatio opened the door, one man was standing facing him, while the other was acting as a look out.  “Lieutenant Caine?” The man facing him asked.

“Yes, you are?” Horatio asked coldly.

“My name is Graham Miller, behind me is Riley Finn.  We were told that we could come to you and Jethro Gibbs to get to Xander Harris and Cordelia Chase.  We need help stopping the organization we work for from killing innocent people and beings.”  Graham told him quietly.

“Come in.”  Horatio ordered and let the two men in.  They nodded in greeting to the people inside, but zeroed in on Xander and Cordelia immediately.  “We have Oz nearby in hiding.  We were unable to get Dru and Spike out of the facility.”

“Why help?” Xander asked eyes narrowed.

“We were plants to spy on Dr. Walsh by our commanding officer General Jack O’Neill.  They have another man there that we are trying to save.  Right now he is safe because they just got him.  We were hoping to get your help in contacting General O’Neill and letting him know that they have taken Dr. Daniel Jackson prisoner.”  Riley answered.  “Three others in our group are still watching them, hoping to get a chance to get Dr. Jackson and the vampires out of the facility.”

Xander and Cordelia shared a look.  “Isn’t Daniel Jackson the name of the guy that keeps Ascending and works with those idiots that opened the Gate of the Ancients?” Cordelia asked.

Graham and Riley stared at her in shock.  So did Jethro and Tony who had handled a case out of Cheyenne Mountain and knew some of what they did there.  “How do you know that?” Jethro demanded.

“People tell us things, especially Xander since they want to get on his good side so he’ll have sex with them.”  Cordelia said with a wave of her hand.  “Besides that the Powers are a sect of Ancients.  Janus, the Ancient, has a crush on Xander and wants to have manbabies with him.”

Xander groaned, “I thought we agreed not to talk about that ever!”

Horatio and Speed shared a look, “When did this happen?” Speed asked.

“Last month when Xander came in demanding brain bleach and said he hated Ancient shitheads.”  Cordelia said with a smirk.

“When you said Ancient shitheads we thought some old guy had flirted with him on the beach.”  Ryan said blinking rapidly.  He thought that demons were hard to come to grips with last month when the Demonic Council was outed on television because a Senators deal had come due on national television.

Xander groaned as a light appeared and an Ancient made themselves known.  “What’s up old and squidy?” Cordelia demanded of the female that arrived.

“We have contacted Jack O’Neill and told him of the situation with Daniel Jackson.  The Others are prepared to break our policy of interference if you and Alexander will consent to Ascend when your life comes to an end.”  The woman told her.

Xander and Cordelia shared a look, they knew something was going on, something more than they were being told.   Xander frowned and shrugged, Cordelia nodded.  “That doesn’t mean we won’t interfere though.”  Xander cautioned her.

“We understand.”  She said and disappeared.

“Why do I think we were just had?” Xander asked disturbed.

“Because Powers always act in their best interest and not ours.”  Cordelia said grimly.





The End

You have reached the end of "Shadows That Damage". This story is complete.

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