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What the World World Has Been Waiting For

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Summary: BtVS/Marvel, set in the universe of Mark Millar's graphic novel Old Man Logan. Having defeated the Red Skull and the Hulk Gang, Logan sets out with an infant Banner heir to take America back from the supervillians. He just needs an army...and new heroes.

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TheHeartistFR1837,139063,74218 Feb 1126 Apr 11No

Chapter Two: Jailbreak and heartache

A/N: Saw the Thor movie last night, it straight up rocked and renwed my interest in actually attempting to finish this thing. So here goes!

Disclaimer: See the Prologue and Chapter One

Chapter Two

Thank god! Silence! After three straight hours of Pizza Face’s jabbering, in which Faith could discern neither his name nor the reason he was in there with her in the first place, Faith had knocked him out. Well, she thought she had. A moment later, he reared up and began jabbering once more, as if someone hadn’t just violently shut him up two minutes ago

“Alright, clown, ENOOOOOUUUUGGGGHHHHH!!!!” Faith roared, momentarily stopping the guy “, who in the hell are you?!”

“Oh, well come on, you should have just asked. I’m Deadpool AKA the Merc with the Mouth AKA-,” he began, before Faith interrupted.

“Alright, we’ll go with Deadpool for now. And what kind of a name is that anyways?! Actually don’t answer that. Why you in here?” Faith asked.

“Clue’s in the title chickadee, mercenary! Got caught carrying a ton of weapons to the resistance behind enemy lines,” Deadpool informed her.

“You were supplying Spider-Bitch’s forces?” Faith said with a sceptical eye.

“Nononononononono, I said RE-SIST-ANCE. The rebels. You know, the guys who murdered the crap out of the Red Skull,” He said, before interrupting himself with a sharp crack coming from his torso somewhere “,okay, gotta do this fast ‘fore the ol’ healing factor kicks in-.”

Suddenly, he slipped free of his straightjacket.

“Saw that in Lethal Weapon...come to think of it, so did the author...” he mumbled crazily to himself.

“What? Author? Healing factor?” Faith replied, puzzled as hell.

“Ah, nevermind. And no, before you ask, I’m not a mutant, no X gene here. Just a lab rat who got the anal probe one too many times! HAHAHAHA, just totally kidding there...or am I, I can barely remember anymore...anyways, wanna get outta here?!” Deadpool rambled.

For a moment, Faith stood there taking that all in and then simply nodded. If she was ever going to get out of here, a crazy ass Houdini mercenary with a healing factor was probably her best chance.

The doors to the old western theme bar swung open as three figures walked in, an old guy with a small bundle on his back, an attractive but battle worn woman and a blond guy who had the attention of every other woman in the room. Logan, Buffy and Dean had arrived in L.A. at the hotel where Sam and Dean had been staying. Dean strode up to the bartender, who was a hunched over greasy looking guy with gangly limbs and an almost scaly looking face. The barman shot Dean a look of horror, confirming Dean’s previous suspicions.

“Well I guess I know who it was that sold me out to Doom. Where’d they take him?” Dean said, adding an air of menace to his voice.

“Look pal, whatever you do to me, Doom’ll do worse,” the barman replied.

That was when Logan decided to intervene, stepping up to the bar next to Dean and slamming both hands down on the table, hat still pulled down over his face.

“And what about me...Toad? Think I can manage worse?” he said, as three huge metal claws then shot out from between each of his knuckles on both hands.

Buffy and Dean both played down their massive surprise, but they were shocked to the core, both of them shooting each other and glance that said only one thing: “What the fuck?!”

“W-Wolverine! I heard you were dead!” the man he named as Toad stuttered, falling on his ass at the unsuspected turn of events.

“Ain’t found a way to kill me yet, you should know that, frog boy,” Logan said, tipping his hat up to reveal his piercing gaze.

“F-fine. I ain’t getting eviscerated for metal face anyways. The old asylum in Cedar City of Champions. Doom’s got that place occupied, word is Fisk Lake City’ll fall within a few days and Doom’ll own everything,” Toad rambled, hoping spilling as many beans as possible would save his hide.

“The asylum...,” Logan grumbled before he turned to Buffy and Dean “, we’re ain’t getting in there by ourselves. You say the new Sorcerer Supreme was here in L.A.?”

Dean nodded “, yeah, inside the ruins of some law firm, apparently it’s a mystical hotspot...”

“Wolfram and Hart,” Buffy interrupted “, I know them. A...friend of mine, took them down. That was the last time we heard of him though.”

“You know the way?” Logan asked.

Buffy nodded in affirmation “, sure, but it’s across town...”

“Oh, Buffy dearest,” Dean suddenly said with a wide grin “, perhaps it’s time for you to meet my baby.”

Ruler of Amerika. It certainly came with its many perks. As he marched through his fortress in the heart of New Babylon, accompanied by his loyal bodyguards, he thought upon the last vestiges of opposition that were being crushed as he spoke. Let the Spider’s granddaughter play at being a mere feudal lord. Her little fantasy would soon be crushed, along with her windpipe under the pressure of his unforgiving fist. He marched past the guards outside the old armoury chamber the Red Skull had kept and went inside, he wanted to see for himself what his security captain had reported. Because if it was true, well, the captain’s immediate subordinate would find himself duly promoted.

“President Doom, sir! Many of the weapons are still here but-,” the security captain began, before Doom promptly punched a hole through his head. He could already see that the centrepiece was missing. The Red Skull had always been the one opponent Dr. Doom both feared and admired somewhat, but he had never understood Skull’s obsession with tearing down the superheroes. For Doom, they had been an obstacle to his rightful conquest, nothing more. But the Red Skull was obsessed. Their victory over the heroes, if anything, twisted him up inside further. The two of them had constantly argued since their rule began over what to do with the many mighty weapons Earth’s heroes had left behind. Unfortunately, Skull had taken to wearing his greatest enemy’s costume like a sick trophy and hoarding all the other weapons here so that he could relieve his past glories endlessly in the privacy of his own shattered mind. It was a good thing he had that old German trait of being ruthlessly efficient, allowing the systems he put in place to run the country practically operate themselves. Otherwise their mutual reign would have been rather short-lived. As it was, Skull’s madness cursed only himself, allowing that old X-Men relic to get in here and kill him. James Howlett AKA Logan AKA Wolverine. He was like a cockroach. When Doom has heard of the Skull’s demise at his hands, the first thought turned to the two prize pieces of the Skull’s trophy cabinet, Tony Stark’s armour and the shield of Captain America. Unlocking both the secrets of Iron Tech and vibranium would have been unquantifiably beneficial to his cause. Alas, the armour was used by Logan to make a quick getaway and the shield, stolen. He would have to bear that at the forefront of his mind once the country was his. The revival of Captain America was a potent myth that held the resistance movement together. He had no doubt that they were behind this, they had tried to steal it before. Still, he had the rest. Now, to take these infamous show pieces...and put them into mass production.

The Impala roared along the L.A. freeway, bound for the ominous looking building in the distance. Dilapidated didn’t cover it. The burned out husk of the Wolfram and Hart building, taken out in a spectacular kamikaze attack courtesy of Angel, Spike and a recently captured dragon, remained the solitary lingering asset the Senior Partners had on the mortal plane. Since the war with Angel Investigations, the Senior Partners had shown hide nor hair in this new Amerika, famously preferring to avoid conflict with metahumans and their ilk.

“So how come the superheroes you guys used to have never did anything about this demonic law firm?” Dean asked Buffy, who currently sat in the back seat of the Impala cooing over Little Banner.

“Don’t know. I guess they figured, if one regular vampire with a soul could take one of them out, screw going up against something like Thor?” Buffy offered as a suggestion.

“Bad guys with the sense to prolong their own survival? That’s a first,” Dean replied.

“Not so much here,” Logan added, joining the conversation for the first time since he had gotten into the car. Of course, he’d spent about an hour outside it when Dean first showed it to them gushing over all the details, the gears and the engine and the little knobs...Buffy didn’t get it. Boys and their toys, she guessed.

“Okay, so...the big cheese witch is in there? And she can get us home? And find my brother Sam?” Dean clarified.

“If anyone can, it’ll be here. The last one, Dr. Strange, was capable of all kinda crazy shit, even Doom was scared of him,” Logan confirmed.

“Alright, so...does that building usually glow like that?”

The three of them gazed into the distance to see a faint red glow begin to surround the building. Then suddenly, with an almost gunshot-like boom, a huge red beam fired from the roof of the building into the sky, parting the grey overcast clouds and filling the sky with red lightning.

“Okay, so...major Dark Side-ness going on over think we should really be going in?” Buffy asked.

“They have Star Wars here too?” Dean said with a smirk, glancing into the rear view mirror.

“Yep, all six of ‘em, three awesome ones, three...not so much.”

“Six? They made more?”


“Remind me to steer clear.”

“I don’t think we’ll have time for-.”

Suddenly, Dean swerved the car left to dodge a massive falling ball of energy that smashed into the road in front of them, kicking up already scarred asphalt and scattering it in a rain of hard gravel all over the Impala’s windscreen.

“No choice, check the road behind us,” Logan said in a way too calm tone of voice.

Buffy turned and widened her eyes to see the road literally disappearing behind them in some kind of sinkhole effect, reminding Buffy for the first time in years of the final battle in Sunnydale. Wow, she was old now.

Dean gripped the wheel, more determined than before. He’d faced down Lucifer himself. A little light show wasn’t going to put him off. The sinkhole behind them was closing in, but they were rapidly approached the Wolfram and Hart building now. Tugging on the handbrake, Dean threw the wheel to the side and the car slid sideways through the glass that miraculously still stood as the front entrance to the main lobby. The sinkhole fell away at the front of the building and stopped, obviously whatever had caused it not wanting to swallow the building as well. This worried Buffy. It meant everything that just happened, was aimed at them. Fan-freaking-tastic.

“Feeling unwelcome yet?” Logan said, climbing out of the Impala, followed quickly by Dean and Buffy carrying Little Banner.

Suddenly, there was a sharp BING and a soft sliding sound. The sole remaining elevator, somehow completely pristine, opened, beckoning the group inside.

“Okay, feeling worse now, if I’m honest,” Dean said, gazing into the ambient white light emanating from the lift car.

“I guess we go,” Buffy muttered, walking into the elevator, as the other hesitantly followed her in, the doors slowly sliding closed behind them.

“SO HOW MANY OF THESE GUYS DO WE HAVE TO KILL TO GET OUT OF HERE?!?!?!” Faith yelled over the sounds of a brutal battle being fought between herself, Deadpool and some other fellow prisoners, and the prison guards.

Deadpool however, was lost in the violence.

“BANGBANGBANGBANGBANGBANGBANG!!!!” he yelled over and over again in a maniacal fashion, using his twin pistols to blow away one guard after the other before promptly running out of ammo.

He dropped the handguns, grabbing the two sheathed katanas on his back and unleashing their deadly invisible edges. The two of them had managed to break out of their cell when Faith simply flashed her ample chest at the guard and offered him to cop a feel. Men! She’d promptly knocked him out and snuck into the armoury where Deadpool had found his gear, a red jumpsuit with a mask that thankfully concealed his battered face, a pair of .45’s and a pair of katanas. At that point, he had abandoned all ideas of sneaking out and proceeded to run out from the armoury into the prison courtyard, guns blazing. Fuck, Faith thought, his gung ho ‘tude would do it for me if it wasn’t for the pizza face and the fact that he was going to get her fine ass killed.

“Hahaha, you guys must of gone to Stormtrooper training camp, I’M OVER HERE!” he yelled, before a giant mechanical hand descended from what seemed like nowhere and squashed him like a bug.

“Fuck, Pizza face?!” Faith yelled, slashing a guy with one of the bayonets she had broken off a guard’s rifle and was now twirling around as one of a pair.

“Sentinels...” whatever was left of Deadpool muttered from his crumpled position on the ground “, why’d it have to be Sentinels?...”

Faith looked up and saw a massive robot with a crude purple colour scheme raising his hand once more to flatten her. Faith dived at the last moment, the massive metallic hand crashing into the spot where she once stood. By the time she was in cover, she’d noticed that Deadpool was already up and moving, that healing factor of his doing its part. Catching its attention, he ran up and around where the Sentinel now stood, snatching up a bandolier of grenades from a fallen guard. The Sentinel tried to swat him again and Deadpool capitalised. Running up its arm, he jumped on to its head, quickly slicing open a hole in the top and pulling the pin on one of the grenades before promptly dropping it inside, diving off in spectacular fashion as the Sentinel’s head exploded and its now lifeless body collapsed to the courtyard ground before it, smashing the prison wall.

“Hey, stylish and practical, care to join me m’lady?” Deadpool said with a low sweeping bow, pointing toward the now wide open escape route that scores of prisoners were flooding out of.

Seeing their chance for freedom, the two of them made a break for it, only to be stopped dead. Via being blown the fuck up. The two of them landed with a sickening crunch, Faith’s vision blurring and blackening, faintly catching the shapes of multiple Sentinals and a familiar figure walking towards them in a familiar, if tattered, superhero costume.

“L...Logan?” Faith heard Deadpool muttered before she passed out.

The elevator door opened rather abruptly after a rather unexpectedly uneventful ride to the very top of what was left of the Wolfram and Hart building. It opened to one large room that had half the roof missing. At the back, a large altar stood and before it, a lone figure shrouded in a ragged dress and a cowl. The figure turned, removing her cowl and Buffy caught her breath.

“W...Willow?!” Buffy muttered, eyes glued open in sheer shock.

“Buffy, I...He’s here,” Willow said, before her mouth yawned open uncontrollably and a large red mist coalesced from it into the form of a giant flaming demon wearing some kind of hellish armor and topped with a flaming skull. The two of them still remained seemingly tied by the red mist though, bound together.

“Dormammu,” Logan growled, realising the gravity of the situation.

Logan hated magic. You never knew what to expect when it came to magic and to be frank, he hated an enemy that generally didn’t die after he tore it to pieces with his claws.

“Willow, what in the hell is going on?!” Buffy shouted, terrified at seeing this demon eminate from her friend.

“Why don’t you explain, little tree? I’m going to love this,” Dormammu said, folding his arms as what could pass for a terrifying grin crossed his grim visage.

Willow took a deep breath and spoke “, The short version? Dormammu and I...we’re bound together. If one of us does the other.”

The End?

You have reached the end of "What the World World Has Been Waiting For" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 26 Apr 11.

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