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What the World World Has Been Waiting For

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Summary: BtVS/Marvel, set in the universe of Mark Millar's graphic novel Old Man Logan. Having defeated the Red Skull and the Hulk Gang, Logan sets out with an infant Banner heir to take America back from the supervillians. He just needs an army...and new heroes.

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TheHeartistFR1837,139063,73918 Feb 1126 Apr 11No


A/N: So I haven't posted a fic for a while on here and I thought I'd stop reading everyone's else hard work and contribute myself. This one's a Marvel one, based on the amazing graphic novel Old Man Logan by Mark Millar. You don't have to have read it to follow this story as I drop in a little exposition where required, but I thoroughly encourage you to anyways. If you just want the cliffnotes, wiki it I guess! Anyways, hope y'all read, enjoy and of course, review :)

Disclaimer: Wolverine and other Marvel comics characters owned by Marvel Comics, Buffy and other Buffy characters owned by Joss Whedon and Mutant Enemy. Not I!


The bar was empty save a few dusty misfits looking for the entire world as if they needed a place to escape to. One bar was as good as another in Logan’s mind, as he entered carrying the little one on his back. Little Bruce Jnr. The Hulk Gang had more than decimated his family, his past life as Logan the pacifist. As a side effect, the idiots had bought ol’ Wolverine, everyone’s favourite Canucklehead, back to the surface. He pulled up a bar stool as the little green infant slept soundly in the baby grow on his back. He took off his duster hat and sat it down on the bar, ordering a whiskey from the old broad tending bar. That was when Logan spotted a rare sight behind the bar, a TV. On it was the face of the ruling lord of the mideastern quarter, Doctor Doom.

“My fellow Americans, our...exalted...leader has fallen, murdered by petty resistance in his private chambers. But I am not as foolish as the Red Skull was. As the de facto leader of our great nation, I have now seized command of Skull’s forces, along with the former territories of the Hulk Gang. The lands of the cursed descendant of Spider-Man, this so called Spider Girl, will so fall to me. This new Amerika I have forged from the tattered ashes it once was will march on, under the banner of I, Victor Von Doom! Consider this a one and only warning to any resistance still left: your crimes will be punished. Herr Skull may have been power maddened, but he achieved a great many things. The so-called heroes shall never rise have been warned.”

Logan heard a chuckle to his left and turned to see someone now sitting next to him that was not before. Worrying, he hadn’t sensed this new arrival at all until the laugh.

“Same shit, different leader,” a female voice said from beneath a ragged linen hood. Locks of blonde hair were framing the stranger’s face, and he voice had what Logan could only describe as a cynical harshness to it.

“You got that right,” Logan replied, knocking back his shot.

“Why’s your kid green?” the girl said.

“Genetics I guess. Why you so nosy?” Logan countered, all of a sudden on the defensive. The sole existing Banner child would be invaluable, year’s worth of Gamma research locked inside.

“Just call me curious,” she replied, before removing the hood. Before him sat a pretty girl who looked all of about 25, the only blemish on her face being a scar on her lower lip.

“Buffy Summers,” she said, producing a hand which Logan slowly grasped, tense and ready to pop his claws if the girl tried anything. But it was fine.

“Just call me Logan. Not a fan of our ruling establishment I see?” Logan said with a grin, slightly relaxed now it seemed as if the girl wasn’t going to try anything. She’d already missed her best opportunity, given she’d approached him without giving herself away at all. Why announce herself if she wanted to steal the kid?

“Not particularly. They’ve taken away a few friends of mine,” Buffy said with a momentary longing in her eyes.

“Mine too...say, where you headed?” Logan asked. If he wanted to drum up some sort of resistance movement, a girl who could sneak up on him like that seemed as good a place to start as any.

“Nowhere in particular, you?”

“East. To the city. Got some people I need to see. Could use some company.”

“Seems as good a plan as any. The kid loud?”

“Quiet as a dog whistle.”

“Then shall we, old man?”

“Sure thing kiddo.”

He snuck through the air shaft and came down with a thump in the chamber. Getting used to this new body was weird, but he knew it’d be the beginning of something revolutionary. And it all started here. His spies had seen it all, Logan AKA the legendary Wolverine, there in the throne room, dragged in by Skull's men alongside Hawkeye. It had been distressing news, Hawkeye had enough Super Soldier serum to fuel an army for them, but the now corrupt SHIELD had gotten to him and Logan first. Whilst Hawkeye had died in a final act of defiance in front of the Skull, Logan, presumed dead, revived and rather fittingly, decapitated the Red Skull with the shield of the even more legendary Captain America before blasting out of here in Iron Man’s armour. Doom has kept that one out of the news. The spies has recovered the armour, but hadn’t had the opportunity to move on the rest of the gear. That lead to why he was here. Skull had kept a grotesque armoury of fallen heroes’ weapons and equipment and he was here for it all. Removing the magic holding bag he’d bought with him, he quietly deposited all of the various pieces into the bag, before stepping forwards and grabbing the final two pieces for himself. The shield and costume of Captain America. Their nation’s symbol of justice would soon rise again. And with the Super Solider Serum running successfully through his veins, the only vial his spies had gotten out of there in the resulting chaos, he knew he now had a fighting chance.

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