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A destiny derailed?

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Summary: Because Glory almost caught up with Dawn, the Key ends up with Helen Cutter for comradeship, instead of the Slayer. And who're the Archons?

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DmitriFR765,499041,29320 Feb 1111 Aug 12No

Part Six

Disclaimer: see previous chapters.

The Present, July 10, 2007 (Evening)

The fist hit Cordelia in the middle – where she had fallen onto the spike before she and Xander broke up – flinging, or even swatting her away, as if she was gnat.

Right into the reinforced glass behind which Faith was located, apparently unable to help her friend. (Well, maybe not a friend, but somebody who was on a mutual tolerance terms with Cordy.)

The glass collapsed, and Cordelia had only time to register that crashing through it did not hurt at all, before Faith grabbed her, and dropped her to the floor on the other side of the barrier.

“Stay here and don’t interfere!” the dark-haired Vampire Slayer grunted, as the giant which had swatted Cordelia struck again, this time at Faith, through the opening that Cordelia had created by crashing through the glass.

As Faith grabbed the giant’s wrist with both of her hands, Cordelia’s brain finally began to register that she was in no great pain, that she didn’t feel as if she was bleeding, and that Faith’s hands, on the other hand, were. Profusely so.

“Oh dear,” Cordelia muttered, and began to search for a stake or a cross – surely she had one of them on hand in her purse?

Faith, meanwhile, was holding her own, despite hurt hands: she slowly pulled the first giant towards her and the broken glass that still remained in the opening. As the giant shifted to strike at her with his other hand, though, Faith jumped up, and kicked him right in the stitched-shut mouth. The giant’s head snapped backwards with an audible snap of the vertebrae and it fell backwards, apparently unable to fight for the moment.

Sadly, that still left the second giant, and now it and Faith were on the same side of the barrier for the moment, with Faith receiving the worst of it: the giant grabbed her and began to squeeze.

“Catch!” Cordelia finally had found a stake and threw it to Faith, who did manage to catch it with her final breath and stab the giant – not into the heart, but through the roof of its mouth, into the brain.

Immediately, the giant released Faith and collapsed, now dead for good.

“What’s going on here?!” Lilah Morgan chose the worst possible moment to appear on the scene: just as the first giant had recovered and was rising to its feet, and Faith’s stake was still stuck in the other giant’s brain. “Oculari? Here? Fuck!”

“You said it,” Faith agreed glumly, as she jumped onto the first giant’s shoulders and after a brief, but intense struggle ripped-off its head. The decapitated body collapsed, unwilling to fight anymore.

“And I am the one who had to kill them,” Faith added, complaining, before she collapsed from sheer physical exhaustion.

Early Pliocene, 4 MYA

There was a true reason, initial reason, why the beast’s host had to be a human – only it (well, he or she, if you wanted to get technical) had a sufficiently advanced brain to contain two minds within – as opposed to a mind of a giant prehistoric amphibian, for example. In that case, the beast’s mind completely overrode that of the animal, before beginning to implode, spiralling into madness.

However, a shark’s brain is something else: existing almost since the dawn of time, the shark have evolved both little and a lot, but the brains remained relatively simple, even by the animal standards, and the brain of a megalodon, which was a little more than a giant killing and eating machine, was especially crude, even by shark standards, but physically – it was relatively large.

As a consequence, when the beast’s semi-insane mind found itself not so much inside its old body, which was dissolving from the salt, but inside the body of a giant shark, it struck and overrode... practically nothing, finding instead itself in a blank space of a sorts, where it could expand to something approaching its former glory and at last to think.

And that is what the beast did. It swam and it thought and it planned and it recovered some of its old magic and so forth.

And it had 4 million years to do so.

And by the time it was the year 2007 A.D., the hellgod once known as Glory, but now, rather, as Dakuwaqa, was ready to recover its key and to go home...

The Present, July 10, 2007 (evening)

“...You know, I must confess, that I expected the start of our epic quest to go on a wilder note, than this,” Buffy muttered to Giles, as they, alongside Willow, sat in L.A.’s airport waiting to board their London flight. “I mean, when I usually start to save the world, there’s drama, and action, and excitement, and blood-“

“Excuse me, but what are you talking about?”

Buffy slowly froze and shifted to look at the speaker, who looked, frankly, scary. (Just not vampire-type scary.) And also foreign. And also very, very large.

“None of your business,” Buffy finally snapped, her Vampire Slayer confidence overriding her caution.

“Ah, but it is,” her interlocutor smiled, revealing a mouthful of shark-like fangs. “You see, you are the Vampire Slayer, intent on saving the world, and I am the one who is going to end it, in theory.”

“Yeah?” Buffy snapped, as she got to her full height (her interlocutor still dwarfed her, a lot). “You and what army?”

“That army, for example,” her interlocutor snapped her fingers, and around half a dozen of demons of various sorts burst into the airport, just as the boarding announcements for the flight to London were declared.

“Murphy, curse you!” was all that Buffy swore, before her battle began.


The End?

You have reached the end of "A destiny derailed?" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 11 Aug 12.

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