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White Knight of the Old Republic

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Summary: Ethan has a very interesting costume selection that makes for a chaotic change for the White Knight. Gender-bender and most likely another Spander. (On Hold)

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Chapter 2

A*N*- I own nothing and I'm writing this for my own personal pleasure. I want to thank you guys for the reviews so far, but there are some things you should know.... This story may end up as a technical Slash fic or it may end up as hetero and I'll pair Xan with a female. At this current moment in time, I dont know myself. If the possibility of slash bother you, either ignore it, or dont read the fic. Flames will be ignored and deleted, so dont waste your time or mine. Constructive critiscism will be welcomed, good or bad, and if I feel the need to heed the critiscism I will, if I don't, I wont but I'll thank you for your time and suggestions. Otherwise, please enjoy.

Chapter 2

One of the children-turned-demons stumbled upon the unconcious body wrapped in black cloth. Just as it reached out to tear through the cloth, it was blasted across the street and into a white picket fence by an invisible force. The form sat up, the helmet falling to the grass with a soft metallic thud. Brown curls spilled out of the hood and pale hands pulled it back. The young woman looked around with cold, calculating yellow eyes. Darth Revan didn't recognize the planet she was on, nor did she remember getting there. The last thing she remembered was a red lightsaber going through her sternum on Korriban and cold darkness. She picked herself up and picked up the helmet by her feet. She frowned at it, she'd lost this helmet when she had fought Bastila and lost her memory.

Revan looked around suspiciously. The planet was inhabited, but seemed extremely primitive. Her senses picked up no trace of any Force users. There were no Sith nor Jedi in range of her senses. She started to walk down the street to get a sense of her location when a red-haired woman approached her.

"Xander?!" she squeaked.

Revan turned to her, puzzled over the void in the force the woman created.

"You are mistaken, I am not this Xander you speak of. My name is Revan."

Willow blinked at the woman. She looked like she could've been Xander's female twin and was wearing the same costume he had been.

Revan felt something push against her awareness and found the conciousness of another in the back of her mind.

'What are you doing in my head, boy.'

'Excuse me, you're the one possessing and changing MY body around!'

Revan winced, the boy's thoughts were too loud and jumbled. She looked at her body closely, it was completely different. Not only was it physically different, but the age difference was phenomenal. The body she was in was no older than a young Padawan learner, when she had left Carth she had been 35 and had died at 40 on Korriban. Something had removed her presence from the force and stuck it in this body.

'How did this happen? Is it you who brought me here?'

'No way! We celebate a holiday called Halloween, where everyone dresses up in costumes. Something happened and changed everyone into what they dressed up as.'

Revan nodded at this and focused back onto Willow.

"The one you call Xander says the my presence here has something to do with costume?"

Willow nodded excitedly.

"We should go find Buffy, she'll know what to do....BUFFY!!!"

The redhead ran off towards a confused looking brunette in a voluminious dress. Revan guess that this girl was probably changed as well. Xander agreed.

"Buffy, everyone's changed into their costumes, what should we do?"

The girl, Buffy, took one look at Willow and Revan and promptly fainted. Revan turned away, slightly annoyed, and noticed that some of the costumed children weren't behaving abnormally. There were also traces of a peculiar disturbance in the Force around the ones that had changed. The same disturbance hovered around her, Buffy and Willow.

'Where did you acquire your costume?'

She felt the boy's confusion at her question.

' Uh...a place called Ethan's, it was new, so Buffy wanted to go. Why?'

'Show me.'

Xander firmly protested leaving the girls alone. Revan sighed, getting more irritated. They boy would've made an impressive Jedi.

"Is there someplace safe you can go?"

Willow glanced at Revan, then contemplated the answer.

"There's the library...but that's too far...oh I know, Buffy's house is the closest."

"Then let's get moving."

Revan waved her hand and lefited the unconcious woman with the Force. She followed Willow inside a house and set Buffy down, then turned around and left. She ignored Willow's calls. A young woman dressed in a spotted skin-tight suit with ears and a tail came running towards her, with what looked like a Wookie chasing her. Upon closer inspection, Revan found it wasn't a Wookie, but some other sort of creature. She used a Force block to stop it in its tracks then pushed it hard into a stone wall.

"Thanks for saving me, I thought Jojo the dogfaced boy was going to have me for lunch."

"There's a house over there, you'll be safe."

Revan walked off, leaving Cordelia standing stunned on the street. Xander laughed uproariously and the corner's of Revan's mouth twitched. She sobered and had him guide her to the shop, soon she was able to sense where the shop was. It was a large disturbance in the Force, one that disgusted her.

She unlocked the door with the Force and stepped inside. The entire store was in darkness, the only light was the flickering candle light coming from the back room. Revan reached to her belt and slid her hands around the cold steel cylinder attatched to her belt. It was not her lightsaber, but it would do.

The blade hissed to life, humming as it cast a green glow on the shop walls. She pushed the door to the back open, catching Ethan Rayne's attention.

"Well bugger me, er, can I help you miss?"

"You are the one who caused this disturbance in the Force that brought me here. Your stupidity has caused me great irritation, end it, now."

Ethan grinned.

" I'm araid I dont know what you're talking about."

Revan narrowed her eyes and held her hand out towards Ethan and clenched her fist. The man felt an intense pressure on his throat as she used the Force choke on him. Revan lifted him off the ground, watching as his gasped and choked.

"Tell me how to end it or you will die, slowly, and with much pain."

Ethan squeaked but didnt volunteer any information. Though he was starting to regret carrying the Jedi/Sith costumes.

"Dear lord!"

Ethan looked up and Revan turned to Giles, who had come in the door. She let Ethan drop with a loud crash. She turned back to him and used Force lightning to shock him. Ethan collapsed to the ground, smoking slightly.

" I would give her whatever information she wants Ethan, or you're not going to survive this encounter I suspect."

Ethan glanced at Giles ad noticed the hard glint in his hazel eyes. He grimaced then weakly pointed to the bust on the pedestal.

"The bust, destroy it."

Both Giles and Revan turned towards the marble bust. Revan stepped towards it and swung her lightsaber, cutting it into tiny smoking pieces. She felt something try to pull her conciousness out of her borrowed body and she pulled back, burying it in the crevices of Xander's mind. She was not ready to be one with the Force just yet. Giles watched the brunnette drop, unconcious to the floor. The plae skin darkened back into a healty SoCal tan and Giles dropped when he got a better look at the girl. She was the spitting image of Xander, only with rounded features and smaller body.

The girl started to stir after a few minutes, her eyes opened and the golden-yellow faded back to a dark whiskey-brown.


The older man's eyes widened in shock.

" Xander?!"

She nodded and sat up. The carboard lightsaber had been crushed when she had fallen on it. She left it where it was and got up. Giles was still gaping at her. Xander himself was two or three seconds away from completely freaking out.

'You need to stay calm, or you'll most likely pull the building down around the both fo you'

Xander froze.


'Yes, my body is dead, and I do not wish to become one with the Force, especially as my temporary presence in your body has unleashed a power that will cause you a great many difficulties if left untrained.'

'What do you mean?'

'Once one has come in contact and has manipulated the Force with their body, the effects cannot be undone. If your body was capable of the things I did toight, then you have great potential Xander. A dangerous potential if left untrained. You must keep control of your emotions.'

Xander tried to calm down and took a deep breath. This situation wasn't going to turn out good at all, leave it to him luck to get possessed....AGAIN.

The End?

You have reached the end of "White Knight of the Old Republic" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 23 Feb 11.

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