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White Knight of the Old Republic

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Summary: Ethan has a very interesting costume selection that makes for a chaotic change for the White Knight. Gender-bender and most likely another Spander. (On Hold)

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Star Wars > Xander-CenteredTheHarlequinFR1822,4251125,75921 Feb 1123 Feb 11No

Chapter One

A.N.- I don’t own BTVS or Star Wars.

Xander glanced around the small costume shop, looking longingly at the costumes hanging along the racks. He pulled his attention away, sighing, there was no way he could afford a whole costume. He went to the prop section to find a plastic gun to go with a set of fatigues he had at him. He turned the corner just in time to see a little blonde kid walk off with the last gun.


“Can I help you young man?”

Xander jumped and turned to see the owner of the shop. He clutched his chest.

“Don’t DO that!”

The older man chuckled, smirking at him.

“My apologies for frightening you young man, is there something I can help you find?”

“Not unless you have more guns in the back…”

Xander jerked his hand over his shoulder at the empty bin. The man glanced over his shoulder, frowning at the empty bin.

“I’m afraid not, all of my stock is on the sales floor. Can I interest you in something else?”

“I don’t have a lot of money, I was going to get a gun to use with a set of fatigues I have at home. I’ll have to go by Party Town to see if they have anything.”

Xander was turning towards the door. Ethan reached out and grabbed his shoulder.

“I’m sure I can make you a good deal. Come with me, I have just the thing for you.”

Xander followed Ethan over to a corner where manikins were set up.

“These costumes were to be for display only, because they came in missing a few pieces or they had broken parts. I could do to part with them for a very low price, since I wasn’t expecting to sell them at all. How does, 5 dollars sound for whichever costume you wish?”

Xander turned to look at Ethan, stunned, and then turned back to the costumes. There was a Batman costume, the belt was hanging over the manikins shoulder, broken. Beside it was a Captain America costume, but the plastic shield had a huge crack in it. Xander wasn’t that interested in either costume anyway, he’d never been a big DC Comics or Marvel fan, that had been Jesse’s area of expertise. The third costume was more promising, it was a Darth Vader costume, the problem was, the helmet was missing. Xander scrunched his nose up, it wasn’t Vader without the helmet. The last costume was a black robe with a plastic black and red Mandalorian mask. The boots for the costume were missing and the armor was scratched and cracked really badly.

“I’ll take the one on the end.”

Ethan nodded and started taking the costume off the manikin.

“Just so you know, the plastic chest plate is badly damaged and the boots and lightsaber are missing for this costume.”

Xander nodded. He had a lightsaber made out of cardboard he had made when he was a kid. The boots he was going to use for his soldier costume would do.Ethan folded the costume and stuck it in a bag then rang it up on the register.

“Five dollars even”

Xander handed over the money and grinned at the man.


“My pleasure, Happy Halloween.”

Xander waved at him and went to find Willow. He told her he’d meet her and Buffy later. He needed time to go dig up the old lightsaber model.
Xander headed home to change into his costume. After a great deal of searching he found the cardboard light saber in a shoe box under his bed. He looped a chain through it and hung it on his belt. He pulled the cloak on and a piece of paper fluttered to the floor. Xander secured the cloak and bent down to pick it up.

“ Revan : Knights of the Old Republic” he read out loud. He thought he had recognized the costume. Jesse had gotten the computer game right before he had died. Xander had seen the cover.

Xander arrived at the Summer’s residence promptly at 3:30 and rang the bell. Buffy answered the door wearing a wine red ball gown. He had overheard her and Willow discussing what would be best to impress Angel. Xander had squashed the urge to roll his eyes when he had heard it. He grinned at Buffy.

“Buffy! Lady of Buffdom, Duchess of Buffonia. I completely renounce spandex!”

The blonde rolled her eyes but grinned.

“Thank you kind sir, what are you supposed to be?”

Xander bowed regally to her.

“I am but a humble Jedi Knight, your highness.”

Buffy snickered and shut the door behind him.

“Wait till you see….Casper…”

Xander followed her line of sight and saw Willow in her usual ghost outfit.

“Hey Wills, that’s aaa might fine Boo you got there.”

He heard a familiar giggle as Willow came back down the stairs. They headed straight for the school to pick up their packs of sugar-hyped kids. Xander figured that this was going to be the most boring Halloween ever.

Xander led his little pack of fairies and goblins to the first houses for the night. He watched the munchkins go up to the front porch. One of the kids attacked the lady who came to the door. He started to go help her but a sharp pain hit him and he quickly lost conciousness.
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