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A Beautiful Death

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Summary: When an accident forces Cordelia to get a new costume, a new vampire race is born.

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The Monster In Me

DISCLAIMER: I do not own Buffy the Vampire Slayer or the characters associated with Anita Blake. Buffy the Vampire Slayer is owned by Joss Whedon, Mutant Enemy, and 20th Century Fox. The characters of Anita Blake are owned by Laurel K. Hamilton.

Chapter Three

The Monster In Me

Rupert heard a loud thump on the center table in the library. He walked out of his office to see Jenny standing at the table which had a cardboard box on it.

“What is in the box?” He asked.

“Well, Cordelia got bored and found a few composition notebooks I had laying around.” She replied. “I looked through one of them and it was a roster of vampires that Belle Morte knew in her world.”

“These could prove an interesting read.” He said. “Did anything else happen last night?”

Jenny winced a little. “Cordelia had to feed last night as apparently Belle had but not her.” She said.

“Since she can’t drink animal blood, did she feed off of yours?” Giles asked.

“Yes, but not in the way you think.” Jenny said. “The ardeur was used before when members of her bloodline wanted to keep a low profile. I was able to feed her through sex.”

Jenny could see the inner pervert in Giles come out as his face blanked from what she had just told him. She snapped her fingers in front of his face a few times before slapping him hard on the right side of his face.

“Ow.” He said rubbing his cheek.

“Well, your mind is now out of the gutter.” She replied with a laugh.

“Excuse me, you don’t tell a man that you had a lesbian affair and expect him not to imagine it.” Giles said.

“I’ll remember next time.” Jenny replied with a smile. “So, what do you think are the chances that Buffy might be pregnant?”

“Very little as Joyce has had Buffy on birth control pills since she was fourteen.” Giles said. “Something about cramps.”

Jenny raised an eyebrow. “How do you know that?” She asked.

“I am a Watcher and part of that duty is to observe my Slayer.” Giles replied. “Plus, she was talking to Willow last week and mentioned it.”

“Oh.” Jenny said. “You’re not mad about what I did, are you?”

Giles shook his head. “It’s better than allowing Cordelia to find a victim of sorts.” He replied. “Still trying to get the image out of my head though.”

“Well, I hope the notebooks help with that.” Jenny said. “I’d better get to my class.”

A few hours later, Buffy walked into the library to find Giles reading from one of the notebooks. She noticed that he had his bottle of scotch open as well.

“Something wrong?” She asked.

“I’m just thanking whatever deity responsible that Cordelia became Belle Morte instead of the other vampires from that reality.” Giles said. “A vast majority of the master vampires from that reality would have made the Master look weak in comparison.”

“You can’t be serious.” Buffy replied.

“Very, it is not uncommon for vampires in Belle’s reality to reach a thousand years in age. If a vampire didn’t become a master before then, they wouldn’t.” Giles said. “Belle was over two thousand years old herself and nearly took over Europe from her bedroom.”

“Scary.” Buffy replied with obvious sarcasm.

“One vampire that was a member of a Vampire Council was known as the Earthmover.” Giles said. “He was over a million years old.”

Buffy’s face became deep in thought. “Wait a minute, how could he be a million years old?” She asked. “Humans weren’t around a million years ago.”

“Not homo sapiens anyway.” Giles said. “He would have been homo erectus. The reason why he was known as the Earthmover was that he could cause earthquakes with his powers.”

“He’s dead, right?” She asked.

“He was killed by a woman named Anita Blake, the human servant of the Master Vampire of Saint Louis and the vampire executioner.” Giles replied. “But you see my point though.”

“Yeah, Cordelia as Belle was a good thing.” Buffy said. “Anything else I should know?”

“Yes, I went through the sales receipts from Ethan’s shop. There were a few animal costumes sold that make me worry.” He replied. “In Belle’s world, there were several types of were-animals other than werewolves. I had Willow check hospital records and there were quite a few ‘wild animal’ attacks. Several of those attacked reported being attacked by large cats.”

“You’re worried that since Cordelia remained a vampire that the people attacked may have became the were-animals from Belle’s world.” Buffy said.

“It would be a logical concern.” He replied. “I still need to read through the rest of these.”

Buffy left the library and ran right into Xander knocking him to the ground. He let himself laugh.

“Hello to you too, Buffy.” He said as he got up off the floor.

“I’m sorry, Xander.” Buffy replied.

“No need to apologize.” Xander said. “I had a weird dream last night and I think it was Belle Morte.”

“What happened?” Buffy asked.

“I don’t know but I had a really great dream involving her.” Xander said.

“Are you sure it wasn’t Cordelia?” Buffy asked.

“It wasn’t her.” Xander said. “Belle Morte, I mean the real Belle Morte, is fifty times more hot than Cordelia.”

“You should probably ask Cordelia tonight.” Buffy replied. “I’m going to find Angel tonight.”

“Don’t want to risk it?” Xander asked.

Buffy merely nodded at him before leaving him in the hallway.

Xander opened up the front door to Jenny Calender’s house followed closely by his best friend, Willow. He had told her earlier about the dream he had and Willow had insisted on coming with him.

“You didn’t have to come.” Xander reminded her again.

“I had too.” Willow said again. “You’ve got a vampire from another reality invading your dreams and Cordelia may be the only one who knows what might be going on.”

“Shouldn’t we ask Giles first though?” Xander suggested. “It might be related to Cordelia.”

“You have a vampire from another reality in your dreams.” Willow said. “That’s not normal even here.”

They found the basement door and headed down the stairs. Xander saw Cordelia who seemed asleep on the futon. It was noticeable that the sheets and blankets that had been on the futon were rather tossed about. Willow walked over to Cordelia.

“She looks like she’s asleep.” Willow said as she leaned over the vampire.

Cordelia’s eyes opened and she pulled the redhead into a deep kiss surprising Willow and Xander. After a few moments in which Cordelia’s left hand drifted to Willow’s posterior giving her rear a small squeeze, the kiss ended.

“Belle was right.” Cordelia said with a smile. “You are succulent.”

“You--’re nak–ed!” Willow exclaimed. “Why are you naked?”

“Well, Jenny helped to feed the ardeur last night.” Cordelia replied. “That would explain why I’m naked.”

“You had sex with Miss Calender.” Xander said receiving a nod from a grinning Cordelia. The former cheerleader turned vampire was flashing her fangs as she smiled. “Well, that gives me a happy.”

The doorbell could be heard ringing and Xander went up the stairs to answer it. A delivery man had placed several boxes on the porch and held a clipboard towards him.

“Could you sign for this, sir?” He asked.

“Okay.” Xander replied and he signed for the packages.

The delivery man left and Xander began to lug the boxes into the house. He had noticed on the clipboard that delivery hadn’t been for Miss Calender but rather for Cordelia which was surprising. Just as surprising was the rumor that had been going around that Cordelia had graduated early due to accumulated credits. He’d have to ask the vampire about that. Xander headed back down the basement stairs.

“Hey Cordy, you got a whole bunch of...” Xander began to say as he lost the ability to speak because of what he saw.

The fuzzy sweater that Willow had worn that day lay at the bottom of the stairs along with her bra. As he walked closer to the bed, he noticed a trail of the things that his redheaded friend had been wearing beginning with her shoes which led to her panties that were laying next to the futon. Cordelia was kissing Willow and his friend was eagerly returning the kiss. Willow ran her hands across the curves of Cordelia’s body while the dark-haired vampire had already gotten a couple of fingers within his friend. The vampire broke this kiss and smiled at Xander.

“You were saying something, Xander.” She said as she continued her ministrations to Willow.

“Whatever happened to the ‘We-Hate-Cordelia Club’ Willow?” Xander asked.

“In my powers as President of the Club, I utilize Article 9 of the club charter and hereby dissolve the club from this day forth.” Willow said as her body was rocked by the sensations she was feeling.

“I think that deserves a reward.” Cordelia said with a grin.

Cordelia’s fingers twitched and Willow cried out as she was hit by an orgasm. The vampire licked her fingers clean and smiled again.

“How was it, Willow?” Cordelia asked.

“That was great.” Willow said kissing Cordelia. “Thank you.”

“Are you on any kind of birth control?” Cordelia asked receiving a shake of Willow’s head as an answer. “That doesn’t surprise me but you will not have sex with Xander tonight.” A disappointed look could be seen on Willow’s face. “But that doesn’t mean you’ll be left out.”

“Cordelia, are you hungry for something else?” Willow asked extending her neck.

“You don’t have to do that, Willow.” Cordelia said as she kissed down the redhead’s body.

“I know but I want you to.” Willow said. “You said how Buffy and Xander tasted and I’m kinda curious how I taste.”

Cordelia kissed her way back up Willow’s body until her lips rested on her pulse point. She raised herself up slightly before she sunk her fangs into Willow’s neck. Barely taking a sip from Willow, Cordelia’s fangs exited Willow as the vampire fell to the bed. Willow rubbed her neck where she had allowed Cordelia to bite her as she watched Cordelia writhe in obvious pleasure. Cordelia’s tongue ran along her bloody lips as she relished Willow’s taste. Willow smiled at Cordelia.

“Was I that good?” Willow asked.

“You taste fantastic, Willow. The energy that is in your blood was like I tried to jumpstart a car with a nuclear reactor.” Cordelia replied before looking over at Xander. “Get those clothes off and fuck me now!”

“Okay.” Xander said taking off his shirt. “I can do that.”

“Run home now.” Angel said to the boy in the park.

“My Angel.” Drusilla said as she walked over to him.

“Dru, leave.” Angel told her. “Take Spike and leave town.”

“Or you’ll hurt me?” Drusilla asked before smiling a bit more. “No, you can’t because of her.”

“Buffy?” He asked wondering if she was the one Drusilla mentioned in her ranting but the insane vampire he had sired shook her head.

“No, the one who became the Beautiful Death.” Drusilla said. “Her power is effecting all of us. The lesser vampires are reluctant to venture out to hunt out of fear but their own hunger forces them too. Myself, Spike, and you know she’s there but we dare not approach her unless she wishes it.” Her hand reached up to caress his jaw. “You already earned her ire, didn’t you? I don’t want to earn her ire. Not when she could become my mummy. Farewell.”

Drusilla walked away from her sire leaving him bewildered in the playground. Buffy felt a little betrayed though as she looked from the rooftop.

Cordelia had a smile on her face as she laid in bed next to Willow and Xander. She leaned towards Xander and kissed his lips before she switched positions to kiss Willow. Willow traced Cordelia’s lips with her tongue which made Cordelia open her mouth up. The redhead’s hands drifted to Cordelia’s breasts which made Cordelia break the kiss.

“I see that you like my tits.” She said.

“I’ve developed a fondness for them.” Willow replied.

“Don’t stop on my account.” Jenny said as she watched from the stairs.

Willow’s eyes widened as she realized she was naked in front of one of her teachers. She tried to cover up with the sheet but Cordelia stopped her. Willow stared at Cordelia as the redhead’s skin began to match her hair color.

“Willow, I take back all those comments I made about your appearance while I was human.” Cordelia said as she kissed Willow again. “I think it took getting you out of clothes that showed the softer side of Sears to make me see it.”

“Hey, what’s wrong with my clothes?” Willow asked.

“They exist, Willow. That’s the problem.” Cordelia replied. “If you had better clothes and some more confidence, you would have been a rival to me instead of a victim back then.”

“Wow.” Willow said as she continued to caress Cordelia’s breasts. “You’re warm.”

Cordelia took a hold of Willow’s left hand and placed it over where her heart was. The redhead’s eyes widened as she noticed a faint heartbeat.

“How is your heart beating?” Willow asked.

“My heart always beats though it will seem like it’s rather slow.” Cordelia said. “It didn’t beat on Halloween because Belle Morte fed, not me.”

Jenny began to smile. “It certainly was beating later.” She added. “I think I noticed it beating after my fourth orgasm.”

Willow looked like she was about to faint after she heard that but Cordelia stroked Willow’s cheek. She stared into Willow’s eyes.

“Breathe, Willow.” Cordelia said. “Just breathe.”

Willow began to calm down and her skin became its normal color. Jenny and Xander stared at Cordelia.

“What?” Cordelia asked.

“You did something to make Willow calm down.” Xander said.

Cordelia sighed. “I slightly rolled her.” She admitted. “I didn’t want her to faint on us.”

“Thanks.” Willow said. “I think.”

“Not a problem.” Cordelia said as she leaned forward a bit in order to run a hand up Willow’s leg. “How could I not see you before?”

“Maybe you weren’t really looking.” Willow suggested.

Xander and Jenny continued staring at Willow and Cordelia in disbelief this time. He nudged Cordelia.

“Is it my imagination or are you and Willow flirting with each other?” Xander asked the vampire.

“We are flirting, Xander. It is also allowing Willow to be more confident as well.” Cordelia replied.

“How?” Xander asked.

“With us being naked, physical barriers have been lifted. Having already found pleasure with one another---” Cordelia said before being interrupted.

“Great pleasure.” Willow said interrupting the vampire.

“True, my lovely tree.” Cordelia replied clearly not caring that she had been interrupted. “Knowing that, we are already relaxed. What Willow needs to learn though is to be as confident as she is right now without having to be too revealing.”

Cordelia’s hand that had journeyed up Willow’s leg had cupped the redhead’s sex. Willow clearly enjoyed the contact but seemed to be still embarrassed that Miss Calender was in the room.

“Cordelia, what about Miss Calender and Xander?” Willow asked clearly wanting her to stop.

“If Jenny can get over the ‘Xander is one of my students’ thing, she’d jump him right now while we play.” Cordelia replied.

Jenny smiled at that thought. “While I may want to, you have a ton of boxes in my living room full of clothes and some guy in a limo parked outside.” She said as she stared at the tent Xander had made. ‘Could hold a circus under there.’ She thought to herself.

“Oh, good.” Cordelia said. “The things I ordered got here.”

Cordelia got out of the bed without bothering to cover herself up and headed up the stairs. Jenny headed up after her allowing Willow and Xander to get dressed themselves. She found the vampire had already opened a few boxes and was in the process of putting on a black lacy bra.

“I’m kinda curious.” Jenny said. “Why the bra? It isn’t like you’ll sag.”

“More out of habit but it also frames me nicely.” Cordelia said gesturing at herself.

“Do you have any modesty left?” Jenny asked with a smile.

“I think I can blame Belle Morte for that.” Cordelia replied. “The same for having sex with Willow. To tell you the truth, I don’t regret either. Willow is such a giver.”

“So, alter reality to gain independence and get some billionaire vampire’s money.” Jenny said. “What next?”

“Well, I’m going to get dressed and get these boxes into the limo’s trunk to take to my new mansion.” Cordelia said. “I hope Lilah followed my instructions.”

“It will be okay, Cordelia.” Jenny told her as she noticed something was bothering the former cheerleader. “What’s wrong?”

“Willow has a lot of power within her.” Cordelia said. “She needs to be trained.”

“How can you tell?” Jenny asked as she saw the vampire lick her lips. “Oh, I’m guessing she was good.”

“I had a little orgasm after taking barely a sip.” Cordelia replied as she continued to get dressed. “We should be going.”

Joyce walked into her daughter’s room to see her seemingly distracted by something. Buffy usually held onto Mister Gordo whenever something bothered her.

“Is something wrong, Buffy?” Joyce asked.

“Nothing.” Buffy replied.

“Does this have anything to do with the blood I found on your comforter?” Joyce asked.

A shocked look filled her daughter’s face. “That wasn’t blood.” Buffy replied as she tried to lie. “That was ketchup.”

“That’s a nice river you’re trying to sail on.” Joyce told her daughter. “So, was it with Angel?”

Buffy shook her head which surprised her mother.

“Okay, then who was it?” Joyce asked.

“Mom!” Buffy exclaimed.

“What?” Joyce asked. “Come on. I know you are on birth control and you did leave me with the comforter to clean.”

“It was Xander...” Buffy replied. “...and Cordelia.”

Her mother’s eyes widened more. “Your first time was a threesome.” She said seeing her daughter nod. “Did you enjoy it?”

“Mom!” Buffy exclaimed.

“My first time was with this girl I knew named Megan.” Joyce told her daughter.

It was Buffy’s turn to be shocked. “Your first time was with a girl.” She said.

“Well, her parents weren’t home and she was having a slumber party.” Joyce replied. “It was interesting when her friends walked into the room.”

Buffy fainted on the bed and Joyce left her daughter alone.

Cordelia’s mansion could be described in a few words: spacious and rather gothic. The mansion had what looked like a modern Victorian style that somehow remained gothic. However, it appeared gothic on the outside while more modern inside. They were currently sitting in what could be thought of as her living room where Xander was currently flipping through the channels on her big screen television.

“I really like this place.” Cordelia said smiling.

“Giles will love your library.” Jenny told her. “I probably shouldn’t tell him.”

“Cordelia, Xander has something he wants to tell you.” Willow said.

Xander turned away from the television. “I had a weird dream and I think Belle Morte was in it.” He told her.

Cordelia smiled at him. “So, what kind of dream was it?” She asked. “Just a normal dream or do you think it was something else?”

“It definitely gave me the wiggins.” Xander replied. “She kinda sounded obsessed.”

Cordelia stared at Xander for a few moments before her expression shifted to anger. She turned away from him and they thought they heard a snarl.

“That bitch!” Cordelia exclaimed.

“What’s wrong?” Jenny asked.

“She marked Xander as her human servant but that doesn’t make any sense.” Cordelia said. “Belle doesn’t share her power. She doesn’t have a human servant or an animal to call. Why would she mark you?”

“I’ve read from the notebooks you had filled out for Giles.” Jenny replied. “She could get any man she wants so why bother with Xander? No offense.”

“None taken.” Xander said.

Cordelia thought for a few moments. “That’s it.” She said. “She can’t actually have Xander. He’s in our reality, not her’s. She marked him to maintain a mental link. Maybe because of being in another reality, she can only interact with him in his dreams.”

“Is there any way to remove Belle’s marks?” Willow asked.

“Two ways.” Cordelia replied. “One, we could kill Xander.”

“That’s not an option.” Willow said to her sternly.

“The only other thing we could other than do nothing is for me to mark Xander myself.” Cordelia replied. “A human can be marked by any number of master vampires but the only way to remove Belle’s marks would be to give Xander the fourth and final mark. That mark however would bind Xander and I together forever. He’d live for as long as I do.”

“Anything else we should know about these marks?” Xander asked. “I feel like I’m cattle.”

“You should heal faster and have greater stamina. You might even get stronger.” Cordelia said. “Maybe not Slayer strong but certainly stronger than normal.”

“That’s a plus.” Xander replied. “Anyway, it’s getting late. Some of us have to get up in the morning.”

Cordelia smiled. “Yeah, go already.” She said. “I’ll see you tomorrow.”

The next day, Buffy walked down the halls with Giles. He turned to her.

“So, how was patrol last night?” He asked.

“I did a few quick sweeps and got nothing.” Buffy replied. “Um, Cordelia had this mailed to me.”

She handed Giles an envelope and allowed her Watcher to open it. He pulled two folded pieces of paper out.

“Giles, is that a check?” Buffy asked.

“It would appear to be.” He replied as he unfolded it. “Good Lord, that is a lot money. That’s more than the Council pays me.”

Buffy took the check from him. “Why is Cordelia paying me?” She asked.

Giles handed his charge the second piece of paper.

Buffy, you’re probably curious about the check. I’m doing this for two reasons. The first being that I am technically the Master Vampire of this lovely town we live in. Sunnydale is my territory and I intend to do everything possible to protect it. Granted, you would have been protecting Sunnydale anyway but this allows you more independence. I don’t think the Watcher’s Council would provide you with any type of funding so this should help. I’ll include a bonus if you stop an apocalypse.

The second reason is that you are already helping to enforce my will, so to speak. I don’t want any needless human deaths to occur anymore than you do.


Cordelia Chase

“This could be quite helpful when you graduate, Buffy.” Giles said. “That way, you could attend college without financial difficulties.”

“I guess though I hope the Council doesn’t find out I’m working for a vampire.” Buffy replied. “Still, Cordelia is right. I’m going to be doing this anyway. Might as well be paid for it too.”

Giles let out a breath. “Being the Slayer is a sacred calling.” He said. “It’s not something you should be paid to do. Is something bothering you?”

“No.” Buffy replied.

“Why don’t you take a night off?” He asked her. “Spend some time with Angel.”

Buffy walked away from the librarian with her thoughts on other things.

The Bronze had been a logical acquisition as it was a successful business in Sunnydale. It was an easy decision for her to come here with Xander and Willow after using the ardeur to feed. Before Halloween, playing pool was one of the few things she stunk at but now it was different. Apparently, Belle Morte had despite being one of the members of the Vampire Council was also a pool shark. An old friend of Buffy’s named Ford had met up with them there.

“Okay, we know who to send to the nationals.” Xander said jokingly.

“No doubt.” Ford said as he placed one of his hands on the hand Cordelia held the pool cue in. The hand came back quickly. “Whoa, cold hands.”

“You’re not wrong.” Xander told him and he was elbowed by Willow.

“Hey, Buffy.” Willow said as the leather jacket clad Slayer came up to them. “Ford was just telling us about the ninth grade beauty pageant and the swimsuit competition.”

“Ford, stop!” Buffy exclaimed. “The more people you tell, the more I have to kill.”

“You can’t stop me, Summers.” Ford mockingly threatened her waving his pool cue at her. “I know all of your dark secrets.”

“Want to take a wager on that?” Xander asked him only to get slapped again.

“Besides, Cordelia is schooling me at pool.” Ford said.

A surprised look came over Buffy’s face. “You play pool?” She asked Cordelia.

“I guess you could call me the Belle Morte of the table.” Cordelia said clearly hinting to the Slayer.

“Oh.” Buffy replied taking the hint. “I’m going to get a drink.”

Buffy walked over to talk to Angel but Cordelia wasn’t paying attention. She was attempting to figure out Ford’s energy. Something was off about it and it wasn’t sitting well with her. Buffy returned to the pool table and was closely followed by Angel. Cordelia studied them as they talked to one another. After Buffy and Ford left with Angel pulling his vanishing act soon afterwards, Cordelia turned to look at Willow and Xander.

“Do you still want to play, Cordelia?” Willow asked.

“What’s wrong with Ford?” Cordelia asked.

“Nothing.” Xander said a bit confused.

“Is something wrong?” Willow asked.

“You know that I can sense a person’s energy, right. Part of the vampire predatory package I think.” Cordelia explained to them. “His energy seems sickly.”

“He’s sick.” Willow said concerned. “Why wouldn’t he tell Buffy?”

“Did you sense him lying?” Xander asked.

Cordelia let out a laugh. “Wow, you were paying attention.” She said. “Yeah, he was lying about the transfer.”

“I’m going to check online about him.” Willow said. “This is getting suspicious.”

“Eager to try out your present?” Cordelia asked teasing her a bit.

“A little.” Willow replied. “That’s a really cool computer.”

“I should probably get one for Jenny.” Cordelia said. “I think she’d like it.”

“Oh yeah.” Willow replied.

It was the next night that Cordelia found herself with Xander, Willow, and Angel as they walked to a club that Willow had managed to find during her search for information on Ford. She could have had her driver take them there in the limo but Willow had convinced her that it would be better to walk. Angel walked closer to Cordelia.

“Why doesn’t he call you ‘Deadgirl’ when he still calls me Deadboy?” Angel asked.

“I think it helps to sleep with him.” Cordelia replied. “I don’t think that will work for you.”

Angel took the lead with Xander as Cordelia tuned out their conversation. They reached the front door of the Sunset Club.

“Would you stop calling me that?” Angel asked Xander.

Angel knocked on the front door and a slot opened up on the door. “We’re friends of Ford.” He told the doorman.

The door was opened and they walked into the club. Despite what the other three were thinking, Cordelia liked the design and theme of the club though that probably was Belle’s influence on her. Angel walked away from them.

“In no way do we stick out as sore thumbs.” Xander said sarcastically.

“Do they really stick out?” Willow asked Xander. “Sore thumbs I mean. Have you ever looked at a thumb and said ‘Man, that thumb is sore’?”

“You have too many thoughts.” Xander told his friend.

Cordelia hugged the redhead from behind. “Don’t worry.” She said. “I’m finding myself enjoying your thoughts.”

“Thanks.” Willow replied.

They walked around the club and noticed that the vampire theme continued as they explored the establishment. Xander looked over at Willow.

“Notice a theme going on here?” Xander asked.

“As in ‘Vampires, Yeah!’” Willow replied.

“You’re newbies, aren’t you?” A blonde girl asked them.

“No, we come here all the time.” Willow replied trying to lie to her.

“It’s alright. We welcome anyone who are interested in the Lonely Ones.” She said.

“The Lonely Ones?” Willow asked.

“She means vampires.” Angel stated as he came down the stairs behind them.

“Oh, we usually call them the nasty, pointy, bitey ones.” Xander told the girl who looked rather offended. He also suffered an elbow in the stomach from Cordelia.

“So many people have that misconception.” The girl said. “Those who walk with the night have no interest in harming anyone. They are creatures above us. Exalted.”

“You’re a fool.” Angel told her sternly.

“You don’t have to be so confrontational about it.” She told them. “Other viewpoints than your own may be just as valid.”

Cordelia watched the girl as she walked away as Willow and Xander berated Angel for his rudeness. Something about the girl tugged at her mind and she didn’t know what it was. She didn’t realize that she had been zoning out until Willow nudged her.

“What’s wrong?” Cordelia asked.

“Nothing, we’re just leaving.” Willow told her. “Are you coming?”

“No, I’m just going to hang out here for a little bit.” Cordelia said. “I’ll fly home. Don’t worry.”

“You can fly?” Willow asked rather surprised.

“Yeah, haven’t needed to before.” Cordelia replied. “Don’t worry, I’ll be fine.”

The trio left and Cordelia walked in the same direction that the girl had taken. Given the size of the club, it didn’t take long to find her. The blonde wearing the cameo was sitting down and looked rather mopey. She sat down next to her.

“Don’t mind Angel.” She said. “His kind tend to be rather rude and hostile.”

Wait, did I just say his kind? Cordelia asked herself.

“They just don’t understand, do they?” The girl said. “The Lonely Ones don’t seek to hurt anyone.”

“Maybe not but the revenants would.” Cordelia warned her.

The girl’s expression changed as she looked at Cordelia. “Revenants?” She asked. “What are they?”

“They are a demon breed will kill a human when they feed. When they make another vampire, they share their blood with the person and that person’s soul is kicked out allowing a demon to take their place.” Cordelia said. “What is left isn’t you anymore except for a demon who thinks it is you. It will just keep on killing and killing.”

“Wait, so he was one of those?” The girl asked. “Why would you be around him?”

“He got cursed by some gypsies a hundred years ago and he now has his soul to torment him.” Cordelia replied.

A curious look came over the girl’s face. “Aren’t curses meant to be broken?” She asked. “You’re right.” Cordelia said. “I should probably talk to him later.”

“I’m Chanterelle.” She said holding out her hand.

“Cordelia.” Cordelia told her extending her own hand to her.

Chanterelle surprised her by grabbing not her extended hand but her wrist and felt for a pulse. Cordelia cursed herself for not having her heart beating at the time as she hadn’t been thinking about it. She had been low on energy as she hadn’t fed the ardeur or drank any blood. She wondered what the girl would be thinking.

“You’re not like him, are you?” Chanterelle asked.

Cordelia shook her head. “I’m another type all together.” She said before she added. “The only one actually.”

“You’re an actual Lonely One.” Chanterelle replied with an enchanted look in her eyes. “Not like that rude man.”

“I guess you could call me that.” Cordelia said.

She didn’t know exactly how she had gotten back to the mansion. She might have flown but somehow, she hadn’t realized it. Her attention was drawn to Chanterelle laying on her bed. The blonde removed the cameo she wore around her neck and pushed the shoulder straps of her dress off her shoulders.

“Take me.” She said.

“I shall.” Cordelia replied.

She opened up the ardeur and Chanterelle reached behind her own back to unzip the dress she wore. Cordelia removed the blouse she wore and laid down next to the blonde girl. She pulled Chanterelle closer to her and kissed her lips softly. Chanterelle returned the kiss as her hands made their way to Cordelia’s jeans. This forced them to break apart momentarily as Cordelia had to finish removing her jeans. Chanterelle divested herself of her dress and chose to work on the fastener of the vampire’s bra. Once the garment was gone, her hands took a hold of Cordelia’s breasts. The blonde girl hadn’t worn a bra that night which pleased the vampire as it was one less obstacle to her goals this night.

A strange feeling washed over her and Cordelia lost control of herself. Her sharp fangs sank into Chanterelle’s neck. The hot blood flowed into her mouth like water and Cordelia realized what she was doing. She couldn’t stop herself as the ardeur was forcing this and the blonde would soon die. However, Chanterelle wasn’t going to remain dead. She wasn’t sure how she knew this but Chanterelle was going to be a vampire like her. Cordelia removed her fangs from Chanterelle’s throat horrified at what she had just done. Chanterelle didn’t seem horrified though. She smiled at the vampire.

“Thank you.” She said before she collapsed onto the bed.

Cordelia fell out of the bed and began to cry.
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