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A Beautiful Death

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Summary: When an accident forces Cordelia to get a new costume, a new vampire race is born.

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The Ties That Bind Us

DISCLAIMER: I do not own Buffy the Vampire Slayer or the characters associated with Anita Blake. Buffy the Vampire Slayer is owned by Joss Whedon, Mutant Enemy, and 20th Century Fox. The characters of Anita Blake are owned by Laurel K. Hamilton.

Chapter Six

The Ties That Bind Us

Cordelia stood next to Chanterelle’s coffin with a perplexed look on her face. It wasn’t the fact that she didn’t know how to wake her first childe up. It was the fact that Chanterelle’s energy felt wrong. Her energy levels were too high for someone who was suppose to be newly risen. If she had to have guessed, she would have assumed that Chanterelle had been a vampire for over fifty years. She looked over at Marvin who was rather inquisitive.

“This is really weird. Her personal energy is too high.” She told him.

“Is that bad?” He asked.

“Not really, but she could easily make Master status in a shorter amount of time than normal.” She replied as she rested a hand against Chanterelle’s cheek. “Time to wake up, my dear.”

Chanterelle stirred slightly. “Don’t wanna.” She said as she slowly began to wake up.

“I’ve got your breakfast ready.” Cordelia replied.

That managed to get Chanterelle out of the coffin though she glanced over at her master as if amused. Cordelia laughed at the glance she received.

“It seemed oddly appropriate though you can pick out one of the other rooms in the mansion. I’ve got too many anyway.” Cordelia told her. “Come on, I’ve got your first meal waiting.”

Marvin led them down the hall and opened a door. The room itself was bare except for a single chair where Ford sat handcuffed to the chair with a red ball gag in his mouth. Chanterelle licked her lips and made her way over to him. She flashed her fangs at him and his eyes widened at that sight.

“I see you’ve noticed, Ford. I must say though, this is a rush.” Chanterelle said to him. “I feel so much alive which is so fucking ironic.”

Cordelia watched quietly as her first childe ripped the gag off of Ford who cried out in pain. He looked up at her as if he was about to plead with her but she placed a finger to silence him.

“No, don’t speak.” She said. “I don’t want to hear it.”

“But, I have cancer.” He tried to tell her. “I’m dying.”

“Ford, you really should have came up with better material. You don’t see every cancer patient willing to sell out other people in order to stay alive.” Chanterelle told him. “You were trying to sell out your friends to a bunch of monsters so that you can become one of them.”

“And what you did is so noble?” He asked her.

Chanterelle laughed a little bit. “Compared to what you were trying to pull, of course it was.” She said. “I sold myself to save them.”

This made Ford laugh at her. “Then, we’re still the same or haven’t you told your master what was wrong with you?” He asked her.

That comment caused Chanterelle to stiffen which made Cordelia a little curious. She walked over to her childe and placed a hand on her shoulder.

“Is something wrong?” She asked.

“When I was thirteen, I was diagnosed with a neurological disorder that has some name that I still can not pronounce correctly.” Chanterelle said. “It’s not fatal but with what it does, you would wish it was. As it progressed, I would have eventually been a prisoner within my own body. Unable to move, unable to talk, just stuck in my body watching and waiting for my death to come and release me from my prison.”

“So, we are alike.” Ford said only to get slapped hard in the face.

“No, I wasn’t foolish enough to sell anyone out.” She replied. “If I had to pay the price, that was one thing but I wasn’t going to sacrifice anyone for my own survival.”

“You’re going to kill me, aren’t you?” He asked.

Chanterelle laughed. “Ford, do you know what Ford stands for?” She asked as she held up four fingers that she lowered as she said. “Found On Road Dead.”

Not allowing Ford to reply, Chanterelle sank her fangs into his neck. She wasn’t gentle though and he screamed from her feeding. Slowly, he grew more and more silent until the blonde haired vampire stepped away from him.

“He’s dead.” Chanterelle stated as she licked the blood on the corners of her lips.

“What a shame.” Cordelia replied. “I was hoping to polish up my torture skills.”

“I will have the body disposed of.” Marvin said.

“Good, I have a room ready for you if you want to use it or not.” Cordelia told her childe. “I’ll show it to you a few hours before sunrise.”

Chanterelle pouted slightly. “Why can’t you show me now, Master?” She asked.

Cordelia smiled at her. “I could but we have guests coming and I’m afraid we might be tempted to test your bed out.” She said to her.

That only seemed to sour her mood further but she nodded that she understood.

It had taken Giles a while but he managed to find the entry in Cordelia’s notebooks and he didn’t like what he had found. Willow had led the small group of wereleopards, apparently also known as a pard, back into the library. This did seem to surprise Buffy and Xander but Willow had explained what had happened. It seemed to him that the wereleopards were differing to the redheaded hacker as if she was their leader which was quite odd as she wasn’t a lycanthrope herself.

“There might be a few problems with fighting this new Master of Beasts.” Giles said as he explained to the group. “Vampires from Belle’s world seem to gain power as they age like vampires in our world do. It might be at a different rate from what I can possibly determine but I believe that our own vampires are inherently weaker. However, our world’s vampires don’t go dormant during the day as they can still be awake.”

“So, how powerful are we talking?” Buffy asked her Watcher. “Master powerful?”

“While the Master was powerful in his own regard amongst the vampires we normally fight against, he would have been considered average at best in comparison to the vampires from Belle’s world.” Giles explained to her. “If he had been in the world that Belle came from, the other vampires would have disposed of him as his ‘ideals’ would have been seen as insane and rouge to them.”

“In other words, Cordelia could own the Master right now if they had fought.” His slayer said. “Giles, how powerful would this Master of Beasts guy be?”

Giles shook his head and removed his glasses. “I won’t lie to you, Buffy, but you wouldn’t stand much of a chance.” He said. “Even less of a chance than you originally had against the Master.”

“Cordelia’s the only one who can fight him, Buffy.” Willow said. “But even then, she might need some help.”

Giles was confused this time. “What do you mean?” He asked. “I know that there is a few thousand year difference between the two vampires they became that night but I don’t see how she can get any help.”

“Easy, a human servant could help her.” She said. “Depending on the servant, a vampire can gain considerable power and I have a lot of power.”

“Untapped power.” Giles replied reminding her of that little fact.

“Oh, I’ve been tapped.” Willow said as she grinned like the cat who caught the canary.

“WILLOW!” Everyone in the library exclaimed at her as they were shocked by what she had said.

“What?” She asked with a laugh. “It’s true.”

“Wow, Willow had sex.” Aura said. “Let me guess, she lost it to Xander.”

“No, Cordelia.” Willow replied.

“So that’s why you smell like her.” Someone spoke up who didn’t belong to the group.

A pair of hyenas smashed through the library’s doors tearing them off their hinges as someone entered as if he owned the place. The Star of David that hung on a simple gold chain around Willow’s neck began to glow slightly. She recognized who the Master of Beasts was as did Xander.

“Warren, you became Padma.” She said.

“Yes, and you’re Cordelia’s human servant.” Warren replied as he placed his right hand on his chin. “I wonder how that little slut is in bed because I know she became Belle Morte on Halloween.”

“You won’t find out.” Willow said to him. “You’re going to die, Warren, and I’m going to be there.”

Warren walked closer to her and used the two werehyenas as guards as they snapped their jaws.

“Somehow, I doubt that.” Warren told her.

“Between now and then,” she said. “I’m going to fuck you up.”

In hindsight, Warren should have taken her seriously as Willow slung the open bottle of holy water at his face. The water splashed across his face and he howled in pain as he quickly retreated away yelling curses at her. His two werehyenas leapt at her but the redhead was knocked to the ground by Xander who took the lycanthropes’ attack in her place. He yelled out as he fell as one of the werehyenas had a hold of his right forearm and the other had his left leg.

Giles quickly grabbed a nearby crossbow and fired it into the head of the hyena with its jaws clenched around Xander’s forearm. The werehyena went limp as did the other werehyena did as Willow drove a knife into its head.

“Oh God, Xander...” Buffy said as she knelt down to him pressing her hand against his right forearm in an attempt to stop the bleeding. “Willow, why did you attack him?”

“Buffy, he was wanting to kill us anyway to send a message to Cordelia.” Willow said as she removed her knife from the hyena’s head. “I didn’t think there was much else I could do.”

Giles watched as the bleeding began to stop and Xander’s skin seemed to knit itself back together. According to what Cordelia had written down, that was a sure sign of being infected and he felt sorry for the young man he considered a son.

“We’d better go to Cordelia’s.” Giles said.

A low growl began to be heard from a few of the wereleopards. Willow glared at them.

“Try it and I’ll kill you.” Willow said as the two dead werehyenas shifted back into their human forms. “We really need to do something about these bodies.”

The wereleopards who had been looking hungrily at the two corpses and Xander’s bloody wounds backed off submissively. Buffy thought she could hear whimpering coming from at least two of them which made her look at Willow a bit differently.

Getting to Cordelia’s mansion wasn’t a problem and they did feel safer in the vampiress’s home. Giles noted a bit of jealousy from Willow however when they saw the young Asian woman that answered the door. The young lady wore a kimono and the bite mark on her neck was clearly visible.

“You must be Willow.” She said to the redhead in their group. “I’m Sakura.”

“Yes, I am.” Willow said with a small hint of contempt on her voice.

Sakura seemed to notice the tone of Willow’s voice but let them in without mentioning it. The group went into the living room where they soon saw Chanterelle walk in. She wore a short black skirt with a matching top that had a low neckline. It seemed as though she might have recently risen as she didn’t have any shoes on but the vampiress seemed happy to see them.

“You’re my mistress’s friends,” Chanterelle said. “I can tell.”

“Yes, we are.” Giles replied. “Where’s Cordelia? There is something we need to tell her.”

Chanterelle’s fangs were showing as she smiled at Giles. “Mistress is in her room changing her clothes.” She said.

“Xander and I will talk to her.” Willow replied. “Why don’t you have Chanterelle show you the library, Giles?”

Buffy watched as everyone seemed to follow Willow’s instructions. She didn’t like how things were going lately. It was too alien to her and events were moving faster than she could keep up.

Willow led Xander to Cordelia’s room to see the vampiress admiring her reflection in a full length mirror. She wore a low cut red dress that clung to her figure and she didn’t seem to notice them at first. It had been a shock to them the first time they had seen her reflection after her transformation but the ‘reflection rule’ applied only to the demonic vampires. Willow watched as her vampire lover tensed and turned around to look at Xander mystified.

“I...I...” Cordelia began to say as she moved towards Xander. “...I can feel your beast, Xander. Willow, what in the hell happened?”

Willow began to speak rapidly but Cordelia put a finger on the redhead’s lips which managed to quiet her. Xander’s childhood friend gazed at Cordelia with an almost pleading look as she wished to tell Cordelia what had happened.

“Willow, I have been completely honest with you. You know what powers and abilities I possess.” She said. “You know you can explain a lot clearer to me without words.”

Cordelia removed the finger from Willow’s lips and pressed her lips against the redhead’s own. The kiss deepened between the two of them and lasted only a few seconds. Cordelia pulled back and looked as though she was considering something she had just learned.

“So, the new Master of Beasts has made his move and Xander had been attacked.” Cordelia said as she summed up the events. “That doesn’t explain why I can feel his new beast though unless...”

Cordelia began to laugh and which surprised the two humans in her room. She shook her head and tried to quit laughing.

“I’m not her.” She said. “The only way I could have felt your beast is if I can call it. That means it’s my own beast to call.”

“So, what do you think about my idea?” Willow asked.

“It’s good but we need to do one better than that, ma petite.” She replied. “It would be better as a triumvirate. With you as my human servant and Xander as my animal to call, we should have more than enough power to kill Warren.”

“What about Belle?” Xander asked.

“If you experience anything more like this, being tied to Willow and I will help.” Cordelia told him. “Touch will increase the power so blocking her won’t be a problem.”

Buffy scrambled as she tried to escape the flames that she was seeing. Nothing she could do and nowhere she could go would allow her to escape the flames. Her hand landed on a doorknob and the flames disappeared only to replaced with something else. An intense heat began to build up within her. At first, she didn’t recognize but a word for it soon came to her lips.

“Ardeur.” She said as she opened the door.

The first thing she noticed was a torn red dress laying on the floor. She felt as though she was out of control and it frightened her. The ardeur pushed her fear aside though as her gaze fell on her friends. Xander stood there bare chested as he caressed Cordelia’s breasts. Cordelia’s hands were busy attempting to undo the fastener on Xander’s pants. Willow was only clad in a matching set of lacy white bra and panties as she kissed Xander’s neck from behind. Buffy noticed a cut on the right arms of both Xander and Willow on their biceps. The cut appeared to be made from a blade and Cordelia did have some blood leaking from her mouth.

“You’re wearing too much.” Willow said.

Buffy was surprised as her redheaded friend began to walk over to her. It was like her own body was on autopilot as she began to undress herself. She had stripped out of her clothes quickly but stopped as she felt Willow’s hands on her own as she was about to remove her bra. Willow’s lips tasted like strawberries as Buffy kissed her and the heat began to build up. Their lingerie fell to the floor as Willow pushed Buffy down to the bed. A moan escaped the Slayer’s mouth as Willow captured Buffy’s right breast in her mouth. Willow kissed down Buffy’s body and as soon as her tongue came into contact with her slit, she felt a sharp pain on her right wrist as well as hearing something strike the wall.

The pain almost brought herself out of her ardeur induced lust but she felt a warm mouth encircle her bleeding wrist and she saw Cordelia drinking away at the blood. She licked the wound and the bleeding stopped as the master vampiress pulled her closer to plant a bloody kiss on her lips. The taste of blood in her mouth was a familiar if unwanted sensation but in her clouded mind, she didn’t care. Cordelia was pulled away from Buffy and the blonde watched as Xander rammed himself into the vampire. He continued ramming himself into her and Buffy watched and listened to Cordelia’s moans.

Buffy yelled out as she was rocked with an orgasm. Willow crawled back up to lay face to face with her and Buffy kissed her again. She tasted herself on her friend’s lips as she turned her friend over so that she lay on top of her. Buffy pushed her tongue into Willow’s mouth as her friend’s hands held onto her backside. She was about to return the favor to her friend but she felt something press against her moist folds. Before she could check to see what it was, it pushed itself inside of her and she screamed out as she had finally realized it was Xander. Her male friend began to fuck her from behind on top of his childhood friend.

Willow kissed her one more time before she worked herself out from underneath and went over to her vampire girlfriend. Buffy had quit paying attention to Willow as Xander pounded into her.

She looked around as she checked her surroundings. It looked like one of the many warehouses that could be found in Sunnydale but she had no idea how she had gotten there. A light fog pervaded the warehouse which managed to obscure things within it. Something walked up behind her and she turned to see what it was. At first glance, she had thought it was some kind of wolfman like she’d seen in a few werewolf movies in the past but she quickly realized it wasn’t a wolf. The red and brown furry creature with a few spots didn’t resemble a wolf at all. It was some kind of hyena man and she took a step back from the creature. There was something about the creature that was familiar to her though. It was as if her senses were trying to tell her that she knew who this hyena man was but that wasn’t possible, was it?

Xander?” She asked the creature as she realized who it was.

The hyena man nodded at her and turned to look at two more people who were approaching them. Buffy pulled a stake out of the pocket of the leather jacket she wore as the figures approached.

Buffy, I don’t think you need that against us.”

Cordelia came out of the fog with Willow close by her. The vampiress seemed to be analyzing their surroundings and Willow seemed surprised to see Xander in his present form. Buffy looked over at Cordelia.

What the hell is going on?”

I don’t know.” Cordelia replied. “Belle never had a human servant before and besides, I think this might be your fault.”

My fault!” Buffy exclaimed. “How is this my fault?”

Willow, Xander, and I were forming a triumvirate in the hopes to gain enough power to defeat Warren.” Cordelia explained to the Slayer. “You became an unstable element that somehow was added into the mix. Willow became my human servant. Xander is my animal to call. I don’t even know what to call you.”

Slayer.” Xander growled.

That would mean this is some kind of quadrumvirate, Cordelia.” Willow said. “But, why are we here?”

Before anyone could attempt to answer that question, a demon crashed through one of the wooden boxes and attempted to grab Willow. Attempted being the key word as Cordelia pulled the redhead away from the demon as the hyena-man, Xander, leapt onto the demon. Xander swung his clawed hands wildly at the demon causing considerable damage to the spiny faced demon. The hyena-man wrapped his jaws around the demon’s left arm at the point where the arm met the shoulder. He pulled back fiercely and tore the arm away from the demon’s body. The demon yelled in pain and managed to knock the lycanthrope off of itself only for Buffy to pierce its heart with one of her stakes. Stumbling back, the demon fell to the floor.

Well, that was unexpected.” Buffy said jokingly. “What was that?”

Cordelia walked over to the demon and knelt down next to the body. She began to look over the dead demon as her senses were telling her that she knew this demon.

Cordelia, be careful.” Willow told her.

Light flashed around the demon and its appearance changed drastically to a familiar dark haired vampiress who Cordelia had met recently.

Drusilla.” She said.

Spike was on his knees outside the burning warehouse that had once been his humble abode in Sunnydale. Fire blazed through the warehouse it was consuming everything. He began to cry as he knew there had been no chance that his lady love, Drusilla, could have possibly made it out of the building. Pain and anguish filled him as he tried to reach out to feel if Drusilla was still there but he found nothing. His unbeating heart ached as he mourned her loss.

“The Slayer must have done this.” He said as he raised his head towards the sky and let out a yell. “NO MATTER WHERE YOU HIDE! NO MATTER WHERE YOU GO! WHATEVER IT TAKES; I WILL FIND YOU! I WILL MAKE YOU PAY FOR WHAT YOU HAVE DONE! I WILL KILL YOU, SLAYER, FOR TAKING HER FROM ME!”

Contrary to the evidence at hand to Spike, Drusilla had not been killed in the fire. She felt more alive than ever before. After she had awakened from her transformation, she had killed her guards as she marveled at her newfound strength and speed. The fire had been set to cut the ties she had to her old existence and nothing was saved except for one thing. She held the doll she had called Miss Edith in her arms as she headed for a safe house that she had in the town. Spike didn’t know about it, of course, and she would have told him but she felt it might prove useful one day.

She had meant to burn the doll along with everything else in the warehouse but for an odd reason; she found she couldn’t do it. The doll managed to become the sole survivor of her collection and Drusilla played with the doll’s hair as she took a shortcut through one of the many graveyards that Sunnydale had in the area. Her attention being diverted to the doll was the only excuse she could have possibly given when she was tackled to the ground. Miss Edith fell to the ground as Drusilla knocked her attacker away. Her attacker was a dark skinned girl wearing a leather jacket, green blouse, blue jeans, and leather boots. Drusilla quickly got herself and looked the girl over.

“Go away, Slayer, you know not what you are up against.” She said as she gave the girl fair warning.

“Make me, demon.” The girl replied before she charged at her.

Drusilla backhanded the girl fiercely. The force of the blow sent the girl back and she landed on the sloping doors of a crypt. Drusilla was on top of her in barely a second and knocked the stake out of her hand. Her hand wrapped around the girl’s throat and the girl glared at her defiantly.

“Go ahead.” She said. “Do it.”

“What is your name?” Drusilla asked the girl.

Before her transformation into a more powerful vampire, she would have had to use hand gestures in order to attempt to roll a person’s mind with her power. Now, it was merely a case of meeting her eyes with her own gaze and the girl’s mental defenses were shattered as if they weren’t even there.


“Good, that wasn’t so hard.” She said as she reached inside herself for a power she gained from her new sire. “Now, what do you have to say for yourself?”

Kendra’s eyes were clouded with lust as Drusilla removed the hand from the Slayer’s throat. The dark skinned girl, unsure about what to do, looked up at the vampiress as if pleading with her to make the first move.

“Of course, my chocolate bunny.” Drusilla told the girl.

Drusilla lowered herself down and kissed Kendra’s lips. Kendra writhed out of her jacket as Drusilla’s hands found their way underneath her blouse. The blouse fell to the ground as Drusilla licked her lips at the sight of the black bra which encased the mocha skinned girl’s breasts. Her own lust began to overwhelm her as she tore the bra away and exposed Kendra’s breasts to the cool night air. She opened Kendra’s jeans up and was able to slip her right hand underneath the Slayer’s panties. Kendra gasped as she felt Drusilla’s fingers enter her and her lips were captured by Drusilla. Unused to the feelings of pleasure that she was feeling, Kendra cried out loudly when her orgasm erupted within her. As she tried to regain her breath, Drusilla got off of her and picked up the dropped items. She sat Miss Edith and Kendra’s blouse on Kendra’s stomach and scooped the Slayer up in her arms, bridal style.

“Where are we going?” Kendra asked.

“To continue this elsewhere, my chocolate bunny.” Drusilla replied. “For that, we need a bed.”

Buffy opened her eyes finding herself back in the bed she was now sharing with Cordelia, Willow, and Xander. Willow was nuzzled against Cordelia’s breasts as if they were a pillow. She tried to sit up and possibly get out of the bed. An intense feeling of guilt hit her as she realized that she had just cheated on her boyfriend again and both times the ardeur was to blame for it. Another intense feeling hit her as she realized where Xander was as his member was still quite hard and inside of her. She betrayed herself as she let out a moan as she pulled out of him which woke everyone up.

“Did anyone else dream about a spiny faced demon that later turned into Drusilla?” Xander asked as he got nods from the three women in bed with him. “Good to know I’m not going crazy.”

Willow noticed the guilty look on Buffy’s face. “Buffy, what’s wrong?” She asked.

“What’s wrong?” Buffy asked her in disbelief. “I just cheated on my boyfriend for the second time and the ardeur is to blame again.”

“Buffy, I don’t know what I can say to you but I am sorry about that.” Cordelia said as she pulled Willow closer to her. “But like it or not, you’ve become tied to us now.”

“But, how could we have formed a quadrumvirate?” Willow asked as Cordelia’s hands began to rub her stomach.

“I don’t know, ma petite.” Cordelia said. “You are my human servant and Xander is my animal to call. That much I do know and I expected it. Buffy somehow became another part of the bond all together.”

“What’s going to happen now?” Buffy asked.

“I don’t know.” Cordelia replied. “This is completely uncharted territory for me. Belle never did take a human servant or an animal to call.”

Kendra pulled the zipper of Drusilla’s dress down. Her lust clouded mind marveled at the pale skin that was being revealed underneath the dress. Once the zipper came down as far as it was going to go, Drusilla turned around to help peel the dress off of her. The dress fell to the floor which left the vampiress wearing only a lacy red bra and panties. The lingerie had been a gift from Spike and she had been comfortable wearing it.

Her Slayer, who had quickly disrobed what remained of her clothes, pulled her onto the bed to lay on top of Drusilla. Kendra unfastened Drusilla’s bra and peeled her panties away. She kissed the vampiress before she began to start a trail of kisses down her body. The Slayer found Drusilla’s moist folds and began to lick her. Despite her inexperience, she was greatly making up for that with enthusiasm. She cried out soon and after a few more moments, Kendra repositioned herself to kiss Drusilla.

“Was I good?” Kendra asked.

“You were magnificent, my chocolate bunny.” Drusilla replied.

Drusilla began to start her own trail and paused at Kendra’s left breast. She licked the nipple before she sank her fangs into the Slayer’s breast.

The End?

You have reached the end of "A Beautiful Death" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 24 Oct 11.

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