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A Beautiful Death

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Summary: When an accident forces Cordelia to get a new costume, a new vampire race is born.

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Anita Blake > Cordelia-CenteredRubyPaladinFR21622,717119316,86322 Feb 1124 Oct 11No

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Belle Morte

DISCLAIMER: I do not own Buffy the Vampire Slayer or the characters associated with Anita Blake. Buffy the Vampire Slayer is owned by Joss Whedon, Mutant Enemy, and 20th Century Fox. The characters of Anita Blake are owned by Laurel K. Hamilton.

A Beautiful Death


Ruby Paladin

Chapter One

Belle Morte

Cordelia was angry and that was never something good for anyone to see. A lowly freshman in Art Club had ran into her as the imbecile carried several open jars of differently colored paint. After verbally ripping him apart, she rushed out of the school and headed for a shop that she had sworn that she wouldn’t enter but she didn’t have a choice right now. She entered the shop and approached the owner.

“I have an emergency and Party Town is closed.” She said to him.

“Well, I was just about to close but I suppose I can help you with your little problem.” He said. “Trust me, my dear, Halloween is what I live for.”

Belle knocked out the lycanthrope that had been near her. She was surprised when she realized she hungered both for blood and to feed her ardeur. The unconscious lycanthrope filled the first but the second might take some doing.

“Cordelia!” She heard someone yell out.

Belle turned to see a rather succulent redheaded girl run towards her but she grimaced when she realized the girl was actually a ghost. She smiled at her.

“I’m sorry but I am not Cordelia.” Belle said. “Is there a problem, ma petite?”

“Look, just follow me.” She said.

Belle followed the girl who invited her inside a house which had been nice of the girl. Inside the house, she found a dark-haired brunette girl in an eighteenth century style dress and a young man dressed as though he was a soldier.

“Something tells me that this is All Hallow’s Eve.” Belle said the ghost girl.

“Yes, my name is Willow and you’re not a...” Willow said introducing herself but seemed a little lost.

Belle smiled. “Forgive me, I failed to introduce myself.” She said. “My name is Belle Morte. I’m a vampire.”

“A vampire?” Willow asked with obvious fear.

“Don’t worry.” Belle said. “I’ve already eaten for the night.”

“Okay, good.” Willow replied. “Buffy, Xander, stay here and I’ll go find Giles. He can help.”

Willow ran through the front door and an idea crossed Belle’s mind. She whispered a few words in Latin that set up a simple enough ward to prevent intrusion. The young soldier was rather handsome and she was sure that the young woman who believed the year was 1753 would be a nymph once she worked the ardeur.

“This will be fun.” She said.

Spike glared at his minions as they dragged him back to the warehouse. He had been ambushed and tied up by them which was embarrassing.

“Why the bloody hell did you do this?” He asked one of them.

“Well, Drusilla doesn’t want to lose you to a beautiful death.” The minion said. “Then, she threatened to do several things and Phil thinks they’re anatomically impossible but we don’t want to chance it.”

“Okay.” Spike said.

Angel slammed himself against the door trying to figure out why it wasn’t giving an inch. “What is going on?” He asked himself.

Belle smiled at Elizabeth as a small plan formed in her head. She sat down on the couch and motioned for to sit next to her. Obediently, the young lady did sit next to her.

“So, you hope to marry a baron?” She asked her. “I do not believe you will have any success.”

“Why do you say that?” Elizabeth asked quickly. She couldn’t believe that anyone would question her destiny.

“Because, everyone knows that a baron or any member of the nobility has quite a few concubines for his pleasure.” Belle explained. “Something that he would expect would be his wife to be able to pleasure one of his concubines for his own enjoyment.”

“Truly?” Elizabeth asked questioning what she was being told.

“Of course.” Belle said allowing herself to smile sincerely. “If you do not believe me, ask our soldier friend who is gazing upon the two of us so lustfully.”

Elizabeth looked over at the soldier and noticed his gaze. “Is it true?” She asked.

“Yes, it is.” Private Harris replied.

While she could have easily used her ardeur to force lust onto them, Belle took some enjoyment in allowing some lust to build naturally. It worked like a play for her and she saw the questioning look on the noble girl’s face.

“Could you teach me?” She asked her.

“Of course.” Belle replied. “Now, let us pretend that the soldier in our company is a baron. Come closer to me, Elizabeth.”

She did as she was told and Belle lightly kissed the girl’s lips. Elizabeth’s surprise was evident but she began to relax as Belle deepened the kiss. She ran her tongue against the surface of the noble girl’s lips asking for entry which was granted. A few moments passed before Belle broke away from the girl.

She smiled. “Now, was that so bad?” She asked.

“Hell no.” Alex replied as he sat watching.

“It was pleasant.” Elizabeth replied.

Belle released the ardeur slightly, enough to stoke the fires of lust but still allow for some free will. She could feel her power working on the two and decided to draw it out a bit more.

“Now, to further tutor you in these affairs will require a bedroom.” Belle said.

She led them upstairs and easily found a bedroom. If Willow was to be believed, then Belle assumed she had found Elizabeth’s bedroom when everything was normal.

“Now, can you show the soldier what I have taught you?” She asked.

With barely a hint of hesitation, Elizabeth did as she was told. Belle found her way behind the girl and found to her surprise that a zipper on the back of the dress. It led credence to Willow’s theory that they weren’t really who they were but that didn’t matter to her. She took hold of the zipper and began to bring it down. Elizabeth noticed this.

“But...” She said.

“Don’t worry.” Belle said reassuring her. “You will enjoy this.”

Elizabeth’s willpower faltered as Belle unzipped her dress. Slowly, she peeled the dress off of her and noticed the noble girl’s bra and panties were a matching set of white. Elizabeth seemed confused by the strange undergarments so Belle removed them for her. She drew the noble girl away from the soldier.

“Why don’t you help me out of my dress and you’ll learn why any baron likes to see his wife with one of his concubines?” Belle suggested.

Elizabeth’s hands went to the straps of the red dress that Belle wore and slide them off. Belle’s dress had been easier to remove than Elizabeth’s own and she stood in front of the noble girl in a red push up bra with matching panties. The two thousand year old vampire was about to reach behind herself and undue the fastener when Elizabeth took the initiative to figure it out on her own. That was another reason why she sometimes didn’t let loose the ardeur at full strength. Too much lust would cloud any person’s mind and Elizabeth would have been more likely to try to tear off her bra had her mind been too clouded. Once the bra was removed, Belle took hold of Elizabeth’s hands and guided them to her breasts. The noble girl began to lightly caress Belle’s breasts as she became more curious.

“You’re quite cool to the touch.” Elizabeth said as she continued her caresses.

“I’m a vampire, my dear.” Belle replied.

Elizabeth surprised her yet again when she kissed her this time. As they kissed, Belle felt Elizabeth’s hands journeying down her body towards her own panties. Elizabeth broke the kiss and looked at her almost like she was pleading to do it.

“You may.” Belle said.

The noble girl removed Belle’s panties but before the two could take this any further; a grunt reminded them that the soldier was still in the room. Belle smiled and released the ardeur a little more. It helped that the young man was handsome but she knew that Elizabeth wouldn’t have been wanting to do the things she was wanting to do with Belle. The soldier had already taken the liberty of undressing himself and Belle knew he looked like fun. Elizabeth was definitely interested as her gaze had shifted to him. Belle stepped behind the noble girl and embraced her. She ran a hand down from Elizabeth’s right breast to her wet slit.

“You want him, don’t you?” She asked Elizabeth. “I can tell.”

Belle inserted a finger into Elizabeth causing the girl to shudder. A second finger found its way into her. Elizabeth let out small moan as she felt Belle within her. This night had been strange and frightening for her. She knew she should have been afraid of the woman as she freely admitted to being a vampire but the truth was that it thrilled her. She came after Belle added a third finger to the other two. Belle’s hand came back up and Elizabeth could see that the hand was wet with her own juices. Belle brought one of the slick fingers up to her mouth and licked the juices.

“You are quite sweet.” She said offering the other two fingers to Elizabeth.

Curious, Elizabeth licked the liquid off Belle’s fingers. She did find that Belle had been telling the truth. Belle lightly pushed her towards the bed and smiled at the soldier.

“I believe she’s ready for you.” Belle told the soldier.

Willow ran through the doors of the library, literally thanks to being an actual ghost. Giles was rather surprised to see her in her current state.

“Willow, what happened?” Giles asked.

“People are being possessed by their costumes and Xander is a soldier, Buffy is some noble girl, and Cordelia is like a really old vampire.” Willow replied.

“Great.” He said with obvious sarcasm. “Tell me everything.” He said.

Harris swiftly entered Elizabeth as Belle raised her ardeur further. Judging from the blood coming from the girl, she had been a virgin. Thanks to her ardeur, the girl’s feelings of lust made her forget about the pain and focus on what her body was wanted. Her legs wrapped around the man as he pounded himself into her. Elizabeth began to moan in pleasure but Belle moved to capture the girl’s mouth with her own. She began to move lower down the girl as she kissed Elizabeth on the cheek before moving lower. It took a formidable amount of willpower not to sink her teeth into Elizabeth’s neck but she had managed it. Her collarbone was next to be kissed and Elizabeth seemed to arch up with each kiss trying to bring herself closer to her. When she reached the areola of Elizabeth’s right breast, Belle sank her fangs into the area causing Elizabeth to cry out in pain.

Belle drew herself out of Elizabeth and considered the taste of the noble girl. Different people had flavors all their own. For some reason, she remembered a joke that humans had about Chinese food and being hungry thirty minutes later. That may have been true for humans but not vampires. Elizabeth’s taste was peculiar as it was nearly identical to Jean-Claude’s ma petite, Anita Blake. Perhaps she was this world’s Executioner, Belle thought.

She brought her bloody mouth up to Elizabeth’s lips and kissed her again. At the moment she did this, both Harris and Elizabeth rocked as they reached their orgasms. Belle let her ardeur loose some more as she smiled at Elizabeth.

“How was it?” She asked.

“Wonderful.” Elizabeth said panting.

“Now, do you think you could help me?” Belle suggested to her. “I doubt our soldier friend would be able to help me so soon after you tired him out so.”

Elizabeth managed to roll Belle underneath her and kissed her again before trying to copy Belle’s previous actions. What she lacked in knowledge, she more than made up for in enthusiasm. Not only was the noble born girl using her mouth as her hands were busy caressing the vampire’s curves. She continued downwards and noticed the wetness of Belle’s core. Remembering what her own juices had tasted like on Belle’s fingers, she sniffed the area before running her tongue along the slit.

Belle moaned loudly as she lost control of the ardeur. This had happened sometimes when she hadn’t opened up to it fully but it made the experience more satisfying for those involved.

Many of those who lived or for some existed on the Hellmouth that held a mystical connection felt the wave of energy from Belle’s loss of control of her ardeur though in different ways. Many demons reeled back from the power. The miscellaneous witches and warlocks reactions varied.

Amy Madison cried out as an orgasm suddenly rocked her body. She had felt the strange power envelop her and she had been trying to shield herself from it before it could hit but she might as well have tried to hold back a forty foot tidal wave with a Dixie cup. The power behind the wave was like nothing she had ever felt before. She could only think of finding it again.

Spike had felt the power hit him which caused him to stand straight up knocking over the table spilling the Scrabble game onto the floor. The lesser minions had been knocked unconscious by the energy but that was not his concern right now. A loud cry had came had came from the bedroom he and Drusilla shared. He ran into the bedroom to find Drusilla slightly shifting as she did in post-coital bliss which he thought wasn’t possible as he hadn’t been in the room.

“Pet, are you okay?” He asked.

“Wonderful.” Drusilla replied almost breathlessly which was no surprise for several reasons. “Belle Morte is here to stay in a way.”

Jenny Calender sat at the bottom of her shower as the water from the shower head crashed down upon her. She knew she should try to get up to turn off the hot water pouring down on her but she couldn’t muster the strength. Her body was reeling from the most powerful orgasm she had experienced and she hadn’t been involved. She had been shampooing her hair when the energy wave hit and her knees buckled from the experience.

“What the hell was that?” She asked herself.

Elizabeth proved to be very enthusiastic as she orally pleased Belle. Almost instinctively, Elizabeth’s tongue was bringing the vampire to what would be a swift climax. Harris seemed content to watch the two of them which did surprise her. Maybe he was still tired but something told her that he wasn’t. He was somehow resisting the ardeur which intrigued her. Her train of thought was quickly derailed as Elizabeth found her clitoris sending her over the edge. A few more moments passed as Elizabeth continued her ministrations before she brought herself up to Belle to kiss her lips again.

“He wants you.” Elizabeth said acting more bolder as she was being hit with the ardeur. “You should take him.”

“I should, my sweet.” Belle said stroking Elizabeth’s left cheek with the back of her hand.

Elizabeth stood up and grabbed Harris forcing him onto the bed. She forcefully kissed his lips and used that to force him to lie down. He tried to reposition her so that he could reenter her but she shook her head and smiled.

“You forgot someone.” Elizabeth said before Belle pierced herself on him.

“Oh fuck!” He exclaimed.

Either he is larger than what I’m use to or this body hasn’t had sex before. Belle thought as she rocked herself against him. Right now, that doesn’t matter.

Harris reached up to play with her breasts. His hands acted though to memorize every aspect of them.

“WOWWEEWOWWOW!” Willow screamed as she fell to the ground.

Giles ran over to her clutching his arm. He had felt the energy hit again and wondered why it had been effecting the girl differently than it effected him.

“Was it like before?” He asked a little curious.

Willow nodded her head. She had barely recovered from the last one when the next one had hit her.

“Giles, do you think anyone else is being effected by this?” She asked.

Drusilla rolled on the bed as she was hit by the energy wave again. She managed to get a look at Spike who had been rendered unconscious by the energy. A grin crossed her face as she couldn’t remember the last time she had felt like this.

“She can help me become strong.” Drusilla said. “I can have a new mummy.”

Jenny had just managed to pick herself up when the wave hit her sending her back down to the bottom of the shower. She had tried to use the little time she had before she had felt the wave hit the second time to figure out a way to protect herself but nothing came to mind.

Perhaps, a part of me doesn’t care what is really going on. She thought.

She rocked herself against him as she allowed the ardeur to feed. As her pleasure escalated, she sunk her fangs into his neck curious about his taste. She took only a sip but she couldn’t believe the energy that came from him. He tasted like lightning though she did notice what reminded her of a werehyena. She began to feel herself building up to a climax again.

Dreading the possibility of a third wave hitting, Ethan picked up the bust of Janus and hurled it to the floor shattering it.

Author’s Notes: This had been stuck in my head for a very long time and I’ve been trying to get it out of my head. So, I’m sorry.
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