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It Never Really Ends

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This story is No. 3 in the series "Untitled Series". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: Ever wonder what happened to Cordelia after leaving Angel in his office? While meeting new friends and finding old ones, Cordy realizes that fighting the good fight never really ends...

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Supernatural > Cordelia-CenteredOutForAWalkBitkahFR1548,402092,59922 Feb 1127 May 11No

Chapter 4

NO infringement intended. Joss owns Angel. Kripke owns Supernatural.

AN:This is for emphasis or thought

Spoilers: Angel -- after 5.12 “You‘re Welcome”…Supernatural -- 3.11 Mystery Spot.

Summary: Ever wonder what happened to Cordelia after leaving Angel in his office? While meeting new friends and findings old ones, Cordy realizes that fighting the good fight never really ends…

I hope you enjoy!

After Castiel realized what was going on, he left the boys in the diner. He sensed The Trickster’s presence and decided to wait until Sam and Dean left the area this go-around, not wanting reveal his existence to them--if he could help it.

Just then, Sam came charging out. Dean reluctantly followed.

“Sammy, slow down. I didn’t even finish eating breakfast!”

“Maybe that’s a good thing, Dean.” Sam strained, as he reached to open the trunk on the Impala. “Half the times you die, it’s because you're eating. You try something different almost every time, hell you’ve practically made it through the whole menu already. And yet, you still die...every time.”

“Really?” Dean raised his eyebrows, thought about it, then went back to trying to figure out what his brother was doing. Seeing as Sam was acting really weird, even for their standards, he wasn’t even gonna try to figure how he got the keys from him without his knowledge. “Sam?”

“Yeah?” came Sam’s muffled voice from behind the trunk lid. He was digging around for something with more enthusiasm than Dean felt necessary.

“What are you doing?”

“Checking to see if we still have...this.” Sam said, holding a tight choke on an axe as he closed the trunk.

“Whoa!” Dean held up his hands, “Hey, what do you think you’re doing?”

Sam was already on the driver’s side and opening the door. “I have an idea.” he said, not waiting for any response.

“Sam!” Dean, not liking that look, slid into shotgun before he was left behind.
“You know this is crazy. I mean, even for us, ‘dingoes ate my baby’ crazy.”

Sam just looked at Dean and rolled his eyes. This was really getting old. Sam turned over the engine, then white-knuckled the steering wheel as they pulled out.

As the Impala drove off, Castiel walked back into the diner. He looked around, lifted his hand and everything froze. “Gabriel!”

No one moved. “SHOW YOURSELF!”

One man, near the end of the counter, started shifting around. When he faced Castiel he smiled and shimmered back to his true self--or at least the vessel he was using. “Hey there, Cassy. How ya been?”

Castiel, on the verge of showing anger, asked, “Gabriel, why are you doing this?”

“What? I was just hanging out, having a little grub among these lovely people. What’s wrong with that?”

Castiel didn’t buy it and it was obvious.

“Okay, Okay, I was having a little fun with Sammy Boy. So what?”

“At what expense?”

“Expense? Maybe...a lesson learned. Cassy, you know how weird their I’d-die-for-my-brother obsession is. This new one Sam has, for saving Dean...we need to nip it in the bud, before someone gets hurt.”

“And if going through this day over and what leads him to become what we fear he will?”


Realizing that there wasn’t a chance of keeping the shopping trip for later, Doyle had decided that introducing Cordelia to the masses could wait. They had all the time in the world--well, not really. Doyle knew their time together was limited, no matter how long it would seem, however, he was happy to indulge in a shopping spree if it meant that Cordelia was happy.

After what felt like a whole day of shopping, Doyle’s arms were overflowing with bags as they entered another one of those ‘rooms’. The spacious ‘place’ was filled with people wearing the same white clothing. “I never would have thought that heaven had a uniform.” Cordy shared her random thought with Doyle. Though there was a sea of people talking, telling stories, dancing, singing and a myriad of other things, it was peacefully quiet.

Making their way through the room, Doyle introduces Cordy to dozens of people. Some he knew before, some he met after his own arrival--ranging from every time period you can think of. After a bit, Doyle excuses himself to find a place to put the evidence of their afternoon out and about. Cordy, being the social butterfly she was, continued mingling without him. It was when she was getting tips from a lovely blond lady named Marilyn that she heard it. A familiar voice she never expected to hear again. Leaving Marilyn mid sentence, a half-assed apology quickly thrown back over her shoulder, Cordelia searched out the voice’s owner.

The woman turned around and Cordelia was shocked, “Fred?....Fred!” Cordy grabbed Fred and brought her in for a hug, but... “Wait...what?! When?...What?...Why?” Cordy asked just as fast as she thought them.

“Well, I guess it wasn’t too long, a couple weeks maybe, after Angel got the call about you actually.” Fred paused.

“What?” Cordy, not aware of the slight sorrowful look on her face.

“I’m sorry. I shouldn’t have brought that up.”

“No, it’s ok.”

Fred didn’t hear, she was stuck in thought. “Angel there, in his office...getting the phone call...saying that you never woke up, when he, when we all, just spent the last few days with you. It must have been heartbreaking.”


“For the both of you. I mean, there were so many times that you two were soo close. We all knew...”

Cordy had a mix of Huh face and embarrassment, then shakes her head.

“I don’t know if I could deal...if Wes and I hadn’t been able to have the time we had together. You and Angel must be...”

“Freee-eeed...” Cordy tried in a singy-songy tone.

“I’m babbling again, aren’t I?”

Cordy smiled, the same old Fred. “Just a little.”

“I’m sorry.”

“Don’t be. It’s been so long, I actually missed it. We didn’t really get any quality hang time, you know, before.”

As they looked around for a nice place to sit and catch up, Cordy asked, “ and Wes?”

Fred nodded, with a beaming smile.

“Finally!” Cordy laughed.


Elsewhere, Doyle was about to rejoin Cordy, when Castiel appeared. "Hey there, buddy. Wasn't expectin' you around here yet. Everythin' alright?"

Castiel gave a slight nod. “At the moment.”

“Okay...Cryptic? What’s going on? Where’s Darla? I thought she was Ninety-nine to your Max.”

Castiel’s brow furrowed. “I do not understand your reference.”

Darla chose that moment to appear through the mist, on Castiel’s right hand side.

“Cas, he’s referring to characters on Get Smart. It’s an old t.v. show. It’s actually a pretty good reference, except for the whole romantic aspect. And, although you can have your goofy moments, you reach higher on the Kick-Ass Scale.” She nodded. Then, she looked like she was thinking to herself for a moment. Turning to Doyle, “Though, I have also heard Cas referred to as Superman...on a few occasions.”

Castiel just looked at Darla and she just smiled.

“The way you can be here one minute and then gone at the drop of a hat. Just like Clark.” Darla smirked back at Doyle. “Or another dark and silent type we know.” They both laughed. A thought crossed her mind and the subject changed. “How are the boys?”

“Gabriel stopped playing and put everything back to normal.”

“Sometimes it’s hard to believe he’s your older brother.” Doyle admitted, but not before making sure he wouldn’t be smote, or something, right on the spot. Then hurrying to change the subject, “So, what’s next?”


Cordelia laughs, “Wow, the things we go through, right? I get possessed by an ancient being that gets me pregnant in order to give birth to itself and become the next coming. And you inhale ancient sarcophagus dust that infects you with the essence of a demon god, no less, bringing her into this dimension.”

Then someone taps Cordelia on the shoulder. “Mrs. Summers?”

“Hello, Cordelia.”

“Mrs. Summers, what are you doing here?”

“Brain aneurysm.”

“Wow, I’m sorry. That didn’t come out right.”

Joyce laughed that soft motherly laugh of hers. “That’s all right. How are you doing? Getting around fine?”

“Yes, ma’am.” Cordy said. Then realizing she had yet to introduce Fred, “Mrs. Summers, this is...”

“Winifred Burkle.”

“Hi, Mrs. Summers,” Fred said, “I mean, Mom,” while she went over to hug Joyce.

“Yes, Fred and I have already met.” That was a bit to take in for Cordy. She was trying to think back, of all the times her Sunnydale life crossed over with her L.A. life, she couldn’t remember Joyce and Fred ever being in the same room, let alone meeting. Then it finally hit her...Mom?

Joyce noticed the slight analyzing look on Cordelia’s face and explained. “It can be either overwhelming or peaceful and calm when you first get here. Depending on your outlook on things, as well as the reason why you’re here. I try to be there when one of the...Scoobies, come in.” Joyce paused and smiled, as she was thinking about Buffy and all the group meetings she had with her friends. “As a mother, I hope that it doesn’t happen so soon, but given the lives you brave, young people live, I can only do my best to help with the transition.”

Cordelia smiled. That was really comforting. She only hoped--she never ‘wished’ anything anymore--she was able to tell her mom about everything before she ended up here.

Just then they heard the noise of two young women arguing, walk by.


“What?! Just trying to figure out what happened.”

“Anya, I told you, I can’t. Not yet.”

“Hello, Tara. Nice to see you again.” Joyce said, ending the argument as well as stopping them both in their tracks. Anya and Cordelia both sneering at each other in the smallest of ways--only so not to alert Joyce.

“Hey, Mom.” Tara said, while she was embraced in a hug.

There goes the ‘Mom’ thing again.

“Cordelia, this is Tara McClay, Willow’s girl...uh...oh, I’m sorry. It's just still automatic.”

“It’s okay.” Tara reached over and shook Cordy’s hand. “Hi, Cordelia.”

“Hi.” Cordelia smiled.

“This is...”

“Anya." Cordy smiled. "Yep, Anya and I go way back. She taught me to be grateful for what I have.”

Anya had a weird look on her face. She was about to open her mouth to ask something, but Cordy’s face told her, this wasn’t the time.

Cordelia decided to change the subject. How else? “Hey! How come you two get nicer dresses?”

“I don’t know,” Anya said. “when I got here I was wearing exactly what you guys are wearing. Then after who knows how long, this guy Castiel told me stuff and when he left I realized I was wearing this.”

“Cas?” Cordy asked, a little upset. She thought Castiel was her own guardian angel or something. But thinking about it now, that doesn’t really makes sense. Why would she need a guardian angel if she was already here? “What did he say?”

“Don’t remember exactly, something about how in the end I risked my life for good. But ask Tara, she was here and already wearing hers when I got here. Then a little while ago, she disappeared and came back with a new hair color and a stronger backbone.”

“Oh, like I’m the only one to dye my hair.” Tara gave Anya an incredulous look.

“Hey, I just meant that you left the same sweet Tara--still a little shy--and the same light brown/strawberry blond hair. Now, you: have dark hair, aren’t taking crap from anyone and have a tendency of being a bitcah!”


Joyce cut in before anything bad happened. “Girls?”

“Sorry, Mom.” Anya and Tara said, in unison.

Now, Anya’s calling Joyce mom? Wait a minute...

Before Cordelia could say anything, Anya had already changed the subject again. “Have you noticed that out of our group, we’re all girls? What’s up with that?”

“Statistically, there are more woman in the world then men, so--” Fred said.

“No, I mean, out of the Scoobies. Even Buffy’s around here somewhere.”

Joyce’s head shot up. “Oh dear, Buffy?...again?”

Anya nods, “She was talking to some other blond. I didn’t recognize her.”

Joyce's feelings and worries she had gone through every time Buffy had gone out on patrol, had finally come true. Ever since Joyce realized there was no way of keeping her daughter from the evil of the night, she knew this would happen...prayed that it never did. “If only I could..." she trailed off in thought, "...where's that ax, it seemed to work on Spike...maybe if...” The sentence drifted as Joyce went looking for her daughter.

“Buffy...again?” Cordy asked. “What is it, three times, now? Man, as many times as she bites it, she should get season tickets.”

“The count is still at two.” Tara said.

Cordy was confused. “Wait a minute. First, when she drowned, fighting The Master. Second, when she fought that Glory chick. That’s two. How can she be here again and it still only be two? What am I missing?”

“It’s simple.” Anya chimed in. “In different hell dimensions the time span differs. One earth day can be equal to anywhere from a couple hours to a hundred centuries. Here...there is no time. There is no...then or was, before or after. Just be.”

"Well, three, if you count...that time with the bullet." Tara added.

Wait, a bullet? I don’t remember Buffy being shot! By the way Tara was acting, Cordelia would assume that she was possibly reverting to old ways, and didn’t see this as the right moment to push the subject. “So, you’re saying, her being here now, could be from either of the two or three times that she’s already died?”

“Yes.” Tara and Anya both answered.

Seeing that the subject changed before she got her whole thought out, Anya changed it back. “I haven’t seen a single guy, here...out of the Scoobies, I mean. Not even Andrew, I can’t believe he made it out and I didn’t.”

They all hid their smirks. Then Cordelia's mind hiccuped. “Wait, what blond was Buffy talking to? If it wasn’t Mrs. Summers, who was it?”

“Don’t know, didn’t catch a name. It seemed liked they knew each other, though. Weird history vibes. You know, now that I think about it, I have seen her with Castiel a lot. They're usually talking very secret like.”

Tara was bit worried at the direction of conversation. She didn't expect certain things to go unnoticed, they were Cordelia and Anya. They were a lot smarter and more observant then they led on, but this was Cordy's time to relax and be at peace. She wasn't supposed to start investigating. Then, something caught Tara’s eye and she turned to get a better look. Over Anya and Cordy's shoulders, off into the distance, and through the huddled masses, she saw glimpses of Castiel with said mystery woman and that Doyle guy. She carefully excused herself as to not let on any hint of what she was thinking about and walked on over.

There was a pregnant pause in conversation. Fred said goodbye, something about science and that long-haired old guy. Cordy chose that time to find out about something that her mind wouldn’t let go of. "So...about this 'Mom' thing..."

“Well, since Joyce has been watching out for all of us, it’s pretty self-explanatory. Though it comes much easier for Tara. She had a bad family situation before coming to Sunnydale. After we all found out, and since she was with Willow, it was almost automatic that Buffy and Joyce adopt her into their family, just as we had.” Anya paused and thought back to when they found out about Joyce. She remembered her own reaction. Losing Joyce had hit her hard, like Olaf’s hammer hard. When she got here and saw Joyce, when Joyce held her in a warm motherly embrace, the flood gates just broke open. Though, she wasn’t going to tell Cordelia that. Then, a light bulb went off and she remembered that she wanted to ask Cordelia, “How do you know about the wish?”

“A little while ago, I had some time on my hands.” When it looked as though Anya wasn’t going to drop it at just that, Cordelia continued. “A little metal-skinned birdie tricked me into becoming a higher being. I was bored out of my skull, well, for the most part anyway. For awhile, I was able to see certain things...some were from my past, some were of my family after I left Sunnydale. I also saw the alternate reality you created, when I made that stupid wish about Buffy.”

Not long after, Cordy and Anya went their separate ways. Anya having been called away. Cordy, not being able to find Doyle, decided to go back her own little place.

Before she got too far, she was stopped. “Cordelia? Good, I caught you. I want you to meet someone.”

The woman stepped forward and reached out for a handshake. She had long, wavy, blond hair and a warm motherly smile. “Hi, I’m Mary, Mary Winchester--Joyce’s cousin.”

Okay, what did you think of that?

So, recap: 1. Castiel was the one who persuaded Gabriel to calm down. (Reasoning: Although Gabriel is a higher ranking angel, I figure them still as brothers. Even a younger brother can let you know when you're getting out of control)
2. Darla's our mystery woman. ( :) Gold stars for all who guessed right :) )
3. Joyce has been keeping an eye out for the Scoobies and by extension Fred. (I'm going on the theory that since Illyria took over her body, Fred is gone and at peace.)
4. Mary and Joyce are cousins!!! (Can anyone guess where I'm going with this!)

This chapter was getting long so I had to split it into two. I'm hoping to keep all chapters, from now, around this length.

Please Review. This is my first multi-chapter story and I would appreciate any feedback to help make the journey a smooth flow.

Thank you!

The End?

You have reached the end of "It Never Really Ends" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 27 May 11.

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