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It Never Really Ends

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This story is No. 3 in the series "Untitled Series". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: Ever wonder what happened to Cordelia after leaving Angel in his office? While meeting new friends and finding old ones, Cordy realizes that fighting the good fight never really ends...

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Supernatural > Cordelia-CenteredOutForAWalkBitkahFR1548,402092,59922 Feb 1127 May 11No

Chapter 1

No infringement intended. Joss owns Angel. Kripke owns Supernatural.

AN: I'm trying to balance school, two stories and a few multi-fandom videos, so I'm hoping to post on a semi-regular basis.

Summary:Ever wonder what happened to Cordelia after leaving Angel in his office? While meeting new friends and finding old ones, Cordy realizes that fighting the good fight never really ends...

Spoilers: Angel--after 5.12 "You're Welcome"...Supernatural--sometime after 4.1 "Lazarus Rising"

I hope you enjoy!

Finally! The meeting of their lips was an explosion of everything they had both longed for. Something they both never wanted to stop. Though, as with all things, stop it must. In this case, it was the ringing of the phone that rudely interrupted their moment.

“You know, um... I don't...I don't need to get that.”

“That” she began while tenderly straightening his tie “ you have to get.”

She’s been through so much in her short life, so many vampires, demons, and of course, the annual apocalypse. Living on a hellmouth, there were so many things that twisted her and forced her to morph into the woman she was now. Yet through all these things, she had never been completely defeated. Not a single one of the them had forced her to be anything other than who she truly was . . . Cordelia Chase. And true to form, as Angel made it to the phone in just a few of his long strides, she was sure that her last words were the last words, “Oh and . . . you’re welcome”.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

“A flash of light? That’s the best you’ve got? Really? I expected more. I mean, come on! Oh, and a white room…yup, just a plain white room. Why am I not surprised?”

Upon further inspection she discovered that she wasn’t sure she would even classify it as a room. There were no features that characterized a typical room. For starters . . . no walls. No walls meant no windows or doors. Nothing to hold up a ceiling, and although Cordelia was pretty sure she wasn’t about to fall into nothingness, there didn’t appear to be a floor either. Just layers of white fog as far as the eye could see. The words were out before the filter in her brain could stop them “Fluffy much?”

So many thoughts raced through her mind in addition to the fluff.

‘Oh, I hope I don’t have to deal with that big, scary Panther . . . Damn, I hope they can’t hear my thoughts’

Can you hear my thoughts?’

“Not that I don’t like panthers . . . or any other big cats.” For just a moment she felt a slight change, as if the mist beneath her feet had momentarily become liquid. Although lifting her feet one at a time only proved that she’d lost her mind in the white fluffiness.

“I love them!”

“They are beautiful, graceful creatures. Right up to the point just before they sense you in the area, and then . . . Watch Out!” Cordelia couldn’t seem to stop herself. The filter in her brain must have had another meltdown. Yup, just a puddle of brainy goop was all that was left of that filter.

“Back when I was a kid, my older cousin scared the . . .the heavens out of me. I can’t even watch the Jungle Book anymore. You know, I don‘t think I ever did forgive him for that. I even dressed up as a cat, once for Halloween. Thank God, I didn’t get the costume from Ethan’s.” Cordelia paused to think about it. Actually becoming a cat!!! She shuddered, shaking away the image. “Boy! That would‘ve been scary!

She gave it a moment. Then another. Then Cordelia, being Cordelia, couldn’t take it anymore. ‘Just who do they think they are?’

“Okay, I was going to say Thank You for letting me have the chance to say goodbye, but how the heck can I do that, when no one is even here to say it to?”

Her agitation with all of this showed itself as she began pacing through the mist. Her brain on autopilot searching for anything. She couldn’t seem to make it catch on to the fact that there were no corners for ANYTHING to be hiding behind. Maybe, though, someone or something could be hiding in the mist. Finally anger started to seep through.

“What am I supposed to do? Stand here talking for all eternity? Without so much as the luxury of a wall to talk to!

Cordelia Chase

The voice sounded so near behind her, it would have had her jumping clear to the heavens had she not already been there. It wasn’t loud, just very stern, yet mellow at the same time. As though the owner of that voice had been to hell and back, seen everything there was to be seen, and yet hadn’t really lived at all.

Holy Crap! Hasn’t anyone ever told you not to sneak up on people like that?!” She glared at the man in the front of her and watched as he cocked his head slightly. Though he was dressed like your everyday businessman, in a tan trench coat over a suit, tie and black shoes, it seemed that he should be revered for some unforeseen reason.

The man took a moment before answering, studying her as though she reminded him of someone. Finally his answer came in the form of a very simple “Yes”.

Cordelia wasn’t sure how to respond to his simplicity, so just carried on as she normally would. “Well . . . good. Now, since you know my name I think it’s only fair you share yours.”

With his head held high, he almost looked regal. Again, his answer was short and simple. “I am Castiel.”

As if in a trance, Cordelia continued to stare at the man before her while thinking to herself. She couldn’t remember ever hearing of anyone named Castiel before and given where she was, or where she expected she was, she thought it best to hold back on the attitude…

“Okay…so, you’re what? Mr. Jordan?”

…Though that filter still didn’t seem like it wanted to kick into gear, no matter how strongly Cordelia hoped it would.

Castiel just looked at her.

“See, there was this movie. This guy, I think he was the Dick Tracy guy, anyway this guy died and he wasn‘t actually supposed to…oh never mind.

He just looked at his new charge, still thinking of how much she sounded and acted like someone he has come to think of as a friend--though he’ll never mention it in his presence. Cordelia kept talking. Though, Castiel heard what she said, he didn’t really understand. Then she started getting a look on her face. The same look he usually got from the Winchesters when they tried to explain something. Now the look changed to that of…was it worry…curiosity…fear? Castiel wasn’t all that good at deciphering too many facial expressions.

Cordelia could see an odd glaze in Castiel’s eyes, as if he was somewhere else, and it was actually starting to freak her out.


The glaze faded and he blinked. “Sorry.” His face looked pained for a moment. It passed so quickly Cordelia wasn’t sure she saw what she thought she saw. If anyone had asked, she would swear the guy winced. It seemed as though he was ‘taught’ not to apologize. Filing away Castiel’s reaction, in the part of her brain that the filter was working, Cordelia replied, “It’s okay.”

“So…why am I here? ‘Cause I thought that I’d just be sitting in a lush green meadow by a roaring waterfall in a surrounding, shimmering white light. If there happens to be a Neiman’s Sale close by. . .so be it, I think I could take the torture.”

Castiel smirked, ever so slightly. There she goes again. The smirk so little, that if Cordelia had blinked she would have missed it. “That outcome is possible as everyone’s perception of heaven is different. It can be and called anything you want it be.”

“Great!” Cordelia said, smile growing, as she immediately starting thinking of the all possibilities. She shook her head, visions of hot guys in towels fading as she did so. That could wait for later. “So…I don‘t want to be rude, but, again…why am I here?”

Castiel said nothing, just turned to show the man who had just appeared behind him.

“Hey there, Princess.”

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