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Summary: AU of "Consequences", Xander has a secret that's about to come out

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Marvel Universe > X-Men > Xander-CenteredKlimmattFR182330,02113294131,25722 Feb 113 Jul 11Yes


The trip back to the mansion was quiet to say the least. The adults were mourning the loss of Ms Grey and everyone else just didn’t want to disturb them.

We got back to the mansion and Cyclops and Storm immediately went to the safe houses to find the missing students whilst everyone else went to catch up on sleep. Thankfully, nobody said anything about me sharing a room with Cordelia for the night.

The next day, Xavier called a meeting, he planned to go and speak privately to the President, and make sure that that ‘Weapon X’ place was shut down for good. The ‘X-men’ were going along, and the Prof made it clear that Rogue, Bobby, John and I were included if we wished.

The others jumped at the chance, glad to be recognized. Personally though, I didn’t care all that much about the mutant politics side of things, and, although I was kinda touched that they wanted me for the group, I mostly just went for the once in a lifetime chance to threaten the President of the United States in the Oval Office. I can already see Willow’s brain exploding when I tell her the story.

So we were given the ‘Official X-men Uniforms’, which Cordelia called ‘Leather Fetish Suits’ as she and Faith leered shamelessly. More than a few people turned red due to varying emotions.

My ‘uniform’ didn’t include a top, as I could produce much more effective armor for my torso myself. This, unfortunately, further proved Cordelia’s theory that the adults were perverts in her eyes. It was very fun watching said adults squirm uncomfortably when she announced this in the hall. Especially with the group of younger teenagers giggling uncontrollably behind her.

Intimidating President McKenna went much more smoothly than I had imagined. I kept thinking that the Professor was going to get distracted or something and we’d have to fight the Secret Service just to get out, but they stayed frozen still. Kinda eery, but it worked.

McKenna’s address was changed to a much more mutant friendly one, and I really think that we got through to him. Who knows? Maybe he’ll be like Mayor Wilkins, the rare politician that actually keeps his promises, only without the whole demonic tributes and giant snake thing. Maybe things would actually change.

“I understand that you and your friends do not wish to remain at my school?”

We were in the jet, on our way back from the White House, when Professor Xavier asked me that.

“No offense Mr. X,” I tell him, ignoring his frown at the nickname, “But we talked about it last night. They need us at home more than you need us here.”

“Yes, I understand you have... responsibilities,” he replied, and the way that he looked me in the eye as he said it made me believe that he knew exactly what those responsibilities were, “I hope that you understand though, that should you ever require assistance, that you should not hesitate to ask.”

“Same here. If you guys ever have trouble in the area, just drop us a line and we’ll do our best to help out,” I offer.

“Thank you, Xander,” he smiled as Cyclops gave us the warning that we would be landing soon.

“Remind me again why we’re going back to SunnyHell?” Cordelia asked from the passenger seat of the car.

“Because none of us can stand to walk away from the good fight?” I answer as though it were obvious.

“I can,” she replied easily.

“Because Faith and I can’t stand to walk away from the good fight and you’d be bored to tears without us?” I answer again tentatively.

“I got no problems not fighting the good fight, X,” Faith spoke up from where I thought she had been sleeping in the back seat, “You’re the idiot who can’t walk way from it.”

“Fine,” I answer for a third time, “Because I can’t stand to walk away from the good fight, Faith can’t stand to walk away from A good fight, Sunnydale is probably the best place in the world for both of those and, again, Cordelia would be bored to tears without either of us to boss around and snark with.”

“Fair enough,” Cordelia shrugged, turning back to watch the scenery pass us bye.

“Sounds about right,” Faith commented from the back.

We had stayed at the Mansion for almost a week after the thing at the dam. Stayed for the funeral and everything. Cordy and Faith had spent the time recovering from their ordeal, although for Faith the recovery only really involved a few good meals before she was down in the training rooms, sparring with any moron dumb enough to hit on her.

There had been quite a bit of commotion actually, when she had sparred with Logan. Turns out the guy had a pretty big reputation that had nearly been ripped to shreds after the two had gone at it for nearly half an hour before he finally got the upper hand. I get the feeling that he would have won in seconds if he had used his claws, but Faith would have won if he hadn’t had his healing powers. Still, the fight had been incredible to watch.

I, on the other hand, had spent my time doing a bit of training of my own. Some work with Professor X on controlling my powers with more finesse had revealed that I could extend tiny spikes from the palms of my hands and the soles of my feet that could be used to scale walls. Pretty much useless unless the call went out for Spider-man I know, but it was still fun to mess around with. I even did a little work on hand-to-hand combat with Logan. The guy taught me a lot, especially after I used my powers to mimic his claws.

Now, though, we were on our way back to Sunnydale, about three months after we had left. It’ll probably take us a month or so to get back across the country, and it’s right about now, already a day into the trip, that I wonder why I hadn’t asked John or Bobby to come along and save me from drowning in estrogen.

We still haven’t actually figured out what we’ll do once we get there though, none of us can actually afford college, heck, Faith and I don’t even qualify. And I can’t really see the town welcoming us all back. Maybe we’ll head out to L.A. instead? Cordy can pursue her acting dream, Faith and I might be able to find work somewhere in town. I hear there’s a decent sized demon population there too. Plus, we’d be close enough to Sunnydale to get commute for the semi-annual Apocalypse.

Eh, I’ll ask the girls about it later. For now? I’m just gonna drive in a westerly direction and try to forget that I’m a demon hunting mutant with no plans heading towards the Hellmouth, alongside my human demon hunter girlfriend with a Slayer in the back seat of the car.

This is the end of Spyke... for now. If I get enough motivation, I might write the sequel at some point.

The End

You have reached the end of "Spyke". This story is complete.

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