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It's the End Of the World. Again.

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Summary: Take Dean Winchester and Buffy Summers. Add a bottle or two of tequila, and shake well.

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Supernatural > Buffy-CenteredNemainofthewaterFR131499031,11222 Feb 1122 Feb 11Yes
Title: It’s the End of the World. Again.
Author: Nemainofthewater
Disclaimer: I don’t anything you recognise. It all belongs to the CW Network and Joss Whedon.

After 5 shots of Tequila, things were starting to get a bit hazy, and when Dean drunkenly brought up the Apocalypse, he unleashed a terror.

“One Apocalypse,” snorted Buffy, “We avert at least five before breakfast!”

“Yeah?” replied Dean, suddenly more sober, sitting up straighter in his chair, “Well, I’m sure that they’re small ones. This one is the actual biblical Apocalypse. Masterminded by Lucifer.”

“Lucifer? That’s nothing! We had to fight one against the first evil!”

“But I bet that you didn’t have actual angels trying to start it so that they restart and could have Paradise on Earth!”

“Only angels? We have actual Gods against us.”

Dean fell silent for a moment.

“My brother started it,” he said, “by drinking demon blood to get all powerful!”

“You’re brother, huh? That’s rough.”

The two fell silent for a moment, and knocked back another shot glass.

“Well, my sister isn’t really my sister, and is actually a glowy-ball thing that is the Key to different dimensions.”

“My glowy-ball trumps yours,” replied Dean triumphantly, “An actual angel. Who burns people’s eyes out if you look at him in his true form.”

“Well I died to save her!”

“Yeah? Well, I’ve died two times. Hundreds of times if you count the time-loop.”

“I don’t count that.” Said Buffy firmly. “Anyway, I’ve died twice too. My friends brought me make to life by ripping me from Heaven.”

“Heaven? Been there, done that, got the T-Shirt. Anyway, my buddy Cas, the angel, pulled me out from Hell.”

While Buffy was thinking of a suitable retort, they both took another shot. Suddenly, Buffy started to giggle.

“What is it?” asked Dean blearily.

“I’m jus’, jus’ thinkin’, “said Buffy, starting to slur her words, “Tha’ we shu, shu, should pr’bly start a club.”

Dean started to laugh as well. He giggled hysterically, although he deny it if anyone ever asked him, and he slid down from his seat until he was slumped on the floor.

“I think you’ve had enough Dean.” Said a voice behind him.

Opposite, Buffy upon seeing this, threw a stake at his heart; ever the Slayer even when drunk.

Castiel looked down.

“Do all of your friends react like that?” he asked curiously, pulling the stake out.

Dean however had passed out, and was snoring slightly.

Castiel sighed. Humans. He looked towards Buffy, who was considerably more sober and staring at him suspiciously.

“Fear not,” he said.

“Who are you?” asked Buffy, swaying slightly.

“I’m an Angel of the Lord Buffy Summers.” He replied.

Buffy finally gave up the fight against the alcohol and sat down.

“Don’ look like n’ angel to me.” She said.

Castiel was suddenly standing behind her. He touched two fingers to her head, and she sagged down.

“Rest Buffy Summers, “he said, “and know that you have done well.”

And if anyone was watching, they would be surprised to see that three people vanished into thin air.

But no one was.

The End

You have reached the end of "It's the End Of the World. Again.". This story is complete.

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