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Presents for Jean-Claude

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Summary: Dawn and Oz are sent to Jean-Claude as an apology present after Drusilla runs amuck in St. Louis. Multiple pairings.

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Anita Blake > Dawn-CenteredzeppoJanezFR212636,323118833,13922 Feb 1115 Jun 11No

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Title: Presents for Jean-Claude
Disclaimer: I own neither the Anita Blake series or any of Joss Whedon's yummy creations.

"Angelus, please," Dawn cooed from her position kneeling at his feet, rubbing his hand along her face in a tender show of submission.

"Dawn," he almost pleaded with her quietly, looking down at the younger brunette beauty sprawled in front of him. "Buffy is going to kill me, if I allow this."

The blue eyed nineteen year old shook her head, "but we need to send something to smooth over that mess that Dru made in St. Louis, and I hardly think Oz will cover it enough on his own. I mean what kind of message would you be sending if he were presented to the Master of St. Louis alone? Here's a dominant werewolf who won't join or obey the pack there, he plays a guitar, is really mellow, and maybe might let you feed off him in desperate times." Dawn sighed and shook her head at Angel, ignoring the slight smirk pulling at his second's lips. Spike always was a smart ass anyway. "Wouldn't it be better to send me with Oz? Then it would be like, 'here not only are we giving you super mellowed out werewolf blood but the sister of my human servant... See how much we trust you guys and want to make this right.'"

Angelus, the Master of Los Angeles found himself smiling a bit too at the girls persistence. "Why would you even want to do this Dawnie?"

After thinking over her answer carefully for a moment the young woman looked to her Master's second in command. Spike stared down at her, blue eyes piercing and mouth slightly pinched. He knew very well why she would want to do this but he wasn't sure Angelus would appreciate her answer. Shaking her head silently at the vampire Dawn knew she could only be honest and hope for the best. "I want to get out of here, away from Buffy and see the world," she finally turned back to Angelus' patient gaze.

Angel frowned looking down at his human servant's only sister, "you want to get away from Buffy?"

She nodded solemnly and glanced down at his feet, "since Mom died the three of you have taken care of me, and I'm really, really grateful... But I'm nineteen and she's still acting like I'm twelve or something. I need to go out and experience life on my own, meet people and have my own experiences." Looking up into the brown eyes of the man she very much considered to be her big brother she continued, "I know with Buffy being your human servant it wouldn't be safe for me to go into another vampires territory, which is why I've stayed so long. But Angel, you trust Jean-Claude, or else you wouldn't be allowing Oz or any of your people to go there." The Master vampire sighed his silent agreement from his throne seat above her but said nothing else. Dawn simply lay her head in his lap and knotted her hands together in her own. "Please, please, Angel... give me my freedom," she begged of him.

Angelus looked from his lover's sister to his second, the blond vampire nodded that he agreed with Dawn. She needed and deserved a chance to live her own life away from Buffy. The blond woman wouldn't be happy but they would deal. "Alright, you may go," he finally relented. The leggy brunette looked up, tears sparkling merrily in her pretty blue eyes. "You won't be free in all things, you will have to act as pomme de sang for Jean-Claude and his close followers. And then there's the ardeur you will inevitably be feeding upon occasion...” he shook his head in wonderment at the girl’s choice. “With Oz there though I’m sure you’ll be just fine.”

“Thank you Angel!” she hugged him tightly, an action that in front of any other person outside their court might have been seen as inappropriate or rude.

Hugging her back and petting her pretty dark hair he groaned, “your sister’s gonna kill me.”

“You’re letting her do what?!” Buffy screamed at the vampire she was bound to for all eternity. She could not believe Angel would just go and do something like this. Dawn was her sister not his. “You can’t just give my sister away because one of your vampire’s screwed up!”

“Now if we could all just calm down,” Spike attempted to placate the two lovers.

“Shut up, Spike,” the short blond executioner shot at him. Throwing his hands in the air he stalked from the room, unsure what he’d ever seen in the tiny blond to begin with. Nothing but bossy and bitchy that one was.

Angel waited until Buffy had taken a few deep calming breaths before he attempted to reason with the stubborn woman. “I’m not giving her away, Buffy. She asked to go, she wants to get out and see the world away from L.A. Don’t you remember what that feels like?”

Huffing the blond sat down heavily on the edge of her bed, “but why does she have to go do this? Acting as a pomme de sang for some creepy French guy? Ehh.... Couldn’t she just go to college like a normal girl?”

Angel sat next to her cautiously, “Dawn’s donated blood before, several times since she came of age. She doesn’t mind, you know that. And Jean-Claude’s... well he’s not creepy or gonna hurt her Buffy. And he’s got Anita Blake as his human servant remember?”

Looking at him sharply as though he’d hit her, she pulled in a sharp breath. “So that’s it, I’m not as good a vampire executioner as Marshall Blake so Dawn doesn’t feel as safe and she wants to leave? Isn’t that nice,” she spat out bitterly.

“Buffy, no,” he cooed trying to navigate her moods this evening. “Dawn never once mentioned Anita when asking to go, I don’t think that even crossed her mind. She just wants some freedom to explore life. This is the best and safest way to do it,” taking her hand in his he laid a gentle kiss upon it before getting up to leave. “You know she needs this Buffy, you know it.”

After listening to Buffy and Angel fight about her leaving last night Dawn had found Spike and Oz, and the three had finished packing her meager belongings and then cuddled until first light. It was noon now and the cab taking Dawn and Oz to the airport would be arriving shortly. The tall brunette was still wondering if her sister was too mad to see her off.

“Hey, so you’re all packed up huh?” the false joy and bravado in the blonde’s voice was palpable.

Dawn sighed with relief hearing her older sister’s voice behind her. “Yep, all I gotta do is lug all this stuff downstairs and hug my big sister. I don’t suppose you’d be able to use some of that tough vampire executioner strength of yours to help me?”

Buffy scoffed at Dawn’s teasing, “course, but it’ll cost ya.” She lifted two of the large bags and let Dawn get the smallest of the three.

“Cost me?” the young woman pouted as she followed behind.

“Yep, two hugs instead of just the one,” Buffy grinned over her shoulder cheekily.

Once the bags were set down the two hugged, “Dawn I know you think you want this... I just... Please be okay,” Buffy relented finally releasing the younger woman.

“I do want this Buffy, I need it. And don’t do that worry thing, immortal or not you will get wrinkly and gross,” she chided.

“Hey,” the blond pouted. “I will not get wrinkly!”

“I will be fine,” Dawn insisted after a moment scooping her sister into another hug.

Oz came in lugging all four of his own bags and his guitar case, “hey, cabs here. Lets head off to see how our new Master likes unwrapping us.”

“That sounds so dirty,” Buffy frowned as she watched her little sister and her werewolf friend leave.
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