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Summary: Willow needs a break, so she does a favor for Giles only things don't go as planned. *Complete* Some parts NC-17

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Anita Blake > Willow-Centered > Pairing: RichardlessthanlucidFR151124,59942535,93418 Jan 032 Feb 03Yes

11 *NC-17*


St. Louis

"Damn, six fucking months and not a word. He doesn't use credit cards or have anything rented in his name, its like he doesn't exist. We don't know anything new about his disappearance except that he was scared but went with the woman/demon person willingly. That gives us didly shit to work with." Anita Blake was frustrated not only with herself for being unable to find Jason but also with Richard for scarring the wolf into running. Jean-Claude was also in a funk; he was after all very attached to Jason.

"Ma petite, there is so much we can do. Jason left of his own free will with this woman. I wish he had come to you or me about Richard calling him a traitor but as you have mentioned before Jason would not go against his Ulfric in anything so his choice was stay here and risk pack law or run. I rather he ran than become a victim in Richard's quest to better himself. I wish he would call or write but he's not stupid, he knows we can track him down. He is well guarded if even Marianne couldn't sense him." Jean-Claude was starting to wonder if maybe the answer had been under their noses the whole time. They had used wolf methods and human methods even used a witch to try to find him but they had forgotten something very important.

"Ma petite? You remember the witch who called Richard's beast? She knew Jason, after he got back he just said she was all right and nothing to worry about. I took it to mean she had no power beyond balling beasts but what if he meant something else?"

"Like she's what? A nice person? Maybe. Richard crossed her out as possible suspect since she and Jason didn't really know each other. She also didn't look like the woman you described. She did claim to have the power to end the world, I thought it an empty boast, but she could have been telling the truth. Someone with that kind of power could block Jason's presence. I'll call Richard." Finally a lead to find Jason no matter how slim was better than nothing.

"Richard. What do you know about the witch who called your beast?"

"Anita. I'm doing fine thanks for asking. Nothing past the fact that she came, she helped and left."

"Is she powerful enough to block Jason's presence."

"I should hope so. She did try to end the world."

"That's true?"

"Yes. She's very powerful, and aren't you glad your hand was my chew toy instead of Willow's toy?"

"Nice Richard, are you done can we get back to finding Jason, since its all your fault he ran out of here? I'm still trying to figure out what you were thinking calling him a traitor for writing a letter to this witch."

"I wasn't thinking but reacting and badly we've been over this. What does she have to do with anything?" Richard was sick and tired of being reminded of her.

"She might have Jason, whether against his will or not remains to be determined. You are going to find out, since you screwed up. Jean-Claude is sending Asher and Damien with you to find this witch tomorrow. Make the necessary arrangements and don't argue." Anita hung up and let Jean-Claude make the appropriate arrangements for his vampires and Richard and his enforcers to leave for California tomorrow after sunset.

Richard knew he had in fact fucked up utterly but seeing Willow again after all this time wasn't something he wanted to do. He was ashamed to have treated her and Jason so bad but Dammit he wasn't a saint and had problems he needed to fix before attempting to apologize. Although he was doing well as Ulfric, as Richard he was a screw-up. Almost nine months since she had left and he was still angry, frustrated and confused by his feelings. He dreamed of her, thought of her and wanted her, which was only surpassed by his desire to verbally abuse her for her treatment of him. He was the idiot and she wouldn't let him forget it. He also hadn't been able to get unfrustrated by sleeping with a random pack member, he wanted her and as much as he tried he couldn't stop wanting her and it infuriated him all the more. He hated having to go to her but he would so he could find his errant pup.


Sunnydale, California

"This isn't so bad, I mean I miss the comfort of home and the pack but your friends make up for that." Patrolling and having important conversations was becoming a habit with us.

"Our friends, they are now yours too." I corrected, he felt lonely at time, which was why for the past six months he had been sleeping in someone's bed. Sometimes he was in my bed, then Buffy's, Dawn's although he had been warned about trying anything with the youngest Summers, hell he'd even bunked with Anya and Xander. He was an overgrown kid who everyone tried to protect and teach.

"I know but.... I wish I could go home." He sounded forlorn, I ached for him.

"I can help you get home Jason, I told you that before, we all agreed to help. We will protect you from whatever Richard might do at all costs." I felt vampires near by and Jason smelled them, he had been a great asset to our little group. In the six months since he had been here, he had changed. I believed he could face Richard now without flinching; living on the hellmouth did that to anyone. We came upon a group of 4 feeding on a young girl. She was still alive but barely.

"Boys, what a messy bunch of eaters you are, for that you shall have no cake." I immediately set the one still holding the girl aflame with a thought. Jason had thrown himself at the closest immediately ripping the vampires head clean off. That left 2 vampires that weren't certain if they should fight or run. I solved that dilemma by engaging the ugly one...well they were both ugly in a fight. I kicked him in the stomach followed with an uppercut. The other one rushed me and I side stepped him and sent him flying towards Jason. I pulled out my stake and floated it over his head. I tapped him on the shoulder with it he turned around and it plunged into his heart. What and idiot. I turned to see that Jason had ripped the vampires arm off and was now beating him with it. He was such a child at times.

"Jason, you've been playing that game with Spike again haven't you?" He plunged his hand in the vampire's chest and ripped out his heart. He turned to me and gave me his wolfy grin. "You know playing that zombie game and trying out the moves in real life is going to get you hurt."

"Bloody hell witch, we gotta get our kicks in somehow." Came the bleached wonder's voice from the shadows. He had about scared 10 years off my life.

"Spike. I'm going to turn you into a rat is you sneak up on me anymore."

"No need to get you knickers in a twist, I come bearing gifts...." I snorted, Jason laughed. "I'm hurt Red." His mocking tone was gone the next instant. "Word on the underground is that St. Louis master sent a couple of his people to Sunnydale with a specific purpose." Shit.

"Dammit. How long do we have?"

"I don't know Pet, they came here looking for him I'm sure but first they will find you. Guess that means we are off to casa Summers" I agreed Jason was quiet and I didn't like that he was always verbal. "Spike drop this girl off at the emergency room, yet another bar b q fork accident. Jason and I will head home and meet you there."

"Right then." Spike picked up the girl going one way while Jason picked me up and ran us home at top speed. We arrived just as a big white limo was pulling into the driveway; Jason had us in the house and behind the closed door before the engine had been turned off. He was leaning against the door as if to hold it closed. I hugged him and whispered reassurances in his ear. He nodded and let me go, I heard the door of the limo open I knew didn't have much time.

"Buffy, Dawn get ready we are about to be attacked. Vampires from out of town and shifters." They were both upstairs but I could hear them heading to Buffy's trunk and getting weapons. Jason went towards the other trunk in the living room. I knew Spike would come in through the basement and we only needed two more people. I always felt stupid summoning Anya.

"Anya. Anya. Anyanka" I screamed out her name, it was the easiest way to get her to pop in.

"What?" I whirled around to find her glaring at me. "I was doing a particularly good vengeance wish, it involved turning her boyfriend into a dog and having him neutered without anesthesia." I shuddered.

"I need you to get Xander here, they found Jason." Her eyes narrowed and she nodded, somehow Jason had even wormed his way into her good graces. She popped out and popped back in with Xander seconds later.

We were ready and spoiling for a fight by the time someone knocked on the door. I went to get the door and everyone spread out behind me. Buffy and Anya to my immediate left and right. Jason behind Xander, and me Dawn and Spike took care of the rear. I opened the door with the most charming smile. Although my black hair, and eyes did take away from the sentiment.

"Well... well... well looky who decided to drop by for a visit guys? How have you been? You look fit, been eating right I hope. So what brings you to my neck of the woods?" It was weird to find Richard just as attractive as ever even while I wanted to rip his guts out and string them up like x-mas lights.

"We are here for Jason." NO greeting or anything just a very terse reason, very bad manners.

"I'm fine thank you for asking and these are my friends Buffy, Anya, you guys know Jason, Xander, Dawn and Spike. Now I know Jamil and Shang-Da, and well unfortunately for me Richard but you two are new." They were vampires but it looked like one played hide and go seek with shadows and the other reminded me of the Viking in Dawn's romance novels cover. We were all drooling at how very yummy they looked but that was not the point of our meeting.



"Nice to meet you."

"Cut the crap Willow. We want Jason, not you or anyone else." Richard, I see you have grown some balls since the last time we met, how fortunate.

"See the funny thing is Jason don't want to go back and face treason because you got your panties in a twist about him keeping in touch with me, so in order to get to him you and your friends will have to go through us. Have I cut enough crap out for you honey?" He growled at the endearment and Xander piped up.

"Did you forget to get your rabies vaccination or something?" I smiled, Jason snorted trying to cover his laugh, Spike just laughed.

"Oh bloody hell chuckles, you sure do know how to insult blokes."

"Jason, your not being threatened with treason. I was just mad and over reacted but no ones calling treason we were just worried about you, Anita even Jean-Claude have been on my ass about it. Just call them if you don't want to go back." He seemed to fold unto himself I immediately felt bad, I wanted to hurt him physically not emotionally.

"Right then, Wolfie you leaving or staying cause I need a fag." Leave it to Spike to get to the point.

"I think you should go home Jason. Living here on the hellmouth will turn you into something that I don't want you to become." He looked hurt, but I couldn't let our lifestyle turn him practical enough to torture, kill, and maim without thought. Everyone agreed I knew we would miss him some of us more than others but he was safer out there than with us. "You can come visit and I'm sure Dawn will want to visit you in St. Louis. You don't have to go but...." I trailed off. He knew what the hellmouth had done to us; we had lost so much and gained so many dark things in return.

"I'll go home but Anya you better drop in and visit. Dawn I'm hoping you'll visit during the summer, if it's OK with your sister. Willow you have to come visit too. It's not fair that I come here and you don't go there." I shook my head no. St. Louis was off limits for me, he gave the look that was a mix between a pout and the forlorn look he had been wearing lately I relented.

"Fine now go get your stuff." Spike and Xander had drifted to the play station since there was not going to be a battle. Anya had followed Jason as had Dawn. Buffy patted me on the arm headed for the kitchen. Lovely it was them and me.

"So, glad you came to your senses on the traitor thing which by the way was very stupid." He looked about to argue but just sighed instead.

"I know, I'm just frustrated about you and me and this mess I made of things." Frustrated? About him and me? I just arched my eyebrow at that

"Can we go somewhere and talk?" Why not couldn't be any worse than the last time. I let him follow me to my room since well that was a private as we could get in this house.

"So talk." I told him as I walked across my room and looked out the window.

"I know you have every right to be mad at the way I treated you but I just wanted to apologize I was wrong and you were right." I shrugged

"You're forgiven, anything else?" I hadn't felt him come up behind me until he whirled me around I was startled to see that his eyes had turned amber. He was about to say something then changed his mind and kissed me. I gasped in surprise, which he took full advantage of by invading my mouth with his tongue seeking mine. He poured all his frustration and angel into that kiss I gave him all my contempt and anger. We broke apart panting.

"This doesn't mean anything." I said

"Means nothing, got it." He pulled me into his arms and kissed me again. I lost all train of thought, he was so very warm and big and male. I needed him and he obviously needed me. I wrapped my legs about his waist as he lifted me closer to him. This was intense; I couldn't even bother to come up for breath. When I hit the wall it was like a bucket of cold water.

"OK. That was, I mean "

"Yeah." He was nodding never looking away from my lips, I nervously licked my lip and he groaned and crushed his mouth against mine. Aw hell who was I kidding I had no self-control. I put my arms around him letting my hands run through his hair, which was incidentally longer than mine and way sexier. We were kissing each other but it was more like trying to inhale each other, it was a good thing we didn't like each other very much.


He kissed down the side of her neck, sensing her arousal. He moved his hands around her waist, one moving underneath the bottom of her shirt, drawing
circles on her bare skin before taking her shirt off. She ground herself against his very obvious erection. Willow closed her eyes and gasped when his hand covered her small breast. She felt his thumb rake over her nipple; she wanted to touch him as well. She began to unbutton his shirt. Groaning when she couldn't undo the buttons. She ripped it open, sending the buttons flying. "I'll buy you another" she said, her eyes taking in his chest. She ran her hands over him, marveling at the muscles.

He moved her from being against the wall to her bed all the while, capturing one of her tight nipples in his mouth. He heard her whimper at the contact and smiled. His hands became busy unzipping her pants. He moved down her body, his mouth blazing a path. He sat up, pulling her jeans and panties off quickly. When she was fully nude, he looked at her. He caught her eyes. "Mine" he whispered
Before moving between her legs.

Willow saw the predatory look in his eyes and shivered. She wasn't sure if it was out of fear or anticipation. She felt his tongue lick between her legs and she about arched off the bed. Her hands clinched the blankets as he began to lick and suck her in earnest. She heard whimpers and moans before she realized that they were coming from her. He pushed one finger inside her warm passage, she immediately clamped down on it, Richard growled she felt so good. He used his thumb to stroke her sensitive clit. She arched up as her first orgasm spread over her. He shed his pants and moved up the bed, she was able to look at him in all his naked glory, he was very well endowed she had a moment of panic at his size until he captured her mouth with his. She was strangely excited to taste herself on his lips.

Willow felt his cock resting against her slit. She needed him inside her. She caught his mouth with hers and arched up against him, taking his length deep inside of her. He kissed her waiting for her to adjust to the intrusion since she was so very tight. Willow felt the slight discomfort being replaced by something much better. She soon began to move, meeting his thrusts. His mouth caught her breast, softly biting into her as he began to speed up. Her mind had turned to mush. She couldn't think about anything except what she was feeling. She felt the tingling begin to spread through her lower abdomen. She screamed his name as she felt him flood her with his seed. She bit his shoulder as she had her second orgasm of the evening. Shaking, she looked at him. "Mine" she said softly, echoing his words.


I was embarrassed; I had just had sex with Richard with a house full of people with super hearing. I groaned.

"What's wrong?" he asked stroking my shoulder as I lay against him.

"You mean other than the fact that everyone know I just had sex with you nothing?" He sighed and placed me on top of his chest, so I could look at him.

"Your right that will be embarrassing but having you with me is worth it. For once I am not afraid of hurting someone during sex if I loose control I know even beast me would never hurt you. I'm at peace with myself having you in my arms. I love you Willow." I kissed him softly, wanting to convey my feelings before saying them.

"I love you Richard but this will be hard. You can't move here and I can't move over there. No wait let me finish. We have responsibilities we can't leave, mine is here yours is there. We can meet each other when we have time and call but the distance will be the hardest part. That's why I suggest that we part here and now." I knew he could see the tears swimming in my eyes but it would just be too hard to try and sustain a long distance relationship with the occasional visit.

"No. I let you go once but not again. I know it will be hard but I'm willing to make it work until either I can leave St. Louis or you can leave Sunnydale. We have time. Whatever the outcome of our relationship we will always have this night but we owe it to ourselves to try to be happy even if it doesn't last." I nodded and he kissed away my tears, he was right whatever happened from now on we were no longer alone, we had each other. Maybe my luck was finally changing and someday soon we would be together without anything putting distance between us.


Ta-Da hope everyone enjoyed the finale and wasn't disappointed. Sorry but no sequel for this one, I'm all out of W/Richard juice at this moment but maybe sometime in the future.

The End

You have reached the end of "Unexpected". This story is complete.

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