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The Summer Lull

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Summary: After Graduation Xander gets thrown into the life of the Hero of Fereldan. BTVS/Dragon Age

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Chapter Two - The Return... Wait who're you?

AN:Thank you all for the encouraging reviews. Here's the next chapter for you all ^^. Enjoy!

Chapter 2:

Arriving at his destination he knocked and after a moment Giles answered it and stared in shock.

“May I help you?” he asked. It was as if Giles didn’t recognize him. Then realizing he probably looked far different than he had when he had left however long ago. Where there had been a mostly boyish persona, that while handsome still had some baby fat on the face and a near constant grin, now stood a hardened man with more than a hint of steel in his eyes, humor notwithstanding. Where he had had his fair share of scars from his years beside the Slayer and a fair bit muscle as a result, now he was in quite lean and in excellent shape with quite a few more scars than what he had left with. Put that together with what he was wearing and it was understandable that he wouldn’t be recognized.

“I’m hurt G-Man, you don’t recognize me?” Xander asked with laughter playing in his eyes.

“Xander?” Giles asked trying to see if his eyes were fooling him, “Good lord my boy what happened to you?” removing his glasses for a good cleaning and waved him inside. Looking him over Giles immediately saw that Xander seemed to move with a sort of deadly grace that only seasoned soldier and warriors had. What had happened to the boy in the few months he was gone? And where did he get that equipment? Even with barely glancing at what Xander was wearing he could tell that most of it was highly magical in one form or another.

“That my dear G-man is a very long story.” Xander said. Giles was relieved that at least whatever had happened to him he hadn’t changed too much. “But first, how long have I been gone?”

Collecting himself he replied with, “You’ve only been gone for a few months now, the summer lull isn’t even over for another couple weeks yet.”

“A couple of months?”Xander asked, “For me it’s been the better part of a year…” shaking his head he went on. “Anyway before we get into that is there anywhere I could change? This armor isn’t exactly casual wear if you know what I mean.” Stopping for a moment he seemed to think, “And do you have any sweats or something else I can change into? I really don’t have any other clothes.”

“Of course Xander give me just a minute.” Giles said before he went to get something other than armor for Xander to wear.

Xander was feeling much better. He had also asked Giles if he could use his shower before changing and he hadn’t realized how much grime and blood he was covered in until he looked down at the drain and found the water to be almost black. Now changed he walked into the living room to find a pot of tea sitting on the table, with Giles looking through his pack while he waited for Xander to finish.

“See anything you like Giles?” Xander asked as he walked in.

Completely ignoring pleasantries Giles asked, “Xander where did you get these things? Almost all of this equipment is extremely magical and some of it even looks ancient… And all this gold, where did you get this?” By the time he had finished he looked like he was about to have an aneurysm so Xander decided it would be a good idea to let him know what had happened to him over the summer.


Xander had just woken up thinking he was either dead or wishing he was dead. That is after all what happens to someone who has just crashed head first into a portal that had just popped out of nowhere right in front of you. Damn it, he had just left Sunnydale an hour ago. Looking down on him was an older looking man with a greying pony tail and a much younger looking man with short cropped red hair.

“Ah you awake are you? My name is Duncan.” ‘Pony Tail’ said after a moment while the red haired man, whom he gestured to, helped him sit up. “And this is Alistair. Now if you don’t mind me asking how is it you came to be here. Falling out of the sky has a tendency towards making one think you aren't from around here.”

“No idea man," Xander said putting his hand to his head, "one moment I’m driving along than there’s a flash of light and the next thing I know I’m waking up here. By the way, where is here?” Xander asked noticing that they were surrounded by forest. “Oh I’m Xander by the way.”

“What kind of name is that?” Alistair asked having moved off to lean over a cook pot.

Ignoring his companion for the moment Duncan said “You are in Fereldan just north of the wilds and about 2-3 days away from the front line were the Darkspawn are being fought.”

“Huh… Would it be a bad thing if I said I had no idea what you were talking about?” the other two men had just stared at him.

End Flashback:

The three of them had then hashed out that; 1) Xander wasn’t from the same world they were. 2) He had no idea how their world worked. 3) He didn’t know how he’d gotten there. When the story of how he had become a Grey Warden was told to the rest of his companions when they were headed towards The Circle of Magi they weren’t really all that surprised. He did after all often speak of things they had never heard of and acted in a way that, if they hadn’t known him, would have thought him strange for. Leliana at that time had thought that he was there by the will of the Maker and had immediately begun to question him on his world more than any of the others. She calmed down after a while though and they had started to grow closer shortly afterwards.


“I’m telling you that’s how it’s played.” Xander said laughing at the confusion on Leliana and Morrigan’s faces. The others had gone off to their own devices a while back.

“So you’re trying to tell me that people from your world actually enjoy running around in who knows how much armor with a ball, while others try to cause bodily harm to whomever has the ball at the time?” Morrigan asked, she was having trouble wrapping her head around the concept of football and every time he tried to explain it she just got worse.

“Look I know it seems silly but there really are people in my world that commit most of their lives to this game. I mean I’ve never gotten it myself, but hey that’s just how it is.” With a snort of disgust at his worlds stupidity (at least as she saw it) Morrigan walked off to do whatever it was that she did in her spare time. After she left Leliana sidled up to him and just looked at him as if she was trying to see whether or not he was going to try and reenact this football, and possibly hurt himself while he was at it.

“Hey don’t look at me like that; Ogren and Alistair think it’s a great idea. I had to talk them out of trying to start up a game in full armor earlier. Oh and FYI they don’t wear real armor just heavy padding. No one I’ve talked to seems to see the difference though…” Xander said, feeling like he had to explain himself under her stare. He wasn’t sure how but she managed to perfect the resolve face even further than Willow ever had and always seemed to be able to make him crack whenever she wanted. They had gotten far friendlier since she had pulled back on the religious fervor and he had begun to accept he might never get home. It took him awhile to come to grips with being in Thedas and that time had made him seem a little distant, as a result most everyone had tried to keep their distance.

After looking at him for a few more seconds after he trailed off she asked, “What’s FYI?”

End Flashback:

As he was describing his summer to Giles, telling him all about Thedas and the many wonders/horrors the world held he felt a pang of sadness shoot through him at the thought the friends that he had left behind, unintentional as it was. Especially Leliana, he missed her. All the while Giles was polishing his glasses into oblivion.

AN: So love it? Hate it? Let me know! And as always I love to hear of any suggestions or major errors (Please keep in mind that sometimes the errors are intentional to help streamline the story.) you may wish to point out. Constructive Criticism is of course always welcome ^^.
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