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The Summer Lull

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Summary: After Graduation Xander gets thrown into the life of the Hero of Fereldan. BTVS/Dragon Age

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Chapter Four - Is This Excitement or Tension?

AN: Thank you one and all for the wonderful reviews. Here's the next installment for you ^^. Enjoy!

Chapter 4

At his question Leliana chuckled than just held him tighter chuckling through her tears. Xander’s hands instinctively started to stroke her hair to help her calm down. Then suddenly a large mass of muscle and fur bounded into him barking loudly.

“Ren no way! Woah boy woah calm down already I’ll get to you in a second.” Xander said as he tried to fend Ren off while using his other arm to hold onto Leliana. The giant Mabari was just really excited to be with his master again.

“Oh don’t be so mean Xander he’s just happy to see you again, we all are.” He heard a voice behind him.

“Zev? Wow anyone else here?” Xander asked looking over his shoulder over at the elf. He noticed that Zevran looked exactly as he always did except he didn’t have the pointy ears that marked him an elf. ‘Strange.’ Xander thought. ‘Did they know that was going to happen?’

“We got here as soon as we could after we found out you didn’t actually die.” Morrigan answered crossing her arms with a scowl. She barely managed to hide the jealousy she felt towards Leliana at the moment. But while she may not have him in that way she found that she would rather die than be without the first real friendship she had ever had, hence her breaking her promise and coming back. In all their time as a group he was the only one of her companions that never gave on her without getting irritated or ‘preachy’, as he called it, on her. Imagine her surprise when she found out he was only missing and not dead. She had immediately begun helping in his retrieval effort, much to the agitation of every Templar in the area. But Alistair knowing Xander wouldn’t want her harmed had ordered them back. Xander was sweet like that. And it wasn’t like she couldn’t hope that he would come to his senses about Leliana and came to her after he did. Until then she was happy just being his friend.

“It’s been three months Alexander, since you defeated the Arch Demon and disappeared on us. We had to track you past the fade to find you. It wasn’t simple.” Wynne said with a small smile Morrigan just snorted. Oghren was too busy looking around the alley way curiously.

Wynne and Ohgren had volunteered to come along with the younger women for their own reasons. Ohgren had come because he couldn’t see what he would do with himself now that their quest was over. He had been offered the position of a general but had turned it down because he really didn’t want to bother with other people to much if he could help it. When he had found out about this ‘rescue’ mission he had jumped at the chance of seeing a new world. It had been called a rescue mission but everyone going was well aware that it was most likely a one way trip.

Wynne had come for the opportunity of seeing a new world as well and to see someone she had grown very close to in their travels around Fereldan. If she could have a grandson she would wish he was it. She knew that she only had a handful of years left in her at best. What better way to spend them than by exploring a new world? Zevran came along not only for the chance at seeing a new world but for the chance of equal opportunity. No matter what he had helped accomplish in almost every country of Thedas he would always be considered a second class citizen by some. That and he found the thought of experiencing some of Xander’s stories first hand to intriguing to pass up.

Alistair couldn’t come no matter how much he wanted to because he was busy being King. That and if he skipped out his new wife/queen Anora would find a way to bring him back and make his life a living hell. Shale hadn’t felt comfortable with the notion of being transported magically at all. Wynne had theorized that the magic of the two worlds was simply too different and this was probably why Shale instinctively knew she shouldn’t go. This was probably the reason for Zevran’s ears being no longer pointy. In fact she had been so afraid of going that she hadn’t even been there to see those who were going. Sten by this time had already returned home so he hadn’t even known about it.

“We were really worried Xander. You just disappeared and I, we thought you were dead.” Leliana finally spoke up looking him in the eyes with a watery gaze as if to reassure herself of his presence. Nodding and smiling at everyone he tucked Leliana under his arm,giving her a quick reassuring, kiss and started to pick up his groceries.

“Alright, alright guys let’s get off the street you lot stand out.” Xander said as he waved, signaling for them to follow. He could all play catch up with them all later, especially with Leliana. With that thought he held her to him tighter as they walked towards his new apartment.

They had made an odd sight walking down the street in full daylight, what with Ohgren and Leliana in full armor and Morrigan and Wynne in their robes. Thankfully though Sunnydale Syndrome was still in full affect and they didn’t get so much as a second glance as the people they passed suppressed the sight with all their might. When the unusual group of people finally made it to Xander’s apartment and got inside Xander decided it would probably be best if he called Giles to come over and meet everyone before anyone else, just so he would have someone on his side when Buffy and Willow found out about everyone, especially Leliana, and hit their over protective buttons.

“So this is where you live is it Xander?” he heard Zevran ask. Leliana and Morrigan hadn’t let him out of there sight since they had found him. Morrigan was being far more subtle about it of course but he wasn’t blind. She had turned out to be one his best friends along their journey. Sure she was crass, rude, and easily irritable. And when she hit her cycle, oh Dear Lord, he wanted to crawl into a hole and hide until it was over. Leliana asked him why he why he acted as he did at that time of the month and after he had explained she had gotten the funniest look he had ever seen on her face. She had looked absolutely scandalized, apparently she thought men either didn’t know about a woman’s cycles or were too polite to mention them. Xander had clarified that it was more afraid than anything else. She hadn’t spoken to him the rest of the day.

“Yeah Zev it is. Ohgren that’s the refrigerator, those are expensive so please don’t break it. I you want a snack that’s ok just grab something. No there’s no booze here, I’ll get you some later.” Ohgren just grunted at having been caught in his investigation of the big, white, humming box. “I’ve only been living here for a couple days now though so some of my stuff is still boxed.’ Ren was sniffing around probably looking for food. Xander made a mental note to get him some food. The good stuff, not that cheap crap, he deserved it after all.

Wynne was busy looking at his book shelf. It was a mixture of tomes and fiction he had collected over the years. Every now and then she would finger a book as if wanting to pick it up but then moved on. ‘You know,’ he thought ‘I’ll need to get a bigger place if they’re all going to be staying with me.’ Suddenly he heard a knock at his front door. Walking over he opened it to find not only Giles like he was expecting but Buffy and Willow. Well so much for preparing ahead of time for when they found out. Upon seeing and sensing some kind of the blonde and the red head Leliana immediately moved to Xander’s side and wrapped her arms around his waist. She may not be doing it intentionally but everyone else saw her clearly staking her ‘claim’ on the young man. Morrigan also moved to flank Xander, her arms crossed over her chest with a scowl on her face. She did not need more ‘competition’ than she already had. She did not like sharing.

Seeing not only the others but the two very beautiful women around him Buffy and Willow’s eyes automatically narrowed in suspicion; Willow because she didn’t want her best friend since forever to be hurt again. Buffy, well Buffy didn’t like them for reasons she didn’t want to get into at the moment.

“I see you have company over Xander.” Giles said already cleaning his glasses into oblivion.

“Yeah, you could say that.” Xander said distractedly. He was busy looking between the four women with worry clearly written on his face. Uh oh, this wasn’t going to be pretty.

AN: So what did you all think? Like it? Love it? Loathe it with the entirety of you're being? Let me know. As always Constructive Criticism welcome and appreciated, just be polite.
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