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The Summer Lull

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Summary: After Graduation Xander gets thrown into the life of the Hero of Fereldan. BTVS/Dragon Age

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Chapter 5 - Adjustments

AN: Thank you all for the wonderful reveiws, they are always appreciated and often encourage me to keep going with a story. Here's the next chapter for you all. Just as a warning this one felt a little wordy to me for some reason. Well anyway enjoy ^^.

Chapter 5

“We can come back later if we’re interrupting?” Giles said noticing Xander’s gaze going between the two groups of young women.

“Nah G-Man these guys are why I called you over in the first place.” Xander said gesturing towards the others already in the apartment. “I just thought you might want to know they were here seeing as they’re from a different world and all.” Hearing this Giles let loose a ‘Dear Lord’. Wynne who had turned away from Xander’s bookshelf and said,

“So you’re Rubert Giles yes?” at Giles’ nod she continued with a smile, “Xander has always spoken very well of you. It’s nice to finally the man behind the stories.” At this Xander couldn’t help but blush when Giles looked at him with a bit of pride shining in his eyes.

Looking around Xander noticed that other than Leliana (who was at his side), Morrigan (who was behind him), and Wynne (who was looking over the new arrivals from over by his bookshelf) he hadn’t heard a peep out of either Ohgren or Zevran. He spotted Zevran in the kitchen presumably looking for something he recognized for a snack. Xander knew better of course, he was well aware that no matter what he looked like he was doing he would be ready to strike or defend at an instant’s notice. Xander than spotted Ohgren and couldn’t help the chuckle that escaped despite the tension in the air. Ohgren had the most lecherous leer Xander had ever seen the dwarf give. And he was staring at Buffy… And he was drooling…

At hearing his chuckle everyone else turned to see what he was looking at. Ohgren was so into staring at Buffy he didn’t notice everyone, including Buffy, was looking at him. Looking over to see Buffy’s reaction he saw the look of ‘horror and disgust’ on her face and broke out into a huge grin. He knew he was going to pay for it later but he couldn’t help himself and was about to say something right before Ohgren said,

“Xander you sodding liar, I thought you said there weren’t any Dwarves in your world!” Ohgren said as he came back to himself. At that Xander couldn’t help it anymore, he broke down laughing. He was laughing so hard that he was practically hanging off Leliana while gripping the door frame with his other hand. Buffy looked like she was going to kill someone.

After everyone was inside and the introductions had been made Xander noticed everyone had broken up into groups of two or three. Wynne, Morrigan, and Giles were speaking lively over the books Xander had. Giles seemed to be mildly surprised at how complete, if generalized, Xander’s collection was. Zevran was talking to Willow making the young woman blush and giggle in turn. Thankfully Oz wasn’t there, granted with that young man’s calm he would probably just shrug off Zevran’s words as the harmless fun they were intended for. If he didn’t though he wouldn’t stand a chance and Xander didn’t fancy the idea of explaining to Willow why her boyfriend was dead. Ohgren, well Ohgren was trying not to stare at Buffy but couldn’t seem to help it. Every time he did though he would involuntarily flinch and cover his privates.

When Buffy had gotten over her initial shock and anger she had used her Slayer given abilities to rush over faster than anyone could blink and kick him so hard in the stones that he was lifted a few feet into the air, armor and all, before clattering to the floor. He went into shock and no one heard a peep out of him for the better part of an hour after he landed. For which Morrigan and Leliana both congratulated her. At the moment though Buffy was talking to Leliana about shoes of all things. Xander vaguely remembered talking to Leliana about such things one night, but like most males in existence he soon found himself tuning her out. She had soon realized this and had smacked him upside the head for her trouble.

After the initial tense introduction things had calmed down a couple hours later with everyone sitting around Xander’s living room chatting. He was glad everyone seemed to be getting along. Unknown to him were the looks Buffy and Willow were giving Leliana (who was sitting next to him whispering little promises of ‘catching up’ they would be doing later that evening) every once in a while. The others of course noticed this and gave him little bemused looks.

These he noticed, he would have to ask Zev what they were about later on. He just hoped the other man would keep the flirting to a minimum this time. ‘Don’t get me wrong,’ Xander thought to himself, ‘I’m flattered but I don’t swing that way.’ He had been up front about how he felt on the subject the moment it became an issue and now Zevran, who it seemed appreciated his honesty, just said such things to get a rise out of him. Xander for his part took it with the humor that was behind it.

Buffy and Willow honestly didn’t know what to make the new arrivals that had come looking for Xander. Ok they mostly didn’t know what to make of them, Ohgren was a pig plain and simple, at least he was honest about it though. Zevran seemed to be the perpetual smooth talker that seemed to be a font of innuendo and flirting. He was well aware Willow had a boyfriend and made it clear that it was all in good fun. There seemed to be an underlying danger to him though, a fair bit of sharp steel under his near constant smile and jokes.

Wynne reminded the two girls of the quintessential grandmother and had noticed that whenever she would ask where something was or looked to be having trouble with something Xander was there to help her out. The girls found this both cute and endearing of him. She, Giles and Morrigan were all around Xander’s bookshelf leafing through the books there and talking. Now Morrigan there was someone they had to watch. She obviously wanted Xander and had gotten a smile on her face when he hadn’t even hesitated to jump to her defense when Buffy had let slip a snide comment on the woman’s clothing. Xander had later pulled Buffy aside and said that Morrigan was kind of sensitive about her possessions even if she hid her insecurities behind a hell of a mask.


“That was uncalled for Buff.” Xander said as he came to Morrigan’s side and gave her a quick one armed hug. He completely missed the look of happiness that flashed across Morrigan’s face. Or the irritation that Leliana pointed towards Morrigan before bringing her attention back to the bottle blonde in front of them. “So what if she dresses a little differently. What’s wrong with different anyway? I mean you’re a Slayer right? So that makes you ‘different’. So are you saying there’s something wrong with you?” His arms were crossed over his chest a small glare on his face.

“No… uh, I mean…” Buffy stuttered. She wasn’t used to seeing this side of her Xander shaped friend and she found it to be unsettling. Granted he didn’t always agree with her but he almost never out right shot her down like this. She looked to Willow for support and found her red headed friend looking abashed. She may not have been thinking the same exact thing but she had been thinking something similar. Knowing she wouldn’t find help there Buffy than looked at Giles and found him to be giving her a look of disapproval. Knowing she was beat and, a small part of her brain admitted, wrong she said with her head hanging, “Sorry.”

“Better.” Xander had said with a nod and continued on with the introductions.

End Flashback:

Though Buffy understood his reasons she still couldn’t help feeling a little jealous of the new arrivals. Although she seemed to have found a bit of a kindred spirit in Leliana. Who knew they had such fashion concerns in the medieval world they had come from. Buffy had even managed to achieve a bit of retail therapy this weekend via Leliana shooting Xander him the puppy dog eyes. Xander was right Buffy’s pouting had nothing on what Leliana could do to him and she knew it. The woman could probably even get him to act as their baggage carrier. ‘Oh this weekend is going to be so much fun!’ she thought to herself. It had been a while since she’d gone a done some real shopping.

Leliana wasn’t sure what to make of the world Xander had come from. Granted what he called electricity and all the little gadgets it ran off of were simply amazing but there were things about this world that confused her. It had been a week since they had come here looking for him and they were just now hashing out the new living arrangements. Xander knowing that his companions couldn’t be left to live on their own and couldn’t all fit in his small apartment had taken all their coin, melted it down, and sold it off like he had with what he had originally came back.

He had decided it was best if he bought a house for them all to stay in. It was a large home with four rooms and three bathrooms that was just down the street from the Summers’ residence. The basement had been split into two parts one was for storage and the other was Ohgren’s bedroom which, even though he didn’t say it, he seemed to appreciate it. She was sure Xander had planned it that way so the dwarf would feel more comfortable, what with it being underground and all.

Morrigan, Wynne, and Zevran also got their own rooms with Leliana and Xander sharing the largest one. Leliana was very happy with the arrangement because it meant she got him all to herself every night without having to ask the others to make themselves scarce every time the two wanted to be intimate. And the shopping (Oh the shoes!), how very wonderful it was! She had never been on a shopping trip like the one Buffy and Willow had dragged them all, including Ohgren, on just a couple days after they had gotten here. Those two had even managed to get Joyce and Dawn to go with them. Leliana had found it more than a little amusing when Ohgren and Zevran had taken Xander’s example when it came to Dawn. They had become very protective of the young girl just hours after meeting her. Pity any poor soul that did wrong by her.

Oh the choices! While yes her Orlais had a wide variety of things to choose from you usually had to look a great deal and it could take forever. Here there was store after store, some stores dedicated to just one type of item it was amazing. Ohgren had followed Buffy around like over grown and hairy puppy dog the whole time much to the young woman’s disgust and everyone else’s amusement. Her disgust hadn’t stopped her from using Ohgren as a pack mule for her purchases though.

They had been at it for several hours filling out their own wardrobes before they had all called it a day. Leliana had made sure to show Xander just how appreciated his hard work was later that evening. If it was one thing Leliana was grateful for it was that he was an good lover. A bit inexperienced yes but with a talent for picking up on her likes and dislikes very quickly. She knew he had only been with one other woman before her, Faith, and that made him even more special; He would only just get better with time.

Afterwards as Xander slept Leliana laid awake thinking. She pretty much had everyone’s personalities pegged. It was an essential skill, reading people, for any Bard worth their salt. Giles she knew as the mildly up tight scholar with a murky past, he was probably rebellious in his youth. She knew Xander saw the older man as a father figure and would look to him should he need advice. Willow she knew had known Xander since he was small and was dependent on him in more than a few ways. She knew there were places in Xander’s heart that Willow had that she couldn’t touch just as there were places in her heart that this Oz couldn’t touch. But she wasn’t threatened; on the contrary she was relieved Xander had a friend that no matter what happened would never truly turn him away should he really need them.

Buffy worried her though, not so much she felt the other woman could take Xander from her but that she saw Xander only in certain ways and anything that put him in another light was either a bad thing or at least something to be watched carefully. She would have to tread carefully around the younger blonde to avoid being seen in a bad light to easily. She didn’t seem to like change to her own little world and there was evidence that she reacted badly to it.

Zevran, Ohgren, and Wynne all seemed to be adjusting to life in this new world in their own ways. She remembered Ohgren when he had returned home the night he had discovered ‘Willy’s’ the local demon bar. He had stumbled back in not only stone drunk but covered head to toe in blood, goo, and dust. Turns out they made one wise crack to many about his height and threatened his beard so the already very drunk dwarf went berserk on them and ended up not only destroying many of the patrons but nearly leveling the establishment in the process.

It was Morrigan she would have to watch, at least for now. Leliana knew the other woman wanted Xander for herself and Leliana wasn’t willing to share. She knew Xander wouldn’t send the other woman away and Leliana would never ask him to. She may not like the other woman but she did respect her, she had earned her place time and again. She was also one of Xander’s closest friends, Maker knows how that happened, and the man would never forsake her. If anything he was particularly protective over her. Morrigan didn’t often know right from wrong or many of the nuances when it came to day to day social interaction after all.

The one thing that truly bothered her about this world though was the fact that demons were largely unchecked here. They weren’t the same as Darkspawn or the other demons from Thedas but they were still, for the most part, evil. And they just ran around with most of this world’s populace either ignoring them or just plain not believing in them. She knew there was nothing she could do about it but it still bothered her.

Banishing these thoughts from her mind she curled into Xander’s warmth, in which he automatically wrapped his arms around her, and started to fall asleep. She would worry about such things tomorrow.

AN: Well what do you think? This one was mostly a bit of perception for some of the bigger characters in this story. Like it? Dislike it? And as always constructive criticism is always welcome. See you next time ^^.

The End?

You have reached the end of "The Summer Lull" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 5 Mar 11.

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