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The Summer Lull

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Summary: After Graduation Xander gets thrown into the life of the Hero of Fereldan. BTVS/Dragon Age

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Chapter One - I'm back?

Disclaimer: I own neither BTVS or Dragon Age. This be just for fun ^^.

AN: Yes I know I'm currently working on a Hellsing crossover at the moment but to be honest where as I know where I want to take it, I'm not quite sure how to put down on paper. Mix that with this idea pounding in my brain, and yeah you get the picture. I got this idea from another story on 'A Rogue's Heart' by Wicked Raygun. If you've read that story you'll see some strong simularities at first but it breaks off quick.

The Summer Lull
BTVS/Dragon Age Cross
Chapter 1

He was back. He hadn’t even opened his eyes yet but he already knew that. He could tell mostly by both the noise and the smell that he was back. His surroundings were missing the smell of blood and chard flesh and the sound of moans from the injured and dying. Instead he got the smell of garbage and exhaust fumes, the sound of cars and the hum of electric lights. Fort Drakon didn’t have any of those things (Well except the garbage). He was back.

The last thing he remembered was plunging his sword into the base of the Arch Demons skull, killing it, then a blinding pain that seemed to suffuse his every nerve. Leliana! Did she make it? Was she alive? What about everyone else? Oh God! He had to find out!


“You know if we make it out of this alive you’re going to be telling me more about this Democracy you’re always talking about. Might just be the key to getting me off the throne.” Alistair said jokingly. Smiling at him Xander said,

“Yeah sure, like the nobles would let that happen. They have a tendency towards liking their power to much and you know it.” They had had this talk a few times before when Arl Eamon had first started to push the idea of making Alistair king. Xander knew Alistair detested the idea, but at the same time he knew that Alistair would do his best all the same. Besides with Queen Anora holding his hand the whole way he should be able to avoid making mistakes that were too large.

Looking behind him at Leliana he felt his demeanor soften greatly. Giving her a soft smile, which she returned, he brought himself back to the task at hand. He honestly never thought that he would have fallen for her, especially as hard as he had, but it had happened. Granted it hadn’t happened over night, they had gotten to know each other over the better part of several months. He had at first found her conviction of faith down to just zealotry and had found it off putting. Then he had started to learn of her past and her near constant pursuit of redemption. He knew all about her past as a Bard and she knew every mistake, secret, and lie he had made through the course of his life. Some for the greater good, and others due to him being a teenager with access to things he had no real right to even know about.

She had become his light in the shit hole of a quest that he had been put on all those months ago. They supported each other, offering a shoulder to each to the other when they were in need. She kept him strong so his back didn’t break under the weight of his responsibilities, and he helped her come to true peace with her past (Especially after the Marjorlaine episode). It didn’t hurt that she was a stone cold fox either. Thinking about just two nights ago made a shiver of excitement run up his spine.

Shaking his head to bring himself back to the present he looked at the rest of the people he had brought with him this far. Alistair was by his side rechecking his armor; Ogren was taking a swig from the flask at his hip; And Leliana was looking nervous at what was just past the door they were standing in front of. He had left Wynne, Zerveran, his dog Ren, and Shale back in the city to help with the defensive. Morrigan had left the night before when he had refused to go through with the ritual that she claimed would save his life with her. And while he had always liked her, problem was he was with Leliana and as a result he just couldn’t make himself do it, impending doom or not. Looking forward once more he started forward saying;

“Alright ramblers let’s get rambling.”

End Flashback:

Opening his eyes he gave his surroundings a quick look around noticing he was lying on the ground in an alleyway. Giving himself a quick once over he noticed that he still had all his gear on him, which was good ‘cause he didn’t like the idea of being naked in the middle of an alley at night, especially in Sunnydale of all places. Starfang and Topsider’s Honor were both still strapped to his back and checking his pack he noticed that the Roses Thorn was still sheathed inside along with many other bits of weapons, armor, and supplies. He had never quite figured out how so much could fit inside such a deceptively small bag though, must be magic. He was still wearing his plate armor (AN: Warden Commander’s) and his pack had all of his belongings within, including the clothes he had been sent to Thedas in (Except the Hawaiian print he'd been wearing at the time, Argh!). He remembered the one time he had broken it out at camp Leliana had tried to shoot him, Shale had tried to crush him, and Morrigan had nearly lit his ass on fire. The rest, minus Sten, had just laughed, Ogren falling over and making himself sick.


“What in the name of the Maker are you wearing!?” Leliana shouted in disgust drawing the attention of the others. He had just slipped out of his tent wearing the shirt he had come to this world in thinking that they would appreciate the splash of color after a particularly bad day.

“What?” Xander asked confused. “This is a good shirt. Just last night you talking about how you like fashion, I’d thought you’d like it.” Spreading his arms he looked at the rest of his companions. It was only thanks to his quick reflexes that he had dodged the arrow from Leliana, the small boulder from Shale, and the fireball from Morrigan.

‘There must be an Apocalypse on the way.’ He thought to himself as he ran back into his tent to change, the others laughing at him. ‘Those three are actually agreeing on something!!!’ Leliana had later snuck into his tent while he was busy, stole said shirt, and later burned it. And all she had to do was flash him the puppy dog eyes and she got away with it. Not even Willow or Buffy could get away with destroying his favorite shirts and oh boy had they tried.

End Flashback:

Realizing that he probably wanted to get off the street before someone saw him he decided to head to Giles’ place, immediately throwing the idea of going to his parents’ house out (They had probably already either sold or thrown out his things anyway so why bother.) Starting in the direction that would take him to Giles’ place, it hadn’t been so long that he had forgotten the way after all.

AN: So what do ya think? Love it? Hate it? Let me know! And as always constructive crticism is always welcome, just try not to be rude nobody likes a sour puss ;P.
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