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Pick-A-Number: Crossover - length - plot point

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This story is No. 3 in the series "Pick-A-Number". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: Another entry to the Pick-A-Number series. Stories in this grouping will include a crossover, a word limit and a plot point. Enjoy!

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Multiple Crossings > GeneralBeriaearwenFR1535,096071,26925 Feb 1116 Apr 11No

BtVS/HP - 1000 words - Real Family

Disclaimer: The characters of “Buffy The Vampire Slayer” belong to J. Whedon, etc. The characters of “Harry Potter” belong to J. Rowling. All are used here without permission. No copyright infringement is intended.

Pick-A-Number Picks: Crossover=Buffy/Harry Potter, Length=1000 words, Plot Point=Real Family

Author's note: Just a weird little idea. It totally messes with both series time-lines and has nothing whatsoever to do with Canon, but this idea wouldn't leave me alone when I drew the three numbers.

Rating: General

Whatever Happened to Hank Summers?
By Beriaearwen

Severus Snape sat in his room, quietly staring at the one non-moving picture he owned.

Voldemort fell less than a week ago. Chaos ruled the wizarding world, but better persons than he would put it a-right.

Many years ago he fell in love with a beautiful young woman while on an undercover assignment for his Lord. He never believed in love, that he would ever have it, but Joyce had turned his world upside down with one afternoon and a dinner. That began his disillusionment with Voldemort's “cause”. He knew, however, that he needed her safe and that neither of them would survive the war if he didn't find a way to do so.

And so, Severus Snape lived as the most brilliant Potions Master in the wizarding world, and each night became Hank Summers, Chemist, lover and husband of Joyce and, eventually, father to Buffy and Dawn.

Now he finally had the opportunity and freedom to contact his girls again and he couldn't be sure he should, or that they would want him anymore. It had been so long and there had been so many disappointments. How could he expect them to forgive him?

His finger traced along the side of his wife's beautiful face and longing filled his heart.

They had always been good together and he dearly loved his family. They had eight amazing years together before his past came calling and he had to leave the muggle world and take the job of Potions Master at Hogwarts. The change in jobs meant he had less time for his family and it became a source of friction between he and his wife.

The fact he couldn't tell her about the wizarding world and, therefore, his work, caused more friction.

Then there was Buffy's fifteenth year.

By that point, there was no saving his marriage. As much as he still loved Joyce, as much as he knew she still loved him, it would never be enough as long as the secrets stood between them.

Then, as they were working through a divorce, he realized exactly how neglectful a father he'd been. Buffy burned down the school gymnasium because she was the Slayer.

His stomach clenched and his heart twisted at the thought. His bright little girl had been Called and rather than help and support her, rather than protect her as he always had, she had faced the darkness alone and he lost her entirely.

Joyce and their lawyer convinced him to have Buffy locked away in a mental institution for several weeks, that being the least damaging alternative offered by the Assistant District Attourney.

He could remember the look of betrayal on Buffy's face and Dawn's wide, accusing eyes as her older sister was taken away. He'd managed to spend some time with his younger daughter during those final weeks, but the situation in England distracted him. The Potter boy had started that year and that meant time until the return was short.

When Joyce took his life away, he let her, knowing things would get worse before they got better.

But now...

Now it was all over.

He'd gone looking for his family only to discover a letter from several years before written by Buffy. Joyce died and not only had he not been there to take the girls, he didn't even know until recently and that left Buffy, little more than a teen herself, to take care of Dawn.

His heart cried out at the wrongness of it, but, at that time, he could have done nothing. The situation in the wizarding world were far too delicate for him to leave. Had he attempted to do so, he would have revealed his daughters' existence to Voldemort and without a doubt, the dark lord would have wanted a slayer on his side.

A small sound drew him out of his thoughts. Turning, he spotted a small cat which quickly transformed into the new Headmistress. “Go to them, Severus,” she commanded.

Despite apparently having so little in common, he and Minerva had always been friends. “I don't know what to tell them. I certainly don't deserve a second chance.” He looked down at the picture. “She's dead, you know. Died two years ago and I wasn't there for the girls...” His voice choked on the words.

Minerva stepped forward and rested a hand on his shoulder, one of the few who could. “Tell them everything.”

Severus looked at her in shock.

“They deserve to know their father is a hero,” she said quietly, a small smile tugging at her lips as she held up a hand to stay his protests. “I've already sent Mr. Osbourne ahead to tell them of our world and what to expect. We've also recently discovered they are at somewhat loose ends.” Seeing the question in the dark eyes before her, she continued, “Apparently while Voldemort fell, so did Sunnydale. None know what happened, but the town collapsed. Your daughters are staying at the Hyperion Hotel in Los Angeles at the moment, though I don't know for how long.”

“I can't imagine they'll see me,” he murmured, the hope that had flared in his heart dying quickly.

“Don't underestimate them, Severus. From what I understand, they are much more forgiving than we have ever been.”

With those final words the Hogwarts Headmistress transformed back into a cat and left.

With one last look at the picture in his hand, Severus set it down and stood taking a deep breath, he looked down at his clothes and winced. If he was going to meet his girls again, he wanted to look his best. A smile tugged at his lips as he thought of spending time with those he held most dear. Perhaps it was time they learned that they were, in fact, Buffy and Dawn Snape, daughters of the most feared teacher at Hogwarts. What would his princess and pumpkin' belly think of that?


The End?

You have reached the end of "Pick-A-Number: Crossover - length - plot point" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 16 Apr 11.

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