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Wrathful Change

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Summary: God isn't happy with what His children have been doing so he takes action.

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Supernatural > Non-BtVS/AtS StoriesXanderLuvsAllFR1579,583038,56826 Feb 1115 Oct 11No

NOTE: This chapter is rated FR13


As Dean knew exactly what Kali had done to his lover, he was less willing to hear her out then Michael as his brother knew nothing of what had conspired in the motel save for his death. Michael had no idea of Kali's betrayal and thus was not murderous but Dean knew and every part of him wanted to teach her what he had learned in Hell. For here was the bitch that had tried to take Gabriel from him, had partially been responsible for his true death at Lucifer's hand. Gabriel dying, leaving him for those long days had been the worse moments of his life. Gabriel was his and that bitch had tried to take him. So he would let her have it then kill her.

"You have a lot of guts showing up here, lady. Let me see them." The smile Dean flashed would have been something Alister would have recognized."I want to see you pay for trying to kill Gabriel." Michael stiffened. He had not been aware of that, only that Lucifer had slain their shared mate. He had known that other pagans had been there but he had no idea that any of them had dared to try to even touch HIS MATE let alone tried to kill him. His wings bristled at the mere thought while the others continued to talk.

"I was making a point. One that was made by Lucifer,Archangels can die."

"Not by you love.Only an angel can kill another angel.Let alone a Archangel..Or a mate can, as proven by Zachariah." Gabriel grinned at Dean. He had been very displeased at how his younger sibling had treated his mate and had not mourned him at all. Though if anyone but Dean had killed him then Gabriel would have killed them as Zach was still his brother and none could kill his his other siblings and Dean. Anyone else would suffer for it.

Michael had enough with remaining quite so he finally just exploded in righteous fury.

"You tried to kill my brother. Tell me why I should not smite you here and now."

"Because we can help you."

Gabriel laughed,"You still think you can stand even for a single moment against my bro. In case you didn't get it into your head at the motel, you ain't a god. And compared to us,your a bug. So if you want to live I would suggest you go run and hide under a rock till its over."

"Loki, you should know very well that I do not hide from anything and while several other Gods have gone into hiding others have not and are ready to fight. So we came to you."

Dean had enough and finally just shouted,"Why the Hell shouldn't we just let you fry or better yet kill you ourselves."

"Why don't you go sit in a corner little human and let the adults speak." Kali's condescending tone got everyone up in 'arms' or rather got their wings out as their fury manifested them. Michael,Gabriel and Castiel all moved forward to strike her down for her audacity. So Kali did the smart thing and left while she still remained alive but not before parting one last shot. " You can use help for this weather you like it or not."

Dean scowled, he had been rather looming forward to seeing her die yet instead she had escaped.

Once alone they began to discuss Kali's proposal or rather argue and yell about Kali's proposal. Sam was ever so surprisingly willing to go along with it. He was never one for not working with the monsters after all. Gabriel sneered at him, how little he had learned.If Sam wasn't his mate's brother, Gabriel would have ever so much fun teaching him. He was though so Gabriel would just have to think of other ways of making dear Sam's life a living Hell. Dean on the other hand was just sickened by it, by his brother and by the considering looks the others were now sporting.

"I can't believe any of you are even considering this. She betrayed and tried to kill Gabe. We should kill her now and be done with it."

"While I agree with Dean that the..creature needs to die immediately for daring to touch Gabriel let alone the fact that she tried to kill him, perhaps we could use the others. With their distractions, Lucifer would be distracted form the Host and could thus be of use. They are...cannon fodder, I believe humans would call them."Castiel spoke the truth but he very badly wished it to be otherwise as they were the creatures Gabriel had hidden himself with for a long time, they had hidden him from Castiel and all his siblings. Something that Castiel found very distasteful.Especially with Castiel new found attraction to him.

Michale scoffed."She will die painfully for what she did, as shall they all.The others stood by and watched as she 'killed' Gabriel and thus all need to pay. Even if Lucifer killed the ones that were actually there, they are all the same. So they will all pay for the crime of betraying Gabriel..And for hiding him."

As one everyone turned to Gabriel, the only one to not voice his opinion yet and thus the only one left who could help them decide. Especially as God had basically put him in charge. Gabriel was..unsure of what to do here. The pagans had been the perfect hiding spot for him, no matter how disdainful he found them, and some had become friends but Michael was right. The ones there that day had stood by and watched as Kali 'killed' him. Not a single one of them had protested or even cared...So maybe he should just let Michael kill them all as he oh so desperately wished.Gabriel couldn't or wouldn't give Michael much anymore so perhaps this would be enough.

Still though Castiel had a point, the pagans might not be even close to a match to one of them but against demons. Well, demons were the lesser then. So they could be of use against anything but Lucifer. The demons would be forced to run for their lives and could thus to no longer be a threat against his mate or Falling brother. Which was a good, a great thing in his book...So Michael would have to find something else. Gabriel didn't wish to hurt Michael but at the end of the day Gabriel would protect Dean above all else.Maybe even Cas as well.

"Cas is right. The pagans may not be able to help against Lucifer directly and maybe not the horsemen either but they can be of use against the demons and other creatures that are a threat to humanity. They can be of use and will thus be used...I'll go get one of them..Not Kali, for now." With one kiss to Dean, Gabriel flew away. Michael was unhappy with his will be ignored by his..ex mate but he would not argue. Father had made it clear that Michael had done something wrong by putting Gabriel in charge and he would not make his Father even more unhappy by arguing. Nor would he make Gabriel even more unhappy with him as he still had hope of reclaiming his mate. Even if he had to share him with Dean.

An hour later Gabriel returned to Bobby's with Shiva, he very carefully did not share with anyone that Shiva had been his lover along with Kali. As that would cloud their..opinions. It wasn't long before they all came to an agreement anyway and then it was time for Shiva to be on his way. Without anything happening. Michael left swiftly after to tell their siblings about the new allies. Sam and Booby left to..Who cares. Cas just wandered away.

After Shiva left with a parting touch to Gabriel's arm, Gabriel pulled Dean to him and kissed the 'life' out of him. Cas watched silently as Gabriel kissed Dean and didn't quite know what to make of the emotions he experienced while watching. Gabriel spotted him a few moments after his arrival.

Upon catching Cas watching Dean and Gabriel kiss, Gabriel was tired of his game of teasing and flirting with Cas so he grabbed him and kissed him fiercely, with all of the bent up lust and frustration fueling the kiss.Dean lets out a squeak that he will deny to his dying day. As he would deny that instant hard on he got at seeing his lover and his..Cas kissing. It was the hottest thing he had ever seen and had been a recurring wet dream of his. Gabriel nipped at Castiel's lip before pulling away to look at his brother and waited for his reaction.

"That...That was..Interesting and quite nice, brother.I'd like to do it again." Dean laughed.

"That was hot beyond anything else. I want to try." With that he pulled Castiel to him and kissed him with a wild abandon that Gabriel found extremely sexy.

This was the start of something and Gabriel looked forward to what the future would bring for the three of them. What it would mean for them.

While Dean, Gabriel and Castiel were slowly approaching a relationship inside a run down house in South Dakota, the outside world was not doing so good. People across the world were dying or falling to the 'darkside'.So the three of them were unknowingly having one of their last private, happy moments they would have for some time. For it was not the time for private, happy times, the times that were ahead of them were going to be anything but happy.

It was time for the War to truly begin and for all that was evil and preyed upon the Innocent to die. Heaven was coming and all should quack in its wake

A/N:Sorry for the wait.Reviews are as always our friends

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