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Wrathful Change

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Summary: God isn't happy with what His children have been doing so he takes action.

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Supernatural > Non-BtVS/AtS StoriesXanderLuvsAllFR1579,583038,56826 Feb 1115 Oct 11No

God's Intervention

Disclaimor:I in no way own Spn

Upon feeling His son, His little Messenger's death, He woke up for the first time since choosing to take mortal form and leave Heaven behind. This was not meant to be, His Gabriel was never meant to die. Gabriel was suppose to be safe, off playing pagan God. The pagans were incapable of hurting him so he should have been safe during the coming battle. Yet Lucifer, who had once been His beloved Morning Star, had dared to strike Gabriel down.

Taking his beautiful presence from the universe. Something that He would not tolerate, so He brought Gabriel's Grace and essence to Him and once again created a body for Gabriel. As He had milenia ago when Gabriel came to Him and told Him that he was leaving Heaven. Once the body was created, He placed Gabriel inside it and brought forth life. Thus bringing Gabriel back as in no way would He allow Gabriel to die.

With his first 'breath' Gabriel tried to figure out what was happening as the last thing he truly remembered was the pain of Lucifer's betrayal and to a lesser extant the sword. He had known he was going to die yet he was now suddenly in a strange and rather disgusting place. Looking around he tried to figure out where he was, not paying much attention to the mortal that was in the room with him until...something caught his attention and Gabriel focused everything on him and realized who was before him.

Shocked was an understatement. For while he head known that his Father was not dead, he had thought he was no longer paying attention to this plane of existence. What else would explain the last few centuries and the recent..activities of Heaven. Yet here Father was before him as a mortal man. How utterly...genius. Who would ever look for God as a sluppy, disgusting looking mortal man. No one. Gabriel started laughing and soon He joined in, having read His son's every thought. Where did Gabriel think he had gotten his mischievous side from.Hmmm.

Once he was able to calm down, Gabriel looked at his Father."Why have you been hiding from Castiel? You bring him back and obviously didn't show yourself to him as you do me. So why?" Father merely looks at him and smiles softly causing Gabriel to sigh as he knew he wasn't getting an answer. For when his Father got that look, it meant He was going to be all cryptic and annoying. Cryptic may be fun when he was doing it but Gabriel hated having it done to him ever so much. Father looked at him and spoke.

"It is not Castiel's time to see me. In time it will happen. Until then much must happen. With your death I have decided that it is time for this to end. Lucifer was never meant to kill you and must thus pay for it. Your plan to return him to his cage was my original intention but will not be allowed now. But nor can Michael and Lucifer be allowed to fight as the end of humanity has not yet come. So I have created this." A sword appeared the likes of which would come out of the King Arthur myths, all glamorous, obtuse and grand. A thing of beauty. Gabriel grabbed it."This sword wielded by one who is worthy will be able to kill Lucifer without the battle to ravish the world. A human. You will be allowed to give it to whoever you want...Though I do already know who you will chose and I approve. Both for the chose and for your union."

Startled Gabriel looked at his Father, he shouldn't be surprised that He knew what was going on between Dean and he but he was. He wondered briefly if He also knew about his feelings for Cas and upon seeing His smirk, he got his answer and sighed tiredly. Omnipotent realllllly was annoying when it was used against him."Anything else Father or are you going to marry us?" Gabriel got a chuckle for that and it made him smile while he tried not to look at the sword. He had tried to kill Lucifer and had been killed by him in turn but holding the weapon that would see his brother dead was...hard.

Gabriel had never stopped loving Lucifer, had suspected that he would love his brother until the end of time. After all they had once been bond-mates along with Michael and Raphael. The four of them had been everything to each other long before they ever had any other sibling but each other. Once they did they began to spend time apart but never for long. For billions of years they were all One until the day came that Lucifer Rebelled and it all fell apart. They all fell apart. Raphael had demanded that their bond be stripped and it had hurt desperately. The bond had been tied into their Grace and was never meant to be broken as it was meant forever. And for the first time ever, Gabriel was truly alone.

After it had happened, Lucifer had begged Gabriel to join him. Saying that they could be bond-mates together, that they loved each other enough not to need the others. And Gabriel had been tempted to join his love but that was when Michael interrupted them, furious that Lucifer would dare try to take Gabriel from him after everything, that fury allowed him to cast Lucifer from Heaven and locked him into the Cage. But when Michael returned to Heaven, he discovered the reason for his fury was gone for his Gabriel was gone. He may have prevented Lucifer from taking Gabriel from him but he had not managed to prevent Gabriel from taking Gabriel form him. Michael had lost Gabriel.

The screams Michael unleashed at that realization was deafening in Heaven, Earth and Hell. Even Lucifer heard and was saddened by it despite everything. After that Michael retreated from everything save for his duty. Nothing mattered to him save for that. Raphael was even shunned as a part of Michael hated him for breaking their bond and thus the reason Michael had lost first Lucifer and Gabriel.

All of that meant that Gabriel found it difficult to face the prospect of Lucifer's death despite everything.He loved his brother and always would and He knew that and looked at His son sadly."You will be ready when it is time, my son. First though it is time to face your return to Heaven."Before Gabriel could protest, He spoke again." You must and you will but do not worry, for it will not be the same. For you will take your place as High Prince of Heaven and command the Host of Heaven. One day Castiel shall join you as was my plan all along. The youngest of my fist children and the youngest of my angels shall rule jointly. None shall gang say you for I shall let it be known threw my Prophet Chuck."With that He once again smirked, causing Gabriel to look more closely at Him. Then to break down into hysterical laughter as he realized who He was. It was simply hilarious."Now off you go, my son. Reclaim your place in Heaven then claim your mate on Earth and deliver the sword."

With that Gabriel disappeared and He spoke to Earth and to Heaven as Chuck."The Almighty Father shall bring forth His slain son back, So that he may lead Heaven ever more against the Snake Lucifer who dared to take the Messenger's life against His Will, the Messenger shall take as Mate the Righteous Man and lead him to victory against Lucifer with the Sword granted to him by God. The two together along with the youngest angel shall triumph against Hell with His blessing, any that dare to go against the new Trinity shall be going against Him and thus shall be committing blashpony.All shall hear His will and OBEY."
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