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What makes a Slayer

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Summary: Dean finds a little something extra on a hunt. Set pre-series for both SPN and BTVS, Wee!chester-era. Rated for language and mentions of child abuse.

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Supernatural > Faith-CenteredonlyonechairleftFR152664,5741210424,70626 Feb 117 Nov 12No

What makes a Watcher

Disclaimer: Still don’t own BTVS or SPN. Woe is me.
A/N: Another random peek into this ‘verse, set several months after the last one.

They were holed up in a motel in Northern Illinois when Faith realized she’d lost the amulet Bobby had given her. She’d been the Slayer for four months and she hadn’t taken the amulet off for a second since she’d gotten it. She struggled to remember where she’d lost it; when she’d had it last, before giving in and telling Dean it was gone. To his credit, his eyes had only widened a little in panic and she’d heard his heartbeat quicken but he just grinned and pulled her into a hug.

“That’s fine sweetheart. We’ll get a new one.” He called Bobby less than three minutes later, even as Sam called John and Faith started to pack up. They’d been due to move on, anyway, heading to Wisconsin- Faith had a dream and John had found a couple of Hunts, so they’d be there a month or more. Dean hoped they could finish a semester of school in Wisconsin so the kids would be one step closer to being finished with it- Sam was pulling all As, as usual, and he was already pissed that they were leaving Illinois.

But the younger boy understood- keeping Faith away from the Council; keeping her safe from the Council was more important than his grades. Dean had always promised him that he’d find a way for the boy to finish his senior year in one school- and Sam was going to hold him to it, he knew. So what if Dean had to spend the next year figuring out how to manage that and accommodate hunting at the same time. Faith’s dreams didn’t exactly give them much warning- they’d spent the summer following the youngest Winchester’s dreams across the country and it had begun to feel normal. And then school started again and the whole situation got a little less manageable.

She was throwing the last of the weapons into the weapons bag when there was a knock on the door. Dean, of course, insisted on being the one to answer- his Colt at his back and several knives on his person. He gave his brother and sister a chance to arm themselves before he checked the peephole, gesturing back to his family that there was only one person outside.

“Can I help you?” He kept his voice pitched low, gruff, hoping he appeared older than he was, and wishing suddenly for his dad- John had been working an hour away, checking the results of the salt and burn from the night before. But John wasn’t here, whether he wished for him or not.

Their visitor was a woman; late thirties, dark hair and a solemn face. It wasn’t hard to peg her as Watcher, based on Bobby’s descriptions- neat suit, carrying a briefcase, practically smelled like a rich English bitch.

“Can I speak with Miss Lehane, please?” There was certainly steel in her voice that Dean could respect. Of course, it was unfortunate that there was no Miss Lehane to be found. He told her as much and pushed the door closed.

It didn’t make her leave, of course. She just knocked again; more insistent. Dean rolled his eyes and pulled open the door again, stepping outside and closing the door after himself. Inside, Sam and Faith shared anxious glances- Dean could handle anything, normally, but this was a Watcher. Bobby had made them all swear that they’d stay as far away from the Watcher’s council as possible.

And the Hunter had been none too pleased when he’d heard she lost her amulet- that wasn’t the kind of machinery either of her brothers could build, so they were looking at a long, strained, drive back to South Dakota to get a replacement. Made longer and harder if they were running from the Council at the same time.

Dean would already have a plan, right? He wouldn’t just leave her to the Council, would he? He wouldn’t- she knew that, but there was a tiny bead of panic in her stomach all the same.

“You were looking for Miss Lehane, right? There’s no one here by that name.” He was right in her face- he’d stepped out the door and into her personal space and, to her credit, she didn’t step back, even though he was half a foot taller than her and a good deal more intimidating looking. Granted, the lady was a Watcher- she must have some fighting skills.

“Her name is Faith?” She didn’t even look puzzled, telling Dean that he couldn’t lie his way out of this one; she knew Faith was inside; tracked her here using some fugly magicks that he didn’t even want to think about.

“And? What do you want with her?” He fought to keep his voice neutral but met the woman stare for stare. She scoffed a little; making a face at him.

“Certainly not whatever you want with her.” The suggestion in her tone would have made him sick if he wasn’t already sick with fear. “You should be ashamed of yourself; she’s just a child.”

Only years and years of training prevented Dean from knocking her out cold; that and his dad’s voice in his ear telling him that ‘You don’t hit a woman, son, not unless she’s possessed.’ And if she didn’t know who and what he was, she wasn’t likely to be possessed.

“You didn’t answer my question.” The sick feeling in his stomach receded a little as the woman took a step backward, perhaps startled that she hadn’t been able to anger him.

“There’s… an inheritance, of sorts, that I must speak to Miss Lehane about.” Was she trying to draw him out again? Intent on believing that he was a scum-sucking pervert, did she think money would make him take the bait? The sick feeling was back, stronger than ever. He knew he was no golden child- he didn’t look like the poster boy for normal, that’s for sure, but what give this bitch the right to make assumptions about him?

On the other hand, she did think he was a pervert who had, at best, run away with and at worst kidnapped a fifteen year old girl.

“Oh? From who?” Faith Lehane had no family.

“Her mother’s family.” Faith’s mom had family? And they’d left her there anyway? The sickness gave way to anger, boiling and rolling in his stomach.

“Did you know her mother?” Tacit confirmation that he knew Faith; first admittance that she was in the room behind him- but this lady knew that, so Dean lost nothing, he hoped.

The brunette nodded quickly and Dean couldn’t tell if it was a lie (a line) or the truth.

“What was she like?” The woman seemed to shake herself and regain some of her composure; standing up straighter, on firmer ground, now.

“I know she wouldn’t have wanted this life for Faith.”

“What life?” Might as well find out what she thought she knew.

“Living in a motel with a man years older than her? It’s not quite the life that any parent imagines for their child.” Huh, maybe this witch did think he was far older than he was. Good to know. Plus, it meant she’d just seen him- not Sammy.

He conceded her point with a nod; hell, even his own dad hated that this was their life, now. But that didn’t change the fact that it was their life. This was exactly their life.

“Come back tomorrow. If Faith wants to see you, she can see you then.” The woman made a face, unimpressed.

“And what guarantee do I have that you’ll even be here tomorrow?” Dean shrugged, carelessly.

“Lady, I have a six pack and girl inside. I’m not going anywhere tonight.” He forced the leer into his tone by sheer strength of will, asking forgiveness at the same time from anyone who’d listen. The flash of anger in the woman’s eyes actually earned her some points with him, unknowingly.

“I shall return in the morning.” She held out her card which he took and pocketed without a glance. He watched as she walked away; stared at her until she sat into her car and drove out of the lot. He didn’t think she’d see that he’d noticed the other black rental vehicle in the lot, but that was her loss, not his. One black sedan with at least two guys in it and one guy on the roof across the street- armed with tranqs, he assumed, but god only knows with these people.

He waited until her car turned out of the lot and then turned back inside.

“We’ve got about thirty minutes, I reckon, before they bust in here to take her.” Dean might not be Super strong or super smart, but he knew people- and that lady wasn’t going to leave Faith with him for another night, not if she had anything to do with it. He could understand that, he could- trying to rescue the girl from a shitty situation. But when her motive was to use Faith as a weapon against all the scary shit in the world; to send her alone against the forces of evil or whatever? That was not kosher. “Sammy- you’re going out the window. I want you to take your gear, head for the road and come in through the parking lot. You’ll pass a black sedan at the entrance- that’s Council. You’re taking the Impala.” He threw the keys at his younger brother and Sam raised an eyebrow in surprise. “Faith will meet you on the road- they don’t know which car is ours, so they shouldn’t follow you. Head for Bobby’s- you’re only allowed stop for fuel, drive in shifts. I’ll meet you there.”

He ignored their shocked expressions- nothing he could do about that, now.

“Faith, c’mere a second.” She didn’t even blink at the large, pointy, dagger that had appeared in his hand. “Bobby told me something that will hide you for a while, okay? It’s not permanent, and you can’t wash it off until you get to his place, okay?”

She was unprepared for him to slice across his arm and smear his blood across her wrist and forehead- the shape he made was familiar; the amulet had been the same symbol.

“What are you going to do?” Sam asked, duffel bag over his shoulder and ready to go. He looked about as happy as Faith did at the prospect.

“I’m going to stay here until they come back and then tell them that Faith left. Simple.” He was the only one they’d seen; the only one they had a description of, even. Seemed like the best option.

He forced them out the bathroom window without much argument- though he made them both promise to turn back if they saw anyone following them; he’d rather defend the motel room than have his little brother or sister get shot in the back running from Council goons.

Five minutes later he heard the Impala’s engine start up and peel out of the parking lot and he let out the breath he’d been holding in. Faith called him briefly when Sam collected her, just to say they were together and on their way- they had code words in place for trouble and he heard none of them, so he relaxed a little further.

A full twenty minutes after his family had escaped, the motel door was knocked down by a steel-toed boot and Dean Winchester prepared himself to face down the Council’s interrogators. He planned to lie until they believed him and then run.

No-one ever said Dean made particularly good plans, but at least Faith and Sam got away, right?

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