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Deep in the black

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Summary: How far can you run from your past? If you are a vampire, really far!

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Firefly > Angel-CenteredNerdgirlFR1312650496228 Feb 1128 Feb 11Yes
Space. He, a vampire who had been born long before the invention of the automobile, was out in space. Things had come around full circle, though, and history had a way of repeating itself. If he ignored the black outside, he could almost believe he was back in the old west. And if he closed his eyes, he could almost believe that he had HER back at his side. HER, his beautiful, mad child.

But no, this girl was human. Mad as they came, and for much the same reason as his not-so dearly-departed Druscilla. Technology had advanced apace, but human nature remained much the same. The strange, the special, the DIFFERENT were always beaten down, used and abused.

Angel was jolted out of his reverie by a sudden hand on his arm.

“You think too loudly. Thoughts running round and round, chasing their tails. Like a puppy, but with bigger teeth.” River snapped playfully at his face. “The ‘verse is big enough for history. Not every story has the same ending out here in the black. Out here, there’s room enough to run; destiny can’t keep up. Strange little man with an ugly hat. His ribcage would not make a good hat.” She looked up at Angel with big eyes. “If he shows up, Mal can space him. Destiny’s no good in a vacuum.”

Angel laughed at that. “I guess you’re right, little one. I’ve always found it wise to trust a seer.”

River just laughed and took off running.

Disclaimer: I do not own Angel, River Tam, BTVS or Firefly. Sigh.

The End

You have reached the end of "Deep in the black". This story is complete.

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