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Summary: Xander get's bit by a spider demon and with the help of the Hyena Primal, absorbs some rather unique attributes. (On Hold)

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Marvel Universe > Spider-Man > Xander-CenteredTheHarlequinFR1822,4581256,55528 Feb 1125 Apr 11No

Chapter 2

A*N*- Once again, I own nothing, just getting rid of an idea.

Xander went home, after grudgingly thanking Angel for not leaving him to get eaten. He only got one or two hours of sleep before it was time to head to school. Even with the lack of sleep, Xander felt surprisingly good. He showered and dressed in his normal clothes, when pulling on the Hawaiian t-shirt of the day, he noticed the pink shiny scars on his arm where the spider-demon had bitten him. They had completely healed, it made him wonder about a heightened healing ability as well, or if it was a one time thing because of the hyena. He noticed the time and went sprinting out the door.

He ran all the way to school, getting there faster than he ever had, and was barely even winded. He grinned a little to himself and went inside. He planned on telling Giles about the bite, and the resulting abilities, but he stopped outside of the doors when he heard Willow and Buffy talking.

"Xander can't help he's human, you shouldn't shun him for that."

Willow sounded a little put out, and Xander smiled slightly for his best friend sticking up for him.

"He's going to get himself killed, if that spider thing had been a little faster last night, Xander would've been spider chow. I'm just saying push him out of the slaying thing, not stop being his friend."

" *sigh* You're right....I dont like lying to him though..."

Xander backed away from the doors, scowling, he didn't want to hear another word. He turned around and headed towards his locker.

"Hey Harris"

Xander turned and saw Larry coming down the hallway, and he frowned. He really wasn't feeling up to putting up with Larry's shit.

"Where's your little blonde girlfriend? Isn't she going to come protect you from the beating I'm about to give you?"

Xander just rolled his eyes.

"I don't need her to protect me from you, Larry."

The other brunette smirked.

"You may want to reconsider."

Larry pulled his fist back and time seemed to slow down. Xander saw the fist slowly comes towards his face and when he moved his head out of the way, time sped back up. Larry's fingers made a sickening crunch against the wall.

"Getting a little slow there, Lar."

Xander patted the football player on the shoulder and walked away, smirking slightly. He headed to class and sat down in his desk. Once class started, Xander found himself unusually awake, usually, because of late night comic book reading, or slaying, he always slept through all of his classes. Now, however, he was alert and was stuck paying attention so he could ignore Buffy and Willow.

Buffy and Willow tried to corner him after class and Xander attempted to avoid them. He looked up at the gym, and looked around. No one was around so Xander decided on a little experimentation. He placed his hand on the wall, and put his other a little higher. He pulled himself up and put his first hand higher, soon, he found himself at the edge of the roof, pulling himself over. He looked down at the 30 foot drop and grinned. He saw Buffy and Willow turn the corner and he ducked back.

Xander walked to the otherside and glanced at the brick wall that surrounded the school. It was a long jump Xander was a little hesistant, this experiment could possibly kill him. He sighed and backed up. He took of at a run and as soon as he hit the edge he jumped.

He cleared the fence and landed easily on the grass outside of the wall. Xander blinked, surprised. He took off, heading for the public library for some research on spiders.

He left with a printout of hundreds of different arachnid traits. He looked over them, trying to figure out how to check if he had them or not. He went home to look over the list, and eventually decided that the best way to find out what he had and what he didnt, would have to be a field test. He didn't want to get caught by the Slayer, so he forewent the bright Hawaiian shirts. In the back of his closet, he found a black hoodie and black jeans. He pulled the jeans on and picked a red undershirt before pulling on the hoodie and zipping it up. He pulled his window open, and jumped out.

The cemetary seemed pretty quiet, but Xander knew better. He stopped once he got further into the cemetary and away from the view of the road. He pulled his sleeve up and picked at the congealed webbing near the hole in his wrist. He poked and prodded up his forearm trying to find the gland that triggered the webbing. He finally found that if he pressed the base of his palm, the white goo shot out. He pressed the gland and didnt stop, and a long rope of the webbing shot out, sticking to a nearby tree. He pulled on it as hard as he could, and it didnt give at all. This gave him an idea....

Xander found the remnants of an old church and shot webbing up at the burnt out steeple. The webbing was sort of elastic, so when he pulled, the webbing made him shoot up towards the steeple.

He landed on the side, panting with the resulting adrenaline rush, grinning from ear to ear.

"That was so cool!"

He shot some more webbing at a tree, and swung down to the ground, still grinning. The hairs on the back of his neck stood up and he moved just as a Fyarl's fist came swiping where his head had been. The demon snarled at him and went after him again. Xander jumped, flipping over the demon's head and kicked the thing in the back of its knees. It went down and Xander tried to remember what Giles had said about Fyarls.

"Silver! Right...where's a silver mine when you need it."

His fingers found the chain around his neck and he looked around. He grabbed a rusted iron fence post and wrapped the chain around it and as the Fyarl charged him, he held the post in front of him and the Fyarl ran itself through and fell heavily on top of the brunette crushing him.

Xander pushed the heavy, smelly body off of him and sat up.

"Ugh, super-strength, check. Jeez, can't you guys bathe?"

He heard something clink together and saw gold coins fall out of the demon's pants pocket. Xander smirked, getting an idea. He picked up the coins and dug in the Fyarl's pockets for more of the coins. He got up and left the cemetary to head downtown.

Willy looked up when the human entered the bar.

"Wow Harris, you look different, where's"

Xander smirked at him.

"Chill out Willy, Buffy's off patrolling Restfield."

" And your not with her? Are they kicking you out again?"

Xander ignored the question for one of his own.

"Look Willy, I need a fence."

He placed one of the gold coins down on the table. Willy picked it up to look at it and whistled.

"I think I could help you out there, Harris. I know a guy."

"I figured you would. That's yours and a whole lot more if you dont tell the Slayer about this."

"You got it."

Xander handed over the coins but before Willy could touch them, Xander grabbed him by the collar and his eyes flashed green.

"Don't try to cheat me Willy, you won't like what happens."

"O-of c...course not, I'd n-never do that to ya."

Xander let him go and pinned him with one last green-eyed glare, before his eyes faded back to brown.

"How long do you need?"

"Two or three days at most."

"Then I'll be back in three."

Xander left the bar, grinning from ear to ear.

The End?

The author is currently looking for one or more beta readers for this story. If you are interested, please email the author or leave a private review.

You have reached the end of "SpiderKnight" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 25 Apr 11.

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