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Summary: Xander get's bit by a spider demon and with the help of the Hyena Primal, absorbs some rather unique attributes. (On Hold)

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Marvel Universe > Spider-Man > Xander-CenteredTheHarlequinFR1822,4581256,55528 Feb 1125 Apr 11No

Chapter One

A*N*- I don’t own BTVS or Spiderman, I’m just playing cuz I’m bored.

Xander looked around with the flashlight in one hand and an axe in the other. Buffy and Willow were chatting ahead of him, they were searching for a nest of spider-demons that were, according to Giles very dangerous. They were the size of a human’s palm and a single bite was deadly. The adults were the size of house cats and could get bigger. The babies were the size of tarantulas and were just as deadly.

“Finally, I want to go home sometime tonight. Toss me the hairspray Will.”

Willow tossed the can of hairspray and Buffy lit a lighter and the pint sized demons all screamed as they lit on fire. Xander kept the flashlight on the nest and just watched as the thing went up in flames. He didn’t notice one of the babies dropping down from a limb. Xander felt a sharp pain in his forearm and yelled when he saw the tarantula-like creature. He knocked it off his arm and split it in half with his axe. The girls turned and Xander managed to hide his hand.

“Looks like you missed one Buff”

They relaxed and saw the dead spider corpse.

“Ewie…good job Xan.”

“We got all of ‘em, let’s head back.”

They went back to the library and put the weapons away while Buffy gave her report to Giles. Xander started feeling dizzy and sick and told them that he was going to head home.

He staggered home and he leaned against a fence when the world started to spin on him.


Xander looked up and saw Angel standing in the street. Xander tried to speak but ended up coughing and throwing up.

“What’s wrong?”

The dark haired vampire drew closer and saw the raised, nasty looking double puncture wound on his hand.

“What’d you get bitten by? Harris! Xander, what did you get bitten by?”

“A-Araneaus….” Xander whispered as he fell unconscious.

Angel grimaced, there was no saving the boy from this. He picked the unconscious boy up and carried him to his apartment. By the time he reached the apartment and set the boy on his couch, he was paler than Angel and sweating. Blue veins appeared under the sallow skin and he was breathing like he had been running a marathon. Xander’s eyes shot open and he grit his teeth and screamed, his eyes bloodshot, bloody tears running down his cheeks. Angel froze when the boy’s brown eyes started flashing green. The Hyena Primal could feel her host dying agonizingly slow. She started making the boy’s body absorb the venom instead of letting the venom break down muscle and bone. She didn’t know what it would result in, but she wouldn’t let her host die with her trapped inside.

Angel frowned when Xander stopped screaming. He stepped over to the boy and felt his pulse slow and almost completely stop. Angel shook his head and sat down in his chair. He watched over Xander until the young man stopped breathing. Angel stood, grimacing. Xander’s eyes popped open and he gasped, his eyes were bright green.


Xander blinked at Angel groggily.

“Deadboy? Where am I ?”

He sat up and looked around confused.

“At my apartment, I found you on the street…you were dying from Araneaus poisoning. How are you still alive?”

Xander blinked at him and felt a familiar presence in the back of his mind.

“The Hyena….she broke the venom down.”

Angel blinked at him, stunned. Xander was squinting his eyes as he looked around, and rubbed at the dried blood on his cheeks.

“Why does everything looks so weird…”

Xander pushed himself off the bed and stood. He glanced at Angel then looked confused, they weren’t usually at eye-level with each other. The dark vampire was always a little taller. Xander looked down and noticed his shirt was hanging more loosely than it usually did. He pulled the t-shirt up and his mouth fell open at the well defined abs. They hadn’t been like that before, he didn’t classify as fat, but he wasn’t that well muscled either. He let his shirt drop and looked at Angel.

“Something really weird is going on.”

He scratched his wrist, it’d been itching since he woke up and had escalated into a slight burning sensation. A layer of skin peeled off, revealing a tiny open whole. It didn’t bleed, it was like a vein had raised up underneath it. He pressed right above it and a white liquid shot out of it and hit Angel in the face. It immediately hardened into a rubber like layer.

“Holy shit”

Angel peeled the gunk off of his face, giving Xander a flat look. The brunette grinned sheepishly.

“Sorry Deadboy.”

He pointed his wrist towards the floor and pressed again but didn’t let up the pressure. A long stream of the liquid shot out onto the floor. Xander stopped pressing and it cut itself off, hardening and coiling onto the floor. Angel bend down and pulled on it, and the stuff stretched and the part that was attached to the floor looked like..

“Spider web….”

Angel stretched the material and it didn’t break at all, even when he pulled harder, applying his vampire strength.

“I think when the Primal tried to break down the venom, she ended up making your body absorb it….giving you some….arachnid-like attributes.”

Xander stared at him, mouth open slightly in shock.

“So I’m some…spidery thing? Buffy’s gonna’ kill me…”

“You still smell human Xander, I don’t smell or sense any trace of demon on you.”

Xander paced back and forth and stopped resting his head on the wall between his hands.

“This SUCKS…stupid fucking Hellmouth.”

He growled and tried to pace again but was stopped when his hand was stuck to the wall. He pulled and it came away soundlessly, but felt like Velcro. Xander glanced at his hands and his new, improved vision saw the microscopic barbed hairs that covered his palms.


He looked up at Angel.

“I wonder what else I got.”

“Well….webbing, vision, and with your hand sticking to the wall like that, I assume you can probably stick to vertical surfaces and climb just about anything easily. Most spiders can lift heavy objects, jump great distances… just depends on the species.”

Xander wiped his hands on his baggy cargo pants and chuckled to himself.

“Well….looks like I’m no longer the token normal one…”

~End Chapter 1~

A.N. – So….like, don’t like? I was watching a Spiderman movie marathon and got inspired with this little gem. Read and Review.
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