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Dark Evolution

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Summary: What happened that was so bad, the Powers and the Partners worked together to correct? What was the result of their solution?

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Marvel Universe > X-Men > Buffy-CenteredGypsyDruidFR181120,740159443,38628 Feb 111 Sep 12No

Chapter Eight

Chapter Eight

"Well, well, my young Upstart," Selene smirked as she stepped into the room where Shinobi was resting. "It looks as though you have pissed off the wrong person, perhaps?"

"Fuck you, Selene." Shinobi scowled, which only made the woman's smile wider. "She took me by surprise."

"Tsk, tsk, young Shaw." She admonished. "If you wish to be the Black King, you must always be prepared. Now tell me, who has done this?"

"What do you care?" He asked suspiciously.

"You have been touched by a demon's power, my boy," she intoned, "and I will have it. Tell me who she is!"

Shinobi shrank back a little at the almost rabid greed in her eyes. Everyone in the Hellfire Club with even a modicum of self-preservation was wary of Selene, and Shinobi was most definitely one of those people. Hell, even his father was wary of the woman. Selene was a psychic leech, gaining virtual immortality by draining the life force from others to extend her own. It was said that she was over 10,000 years old, and that her entire tribe or village or whatever, had sacrificed themselves to her touch.

In Shinobi's mind, she was a first class whackjob, but she was also the fastest route to taking the place of the father that only acknowledged him when it was convenient. "It was Frosty's piece of Italian tail." He admitted sullenly. Even though he was embarrassed about being taken down by the blonde tramp, he wasn't crazy enough to lie to Selene about it.

Selene searched her memories for the person in question. She rarely took notice of the dalliances of others, so it took her a moment to come up with a face and a name.

"The little Huntress?" Selene said. "She has no power."

"That what Father thought as well." Shinobi told her. "Apparently, everyone's got it wrong. Bitch might not be a mutant, but she's got some kind of power."

“Rest, young Shaw.” Selene ordered absently, her thoughts already on other matters. She would have to move quickly if she wanted that Power before Shaw tried to gain control of it. “We still have preparations to make before our Games begin.”

Shinobi watched silently as the woman left. He suspected what she was planning. Hell, he already had an idea of what his father wanted. Everyone was going to be disappointed though, he decided angrily. Nobody was gonna get that bitch on their side, because he had every intention of killing her the first opportunity he got. Consequences be damned.

In another wing of the estate, Sebastian looked over the information Gabrielle had collected, both old and new. There was not much new information added. Mostly information about Club Consent. It was a very popular nightclub. Photocopies of all IDs were kept on file, and anything was acceptable within its walls as long as it was by mutual consent. There was an membership VIP section so exclusive, it was by membership only and carefully screened. Somehow, no police investigation, sting operation or overzealous reporter had managed to get past the doors. 

Nothing in any of their gathered information indicated that there was power within the young woman, of any kind other than monetary. The most curious thing, was that there were no doctor or hospital information regarding the young woman, other than her birth certificate and a few other legal documents. Neither could they access the young woman’s business or personal records.

There were few systems in the world that his assistant could not penetrate. Whomever Trinity Cacciatrice had working for her was truly impressive indeed.

~~~ BtVS ~~ X-Men ~~~

“We have received a request.” Sage said to Trinity as they entered the office of the club. Shutting the door to block out the noise, she moved to her side of the desk as her ‘employer’ dropped languidly into one of the visitor’s chairs.

“What kind of request?” Trinity asked.

“The kind that I think you need right now.” Sage answered dryly.

Trinity looked up, a spark of anticipation flaring in her eyes briefly. It had been a while since they’d last gone out.

Slipping on her cybernetic shades, Sage remotely linked to the console integrated into her desk. A virtual keyboard appeared before her and, with a few keystrokes, the glass on the opposite side of the desk flickered and changed. Trinity leaned forward to see what her friend was bringing up. One was an email, obviously the generated request, the next was a news articleabout modern day pirates creating havoc in the Caribbean, and the last was a satellite image.

"Really, Sage?" Trinity looked at her doubtfully as she read the article. "Pirates?"

The cyberpath smirked. "Yes, pirates. They were mostly a highjacking racket, up until a few months ago. Something happened, mostly likely a change in leadership, but their methods suddenly took a drastic downward turn. Instead of highjacking shipments and ransoming back cargo and crew, they began attacking anything on the waters, killing the crews, selling the cargo for whomever would pay the most, or sinking it."

"So?" Trinity asked, starting to get bored. "What's this got to do with us?"

"Only the male crewmembers were killed outright." Sage told her. "The females were taken, and never seen again."

Trinity's bolted upright with a hard look stealing over her eyes.

"Two months ago, a woman was rescued in the middle of the ocean by an Atlantean en route to meet with Prince Namor. She stated that the women are taken to wherever the pirates were located and are held captive, subjected to typical treatments, beatings and rapes, until they are tired of them. Then the women are cut up, shallow cuts that bleed but are not fatal, and dropped in shark-infested waters."

"Fuck me." Trinity growled, her hands clenched on the armrest and smoking. Sage glanced up but did not comment. After all, that was the reason her office is 95% flame-resistant. "Where are they? I'll fucking do it for free."

"I have patched into everything that I could find in the area to search, but they are hidden well. I suspect that there is a mutant aiding in that. Finding them will be difficult."

"The request, Sage?" Trinity snapped impatiently.

A few taps for the other woman's slender fingers, and the email took precedence on the desktop. "One week ago, the pirates struck again. This time, they attacked a cruise ship of lesbian women. All were taken and the ship sunk."

"Then how do we know about it, and why isn't it in the news?"

"One of the women missing is Anna Sablinova."

"Well, shit, Silver must be going nuts."

"Apparently." Sage nodded once. "She wants these pirates found and eliminated. If any of the women are alive, especially Anna, she's wants them rescued."

"Hmm, it's always different when it's family, isn't it, Silver?" Trinity said to herself. She and Silver Sablinova had been acquaintances and occasional bedmates for over a year. They had crossed paths during one of Trinity's 'rescue' missions, against a group of mercenaries that Silver Sable International had been hired to apprehend. Sable was of the mind that the people they went after should be brought to justice, while Trinity would rather just hand out her own method of excruciatingly painful, and usually fatal, punishments.

"Call her and tell her no charge." Trinity said. "Find out where the ship disappeared, and we'll take it from there. Call Mark and Nina, and have them meet us at the airstrip tomorrow afternoon."

Trinity rose and started for the door before pausing. "And Sage, don't forget to pack your bikini. I know you've got one, since I'm the one that bought it for you."

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