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Dark Evolution

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Summary: What happened that was so bad, the Powers and the Partners worked together to correct? What was the result of their solution?

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Marvel Universe > X-Men > Buffy-CenteredGypsyDruidFR181120,740159443,39128 Feb 111 Sep 12No

Chapter Nine

Chapter Nine

Mark Scarlotti looked over that the expanse of flesh bared in skimpy bikinis belonging to the three women that he worked with, readjusting the crotch of his wetsuit for what felt like the millionth time as he flipped over the steaks on the onboard grill. He wondered if he could coax Trinity into a little romp before they split up again.

He had met Trinity Cacciatrice when she offered to get him out of prison and a place on a special team that she was putting together. At first, he had refused, and not long after he was also approached by Justin Hammer. Hammer had been recruiting all sorts of costumed criminals, financing their jobs and taking a percentage of the payouts as reimbursement. He'd decided to give both offers careful consideration. Finally, he'd gotten tired of being cooped up and, after careful consideration, he'd decided to accept Trinity's offer over Hammer's.

Hammer hadn't been exactly pleased with his decision, and had tried several times to get him to change his mind. Even going so far as to try to frame him for a crime that he didn't commit. With Lindsey McDonald as his lawyer, however, he probably could have walked up to the judge, cut his throat right there during the trial and gotten off for it. That wasn't necessary however, as McDonald had found more than enough evidence to prove his innocence. He'd also heard that Trinity had paid a personal visit to Hammer and... persuaded the billionaire to lay off.

Sage, he just didn't fuck around with. There was a such thing as too much brains for a woman, in his opinion, and that woman more than fit into that category. At least in his opinion. However, from what he'd seen between Sage and Trinity, it was a good thing that they were together. He had been driven nearly insane when he'd gone up against the Wraith, but he admitted, if only to himself, that he had his own set of morals and ethics. Trinity, though, was as crazy as they came sometimes. He never, ever (ever) wanted to get on her bad side.

He looked over at the pale skin of the third female of their eclectic little grouping, Nina. He still couldn't believe that she was a freaking vampire, just like outta the movies. Not only a vampire, but a werewolf at the same time. He'd seen her feed, drinking blood right from some asshole that had shot her during one of their jobs, and he'd seen her shift into a beautiful white wolf. She was a quirky chick, but wasn't nearly as bat shit crazy as Trinity. He still hadn't managed to get her in the sack, but he knew that Trinity had.

Regardless, any self-respecting red-blooded male (or any type of blooded, for that matter) wouldn't be able to help admiring the fine, fine figures currently moon-bathing on the deck after their late-night swim. He knew that they were out here on a job, but seriously, he was going to enjoy the scenario for as long as possible.

"Are you sure that we are in the right place, Sage?" Nina asked. "Not that I am complaining, mind you. If nothing else, we can count this as a paid vacation."

"I'm sure." Sage answered without looking at her companion. "All of the ships taken have been in this general vicinity."

Trinity glanced at her friend. She could sense that Sage was taking a real break, even mentally, as the three of them lay there under the moon. It was almost midnight, and they were planning to eat before returning to the little island where they'd set up to spend their nights.

"You know we're getting one of these, right, Sage?" Trinity commented as she stretched lazily. "It's too bad those SOBs are going to torch this one. Maybe, if we take the pirates, instead of letting them take us, we can spare the boat, and we can consider this our fee."

"Trinity, we live in Manhattan." Sage reminded her. "What would we need with a yacht?"

"Baby, we are definitely planning more trips like these in our future." Trinity purred. She was almost completely relaxed, despite what they were really out there for. Out here in the middle of the ocean, there were no claustrophobia inducing scents and sounds. Her muscles felt deliciously sore from swimming and diving. The scent of Mark's lust was teasing at her ever-ready libido. She was about to return to her boneless state when she felt Sage go mentally alert a moment before her body stiffened.

"Someone's coming." The cyberpath announced.

"Is it them?" Nina asked, not ready to bring herself out of her relaxed state unless she absolutely had to.

"Ohh, I hope so." Trinity said, sitting up. "These last couple of days have been nice, but I'm ready for some bloodshed." 

"Yeah, babes, this was fun while it lasted, but let's get some action going." Flicking off the electric grill, Mark disappeared down into the stairs. He'd be changed and in position by the time their attackers reached them.

~~~ BtVS ~~ X-Men ~~~

"Have you found them yet?" Sebastian asked his assistant.

"No, my Lord." Gabrielle said. "There has been no trace of them."

"How the hell could they have just vanished off the face of the earth?" He growled, slamming his fist down on his desk in frustration.

The Cacciatrice girl and her constant companion, Sage, had disappeared almost a week ago, unknowingly throwing off the plans of three of the most powerful players in the Hellfire Club, all with different agendas.

Sebastian Shaw, current Black King, wanted her power, whatever kind it was, under his control, to be used as he saw fit. He was annoyed, but mostly with himself. The girl had been a 'tentative' member of the Hellfire Club for months, and in all that time, the only ability she'd ever evidenced was that she couldn't be 'touched' psychically. There had been no indication that chit held a power of her own. The mutant gene was not in her DNA according to the medical records that Gabrielle had produced. Until now, her only usefulness to him was her wealth and her connections to the Families.

Selene, current Black Queen, wanted her lifeforce, and the demonic essence that she possessed, that would extend her own lifeforce well beyond anything a mere human would.

Shinobi Shaw, Sebastian's son, just wanted her dead. He'd planned to return with a few of his own cronies, bust up the club, and take from her everything that she'd denied him from that other whore, before he cut her throat. Only to find out that she'd left town the day after their little confrontation. He wasn't foolish enough to think that it had been his threats that had made her leave, especially with her not recognizing him and professing not to know who his father was. He considered still busting up the club, maybe even burning it down, but decided against it. It wouldn't have the same impact if she wasn't there to see it.

Each of them, unknown to the others, put their own spies and informants in place to be informed immediately upon her return as original plans were revised.


The End?

You have reached the end of "Dark Evolution" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 1 Sep 12.

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