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Dark Evolution

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Summary: What happened that was so bad, the Powers and the Partners worked together to correct? What was the result of their solution?

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Marvel Universe > X-Men > Buffy-CenteredGypsyDruidFR181120,740159443,38828 Feb 111 Sep 12No

Chapter Two

Chapter Two

"What can we do now?" The Hart asked, worry clear in his voice.

They had tried to put the essence into a dormant state, but found that it had already become too powerful for that, even though it had not managed yet to completely corrupt the entity that was the Slayer. The Slayer entity was also fighting them, aware enough to consider what they were trying to do as an attack. Only the human soul, the part that was solely Buffy, remained unawakened and unaware.

However, in the midst of the Powers and the Partners attempts to subdue both their tainted creation and the cause of that taint, they had managed to tap into that dark part of Buffy's soul, and it was now pulsing with every beat of her heart. Worse, the demon essence was being drawn to it much like it had been in the beginning so long ago. They had no doubt that when she awoke, they would be 'knee deep' in yet another situation that should not be possible.


The creation of the Slayer entity had been a success, but when they had sent the 'idea' of the Slayer to the mages that would in the future be referred to as the Shadowmen, they had not known enough about demon essences to realize that the one that they had captured was not as 'unaware' as they assumed. It had merely been in a state of 'hibernation' to replenish its strength. The Powers had been watching that particular demon for some time. Daxas was one of the few demons that even that Partners were wary of. He cared nothing for the 'politics' of the Balance, killing with complete impartiality to satisfy his bloodlust, not giving quarter whether human or demon or mixed breed. It's willingness to destroy its own kind, was the reason the Powers chose to use this particular demon. They just had to wait for an opportune time to 'take' the demon from it's masters without alerting their counterparts.

Even then, the Powers had not been without their 'Champions'. They had sent the strongest that they had, and made sure that their counterparts were sufficiently distracted during the titanic battle. They had captured Daxas’ essence just as his body was destroyed, before their counterparts were even aware that one of their number had fallen.

They had taken the essence and created the entity that would become known as the Slayer. They had planted the seeds for the idea into the shamans to find a host for their creation. However, they had expected the men to find a 'willing' host among the humans that were being beaten down and enslaved by the demons that ravaged the lands. There had been more than enough with the needed desire in their hearts to be rid of the demons to suit their purposes, any number of men that were already doing what they could to fight off the demon hordes that constantly tore their lives apart. They had not expected the men to choose a child, and a girl child at that.

The child had been unwilling, and that had been the shamans' first mistake. She had also been feral and wild, having escaped the slaughter of her village by a horde only months ago, she had surviving on her own and killing any demon that she had come across, as well as any human that threatened her. Despite the attempts to beat her into submission, the girl had fought them every single step of the way. She had made numerous attempts to escape, often chewing through the ropes that they had kept her bound in. They had been forced to beat and starve her until she was too weak to make more than a token struggle, and even then, resorted to using chains to pin her down for the ritual itself. By that time, rage and hatred had grown and festered in the young girl's heart for the men to match what she'd already held for the demons, and it had been that dark festering in her soul which had roused Daxas from the rejuvenating sleep cycle that he had been in.

What the Powers did not know, what even the Partners did not know, was that the truly powerful demons were cognizant even in essence form. They could perceive the world around them, see, hear, plan and even influence. Daxas became aware of the potential of the human that he was being forced into, and immediately decided that this body would be just as good as any, with a few alterations. He had not yet realized that he was, for all intents and purposes, trapped in the prison of the entity that the Powers had bound him to. He could not access even the limited power that he possessed while in that form.

His rage fueled and merged with the girl's, and in the process, his essence blended into her soul.

Before the shamans' eyes, the girl changed. Her skin blackened and her eyes glowed an eerie reddish copper. Their shock and fear was broken by the screeching of the chains that she was pulling on. Eyes widened as the chain links began to pull apart. As one wrist came free, they demonstrated their wisdom admirably by running for their lives before she managed to fully get loose.

Every demon for leagues felt the brunt of their combined wrath, no matter whether they were good, evil or just merely trying to survive. The Powers watched, but did not interfere, since it seemed that even with the bonding that they had not foreseen, the new entity and the demon essence were still doing what they wanted. They just made sure that their own Champions stayed clear of this new player.

Sineya largely ignored humans unless they attacked her first, however they struck often. Her behavior and appearance was anomalous. She remained independent and had features reminiscent of the demons. This otherness inspired constant aggression and assaults. So, other than saving their useless lives and accepting their sometimes surprising generosity, she kept herself separated from them. Until she grew older and certain urges became too great to ignore. Then she took what she needed, never lacking in willing bedmates, both male and female. Some Daxas wanted, and even some that she wanted for herself.

Until there was one that they both wanted equally.

The first time they saw her, she was bound and gagged, trussed up to be a sacrifice to a Demon Lord. Sineya had waited for days in silent stillness for a horde to retrieve the female. Even weakened from exposure to the elements and lack of nourishment, the woman had fought every moment until the demons grew tired of it and knocked her out.

The first time they locked eyes with the woman, both Sineya and Daxas laid claim to her, knowing that they wouldn't be abandoning her to whatever fate befell her after they dealt with the Demon Lord. Things worked out just fine in that regard, since the woman had no inclination to return to the people that had given her up for sacrifice anyway.

The Powers did not take any heed to the obvious attachment Sineya had made with the human. It was not hindering her calling, and therefore was of no importance to them. Their relationship slowly evolved from savage rescuer and grateful, but reluctant servant, to companionship, and finally to lovers. The Powers continued to let them be, until the woman, the human, astonishingly conceived, and the new life suddenly blazed over their awareness like a raging inferno. It was not long before their counterparts demanded a meeting. It became quickly apparent that the new life had set off their alarms as well.

Finally taking a closer look at the situation, and at their creation, they discovered that a side effect of using the essence of one of the Gar'Nahor-Koros was that, although they had removed the ability to draw out the essence of others, the entity could still absorb the essence of others that was released upon death. The entity was abnormally powerful. Much more powerful that any of them had ever intended. That power, coupled with what little power Daxas still retained, had somehow allowed Sineya to impregnate her lover. Barely formed, the entity within the unborn was already more powerful than when it was first created, but it was also coupled with a capacity of darkness that would rival even Daxas at his worst.

"The offspring will need to be watched." The Powers realized among themselves.

"The offspring should be ours!" The Partners decreed. They did not know how or what had created this being, but they wanted it for themselves. Her potential for their 'cause' would be without bounds if nurtured properly. "The essence is nearly as dark as our most powerful."

The Powers looked to one another, realizing that with the human soul and the Slayer entity, their counterparts could not recognize one that was truly their own. "The path has not been set. As a human, even with the inherent Darkness in its essence, there is the possibility that it will walk a path of Light. We can only wait and see."

As much as they disliked it, the Partners knew that they spoke the truth. It was the same for all beings born, even those born of the purest Light or the purest Darkness. However, just because they could not claim this essence immediately, did not mean that they could not 'direct' her into their clutches. Discretely, of course.

The child born turned out to be unclaimable to either side, something that had never happened before. It had the Slayer entity, and only part of Daxas that was necessary, since the bulk of Daxas’ essence was sentient and had chosen to remain with Sineya. The child had the natural instincts of a Champion, but no moral compass to be guided by, and tended to kill humans that she considered evil as well as demons. As the Powers and the Partners watched, they came to a mutual conclusion that such a being could not be allowed to come into existence again.

They took all three into the neutral realm where they met. All they told their counterparts was that human mages had used their magics to create their own supernatural defender.

Not wishing to punish innocent beings for their miscalculation, the Powers denied the Partners choice of eliminating them all. Instead, they proposed another solution. Make it so that the Slayer entity passed through Death instead of through Life. They began the Slayer Line through Sineya rather than her offspring, since Sineya was claimed and the child is not. Furthermore, upon Sineya's death, Daxas would be further bound into the Slayer entity, so that he would be unable to influence another soul. This part, the Powers did alone, still not wishing their counterparts to discover the full extent of what they had done. And, although they could not stop the entity from absorbing essences of those that she destroyed, they could use the human soul as a filter so that only a fraction of the essence actually made it through. Meaning, that the power would grow slowly and over time instead of with each kill.

The Partners, however, were discussing between them concerns of their own. This was a type of opponent that their forces had never encountered before. They could not deny their counterparts their warriors, but they needed some way to neutralize this particular one as much as possible. In their opinion, there could never again be a Champion this powerful that was not under their control.

"What can we do?" The Hart his compatriots.

"We need to put in place something or someone to control this being," the Wolf responded, "but we must be subtle about this."

"What about those that they were created to protect." The Ram suggested slyly. "They are corruptible in their own right. A little nudge here and there from us, and the humans will keep this Champion at a relatively low power level, and all under the guise of 'guidance'."

The Wolf looked impressed. "We will do that but, as I said, we will have to be subtle."

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