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Dark Evolution

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Summary: What happened that was so bad, the Powers and the Partners worked together to correct? What was the result of their solution?

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Marvel Universe > X-Men > Buffy-CenteredGypsyDruidFR181120,740159443,41128 Feb 111 Sep 12No

Chapter Four

Chapter Four

It had taken the combined efforts of the Powers appealing to the Champion that she had been, even going so far as to tell her that if the demon took over, then the one she'd given her life for would suffer as well, to the Partners fast-talking to convince Buffy to go along with their hastily concocted plan.

With Buffy's cooperation came the Slayer entity's, and that had been the essential factor in the merge. With the resistance it had already been displaying, and the fact Buffy had managed to wake up when she should not have been able to, both sides suspected that even their combined power would not be able to contain them, including the demon essence, should they have resisted during the procedure.

Once the cooperation of Buffy and the Slayer entity was assured, the Powers and their Counterparts used their power to call forth the demon essence still struggling within its bonds, but it was Buffy's will and the Slayer entity's refusal to submit that kept the essence distracted enough to give the Powers and Partners the opportunity to do what they were planning to do.

It knocked the newly remade Buffy completely out of it, and the next thing she knew, she was staring at the ceiling of a comfortable looking hotel room, occupied by herself and a familiar, yet still badly dressed balance demon.

"Whistler." She acknowledged, her voice flat and devoid of any nuance of emotion.

It unnerved the usually unflappable balance demon. He was used to her threatening painful dismemberment as soon as she sensed his presence, and oddly found himself wishing for her to do it now. "Slayer."

There was a brief flicker of... something in her eyes at the title, but it was gone before he could see what it was.

"The Powers and the Partners have done as much as they could." Whistler finally began. "This dimension has no ties to our type supernatural, but it does have its own, so we have no way of knowing how you will adapt and evolve here. The humans here are at the beginnings of an evolutionary jump, so you're 'uniqueness' won't destabilize the Universal Laws of this dimension."

The young woman in front of him didn't respond. She just listened and watched him with unnerving intensity.

Forcing his growing unease down, he continued, "I'll still be keeping an eye on little sis, and I suspect that this was just the thing to give the others the wake-up call the needed to get out of all this..."

He was about to continue, but the look that flashed across her face was of such pain and rage that he realized that, even though the human part of her still loved them, she really didn't care what happened to them now.

"Dawn is mine." Buffy finally spoke. There was an imperious demand in her voice that surprised him as much as the blatant claim. "Bring her to me."

"Believe me, she wanted to come," Whistler responded after a moment, "but like I told her, she was created from the fabric of that dimension, and would revert back to a state of energy if she was moved."

Buffy rose to her feet, oblivious to her nakedness, in the graceful, fluid motion of all predators. Whistler found himself mesmerized. She had been approaching that level as a Slayer, but hadn't yet quite reached. "Then construct her a body of this dimension, and bring her to me."

"Can't do that, kid." Whistler said, swallowing down an undignified squeak of fear as she approached him slowly. "It would screw up the personality of the avatar. Believe me, she's better off staying there."

Buffy stared at him for a moment, weighing the truth in his words. He was about to start fidgeting when she finally blinked and nodded. "Watch over her, Whistler. I can still feel her, even now, and if something happens to her, your ribcage will be the least of your worries."

He explained a little more to her, including the fact that once he left, there would be no more visits since the dimension had a very limited tolerance for the mystical forces not natural to the dimension, and her very presence was already stretching that capacity.

They had left her with an ID, a hefty amount of money, in cash, for some reason, and a motorcycle license instead of one for a four-wheeled automobile, under the new name that she had requested: Trinity Cacciatrice.

Once she felt sufficiently recovered, she ventured out to take in this new dimension that she had been exiled to. The first thing that really caught her attention was a news cast about people referred to as Mutants. People with extraordinary abilities or 'unique' physical features that was caused by something that genetists called the 'X' gene. Supposedly, they were the next step in human evolution. Although, why the 'next step in human evolution' would cause a perfectly normal human to look like a demon was beyond her, but at least she knew now why the Powers felt that it was okay to drop her here.

Besides, this world had its own brand of supernatural. She could feel herself tuning into and adjusting to it. 

Since she was currently flush in the money department, she decided to travel for a while before making any decisions. She was checking out and returning her room key when the concierge informed her that something had been left for her in the hotel safe. Vaguely curious, she had them retrieve it. There were papers which named her the sole heiress to very, very substantial family fortune, after the deaths of her entire family, only recently released to her in full. The last things she found was, to her faint surprise, a Visa card and an American Express card, and they were both BLACK.

There was a note between the credit cards.

'We are aware that our opposites have little belief in material comfort. We, however, are not so small-minded. Please enjoy.' -The Senior Partners, Wolfram & Hart

Buffy's lip curled in a barely there smirk of amusement as she wondered if the PTB knew, or how they would react if they found out, that their enemies had just set her up for life. Also included was a contract for a lawyer. According to the note attached, Lindsay McDonald's objectivity had been unacceptably compromised by falling in love with a woman that they had been using as bait for a target. He was completely human, but his soul, and therefore his life, was bound to the contract. It could only be destroyed, which was the only way he could be permanently killed, by the owner of the contract.

The first thing she decided that she needed, was transportation. Making an inquiry at the front desk, she had them call her a cab to take her to the nearest motorcycle dealership. She had gotten her love of motorcycles from Pike, and had never forgotten the Harleys that he'd always coveted and shown her every chance he got. While his passion had been Harleys, the Slayer relished in the speed of the ‘crotch rockets’. He had taught her how to ride before she'd forced herself to return home, only to face the consequences of saving her school mates.

She shook those thoughts away. That life was gone, and there was no point on dwelling on such things. She used the cash that the Powers had left her to pay for the bike out right, settling on a Ducati 90 SS with all the available amenities. With a few thousand left after the purchase, she walked to a nearby mall while they detailed the bike. She needed travel clothes and amenities. For some reason, she still felt cooped up. She wanted to get out and see what was out there, in a way that she'd never allowed herself to think about when she was shackled to the Hellmouth because of her 'duty'.

She was in the mall when she felt it. The tingling of her senses that usually meant that there was a demon close by. With more focus and control than she'd ever had as merely Buffy, Trinity quickly located the person that had set off her 'spidey senses'. She was quite ordinary looking, and didn't look like she was any danger whatsoever. There were others, some abrading her senses more than others. Remembering what she'd seen on the news, she figured that the stronger sensations were from those who's 'mutant' power had already emerged.

She forced herself to move off to the side and out of view, leaning against the wall as she struggled to regain control of base instincts abruptly clamoring inside of her. Suddenly, she was beginning to understand just what drove the demons of her old world; at least, when it came to corrupting innocence. There were some people here that just gave off such purity of essence that she wanted to devour it, make it hers, shape it to her will. There was such potential in the untarnished. Whether it was untouched power or simply an untainted outlook of the world around them. She could easily pick them out in even a crowd as big as this one.

Fortunately for them, she might not have much in the way of morals or overly abundant in ethics anymore, but part of the Champion that she had been still remained. She forced down those instincts as best she could, and forced herself back out of the mall. She’d order whatever she needed from off the internet.

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