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Dark Evolution

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Summary: What happened that was so bad, the Powers and the Partners worked together to correct? What was the result of their solution?

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Marvel Universe > X-Men > Buffy-CenteredGypsyDruidFR181120,740159443,45228 Feb 111 Sep 12No

Chapter Five (Warning: Mentions of rape)

A/N: From here on out, please don’t bother me with how out-of-character Trinity (formally known as Buffy) is supposedly acting. I know how she’s acting. I wrote her that way.

Chapter Five

Trinity lounged in her seat in the upper VIP level of the nightclub, her eyes drifting idly over the grinding bodies on the dance floor below.

She was in the mood for a challenge tonight. Maybe even a virgin, if she could find herself one.

Five years ago today, she had been changed and exiled to this dimension. Not that she was complaining, or anything.

Although the merging of her Human soul, the Slayer entity and the reawakened demon essence had been successful, as far as they could tell (seeing as how it had never before been considered, much less attempted), neither the Powers nor the Partners knew what possible side effects she was in store for.

Shortly after her arrival, however, one had become glaringly obvious. Late one night, while traveling down a back road, a group of bikers had surrounded her with the intentions of taking her bike, her possessions and 'having some fun'. With a smile that would have sent the underworld residents of Sunnydale running in terror, Trinity proceeded to beat them all up and down the road, leaving three of them dead, one probably permanently paralyzed, if he lived, for shooting her in the back, and the two who had wanted to 'have some fun', had been quite effectively, if messily, castrated.

Her reaction to being threatened, regardless of how ineffective she knew the threats were, had been made without thought. Ruthless, relentless and without a twinge of guilt or remorse.

Even more telling was how much she had enjoyed destroying the scum that had tried to challenge her. She had relished in the scent of blood in her nostrils and the feel of it on her skin with an enjoyment that would have horrified her old self. In this new personality of hers, however, it had released a tension that she hadn't even realized had been building. The need to hunt that she had gotten from the Slayer and the need to destroy that she had 'inherited' from the demon essence.

In the time that she'd been here, she'd slowly adjusted to living again. She had found it much easier than she'd expected with her sudden lack of inhibitions and morals, although the sights and scents and sounds of the world around her still sometimes pressed in on her like shards of jagged glass. Now, though, she slept with whoever she wanted, bought and did whatever she wanted and the occasional hunt and kill helped too.

That had been the hardest part of her new personality to adjust to, the need to hunt and to kill. She had retained enough of what had made her a Champion to need to protect the innocent, but there were no demons here. Luckily, with that lack of morals, human prey became a viable option and, to date, police in several states were still stumped over the brutal and graphic murders of a couple of serial killers and rapist and high profile, always get off on technicalities, murderers. All found with irrefutable evidence of their crimes, usually by her leaving her victims in their own 'trophy rooms'.

Her victims may have died graphically and brutally, but that didn't mean that they should be sympathized over.

Those who targeted children had simply never been found. Even the darkest part of her psyche rejected the violation of one's own young, and hurting children in general had always been a particular trigger for her.

Besides, she found this new violence fed something fundamental inside of her, which she apparently needed to keep that darkest part of herself in check. She discovered that the longer she held off indulging that part of her, the more the darkness grew, making her already homicidal tendencies much more volatile and sadistic, and a lot less discerning.

Mentally dismissing her ruminations, Trinity's eyes were drawn to a lithe body grinding back against her dance partner to the hard beat of the music. At first glance, the girl looked about nineteen or twenty, but looking past the make-up and sexy clothes, Trinity guessed that she was at least a couple of years younger.

Behind her shades, her eyes caressed over sweat glistening skin as she moved, tracing full, generous breasts and flexing, deliciously defined abs. The girl was obviously healthy and in good shape. Nice, she thought, unconsciously licking her lips.

"You are beginning to smoke, Mistress." A low voice said from behind her left.

A glance down her hand curled around her empty glass showed that, not only was all her ice melted, but her hand had indeed began to smoke.

"Thanks, Angelo." She said to the young man that had taken it upon himself to be her 'bodyguard'. "We wouldn't want to accidentally burn the place down, now would we? The insurance premium would just skyrocket."

It had been mere coincidence that Trinity had chosen the surname of one of the most prosperous and wealthy families in Italy, one that had died off only recently. The W&H Senior Partners had quickly taken advantage of her random choice, and established her identity as the sole remaining heir.

Lindsay, who she had taken an instant liking to, had found himself a law firm with guidelines almost as questionable as Wolfram & Hart, but not quite. Not surprising, considering just who the backers of his previous employers were, but they were good enough, or bad enough, whichever way you chose to look at it. By bringing such a powerful and wealthy client as Trinity with him, he was immediately hired, and his natural skill in the courtroom had him climbing the ladder of corporate success quickly. Simply put, he could take a serial killer that had been caught red-handed, standing over a bound body, covered in his victim's blood with his hands still on the murder weapon, and convince a jury that it was all a case of either mistaken identity or self defense.

Wolfram & Hart trained their lawyers well.

After Trinity finally took a good look at her 'family's' assets, she discovered that she now owned numerous businesses and real estate all over the world. Most were legitimate, some weren't, and there were ties to several of the more powerful, but less known, Mafia families.

Over the years, she had made use of new contacts in both worlds, and in the process, had made quite a life for herself. A request from one of those contacts, also led to the discovery of some nifty new abilities and the beginning of a lucrative hobby.

The Hellfire was a reddish-black flame that engulfed her body when she was truly enraged. The first time she had called it, quite unintentionally, was in New York. At the request of someone that had been instrumental in several of her 'hunts', she had gone to the Big Apple to search for his daughter, who had gone suddenly missing. The young woman had won an all expense paid trip to a sporting event. She had made it to the event, but disappeared soon after.

- Flashback -

Starting at the daughter's last confirmed location, the hotel room, Trinity drew in the essence of her quarry and began her search. She tracked the girl to an inconspicuous, yet heavily guarded condominium apartment building upstate. The part of Trinity that relished pain, terror and suffering, was quickly subsumed by an overwhelming rage as she realize that her friend's child had been enslaved into a whore house that specialized in non-consensual encounters for the wealthy willing to pay a fortune to rape. The Champion in her experienced bitter revulsion. Trinity felt something slip into place. She realized then, she had limits in what she would let be. Some evils were utterly intolerable and could not be in the same space as herself. Molding an innocent had its time and joys, but she would not allow this wholesale violation of the blameless. The building reeked with a powerful call and need for intervention and vengeance. The flavor was deeply ingrained into its surface by the suffering of long lost inhabitants and the newer victims of these modern barbarians. She was compelled to act.

Her sharp senses picked up every scream, cry, whimper and thud of flesh on flesh, even muffled through the soundproof walls. Every breath she took brought the scent of cum, sweat, blood and terror. A red haze fogged her vision as rage built with each step she took. Unbeknownst to her, her eyes turned from her natural hazel, to a pale gold, and finally to a deep crimson blood-red. The first man to attack her found himself shoved face first into a wall, until it cracked and compressed around his skull. He was left in that hole, dangling off his feet, as Trinity moved to the next man.

A backhand sent the second guy flying across the room before she stumbled backwards from a bullet that struck her in the shoulder. Her shoulder and arm twitched as the wound healed almost immediately. Then, the men stared on in horror her body transformed before their eyes. A liquid-like covering quickly grew, seemingly from inside the wound, to cover her from neck to feet, and her fingers turned into wicked looking talons.

Shaking off their shock, and desperately swallowing their fear, her adversaries began firing at her again; only to find, to their horror, that the weird growth was some kind of body armor that even their armor piercing 'cop killer' bullets couldn't seem to penetrate.

She swept through the men like the proverbial Angel of Death, and continued her way up the stairs. With each step, the scents and sounds became more intense, and her rage grew, until she felt like it was burning through her like a wild fire. She didn't even notice when a new scent filtered into her senses. The scents of burning flesh and wood and stone. New men coming to defend their ‘business’ took one look at her and ran in the other direction. Those patrons curious enough to stop what they were doing to find the source of the unusual distractions, which were finally filtering through the top-of-the-line soundproofed walls, quickly scrambled back into their rooms in terror, hoping the devastation would pass them by. Although there was the occasional person who simply watched, assured that their position in life would protect them from anything.

She laughed in pleasure as the pain and terror and death being dealt by her hands began to feed that part of her that needed such things. She gave free reign to that dark part of her, retaining just enough control not to forget why she was there and that there were innocents to be spared. It was something that she had refrained from doing until then, and it turned out to be a revelation unto itself, releasing abilities that she had been unaware that she'd 'inherited' along with her dark needs, and the last barrier between the true and complete merger of the Demon and the Champion within her.

The red-black flames started at her hands. It quickly spread to engulf her entire body before spilling out onto the floor and began greedily consuming anything in it's path. She grabbed one of her attackers by the throat, and he screamed in agony as her flames forced its way into him through his mouth, nose and eyes. She set him on his feet and continued on, while his body spasmed in place for a moment. Then bolts of flame sparked from him, fired in deliberate motions, arcing around to set blaze to his nearer associates.

She created more just like the fiery was-human, as she moved and set them to do her will. The bullets that struck these creatures spilled not blood, but flares of red-black flames. Once all of the 'guards' were dead, dying or under her control, she began issuing orders to her 'minions'.

<<Bring the innocents to me. Find me this girl.>>

Trinity envisioned the young woman that she was searching for. There was no verbal response, just as she had offered no verbal order, but her commands were carried out by both transformed minions and elemental fire. Aware now that this blaze bowed to her, she directed the flames to block any avenue of escape, parting only for her minions carrying theirs burdens. Trinity arranged a safe zone in the lobby.

Trinity sensed immediately when the girl was found. She was in one of the back rooms. The Champion could not wait on the minions. She moved, as fast as flame, until she was there. At the sight of the young woman, Trinity was unable to withhold punishment. In a renewed flare of fury, she set the room aflame, including the man cowering in the corner, and spared only the girl.

At eighteen, the girl had been very beautiful. More importantly, she had been a virgin. Patrons had been on her in a steady, continuous stream since her arrival. She was bruised from face to thighs and bleeding from every orifice. Contusions, bloody wounds and deep scratches made it evident that she had fought back, until the fight had been raped out of her. Now the girl was close to catatonic. Without pausing to even wonder how she was doing it, Trinity pushed back the flames engulfing her own body to lift the girl into her arms, at first ignoring the pained and frightened whimpering. When she did perceive the girl's reaction, the Champion-Demon's rage escalated to new heights. The flames renewed, flickering its protective aura in a tight embrace of them both. Trinity inhaled deeply, drawing the knowledge of the girl's violators deep into her being. She would hunt them down and make them pay for what they had done to this innocent.

- End Flashback -

Trinity smiled in remembrance. Opening a pathway, she let the flames guide the traumatized women to that safe space she had made. She followed them, carrying the girl, until she was nearly out of the building. She then set her minions on the 'patrons.' Basking in the torment, she loosed terrible immolation upon the perpetrators. Holding the girl to her, she allowed her Hellfire free, glorious reign. She burned everything above the lobby, leaving just enough for positive identifications of each patron in the room they had been in. Picking up the duffel bag of security footage that she'd had one of the now disposed of fire-minions place outside, she warned the newly freed women to remain in the area she had created for them and disappeared into the darkness with the girl in her arms, just as sirens from fire trucks and police rang though the night.

Whenever the news released the identity of one of the remains left behind and the outcries began, demanding justice, Trinity released the footage of the identified, revealing that 'justice' had already been served.

It had taken some time, but Trinity eventually learned to control both the body armor and her Hellfire. Generating the 'fire had been simple, since the 'fire was fueled by her rage, and she had more than enough of that to spare, but now she could call and control the Hellfire at will, no matter her state of mind. She could control the temperature of the 'fire, to just warm enough to be felt to hot enough to melt steel or turn sand to glass. She could even make temporary constructs, capable of seeing, hearing and even tactile sensation.

Since then, she'd made quite a little career for herself on similar 'rescue' missions. Those little ventures to further fed that part of her that needed to hunt and kill. Even though she really didn't need the money, she charged exorbitant fees for her 'retrievals.' Each adventure usually consisted of world travel and infiltrating militia groups, cults and other mysterious havens. The only exception she made towards price, was for kidnapped or murdered children.

That was how she'd ended up with Angelo and his kin. She'd been in Italy to check on the 'family estate', when she had been contacted by one of the Families with whom she remained in contact. His eleven year old Goddaughter had been raped and left for dead. Having been instrumental in more than a few of her 'jobs', she was asked to find the monster that had done the deed and deliver him, alive. Luckily for her, there had been more to it than that. It turned out, that the depredation had been done at the order of a rival Family, and while Trinity had delivered the man who issued the command, she had the pleasure of dealing with the actual rapist herself.

She had left the man alive as part of his punishment. Killing him would have been too quick. She wanted him to suffer for the rest of his life like the little girl would. So, she'd used her Hellfire to 'remove' that part that had caused so much pain. She'd burned his cock and testicles down to his body, taking her time so that he remained conscious for the entire agonizing process. She made sure that the area was cauterized so that he'd would definitely live, even if he didn't wish to, and ensured that he was delivered to a surgeon capable of making sure that he could see to certain needs and keep his mouth shut afterwards. A family man himself, which to Trinity's mind only made his crime worse, she swore to him that if he committed suicide, she'd do the same thing to his son as soon as he was old enough for it to matter.

The memory still made her grin as she wondered what he told his wife.

When the DiBiasi family was told what she'd done for their youngest child, they pledged the whole family to her service. They had not been wealthy people, and that had been the only thing they felt they could offer for the magnitude of what Trinity had done, even though she told them that it really had been her pleasure. In the end, she accepted since they wouldn't give up. She got the girls into good schools and made sure that the youngest got the therapy that she needed. Then she smoothed the way so the parents could take care of their wounded daughter, even going so far as to move them to the town where their daughters' school was located. Their son, Angelo, decided that he would be her bodyguard, even after discovering just how much she really didn't need one.

Tamping down her inner fire, Trinity turned her attention back to the pretty young thing that had initially captured her attention. She was moving off the dance floor towards the rest room, and her previous dance partner was following, not far behind.

Trinity stood to follow. People moved out of her way with an instinctive avoidance that the majority of them weren't even aware of. If he was after her chosen prey, well, that just wouldn't do. That young woman was going to be wrapped around her body tonight, not his.
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