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Dark Evolution

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Summary: What happened that was so bad, the Powers and the Partners worked together to correct? What was the result of their solution?

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Marvel Universe > X-Men > Buffy-CenteredGypsyDruidFR181120,740159443,41128 Feb 111 Sep 12No

Chapter Six

Chapter Six

When Trinity reached the restroom area, she found something that made her smile in a cruel sort of delight. The man she had come to 'dissuade' had her prey trapped against the wall in the darkness, past the bathroom doors. One hand was over the girl's mouth while the other was forcing her struggling legs apart. As she approached them on silent feet, she pulled a stiletto from it's hidden sheath in her belt.

"Come on, baby, calm down. You know you want this, or you wouldn't have been teasing me like that on the floor."

He froze when the tip of a blade pressed against the base of his spine, and a dark, sultry voice spoke in his ear.

"I'm sure she does want it." Trinity said. Her voice and the whisper of her breath against his neck made him shudder. "She wants it about as much as you want me to remove your spinal cord and hang you with it."

He merely laughed in amusement, his body already shifting to diamond-hardness in response to the threat. "You're going to need more than that little toothpick, babe. Now, run along, and when I'm finished here, I'll come find you."

Trinity smirked at his arrogance. She had already sensed the shift in his body and felt that there was no longer any give in the flesh her blade was pressed against. Imbuing her weapon with a bit of her Hellfire, she pressed again. She inhaled deeply, taking in the sent of his sudden surge of fear when his diamond-hard flesh was penetrated and blood began to trickle down his lower back. She sent another tendril of Hellfire down the blade, and it entered his body through the cut.

His lust died as fear flooded his brain and killed all traces of arousal, but then his self confidence kicked back in.

"Do you know who my father is?" He said arrogantly, phasing his body into intangibility to remove the blade. "Anything happens to me and you won't live past the next hour, and this hole in the wall will be nothing but ashes."

He gasped in pain as it felt like fire was suddenly worming along his veins. The pain was so intense that his body reverted back to normal as he lost concentration and collapsed to his knees.

"Does that feel like I care who your father is?" Trinity growled. "Run along, little puppy, before I spank you on the nose,” her voice lowered menacingly, “with your spleen. And if I see you in my club again, I'll set you ablaze from the inside and send your shell back to dear daddy gift-wrapped with a bow and a Child Rearing For Dummies book, because he obviously forgot to teach you some manners. Whoever he is."

The young man may have been spoiled out of all good sense of right and wrong, but he was obviously not stupid. She could practically read his mind as he realized that it would be better for him to let it go now, and return later with the wrath of his seemingly powerful father at his back. He lifted his hands to show his cooperation, however unwilling, and backed away slowly, his hard gaze never leaving the surprisingly familiar face of the little blonde that had been behind him. "You're going to regret this." He assured her as he disappeared into the crowd.

With that, she dismissed him from her consideration and turned her attention to the pretty thing that she had rescued. Over the years, as she came into her new personality and her new powers, she realized a simple truth. She could protect the innocents from anyone and anything, but not from herself. She quickly found that she had little use for people outside of those she claimed, other than sex and amusement, but once an outsider captured her attention, she indulged her desires fully and without consideration, whether for their company, their pleasure or their pain. She talked, she seduced, she tortured (in both the good way and the bad) and she killed. Life was good.

At first she wondered if that was something that she should be worried about, but quickly figured that if she had to ask herself that, she obviously wasn't worried about it. Therefore, she merely acknowledged this new facet of herself and made sure that she did not corrupt those within her circle of protection unintentionally, especially the still impressionable young children of the family who had pledged themselves to her service.

Hiding her own intentions behind a mask of concern, most of it unfelt, she asked, "Are you okay?"

~~~ BtVS ~~ X-Men ~~~

Shinobi Shaw seethed all the way back to the Manor, breaking nearly every speeding law in the books and nearly causing several car crashes without care. That bitch was going to pay for what she'd done to him, but first he needed to find out what she'd done to him. Somehow, she'd managed to hurt him in both forms; something that no one had ever done before.

Storming through the main hall of the Hellfire Club to the medical room, he whipped off his shirt and snapped at one of the attendants. "That bitch did something to me. Find it and fix it." Being the son of the Black King had its benefits. The attendant began working without comment.

When the bed was pulled out of the body scanner, his father was waiting.

"What happened?" Sebastian Shaw, Black King of the Hellfire Club's elite Inner Circle, demanded of his son.

"I was after this little cocktease when this bitch puts a knife in my back and threatens to hang me with my own spinal cord if I didn't let the whore go."

"Why didn't you shift?"

"I did shift, Father." Shinobi rolled his eyes. "She did something to the blade to make it penetrate. Fucking thing felt like it was on fire. Then I went intangible to get the knife out of my back, and it felt like my insides were burning."

Before Sebastian could respond, the medical attendant cleared his throat respectfully to gain their attention. "Speak," commanded the Black King.

"We can not tell what was done to him, Lord Shaw, but the scans indicate that his nerves were exposed to some type of heat source."

“Who has done this?” Shaw demanded.

“That Italian bitch that Frosty’s always drooling over.” Shinobi told him, as he suddenly realized where he had seen that woman before. “She didn’t even recognize me.”

Sebastian knew immediately who his son referred to. There was only one Italian woman that their White Queen favored these days. Trinity Cacciatrice, the young money tree with connections to most of those who held the reigns of the Italian underworld. Emma liked her because she could not read her. The young woman was psychically invisible, according to the White Queen, and it was a refreshing challenge to not be able to anticipate the other’s actions. According to Gabrielle, his personal assistant, Ms. Cacciatrice did not possess the x-gene, and so he had her watched, but dismissed her for his long term plans.

Apparently, that may have been premature.

“Call in the Healer.” Shaw ordered the attendant as he turned to leave.

“Father,” Shinobi called out, “what about this insult? It must be answered.”

“This is a situation of your making, Shinobi.” Shaw told him. “You wished for your entrance into the Inner Circle to be taken into consideration, but first you must prove that you are capable of taking care of your own problems. I suggest you handle it yourself.”

Shinobi snarled at the retreating back of his father. The old man wanted him to prove himself, well fine then. He'd prove himself, get into the Inner Circle, and then he would thoroughly enjoy the look on his old man's face when he took his place as the Black King.

Shaw entered his office and turned to his assistant. "Do a more in-depth background on Trinity Cacciatrice. It seems that there is more to her than we expected."

"My Lord?" The young woman questioned even as she began to follow the order.

"It seems that the young lady has hidden depths. You are sure that she is not a mutant, but she has some power. She has managed to harm Shinobi, despite his abilities."

"There is nothing in her DNA that would indicate an embodied source of power. Did he say how she accomplished this?"

"He doesn't know." Shaw told her. "All he knows is that she was able to do something to a blade that allowed it to penetrate his diamond-hard form, and whatever it was also managed to affect him even when he turned intangible. He said that it felt as if he was on fire from the inside. The medical attendant says that his nerves look as if they had been exposed to a source of heat."

Shaw's assistant, a young mutant that could sense other mutants and gauge their power levels, had been listening and working at the same time. She was trained to compartmentalize and do multiple things with equal concentration. She sent her searches through every database around the world. There was little that she had not already uncovered. Trinity was the youngest child of a wealthy Italian entrepreneur, who had made his fortune through both legal and illegal means. He had been known to be a man of his word, who, once that word was given, could never be bought or threatened unless betrayed first. As such, he had wielded his own type of power, able to ask for and receive any manner of favor or retribution without getting his own hands dirty. A completely neutral party, he had been, in some ways, more powerful than the actual Families, since no one would touch him or his family without fear of retribution from the others.

Trinity inherited everything when the family had died in a plane crash from Italy to America. They were on their way to join their youngest child, who had gone a week before with her maternal grandmother. The grandmother had been a wealthy New York matron who wielded considerable power in her own right. She had died suddenly of a massive stroke while the two had been at a charity event. In less than a week’s time, the young woman had lost all of her family, and become one of the wealthiest people in the world at the same time.

For the most part, she ignored her family's businesses. She had an overall CEO, a woman named Sage, who seemed to be the young woman's closest and most trusted associate, along with her own personal attorney, who handled all of her legal affairs. There were rumors that a few of the original managers of some of the companies had disappeared, presumably after being caught doing something that the two women did not approve of, but nothing had been confirmed.

There was no indication of mutant ability, genetic enhancement, or mystical power in the family. While Gabrielle could tell that there was something dangerous about the young woman, one of her own talents was the ability to sense other mutants, and Trinity Cacciatrice did not ping that sense at all. Therefore, it took her by surprise to find out that she possessed power of any kind. Being psychically invisible to the White Queen's telepathy had not been an indicator. There were a few, very rare, non-mutants that were naturally immune to mental manipulation of any type.

The few times that Gabrielle had come into contact with the young woman, one thing had stood out from all else, however. Trinity Cacciatrice was, by most anyone else's standards, an amoral young woman with no use for anyone that did not pique her interest. In Gabrielle’s estimation, the young woman was probably more dangerous than most of the Inner Circle.

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