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Enigma: Agent of Sheldon

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This story is No. 3 in the series "Enigma". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: Colonel Furry asked for some help nicely for a change.

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Marvel Universe > GeneralbatzulgerFR1564,83388224,21128 Feb 115 Jul 11Yes


I hate jumping out of perfectly good airplanes. I much rather would be riding in First Class and having a complimentary refreshing adult beverage, but what does Nick ever think of my wishes?

So here I am plummeting out of a stealth transport high above the earth at terminal velocity. Some days it's just not worth answering the phone.

"Mmmph?" That's my patented 'just been woken up on a Saturday morning when I should be doing the contentedly snoozing next to my gf' phone answering voice.

"Morning Enigma."

"Furry?" I shook my head to get my brains realigned into a somewhat working state and checked my watch, "Why are you calling me at...six am on a Saturday? Does Sheldon know you have a death wish?"

"No need for violence. I have a job opportunity for you, two days tops."

"At six am there is always a need for violence. Just be thankful Jen's still asleep."

"Now listen up, will ya' do the job or do I gotta manipulate some amateur into it?"

He would do it too. I sighed. At least I knew my survival abilities were good enough to keep me up and fighting the Hulk's cousin without dying.

"What is the job Nick? Anymore stalling and I'll wake Jen up."

"Real simple. It's just an escort mission. Ya' get one of my people to a building in Europe and then bring 'em back when they're done with what they gotta do."

"Why not use one of your people?"

"Ahh, th' place is kinda unfriendly to us S.H.I.E.L.D. types. Kinda shoot on sight ya' see. You'd be fine though. Yer low profile will help there."

'Exactly where in Europe Nick?" I felt a sense of dread filling me.

"Little place called Latveria. Ya' ever heard of it?"

And she's back...

Of course I don't own BtVS or Marvel...that would be silly.
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