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Whistling Past Death

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Summary: An epic story surrounding Faith and journey towards finding her way back to Willow and the Scoobies. Of course she wouldn’t be a Scooby without a major changes along the way, complete with dimension-jumping, a Lover with issues of her own, a Pack, and her

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Anita Blake > Faith-Centered
Movies > AVP: Alien vs. Predator
blackgrlFR214364,47676427,5291 Mar 1121 Jul 11Yes

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Chapter One

X-Over: BTVS, Anita Blake-verse, Post- Aliens vs Predator I
Pairing: Willow/Faith/Alexa Woods
Some Parts are DEFINITELY: DON'T READ AT WORK. I promise to let you know.

Summary: An epic story surrounding Faith and journey towards finding her way back to Willow and the Scoobies. Of course she wouldn’t be a Scooby without a major changes along the way, complete with dimension-jumping, a Lover with issues of her own, a Pack, and her Something else hitching a ride with her Inner-Slayer—namely a Hell-Hound.

*I'd like to send a shout-out to BearBlue, who was a life-saver in stimulating my muse when she became 'stubborn' in some places.

*Disclaimer: As cool as the idea might be; I make NO money and claim no ownership from the various 'Verses and characters of BTVS: Joss Whedon, Aliens vs Predator: 20th Century Fox, Davis Entertainment, & Impact Pictures, and Anita Blake: Laurel K. Hamilton.

**Any and all mistakes are my own. Feedback is TRULY appreciated.


Faith was bored and perhaps lonely. But she’d only admit that under pain of death. She sat hunched in a motel, watching crappy television, while drinking a beer. She thought about heading over to the local bar to check out any possibilities for a good time, but frankly? That had gotten old a long time ago. Twinging a little from her earlier fight with a Rogue Slayer, she wondered what the Scoobies were up to. She’d spoken to Giles earlier, debriefed him on the situation as a cell of Slayers came to pick up the rogue.

“Faith, I do wish you’d return to Cleveland, settle down for a spell. You no longer have to live out of motels; you’ve earned the right for much more.”

Giles was as close to a father-figure as Faith has ever had, and aside from Dawn, Kennedy, and occasionally Willow, consistently kept in touch with her over the years since the implosion of Sunnydale. Kennedy was her buddy, co-trouble-maker, but now she was doing even more of the traveling-Slayer gig too. It turns out Kennedy and Willow have been havin’ problems; which included a couple of ‘indiscretions’ on Kennedy’s part, indiscretions that Willow doesn’t know about yet. After meeting up with Kennedy in Miami one night, the Slayer crying in Faith’s shoulder, it was also clear that things had been steadily cooling off between Kennedy and Willow the last couple of years, and Kennedy claimed her infidelity was an attempt to get a reaction from Willow. Faith thought that Kennedy was lucky Willow didn’t turn her into a frog. Apparently while Faith was consoling Kennedy, Willow left for an extended stay at a coven in India.

Things were once again… tense between her and the other Chosen Slayer, Buffy. A misunderstanding at their last mission together which resulted in Faith having to pretend to drown Buffy put Faith on Buffy’s shit-list again. Faith tried numerous times to explain only to watch as it fall on deaf ears. Of course it didn’t help that once Faith found out that Buffy was boneing that sweet, young, Slayer named Satsu, and Faith ribbing her conversion to the ‘other side’, only seemed to of enraged Buffy further.

Dawn simply rolled her eyes over the whole thing and thought Buffy was once again being an idiot. But she called Faith after every mission to debrief, emailed or texted her every day, and met up with Faith at least once every two weeks to update her on the goings-on of the New Council, which makes sense since Dawn was essentially her Watcher. Dawn was like a lil’ bit like that Garcia chick from that show Criminal Minds; always there if Faith needed information or support and Faith was grateful for that.

Xander was her fellow X-Box virtual teammate. Or at least that’s the way they stay connected. Xander travels the globe for newly activated Slayers. For a while he dropped out of contact from all of them as he attempted to grieve over Anya and all the trauma from fighting the First, and well, the trauma of being a Scooby too. Andrew was the Operations guy; he constructed new and wicked weapons while annoying everyone within a one mile radius. When he wasn’t doing that, he managed their Headquarters in Scotland with an irritating, really gay, hand. Although he does make the best pumpkin biscuits she’d ever tasted.

Then there was Willow; the main cause of her current discontent. She was one of those women whom got better with age and confidence. Being that she was the most powerful Witch in the Western Hemisphere, it made her… very attractive. It was a realization that sent Faith packing as soon as possible after her last visit to HQ. Her fiery red mane had been stylishly cut short, she no longer wore those hippie-peacenik outfits; instead she could be found in tight, dark designer jeans (compliments of Dawn), or a pair of leather pants for an evening out in Edinburgh. Not to mention her slighter-build had added womanly curves and muscles that had Faith’s hand itching to trace. Sighing, Faith thought this was a ridiculous obsession; Faith wasn’t the kind of girl Willow would be interested in; not with her past, of which Willow was very familiar with. Not to mention, Willow was rather… cordial towards Faith, giving Faith a clue that the attraction was all one-sided.

Nevertheless, it’d been a few months since she’d seen anyone from the Scooby-gang, aside from Giles and Dawn, and it was why she was sitting in decent motel, not too far from St. Louis, wishing she didn’t feel things like; loneliness. Then that’s when she heard the noise. An atypical noise near her door; breaking up the silence and an occasional car passing by. Tensing, Faith unhurriedly grabbed for her katana, slowly sliding it out of its protective sheath, and then stilling, waiting, trying to gauge what and where the noise was coming from. When she heard it again, except a little louder and more distinct, that’s when she smoothly and silently leapt from the bed into a fighter’s stance, readying the katana, on the balls of her feet, slowly moving towards the door.

However, when the door suddenly busted open what came through it began to worry Faith.
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