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By the Power

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Summary: This is just a quick little fic that was inspired by video sorting. Hope you enjoy this! I just realized there was a better place for this, ya me!

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By the Power

Disclaimer: 1a: a denial or disavowal of legal claim: relinquishment of or formal refusal to accept an

interest or estate. PS: I don’t anything except the wacky story idea!

OOC: The end, no sequels… this is meant to be mysterious so please don’t blurt out what this is crossed with in the review you hopefully will leave. Please take the time to leave a review, even a simple ‘I read this’ will put a smile on my face!

Eight Years Ago

Willow, Jesse and Xander are playing in the woods, hide & seek to be exact. It was a typical lazy summer day in Sunnydale, the three of them had nothing to do and all the time to do it. Xander was trying to find his two friends, well try is too strong of a word… Xander was strolling through the woods. He knew that they would lose interest in staying hidden soon and the game would end, why put effort into when he could have them do the work for him!

When Xander heard the noises coming from the bushes he ran over to take a look. To his surprise there was a large cat that had somehow gotten stuck in the thorny bush, when Xander went to help the little guy out it cringed away. Some gentle noises and patience on his part calmed the animal down and a few minutes later it was free. As Xander picked the cat up he realized it was just a baby, even though it was the size of a house cat it was practically a newborn! When Xander put him down, the cat got as close to him ass possible, so Xander sat down and put him in his lap.

Half an hour pas by without Xander even noticing he was too busy stroking his new buddy, Willow and Jesse had noticed though and had started looking for him. Xander was broken out of his trance like state when the cat literally cowered into him, so he looked up and greeted Willow with a sheepish grin. “Whose cat is that Xander? Why is he hiding? Did you find him here? Why didn’t you call us? He’s so cute, is he hiding from me? What’s his name? He looks hurt, is he hurt?”

Willow finally stopped to take a breath, Xander chuckled softy to himself there was nothing better then the sound of Willow-babble “I found him in the bushes over there, he got himself trapped somehow. I think I’m going to keep him, I’ve always wanted a pet.” The two friends turned as they heard Jesse yelling for them and the cat hid even deeper in Xander’s clothes… if that was possible! “As for his name… I think I’ll call him Cringer!”


Xander hated school, he hated everything about it ever since Teelina had presented him with the Sword of Power and told him of the truth behind Sunnyhell. Even with the ability to summon the sword Xander didn’t like to walk around without it strapped to his back, he hated not having Cringer at his side. It’s not like he needed to be here to learn Teelina took care of teaching him when he spent time with her at the castle. Xander sighed. ‘Another boring day at school, at least that new girl seemed interesting! She would have crushed my hand if I were a normal person still! What raw power!’

That’s when Xander heard Buffy and an unknown voice begin to argue. ‘So this is the Slayer that I’ve been waiting for! I think things are about to heat up at Hellmouth High. Perhaps I can finally reveal my other identity to somebody at long last!’
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