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Road Trip Gone... Huh...

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Summary: Xander's Road Trip led him much further than Oxnard. All the way on the other side of the world in fact.

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Chapter 2 - Unexpected Visitors and a Good Lunch.

AN: Well here's the next chapter for all of you following this story. Thank you to all of you who've reveiwed this story and I hope you all enjoy this next installment ^^.

Chapter 2

“Really Alexander I would have never imagined my mere presence could render you speechless.” Balalaika said chuckling at the look on his face. Shaking his head to clear it Xander said,

“So what brings you here Boss Lady? Last time I checked pretty much every major federal agency the world over was watching you like a hawk.” Xander asked finding that he didn’t care about the use of his moniker for the stately blonde. He knew they at least wanted something or they wouldn’t be here. If that was the case though then he was going to have some fun.

Merely shaking her head at his antics she responded with “Honestly Alexander can’t I just stop in and say hello to one of my favorite cleaners? And besides said agencies are most like watching you as well yes?” At this she raised her eyebrow as if to say ‘You don’t really think your activities have gone unnoticed have you?’

“Well I can’t say I haven’t been expecting it. And I’m sure they know more about what goes on around here then they let on but hey what can we do right?” Xander responded with a shrug. He had suspected long ago that if the real ‘Powers That Be’ knew about what went bump in the night they wouldn’t really do anything about anything unless it was of particular interest to them or it was dragged kicking and screaming into the light. Apparently the world nearly ending on an annual basis didn’t rate as high as oil, oh the hypocrisy… “So what really brings you here? You wouldn’t risk the government coming down on your head like this for no reason. So what’s going on?” He knew it might be seen as rude and had a risk of pissing off the woman in front of him but he honestly saw no point in beating around the bush.

Apparently she agreed with him because she only gave a small shark’s smile before saying, “Well I have business to attend in Los Angeles and I thought it might be nice to drop in and see this Hellmouth you’ve told me so many stories about. It seems like a much smaller version Roanapur, only less organized with a prettier face.” Balalaika stated with a motion of her hand. No matter how disturbing Xander found the thought he couldn’t dispute her logic. This place and LA were just one really bad day from turning into a lesser version of Roanapur. The Hellmouth was nothing if not a corrupting influence.

“I’ve found that the area may just be perfect for some of our lesser operations and that…” Oh no here it comes, “I might just have some work for you.” And there it was. “Don’t worry you have my word that everything I send you after will not be anything but the garbage. Your morality will not be compromised even if your legal status will be called into question.” With that Balalaika stood up before continuing, “I don’t need an answer right now but just think on it yes? You do good work and I would hate to see you wasted here.” Patting his cheek as she passed him she was just out the door when she turned her head and said, “By the way Boss Chang sends his regards along with some of his people. He and the Church of Violence seem to also be interested in the area so I’d expect visits at some point if I were I you.”

Wait, some of his people? Oh no, he wouldn’t… Apparently he had a funny look on his face because Balalaika had barely constrained mirth in her eyes and Boris actually chuckled. “You don’t mean..?” Xander started.

“Oh yes, they are quite looking forward to seeing you again Alexander. Chang seems to thinks you need the reinforcements and I happen to agree. I will also be stationing some of my people here as well. The world ending would be bad for business after all. I’ll be in touch.” With that she turned around and walked away leaving a stunned Xander in her wake. Oh no his life wasn’t complicated at all…

The next morning when he woke up after a restless night’s sleep worried about what the day would bring. He knew he could expect those three at any time now, but it was the not knowing when that was killing him. He was actually looking forward to seeing Rotton again though; it would be nice to have one of his few male friends around again. It was really the other two he was worried about. Willow and Buffy would jump down Shenhua’s throat if for no other reason than how she dressed, which while nice was more than a bit risqué, and the fact she was around him. He knew Buffy and Willow meant well but sometimes they were just smothering.

And Sawyer, oh God Sawyer. The girls were probably going to try and ‘slay’ her on sight. He was going to have to play this very carefully if he wanted everyone, including himself, to make it out alive. He may want to have a heart attack every time Shenhua and Sawyer were around but if he was honest with himself he would have to admit that he’d grown fond of them. Even though she hid it well he knew Shenhua would feel uncomfortable here if for no other reason than her English wasn’t the greatest. Sawyer, well he wasn’t sure about Sawyer but he did know that she was sensitive about her inability to speak without her ultra-voice. He would have to make sure the others knew that that subject was off limits. He wasn’t fond of the idea of Buffy or Willow meeting the business end of Sawyer’s chainsaw.

With that though Xander got up and got ready for work, it was going to be a long day. Grabbing a bowl of cereal on his way out he found himself rushing towards the work site having gotten up late. Around lunch time the site dispersed for an hour to grab something to eat and Xander found himself being dragged into a new restaurant that just opened up by some of the guys. It was a short order Tai place that had apparently just opened the day before. What was strange about it was almost no one had heard about it until it was already open. It was literally not there one day and the next it was open for business.

Walking in and finding a table wasn’t bad, it wasn’t very full after all. When the waitress finally came to take their orders Xander looked up and his mouth promptly fell open. There was Shenhua dressed in a slightly skimpy waitress outfit with a pad and pen with chopsticks hold her hair in a loose bun. Then he noticed Lotton behind the grill dressed in an apron with a handkerchief hold back his hair. Then he heard a noise from the back and could only imagine Sawyer being back there doing who knows what. Suddenly he was nervous about what the food here was like, let alone actually made of.

“What I get you?” he heard Shenhua ask and came back to himself. If she had noticed him, and he saw no way she could miss him, she gave no indication of it. The food was good and it hadn’t escaped his notice that his serving was noticeably larger than the others. After they had eaten and gotten their check, everyone chipped in what they owed and talked about how sexy they thought the waitress was (Yeah she got a pretty big tip.) and had just left. Xander was just about to follow when he bumped into Shenhua who slipped something into his pocket.

He just kept going and was back at the site before he dug into his pocket and found a note which read, ‘Meet us back here after you get off.’ Putting the note back into his pocket he just shook his head and got back to work, making plans on how he would approach this situation. Well, at least he could never say his life was boring.

AN: So what did you all think? Like/Dislike it? Let me know! And as always Constructive Criticism is always welcome ^^. Just please be aware that unless there is a truly blaring error I am unlikely to go back and correct something. The Constructive Criticism is just so I may improve in the next chapters. Hope to see you next time ^^!
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