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Road Trip Gone... Huh...

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Summary: Xander's Road Trip led him much further than Oxnard. All the way on the other side of the world in fact.

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Chapter 1 - What happens in... Roanapur?

Disclaimer: I own none of this. I'm just doing it for fun and no money is being made ^^.

AN: Alright I know I already have two stories in the works but this bunny had a bomb!!! He said he'd set it off if I didn't write! Come on guys what was I supposed to do!? But seriously, I got this idea from reading much of Dr. Gonzo's work and I thought hey why not? Anyway I hope you all enjoy this. And remember don't take it too seriously now, this is fun not work ^^.

Chapter 1

Xander had been back from his road trip for several weeks now. Unlike in the other world he had been able to put enough money together to get his own apartment almost immediately after he got back and so didn’t have to worry about his parent’s oppression and a slew of soul crushing jobs. When Anya had tracked him down and practically demanded a relationship he hadn’t cowered to her will like he would have if he had gone no further than Oxnard. She had not been happy but had left all the same.

Later when she had shown up at his parent’s house to surprise him and found he wasn’t there she ended up find someone named Jonathan to help her purge her mind of ‘sexy thoughts’. They would end up married for many years with many magically capitalistic children. Without Jonathan, Warren would never become a threat like he did in another world. In fact after his robot girlfriend ‘died’ he became vamp food due to him not paying any attention on his way home, his thoughts only on his ‘girlfriend’.

Xander’s friends had been surprised in the far more confident version of himself that had returned to them after the summer had passed. They were for the most part glad of the changes in him. Giles was happy that the boy had been able to grow up in his time away, finally able to see some of the potential he had always sensed in the boy, his horrid sense of humor notwithstanding. Willow, if she was honest with herself, knew they weren’t as close as they once were. Xander had not taken her choosing Oz over him after the Fluke well, no matter what mask he wore. But no matter what she would always be his Willow and him her Xander, best friends since kindergarten, that wouldn’t change.

Buffy was just happy he was obviously past thinking about her in anyway outside of friendship. But no matter how hard she tried she couldn’t shake the disappointment she felt when she realized that she was no longer the apple of his eye. A small part of her had always liked that she was first on his list of priorities. She didn’t know who had replaced her, and she knew someone had, but she didn’t like it. She knew she was being selfish but when she thought of him she had always had this image of him being a corner stone in her life, a kind of security blanket that would always be there when she needed it. The thought of him not being there next time she was in need frightened her.

When he had first found her in The Bronze feeling down she had immediately noticed a change in him but she couldn’t quite put her finger on it. He had of course helped her feel better and when they went after Sunday and her minions she was surprised to see he had picked up some considerable skills while away. Willow had apparently noticed something different as well. If Giles or Oz did they didn’t say anything. Buffy was so focused on finding out what had changed with her Xander-shaped friend that she never took notice of either Parker or the T.A. Riley. Even months later she and Willow just couldn’t figure it out. Xander had been working at a construction company for about a month now and he seemed happy with the work. He had his own apartment, a rather nice one actually, and had time to hang out with his friends regularly. But something was still bothering them and when they asked Giles if he had noticed anything all he said was to ask Xander about it and see what he said. When they did though all they got was,

“I had my own little adventure is all, happens all the time around here.” Needless to say Buffy and Willow had wanted more but knew that pouting lips and the Resolve Face didn’t work as well on this new Xander than it it had with the old one. For now though they decided it was best not to push and left it alone. That did not mean that they forgot or had stopped watching.

Xander was tired. He had just gotten off of a very long day at work and just wanted to kick off his boots, sit in his comfy chair, order a pizza, and veg in front of the TV before hitting the sack. He really liked his job but damn it took it out of him sometimes…

Sometimes he wished he was still in Roanapur. Granted the place had been a shit berg but at least it was straight forward. Good job or not he was getting tired of tip toeing around some of the assholes that worked there. Gah, if only you were allowed to shoot douchebags but nooo it’s against the law here. Roanapur may have been a hive of ‘scum and villiany’ but at least you could do that with out to much trouble. You just had to know the right people, and clear it with said people beforehand, and you were golden. Xander had only killed a few people while there, but all of them had been filth by even Roanapur standards.

A child rapist that already had a pretty big bounty on his head as a result of his actions had been the first man he had killed. He had gotten away with that one, even congratulated; because not even Roanapur would allow THAT kind of filth. Drug rings, extortion, murder, everyday petty crimes were all ok, as long as you didn’t piss off the balance of power while doing it, but not that. Granted they may not actively hunt such things but were more than willing to take care of anything that may come to light. (AN: I’m pretty sure there’s a chapter in the Manga that involves human trafficking and the like but such things truly sicken me so I’m going to ignore it for this story.)

After that incident Xander had found himself hired out by both Balalaika and Boss Chang to keep the trash out of their sight. The only people he would kill were those guilty of such crimes. The two big bosses in that city knew he would probably do it for free but thought it best to pay him therefore having some say in just who he went after. After all some of their minor competition had such hobbies, they were just better at hiding it. Why not kill two birds with one stone? Plus Xander would get a form of protection from those who took exception to his work; they just couldn’t help liking the boy after all. Too bad he was such a White Knight at times; he had so much potential and quite the budding reputation after all.


“I can honestly say you’ll be missed Alex.” Boss Chang said as he handed Xander his pay for the last sicko he had killed for Chang. Neither Boss Chang or Balalaika just called him Xander, much to the young mans annoyance. “But I of all people know what a sense of duty can require of someone. You need anything you just ask now.” Chang said with a smile. Xander knew he was genuinely liked by some of the bigger fish here but he wasn’t fooled. Any favor he might ask of anyone in this city was never given freely.

“I’ll keep that in mind Boss Man.” Xander said as he pocketed his pay. He often called Boss Chang ‘Boss Man’ and only rarely called Balalaika ‘Boss Lady’. The first time he had tried it she had nearly shot him before smirking at him. With that Xander shook the man hand before going to the nearest international airport and heading home.

He was to be ‘escorted’ by Shenhua, Rotton, and Sawyer much too both his creeped out factor and his embarrassment. He had been rooming with them during his stay in Roanapur at the behest of Boss Chang. Sawyer had immediately found him fascinating saying he had an aura of darkness about him. For all he knew she could sense the Hellmouth on him and was getting all ‘tingly’ as a result. He usually tried to hide when she was around… Xander actually got along well with Rotton, the guy knew both his video games and his comics. Shenhua, well Shenhua was something else entirely.

The day he started living with them she had been cold saying he was just a little boy who was in over his head. But after she had gone with him on one of his ‘jobs’ and saw how quickly he could take out the 'garbage’ as he called it, she changed her tune. The next day she had done a nearly complete 180. Suddenly he was the focus of what Rotton called the ‘Embarrass the Hell out of Xander’ campaign. She would do everything from just hang off him when they were at the apartment they all shared to walking in on him in the shower continuously. He knew she was just having some fun with the ‘naive’ young American but damn man…

He was just happy Sawyer never went past just staring at him whenever she could get away with it, which was often. Except for the time when he found her straddling his hips, staring down at him, as he slept. Waking up to that had been more than a little creepy. Apparently he had screamed ‘like little girl’ as Shenhua said the next morning. Rottons usually stoic face had actually cracked into a chuckle at hearing that.

Yeah he was happy to be leaving…

End Flashback:

Approaching his front door Xander noticed it was open slightly with the light on and froze. He pulled out the combat knife he kept strapped to his leg under his loose jeans and thought about how he should approach this. It could be anything from a friend who forgot to call ahead of time (Buffy, Willow, and Giles all had keys. He kept all his sensitive materials in a safe even Buffy couldn’t force her way through. It was in the floorboards of his closet so there was no real chance of them finding anything they shouldn’t.) to a rather stupid burglar. In any case he wanted to be quiet till he could confirm what was going on, hence a knife over the gun he had in a back holster under his shirt.

Gently opening the door and slipping inside who he saw was not who he was expecting,

“Good evening Alexander. I do hope I’m not intruding on your hospitality by having some tea while I was waiting for your return?” Balalaika said as he entered the apartment. The stately blonde crime boss was sitting in his comfy chair, Boris standing right behind her ever alert, looking like the cat that got the canary. Apparently she thought this was funny. Xander sure hell wasn't going to argue the point though.

For a second Xander couldn’t say anything and when he could all he could come up with was, “Huh….” Surprise and shock were clearly written across his features. One of the most dangerous women in the world was sitting in his living room looking smugly up at him and he had no idea why… Well looks like he got his wish, sort of.

AN: So? What do you guys think? Let me know! As always constructive criticism is always welcome ^^.
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