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Angels and Devils

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Summary: Just a drabble about Xander.

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BtVS/AtS Non-Crossover > Dark > Xander-CenteredKlimmattFR131439252,6483 Mar 113 Mar 11Yes
Disclaimer: I do not own any characters from the Buffy the Vampire Slayer series.

You know how, in a cartoon, whenever one of the characters reaches a moral dilemma and an angel and a devil show up on his shoulders to tell him what to do? That actually happens to me.

Well, kinda. You see, it all goes back to the Hyena and the Soldier. Turns out, you can't just banish a spirit from you if it was invited in, which, under the terms of the spells at least, I did. I performed the predatory act, and I carried the enchanted rifle and these actions allowed the spirits into my body, and gave them the footholds they needed to stay.

Don't get me wrong, its not like they talk to me or anything, its more like... an echo, of an echo of their minds, offering wisdom when I need it. The Hyena, a simplistic animal mind, offering me what I want, whilst the Soldier, a much more structured spirit, offers what I should do.

Its rare that they should ever agree on something, and even rarer that I agree with them both, but occasionally it happens, and when it does there is a temporary... alliance, I guess is the best word, where the spirits merge with my own, allowing us to act with the strength of the animal, the skill of the soldier and the determination of my own mind.

This is why, when I hear Buffy, ordering us to go back to the vineyard, a place where we lost two potentials, the place where I LOST MY EYE, a shift occurs as the three of us fuse. Buffy doesn't notice as my remaining eye flashes green for a second, or as my posture straightens from my habitual slouch as I stand. She does notice, however as I walk towards her with an odd look on my face, what could be considered a predatory smile.

She notices again as I grasp her by the throat and lift her against the wall, choking her. The others notice as well but don't try to stop me, they're too shocked to move. Buffy tries to free herself but her efforts prove futile as I lean in and I whisper in her ear.

"You are no longer fit to be Alpha." I growl, "You are no longer fit to command." I tell her, "And you no longer have the right to lead us to our deaths!" I yell, as I drop her.

I continue as she looks up at me from the floor, fear in her eyes, "You don't hurt the pack. You don't endanger the unit. And most of all... You don't fuck with my family."

The End

You have reached the end of "Angels and Devils". This story is complete.

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