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Grecian Bloodline

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Summary: Buffy finds the Cronus stone. It activates under her command. A now free Ares senses the power and finds the blonde and starts something that could bring back the Age of Heroes. Better and longer Summary inside.

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Another chapter another disclaimer I own de nada of Hercules the Legendary Journys and BTVS. Is there any part of this that is unclear?

Xander sighed as he leaned against the bookshelves in the library, the others were all doing their thing trying to find a way to fight a Greek god and get Buffy back. Giles was in his office going over the various books, Willow was hunting down some leads that she had through the computer stuff, Miss Calendar was talking to her techno pagan friends, Dead-Boy was out looking for some old book or scroll that he said he knew of, Cordy was hanging around the Bronze, and running interference with Mrs. S, and who knows where the Oz man was or what he was doing. He was stuck though, just waiting for someone to tell him what he should be doing whether it be to go and help Cordy, or fetch books or something for the others. This was the worst part about not having a specialty, it was the waiting around for something to happen. ‘Still, it gave him time for working on perfecting his skills at sharpening weapons.’ He thought, as he looked at the sword that he was working on. He checked the edge of the weapon with experienced ease not wanting over sharpen the blade while he was bored.

“I think I have something,” Willow said with an excited squeal, causing the others to look up toward the redhead. “There’s a website here about the Joxer the Mighty, he was supposed to have been an ally to several people that fought against Ares. There’s even a mention of that Xena person that Angel was going to look up as one of his close friends.” She explained, as the group gathered around her. “I figure that if we were to talk to the person there, they might be able to help us. There’s even an address if you want to examine the museum of his old artifacts, there might be something there that we can use against Ares.” She added in hopefully.

“Sounds like a plan, except that it’s nearly on the other side of the country though,” Giles said, as he saw the address that was being displayed on the screen.

“That’s the best part though,” Willow said brightly, “the collection and the owner are on a traveling tour, and are currently in San Jose for the next week.”

“That’s still nearly an entire day’s journey though,” Miss Calendar reminded the hacker. “Who is going to head out there and find them?”

“We are,” Xander said confidently as he saw Oz stroll through the double doors. “Oz man we’re road tripping to San Jose.”

“Cool,” Oz returned he gave a brief hug to Willow and looked towards the others. “Why?”

“Buffy has been kidnapped by Ares the Greek God of War, and taken her away to Mount Olympus where we can’t get to yet, so we need to find a way to get there and then we need to find a way to fight Ares, and there may be someone there that can help us, and they might have weapons that we can use to kill or hurt Ares.” Willow babbled out to the werewolf in a hurry. “So you and Xander have to get to San Jose, and find the person in charge of the collection, and then get them to come back here where we can then launch a rescue mission, and Angel can’t do it because he’s busy in LA trying to find some scrolls for Giles, so he can find another way for us to stop the mean war god.”

“Road Trip then,” Oz returned, and the two boys headed out the door.

“Are you sure that we should send them on their own?” Giles questioned the others worriedly, as he watched them leave.

“Of course we can,” Willow assured the Watcher, “Oz is like super responsible, and won’t let Xander do anything stupid, well not to stupid.” She promised the man.

Giles looked unconvinced at this. “Perhaps Miss Calendar could accompany them?” He suggested, looking toward the young woman.

“No can do Rupe’s,” Jenny returned to him. “I have to be near this computer to keep in contact with my friends who might know anything, I actually have a few leads that I might be interested in checking out a bit more later. If you’re so worried though, I’m sure that they’d let you go with them.” She offered with a sly grin on her face. “You could think of it as bit of a male bonding time with them. It’s not that hard to read a book while in the car. If you can ignore Oz’s music and Xander’s talking.” She said to him. “Although, you would have to deal with Xander in an enclosed place for a whole day,” she added with a grin.

“On second thought, I’m sure that Oz can manage Xander and the task just fine.” The Watcher said hurriedly, “besides, there are so many other books that I need to go through.” He added as he retreated back towards his office

“That’s what I thought,” the woman said, as she turned back to her computer, while a chuckling Willow turned back to hers.

Buffy felt sick as she came to, her body tingled all over and there was nothing for her to do. The last thing she remembered was that Ares had been zapping her with green lighting as he burned her humanity or whatever out of her. She though back to all that she had learned since she had first been brought here and wasn’t sure what to believe. Was she the slayer like the council had been telling her, or was she really a part god like Mr. Leather insisted that she was? She needed Giles, Angel, and the Scoobies here to help her understand just what it was that was going on. She looked around, and saw that her shackles and chains had been removed. She wondered why that had happened, she thought that she was supposed to be getting the whole super power thing. As she got to her feet she decided not to take a chance and headed for the door of the room as she walked up to it she grabbed the door handles and pushed. She walked out into the open and had to admit that she was impressed. She appeared to be in some kind of odd building. There were weapons, armor and skeletons all over the place. She looked at a throne that was a few steps above the rest of the room and noticed that it appeared to be made of weapons and skeletons as well. Resting upon the throne was Ares who appeared to be in a deep slumber.

All in all, this place gave the blonde the creeps, and she would be so glad when she managed to get herself out of this place. She tried to slip around the edge of the room, and stick to the shadows just like Angel had taught her. She was nowhere in his league, but she like to think that was decent enough at the trick. She just had to get to the door now without being seen by the bondage king.

“Hope you don’t mind if I don’t stick around,” Buffy muttered as she rushed for the doorway. She fled through it and found herself in a long hallway she picked a way and fled down it. She came to another doorway and slipped out of it and gasped at what she saw. She was on some sort of mountain and all she could see were rocks and clouds.

“Beautiful sight isn’t it?” A familiar voice questioned her,

She turned around and saw Ares casually leaning against the doorframe with his arms crossed as he watched the blonde girl with interest. “Where are we?” Buffy demanded of him angrily, as she moved herself into a combative stance.

“We’re on Mount Olympus kid, and not the one from the real world either, this is the one that’s protected in a dimensional rift. No one is going to find you here unless I want them to.” He informed her with a mocking grin. “There aren’t going to be any daring rescues to help you.” He assured her. “Besides, aren’t you the one that usually does the whole rescuing thing anyways?” He taunted her with a smirk.

“How do I get out of here?” The girl questioned him, doing her best to ignore his mocking.

“There are doorways that lead you out, but this not one of them.” He returned to her, “come on now, we need to get back to my temple area now. I don’t need my nosy sister becoming aware of you and what you are.” He snapped his fingers and the two disappeared in small clouds of lighting surrounded them and suddenly they were back in the throne room from before.

Buffy launched an attack at the man as soon as they were back. She started with several jabs and high kicks that Ares either dodged or blocked. The War God allowed her to continue smiling the entire time. The girl finally performed a kick that caught him on the chin and staggered him. Taking advantadge the blonde rushed forward and punch as hard as she could. She watched in shock and awe as he caught the fist in his hand.

"Good," Ares informed her as he released her arm, "your getting faster, stronger, more like a god."

“I’m not like you,” Buffy returned, as she performed a round house that sent him staggering over a step.

Ares chuckled a bit as he regained his balance. “Ah now here’s a conversation that I haven’t had to deal with in a long time.” The war god said gleefully, as he blocked several shots aimed at him.

“Are you so sure about not being like me though? Face it kid, there’s a part of you that loves this fighting, you can’t imagine what it would be like not to fight, to be strong. Your parents told you that you had to be weak to be normal or something like that, and you’ve been trying so hard to be what they want you to be that you can’t even think straight. When you thought you were the slayer though, you found out you were powerful and strong there was nothing stopping you from being the best. Its time you forget about trying to be normal. You’re never going to be normal no matter how much you wish otherwise you were always destined for greater things.”

“I, don’t, want, the, power! Buffy returned angrily, as she delivered another uppercut and knocked Ares back again. While the god was regaining his balance again she rushed for the doors again figuring that she would try the other direction. As she reached them though, lightning bolts erupted out of the door handles and slammed her across the room.

“Okay ow,” the blonde whined, as she slowly climbed back to her feet. “Doors that shoot lightning bolts out, that has got to be cheating somewhere along the way.” She grumbled to herself, as she tried to find another way out of the room. The rest of the room didn’t appear to have any other obvious ways in or out either leaving her trapped inside with Ares.

“You’re becoming stronger,” Ares complimented her, as he walked back and sat down at his throne. “You’re power levels are still pretty weak for a God or even a real demigod, but a few more treatments you should be getting closer to what is needed.”

“What if I’ve decided that I’ve had enough of you and your treatments?” Buffy questioned from where she was lying on the floor.

“Well from here it doesn’t look like you really have all that much of a choice right now.” The war god explained to her mockingly, as he looked at the downed figure. “Besides, there are so many benefits that come from being a god. Not the least of which is being able to have the best of whatever you want whenever you want.” He clapped his hands, and a small feast appeared before them with all of the blonde’s favorite foods piled on it. “Just imagine all of the power that you will have at your command, the world will be your oyster, and all that you will have to do is to reach up and take what you want of it once you are a god.” Ares told her in a silky manner, as he tried to convince her that this wasn’t a bad thing that was happening to her. “You will be one of the ones with the power, no more listening to old men who think that they know how best to fight in the war that is not even your duty to fight.”

“How can you be so sure that I’m not a slayer that there is just some big mistake or other?” The blonde asked him hopefully. “Maybe I’m, not what you think I am.”

“Oh but you are,” Ares informed her, “you are of the next generation of the gods, and we shall rule over all the pathetic little mortals.

“World domination is really not my thing,” Buffy shot back at him.

“It will be in time,” Ares promised, as he looked her over. “Enough of that though, eat, your going to need your strength for training and when I destroy some more of your humanity.”

“Not if I can help it,” the defiant girl returned at him, but still sullenly moved toward the table of food.

Ares smiled as he watched her tear into his food there was no one around that could bother him and stop him now. The heroes that might have tried to stop him were either dead or retired, leaving the path clear for him to perform his newest plan.

New Zealand

Far away from where the guardian of the hellmouth and the war god were sitting, and away from the eyes of the remaining members of the Scoobies a computer pinged. Two figures looked up from what they were doing and read the request for aide in dealing with the Greek god.

“So, Ares is free and up to his old tricks again?” One of the people said as they read over the message.

“It looks like it, and you know if he decided to get back in the game, that things could get really bad really quick.” The other person said to their companion. “We need to find the these people, and see if there’s anything that we can do to help them.”

“I don’t know, part of the reason that we’ve survived as long as we have is that no one really knows that we exists and the few that do know about us think that we’re dead. We go out there and get involved, then all of our time of secrecy will be destroyed. There probably won’t be anyone involved that won’t know that we’re around. Are you ready to give the lives we’ve made for ourselves up?” The other figure challenged.

“We don’t have a choice,” the other replied stubbornly, “besides think about what would happen if Ares were to regain his old power in today’s world. There would be nothing that you could do to stop him from destroying everyone and everything if he became all powerful. “Particularly if you consider all of the years that he was locked up in that tomb.”

“What about us though? We have a chance for lives that don’t revolve around fighting. This is the kind of life you dreamed of for more years than I can remember.” The other one said in defense of leaving the people to try on their own.

“C’mon, we both know that you’re going, and we both know that I’ll just follow you no matter what you tell me to do. So how about we stop pretending that we’re not going to do this. Besides I’m sure that if anyone else we know managed to survive this will be when they come out of whatever hidey holes that they’ve been in. We need to do this, besides you haven’t been all that happy without a mission to go on, this could be just what you need.” The figure said, as they pointed out how everything would happen with a calm smirk.

“Fine, I think it’s stupid and idiotic, but if you’re so determined to do this then who am I to stop you?” The other figure said as they headed to the closest where several items and weapons of a bygone age now rested. “It should be fun to see Ares, and to see what kind of reaction that he has when he sees us though.” The figure said with a deadly and gleeful smirk.

“Yeah it will,” the other agreed, as swords and armor were inspected and placed in a shipping crate, while calls were made s that the pair of figures could leave this land and head for the states. “Besides, you never know Hercules or someone else might show up.” The other said happily, as they arranged for their travel to the states.

The companion smirked and shook their head in amusement at the happy and optimistic view that they had on the problems that they were about to face. “As long as he doesn’t think that we’re abominations that need to be killed or something like that I’m alright with that.”

Jenny looked up from her station as a new post came up on one of her sites as she read she let out a relieved sigh. “It looks like Willow isn’t the only one having luck. I just got a hit from someone that says that they know a lot about Ares and that they’ll be more than happy to help us find our missing slayer and stop whatever plans that Ares has going at the moment.” The techno pagan computer teacher explained to the group.

“You’re having people come here?” Giles returned to them worriedly. “That could be dangerous, without Angel or Buffy around we are somewhat weakened in our ability to provide protection. There is a high likelihood that they may not even survive the encounter should they choose to come, and then there is also the matter that the Watcher’s Council will not be very happy to learn that there are people coming to help out with the protection of the hellmouth.”

“But they’re not coming here to do that, they’re coming to help retrieve the Slayer from a god,” Jenny countered with the Watcher. “Surely they won’t begrudge us of that?” She looked at him in a slight disbelieving manner though at the look he returned to her though. The woman thought her family was somewhat unreasonable, it seemed the Council took it to a whole new level.

“You may recall that the Council is far from enthused from the fact that you and the others are helping us on a regular basis.” Giles reminded the young woman. “Do you really think that they will be pleased to learn that there are unknown people coming to this town?”

“Fine, then we just don’t tell them until after everything is over with then.” The woman said stubbornly, not ready to give up on the perky blonde warrior. If it meant that she had to bend and break a few rules then she would do it there was no way that she was going to let this group lose their slayer.

“Yeah, I’m gonna have to go along with Miss Calendar on this one.” Willow piped up from where she was sitting while listening to the pair argue over having unknowns come into the town. “If the Council has problems with us trying to save Buffy, then they’re being really big poop heads, and we don’t want them around anyways.” She informed the librarian defiantly. “I mean, come on, this is Buffy we’re talking about.” She finished off at him. “You know, as in your slayer, and if that’s not enough, I can use the resolve face on you and tell you that we are going to do this.” The girl leveled the watcher with a weak, but determined glare

Giles let the hard eyed stare he had been leveling at Jenny to drop as he turned to look at the young hacker. “Fine then, just do be careful with whatever plan that you have up your sleeves.” Giles warned the pair. “If any of us were to be injured while trying to save her, you know that Buffy would never forgive herself.” He informed them coolly, as he turned his back on them.

The two nodded their heads in agreement, not wanting to argue with the man on this.

Giles nodded and then went and picked up a phone, he had a few calls of his own to make in finding his slayer. To start with, there was an acquisitions specialists that was said to know every type of alarm ever created and best to get their hands on it. The Watcher’s Council used the person a number of times because of how skilled he was at getting the object needed no matter what the security. The fact that the man had a small life in the supernatural world, meant that there was a chance that he might be able to give him some ideas on just what it was that he needed to do to get his slayer back. He was best known by his working name, the moniker of the king of thieves. Hopefully, someone with that type of name would be able to help them when it came to trying to slip around an ancient Greek god. They needed all of the help that they could get on this.

The End?

You have reached the end of "Grecian Bloodline" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 13 Mar 11.

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