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Grecian Bloodline

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Summary: Buffy finds the Cronus stone. It activates under her command. A now free Ares senses the power and finds the blonde and starts something that could bring back the Age of Heroes. Better and longer Summary inside.

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Chapter One

Buffy finds the Cronus stone. It activates under her command. A now free Ares senses the power and finds the blonde and captures her. Buffy is not a Slayer but descended from the gods and with her at his side he plans to rebuild the Greek pantheon. The scoobies must now gather the heroes of a bygone age to fight the power hungry War God before they lose their friend and the world forever. This was originally going to be a part of the backburner series but it just kept growing and I thought what the heck? Oh yeah, I'm trying to work on the crappy punctiation of mine folks, and tried doing it slightly different, could someone(s) tell me if I'm on the right track? Please and thank you.

The usual do not own Buffy characters, do not own any of the Hercules/Xena ones either.

“So Giles, what’s with the giant ugly paper weight?” Buffy Summers, the Slayer, questioned, as she looked the stone that her Watcher had reverently placed on his desk. She had found the giant stone in some chest with some ugly looking demons trying to grab it up. Cause despite what those guys were willing to do to hang onto the rock, the blonde couldn’t see the point in dying for it. It was simply too big to carry comfortably, and since it was a bulky green thing there was no way that it would look nice in a room, no matter what color the paint was.

The Watcher looked up from his books to the blonde that he had forgotten all about. “Hmm, oh, well the exact origins and abilities of it at this point in time are rather obscure at this point.” Giles stuttered out to her.

“In other words, you have no idea do you?” Buffy returned to the man with a knowing smirk. “Any theories why when I pick it up it lights up like a Christmas tree at least?” Angel, Xander, and Willow had all tried the stone, but it was only with her that the stone seemed to react in any way.

“Unknown,” the Watcher grumbled in return, “although I am still looking into it. Once we know the origin of the stone we should know why it reacts to you in the way that it does. In the meantime though, I think it best if you do not mess with the stone,” he warned her, “as there could be any number of unforeseeable consequences.”

“Giles, it’s a glowy rock thingy,” Buffy returned to him without concern. “I mean for all we know it could be some sort of super, slayer detector do-dad, or a demony night light like thing.” She paused at this looking a little uncertain about her last statement. “Do demons even use night lights? Cause I mean technically they’re the monsters so, what is it that hides under their beds?”

“The truly sad thing is, I actually understood exactly what it is that you just said.” The watcher replied mournfully, as he looked at the blonde girl sadly, lamenting the loss of brain cells it required to decipher her speech sometimes.

The blonde ignored the man as she picked the giant rock up again. The Watcher watched, as the stone began glowing from some inner power and light. “You know, it feels kind of cool, like having my slayer getting stronger or something.” The blonde said as she twirled the stone around in her hands, uncaring about how powerful it might be.

“So it reacts to the slayer essence then, perhaps even enhancing your abilities.” Giles theorized, as he watched the girl as she held the strange stone.

They were stopped from their theories though as a green lightning bolt erupted from the stone and slammed into several shelves. “Um oops,” Buffy said while she quickly placed the stone back down. “You know Giles, maybe your right, and I should wait till you figure this thing out.” She said with a nervous grin.

“Buffy,” the Watcher growled out at his Slayer, as he clenched his fists in annoyance.

“Uh, maybe I should be getting home, cause there’s some homework stuff that I need to work on.” Buffy said, as she hastily pushed the rock away from herself before she did anything else with it.

“That won’t be necessary,” a new voice growled out, as a man in black leather seemed to appear out of a lightning bolt of his own. “The Cronus stone,” the figure said with a smile, as he plucked the stone up off the table.

The others watched in shock as the stone lit up just as brightly for the man as it had for Buffy. “There goes the Slayer theory.” Xander commented, as they stared at the stone in disbelief.

The intruder ignored the Scoobies, as he concentrated on the stone.” It’s been over two thousand years, and I finally have a piece of the stone within my grasp again. The ultimate power will be mine once again.” The figure declared as he started to cackle.

“Ah, ultimate power for a guy like you, actually sounds kind of, of the bad to me,” Buffy said as she landed in front of the man and kicked the stone out of his hands. “How about you leave the fancy demon night light or whatever it is and get out of here before I have to hurt you?” She questioned him brightly as she set herself between the man and the stone.

“Get out of my way mortal,” the figure growled in anger. “No one is going to stop me from taking the power of the stone.”

“Actually I’m Buffy, but hey, let’s not get all technical.” The blonde shot back at him with a mocking grin.

The figure threw a punch, and the Slayer raised her arm to counter it, only instead of stopping the blow the fist caught her by the throat and he effortlessly lifted the blonde slayer in the air. “I don’t know who you are, but you get in my way like that again and I’ll barbeque you.” The figure said, as he tossed the short figure away. Buffy slammed into a set of bookshelves that came crashing down on top of her.

Angel drew a sword, and moved forward to engage the figure, while the others tried to dig the slayer out of the mountain of books that had fallen on her. The figure laughed at the vampire, and a sword appeared in his own hand, and the two began swing their blades around. The unknown continued to laugh, not taking the fight overly seriously. The vampire on the other hand was moving desperately just trying to keep up with the figure.

“You know, you’re not too bad,” the figure complimented the vampire, “give you another thousand years or so, and you might actually be a threat.”

“Too bad you won’t be around to see it though,” Buffy said, as she leaned against the heavy table with the green stone in her other hand and fired a lightning bolt at him.

“What?” The figure said as he saw the girl holding the lit object in her hand. The lightning bolt lifted him up, and tossed him into the wall. The figure looked at the girl in disbelief from where he had landed. “That’s not possible, only someone with the blood of the Gods can use the stone. Although I suppose this does explain who activated it the first time.” He flipped himself back up to his feet and looked at the girl curiously. “How can you use the stone mortal?” He demanded glaring at the girl.

“Don’t know, don’t care,” Buffy returned to him. “All I know is that it makes a really nice light show, and can hurt you, that’s all I need to know.”

“Don’t count on it girl,” the figure said in annoyance, “you caught me by surprise last time, but that’s gone now.” The figure snapped his fingers and several weapons rose in the air and the others found themselves with various weapons pressed against their throats. “You have a choice now, you can either hand me the stone, or you can watch these mortal friends of yours die.

“How about I shoot you instead?” Buffy returned before firing another energy blast at the figure. The figure laughed at her as he raised his hand and an answering lightning bolt surged from his hand and met the blonde’s. The two attacks pushed against each other for a few moments before the Slayer’s beams gave out and the figure’s beams rushed onward picking the girl up and tossing onto the table.

“Shouldn’t play with the grownups kid,” the figure said as he looked the girl over. “I need to know just what you are though.” He took the stone from her unmoving fingers first, and then looked at the others. “What is she, that she can use the Cronus stone?” He demanded of them.

Giles met his mildly curious stare with a hard glare that didn’t seem to even affect him. “She is the Slayer, and she will destroy you.” He told the man confidently.

At this the guy snickered in amusement at the response he was given. “Her, a Slayer? Yeah right, do you think I’m an idiot? A slayer wouldn’t be able to use the Cronus Stone no matter how hard they tried, so how about you tell me what she really is.”

“She is the Slayer,” Giles returned to him.

“Right,” he said sarcastically, “well I guess I’ll have to just check her out myself then.” The figure said, as he stood up and slung the blonde onto over his shoulder. “I’ll contact you when I’m done with her, and if I think you can have her back.” He informed them casually, not really seeming to care one way or the other if they objected to his taking the blonde. “Till then, she’ll be at Olympus with me.” The man started laughing at them as he disappeared into a cloud of electricity.

Once he was gone the weapons all clattered to the ground. Angel and Xander rushed forward searching for anything that the man might have left in his impressive departure, Giles was reaching for several books, and Willow began collecting the various weapons that had fallen to the ground. The two searchers came up empty though as they continued to look, Giles meanwhile looked toward the others worriedly as he began cleaning his glasses.

“Giles, I can see by the look on your face that you have an idea that you really don’t like,” Xander informed the Watcher, “it’s what Buffy would call your hellmouth face.” The others nodded their heads in agreement with the young man. “Add in the fact that you’re trying to wear your glasses down to nothing doesn’t help with the confidence thing either.” The seriousness of the situation made the weak joke fall flat though, causing the boy to forge on ahead. “So, who the hellmouth was that guy anyways,” the boy demanded of the watcher, “and how do we get Buffy back?” The other two nodded their heads in agreement, and stared at the watcher hopefully.

Giles sighed as he laid a book down and they saw what appeared to be a picture of a carving of the figure that had just stolen their slayer. “I do believe that we have just been visited by Ares, the Grecian Lord of War, of the Greek Pantheon.”

“Uh huh, and can I say huh?” Xander said, “Giles, now is not the time to impress us with your vocabulary. Buffy might need us to rescue her, and you showing off for us is not helping us right now.””

“He said that Ares, the Greek God of war took Buffy.” Angel informed the teen, not even bothering to look at him. “If your right, then it would explain why he mentioned Olympus.”

“Yes indeed,” Giles agreed, “however, I was of the understanding the Greek Pantheon had fallen.”

“Worry about that later,” Xander said waving the Watcher’s concerns off, “how do we save the Buffster?”

“I don’t know Xander, it will take some time.” Giles informed the youth. “My specialty is in demons and European legends, not higher beings. I will need to research Greek Myths, and probably call in a specialist from the Watcher’s Council to try and figure everything out.”

“Fine, so what books do we need to start getting?” Willow demanded, not about to let her friend be stuck in the grasp of the War God.

“Very well,” Giles said as he began rattling off the names of various books for the two to start their search in.

“I know someone that might be able to help,” Angel said, “they own the original Xena Scrolls, and from what is known of her she was a common opponent of Ares.”

“Yes, that sounds useful;” Giles said in agreement, “any advice from adversaries of Ares would be of great use to us right now.”

The vampire nodded his head, and strode out of the library as the others were bringing the first load of books to the table.

Ares appeared in Olympus, and tossed the girl he had brought with him onto a nearby bed. He then summoned a special crown that he had created, and placed the Cronus Stone in it. The stone was almost complete, and once it was done he would be able to rule without worry. Xena had trapped him in that tomb many years ago with the dark chakram, but he had finally managed to break free, only to discover that he had been trapped for nearly three thousand years. The times had changed so much since then. His first near escape would have been so much better, as he could have had Hitler as his follower, but thanks to Xena’s and her sidekick’s descendents, that plan had been derailed. It had taken him another fifty years before he did manage to escape the tomb, only things were different than they had been so long ago. Hercules, his despicable little half-god baby brother had become something called an actor, and was retelling the story of their lives. He had seen the show, and watched as he and his minions were humiliated time and again before the eyes of the masses. The worst part was he knew why Hercules was doing it. Part of his power came from how many people worshipped him. With so many people believing him to be a joke he was at much lower levels of power than he had been used to. Thor, the Asgardian oaf had more followers these days than he did. To add salt into the wound, he didn’t even get the percentage that he deserved for the mortals making a mockery of him and his name.

It had taken time, but he had finally started to get the earth moving in the way that he wanted it to again. He still had the occasional problem with Hercules, the clones of Xena and Gabrielle, and the reincarnated Xena, Gabrielle, and wannabe warrior Joxer. He was almost ready though, but just as he found one of the last pieces to his success this girl appeared. With her appearance brought questions, questions right before his triumph were bad. Only someone of the Grecian God bloodline could use the Cronus Stone, the fact that the small girl before him could made him wonder though. He left the girl there, and went to see some of the few beings that had not been affected by the purge of Xena.

Ares nodded to the three figures as he entered the hidden domain. “Fates, who is the girl I brought with me, where does she come from, and more importantly how can she use the Cronous stone?” He demanded of the sisters, as he voiced his questions about the girl. Sometimes he missed having Apollo and his Delphi temple around.

“Ah Ares, son of Zeus, a pleasure to see you again-“

“The reasoning is there, you just do not wish to see it-“

“For she is a child of your family.” The final sister noted to the war god.

“A child of my family?” Ares questioned with interest, “How is that possible, I thought all of the demigods were destroyed during the times of Arthur when they had that Quest for the Holy Grail thing going on. You told me that all of the demigods except for my half-brother had died there.”

“Not so Ares-“

“We said that they had fallen,-“

“We never said that death was their fates.”

“Some still managed to slip through the cracks.”

Ares scowled at the sisters. “Are you telling me, that there are a bunch of demigods still wandering the Earth?” He demanded of the Fates.

“Not so’s you would notice Ares, they are weakened,-“

“ their power turned to naught.”

“So they lost their power then, Ares said with a nod of understanding, "how is it that this one has any power then?”

“As a descendent of Zeus, they have much power still.” One of the Fates returned to him.

“So the kid is descended from the old man then huh?” Ares said with interest. “Well it could be worse parentage. How is it she has power though?”

“The magic’s of mortals has released her potential Ares,” one of the sisters held up a thread that was being worked into the tapestry of life. “Yes here is where it happened, see sisters.”

“Yes indeed I do, magic released her potential.”

“And then the Powers and the Watchers took advantage of the girl not knowing, and made her believe that she is a hunter of the underworld.”

“Then she’s not a slayer, but a demigod then?” Ares questioned curiously.

“As much as one can be, with how much humanity that the girl has within her.” Another sister informed him.

“Well I know how to take care of that.” The War God declared, and then left in a cloud of lightning.

The Fates shook their heads in bemusement at the impulsive God of War. “Should we have told him that with her awakening a new and old age of heroes has also been brought about sisters?”

“No, I think it shall be much more amusing to watch and see how Ares reacts to the return of the age of heroes.”

“Yes, his plans shall be for naught with their return.”

All the sisters laughed at the thought of what Ares would soon unleash onto the world.

Ares reappeared by the girl who was still lying on the bed. A few flashes of power and the girl was tied down, her clothes had changed to that of a leather warrior dress. “I’d say that I was sorry for this, but we both know that I’d be lying.” Ares said with a smirk as he summoned the Cronus stone to him. It’s time to get rid of your lesser qualities, he said as he began pumping energy into the girl. The blonde let out a scream that echoed throughout the room, but the War God ignored the pain as he focused on adding more power into her.

In Los Angeles, a tall figure frowned as he felt something, a power like he had not felt in years. He turned to look toward where he felt the power coming from, but could see nothing. He would have to investigate it soon, there was something about it that disturbed him. If he had learned anything in his long life though, it was that when something bothered him like this it usually meant bad news for all involved. If there was danger then he wanted to be the one to stop it before it got out of hand. Before the man could go back to what he had been doing a figure stepped out of the shadows. “Angelus,” the figure greeted warily; as he got into a defensive position.

“Kevin,” the vampire returned to him. “That is the name that you are using these days correct?” The figure questioned uncertainly.

"What do you want Angelus?” The broad shouldered, long haired, man asked of him. “I thought that we agreed that you weren’t going to try and fight me anymore, and I wouldn’t go out of my hunting you abominations down.”

“It’s simple really, I need Hercules. Ares decided to pay a visit to the hellmouth tonight and he kidnapped the Slayer.” The vampire explained nervously to the legendary figure before him.

“Why do you care if Ares takes the Slayer, I imagine that your life would be a lot more easier if she’s no longer around.” Hercules returned to the vampire. “Without her there it would be relatively easy hunting for you and your little family.”

“Buffy’s more than just a Slayer,” Angel returned to the half-god, his voice going even colder than usual at the idea that she could be so easily replaced. “She’s the person giving me a chance to prove that I can be human, she’s the one who taught me how to fight for something. Besides, I killed Darla for her, when Darla tried to kill her.” He finished off.

Hercules paused at this as he considered just what the vampire was saying. A vampire killing its sire was a very serious thing, it was one of the biggest things to happen for a vampire. It was also something that was simply not done. Most vampires were too scared to actually attack their sires, since most times they were much more powerful than their childes were. As he observed the vampire, he noticed that there was something different about him and that there was some sort of inner strength to him that he had lacked in their last meeting. The light of insanity and bloodlust was gone, and in its place was something that he had seen long ago. It was the same look that Xena, and a thousand other so called bad people had when they were ready to work on the road of redemption. He didn’t know it was possible for a vampire to get that look, but he was glad to see it. There just might be hope for him yet. “Very well, I’ll do what I can, but if we’re going after Ares we’re going to need to get a few things.”

“Any chance on getting our hands on the Xena scrolls?” The vampire questioned him hopefully. “I said I was going to be looking for those, which is why the Watcher let me come out here. While you’re a great and even better than the scrolls you know how Watchers are. It has to be written down for them to believe that its useable.”

“Yes, unfortunately I do,” Hercules agreed as he scowled at the memory of the Council. “I would also rather the Council not know that I’m still around though. I spent years being tracked by them because I was an Immortal, and then because I was one of the Champions, and they thought that they had a right to tell me how I should fight or what I should fight.”

“Some of them are still a lot like that actually, but Giles is actually willing to listen to an argument before making his decision on something.” Angel assured him.

“Well, let’s go get the Watcher, then we have a lot of things to figure out.” Angel nodded and followed after the demigod.

Buffy groaned as she came to and found herself in some rather odd surroundings. It looked like she was stuck in some kind of palace like bedroom place, and her usual clothes were gone replaced with some sort of leather dress like thing. Oh yeah, and her arms were bound with chain leaving her stuck on this bed for the time being. As her eyes wandered around the room she noticed all sorts of very sharp looking weapons, she saw the dark figure that had brought her here. “You,” she greeted him angrily, as she strained her arms against the chains that were holding her in place.

The man just gave her a full grin flashing his teeth at her. “Me,” he returned to her.

“Where am I?” The blonde demanded of him, as she tried to lunge at him.

The figure leaned back in his seat in amusement, “Don’t bother with the chains kid, those things were designed by Hephaestus himself, to hold any god that had become unruly. There is no way that you’re going to break them.”

“Hope you don’t mind if I’m not overly impressed that they were made by a heffalump!” Buffy shot back at him, as she continued to try and get out of the chains.

The figure rolled his eyes at this. “What are they teaching you kids in school these days anyways?” He questioned her, seeming insulted over the destruction of the name of one of his brothers. “Personally, what you think about what’s happening is none of my concern with what I have planned for you.” He told her indifferently.

“Oh, and what do you have planned bondage king?” The blonde shot off in annoyance.

“Simple really, I am Ares, God of War, and I am going to remake you little girl. The potential in your little body is amazing, I shall strip away all of that pesky humanity that you have, and with you at my side shall start a new era. It shall be the rebirth of the era of the Gods of old.”

“Sorry, not interested,” the blonde said, “you’ll have to ask someone else to do it.”

Ares chuckled a bit at her, “You act as if you have a choice in the matter,” he said to her, “you don’t have much choice whether or not this happens to you. When I am done with you, I doubt that there will be all that much humanity left in you though. We better get started though, because even with the shards of the Cronus stone this going to take time.” Ares smiled, as he twirled the crown with large green stones on it.

“Not to sound cliché or anything, but I’ll never join you.” Buffy said in defiance, as she watched the war god prepare himself.

“Please do be quiet, just because everyone else has worked so hard to make you believe that you’re the Slayer doesn’t mean that I am.” Ares told her.

The blonde stared at him in confusion, as she tried to understand what he was saying. “What are you talking about?” She demanded, as she tried not to think about the green lightning bolts that were flashing around in his hand.

“Oh that, well you see I did a bit of digging into your past just out of minor curiosity you know.” Ares said casually. “You’d be amazed at what I learned.”

“Why don’t you try me?” She challenged him, convinced that there was npthing that he could say or do to impress her.

“Sure,” Ares said, seeming unconcerned, he used his powers to create a small circle in the air and the blonde gasped as she saw Hemery High.” Yeah, it’s your old school and there’s you,” he said pointing to a blonde girl n the football field being yelled at by the cheerleading coach. “Turns out your coach was one of those people that wanted to win a lot or at least be known as being great. Why am I telling you that though, you already know.” He jeered at her. “What you didn’t know though, was that your old coach had some connections in the magical world. The image above them shifted to the coach having lunch with someone in a business suit. Your coach was so determined to beat someone by the name of Sue and her cereal squad. You know how it is trying to prove your better than your mentor sort of thing?” Ares questioned with a smirk. “Anyways, a spell was cast on your cheer squad that was supposed to unlock any hidden potential. Turns out it was a bad spell to use on you though, because of your bloodline. Your family had been cursed long ago for their power to be bound never to be seen again on this earth. When the curse was cracked and allowed some of your power out you had a very weak version of the true strength of a god I’d say you are only at about 5 to 8 percent of the strength of a god that you can use. Not all that much really when compared to a real God but against most vampires and demons that puts you on nearly equal ground. Ares explained to the girl staring at her intently. The Watchers Council and the Higher Beings became aware of you and sent the Watcher and a few dreams from time to time to make you think that you were a Slayer and thus they kept their finally tuned balance. I was particularly impressed when they sent the vampire to woo you and to keep your attention off of enhancing you’re supposed demon senses, as a demigod you don’t have those kinds of senses though. It was also interesting that anyone that might have helped you usually ended up dead.”

“So I’m not really a slayer, and I don’t have to worry about prophecies that say I might die?” Buffy questioned looking up at the war god with hope.

Ares smirked, this was all too easy, he loved it when the good guys screwed the heroes up so much that they couldn’t tell when they were being played. The fact that everything he said was true made it all the more interesting. “It’s all true, and as long as the prophecy says slayer you shouldn’t have to worry one bit about what is coming.” He consoled her, brushing his hand along her cheek. I still have to do this though because I need you to be strong.

The blonde looked uncertain while Ares chuckled to himself, he loved gullible heroes who just wanted to stop fighting. She didn’t realize that when she became a true god that she was likely to take over Artemis’s or Athena’s duties, after she bore him a kid or two of her own that is. He had an entire pantheon to rebuild after all, and he knew Aphrodite wasn’t going to help him rebuild it, even if he was currently more powerful than she was while he had the stone. No, this girl would be the start of a great new dynasty for him. He raised the stone whether she was ready or not for this didn’t matter she had her chance to accept this gracefully.

"What if I don’t want more power?" The girl questioned him, suddenly afraid of what it might mean for her.

“Too bad,” Ares returned, “once I’ve stripped your humanity away, then I’ll get the golden apples and complete the job, but this will make you more powerful like this.”

“What if I like being human though?” Buffy continued to question him, as he built the power up again.

“Do I look like I care whether you like being human or not?” Ares returned to her in a bored tone. “I have more important matters to worry about than that. Besides, I’ve already done this to you a little bit already as I was figuring exactly how best to do it.” Green lightning flashed and began pouring into her trying to break the rest of the spell. Ares laughed as he released the power, and all Buffy could was scream.
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