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I Choose You

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This story is No. 1 in the series "I Choose You". You may wish to read the series introduction first.

Summary: My first foray into the Buffyverse/Crossed over with Firefly. 500 years from now, two nearly immortal Slayers, a powerful Witch and the Immortal Key struggle with the same thing they always have. Love, Family and Vampires. Willow/River pairing.

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VTBrowncoatFR181240,22875521,6376 Mar 1128 Apr 13No

Chapter Three

Disclaimer: Joss, Owns em’. I’m just playing. No money being made.


A/N: Another plot bunny attacked. My first Buffy/Firefly crossover. Unbeta'd all grammar and spelling errors are mine


I Choose You


Chapter Three


Serenity's crew sat silently, looking both at each other and the four women who stood off to one side. River was smiling while Simon and Kaylee were dumbfounded. Mal and Zoë both had skeptical looks on their faces and Inara looked like her entire world had been upended.

“Vampires...” Mal trailed off.

“Ya-huh,” Dawn nodded.

“And magic...” Zoë added.

“Yep,” Willow smiled.

“And you're how old?” Inara asked in a tiny voice.

“I'm five hundred and thirty seven,” Buffy stated, “Willow is the same. Faith is a couple of years younger than me.”

“You ain't twenty two, then?” Mal asked his newly hired pilot.

“I look twenty two,” Dawn replied with a shrug.

“You're all insane,” Simon stated. River smacked her brother on the back of his head, “Ow?”

“Saner than me,” River added.

“But... five hundred years?” Kaylee asked.

“Yep,” Faith nodded.

“Maybe a little demonstration,” Buffy said as she looked over at Willow.

The redhead nodded and whispered something under her breath while wiggling her fingers.

The crew sat in shock as five shot glasses flew from a storage locker and gently alighted in front of the crew. A moment later. A jug of Kaylee's engine wine floated across the room and poured a shot into each glass before landing gently in the center of the table.

Simon and Kaylee's eyes were as wide as saucers. Inara looked like she might faint. Zoë's eyebrows climbed into her hairline.

“Huh...” Mal grunted.

“How do you think I've been making all those meals out of that protein crap you get, Mal,” Willow said with a smirk.

“Magic cookies,” River grinned.

Zoë's mouth opened and closed several times but no words came out.

“That's a violation of every law of physics...” Simon trailed off.

“That's 'cause it's magic, Simon,” Willow said, “Hey, when I first got into it. I thought the same thing.”

“And this... Slayer thing?” Zoë finally said.

“One girl in all the world will be chosen to fight the Vampires and other demons. She is the Slayer,” Buffy replied.

“But there's two of you?” Kaylee asked.

“Buffy died,” Faith began, “A Vampire drained most of her blood and threw her into some water. She drowned...”

“And a friend pulled me out and resuscitated me,” Buffy added, “Then another Slayer was called. She died less than a year later. And that's when Faith was called.”

How are you... chosen?” Simon asked.

Willow adopted her 'teachers' voice and began, “As far as I was ever able to figure out, it's a slight DNA abnormality that allows people to be receptive to and manipulate magical energy.”

“Back in the early twenty first century, we were facing an apocalypse. The First Evil. A malevolent entity that wanted to end the world. It was trying to kill every potential Slayer it could find since it knew only a Slayer could defeat it. Using the Slayer's Scythe,” Willow said, indicating the weapon leaning against the counter, “I was able to cast a spell that turned every girl that could be, a potential Slayer into a real Slayer, just like Buffy and Faith.”

Buffy continued, “But there was a hitch. That spell seemed to burn out the ability for more potentials to be created. Same went for magic users. Over the years, we haven't been able to find new potentials. But suddenly, over the last fifty years or so. Some have begun to emerge again.”

Simon was smart. He put two and two together quickly, “Is... River a potential?”

Willow nodded and smiled, “She is.”

“What is it with you and Potentials, Red?” Faith smirked.

Willow glared at her, “Not now...”

“Is that why River is... a reader?” Kaylee asked.

Mal shot a glare at his mechanic, “Kaylee...”

Faith tilted her head, “Girl's psychic?”

River nodded, “Telepathy, some precognition...”

“Damn, B,” Faith grinned, “She'd be a kick ass Slayer.”

“There's another thing... or two,” Willow added.

“That is?” Mal asked.

“If I do the spell to activate River's potential... it's possible she might loose her psychic abilities. Or... it may enhance them.”

So... she could get better.... or worse,” Kaylee said worriedly.

“Most likely better” Willow said with a slight smile. Best case scenario, she gets the full Slayer package with the psychic part as a bonus. Worst case... She's a fairly stable Slayer.”

“What else?” Simon asked, reading between the lines.

“Slayer healing,” Willow smiled, “There's a possibility, that either River will regrow her amigdula or another part of her brain will take over for it.”

Simon sat back in shock. His sister might actually be whole again?

“What's this whole, Slayer package anyway?” Zoë asked.

“Enhanced speed, reflexes, healing, strength and resistance to injury.”

“You could hand Buffy or me any weapon and within a few moments we would be an expert with it,” Faith stated, “We're about fifteen to twenty times stronger than a woman our size would be. I've seen Buffy bench press nearly two and a half tons.”

“What?” Mal exclaimed.

Faith grinned and moved next to where Kaylee sat in her chair, “Kaylee right?” the dark Slayer asked.

“Yep,” the mechanic replied nervously.

“Grab hold of your chair. I'm not gonna hurt you.”

Kaylee complied and let out a squeak as Faith, with one hand, grabbed a chair leg and effortlessly lifted the chair with Kaylee in it off the floor. Over her head.

“Wuo de ma...” Mal muttered.

“This is shiny,” Kaylee giggled as Faith set her back down.

“Unbelievable...” Simon muttered.

“Boob,” River chastised.

Buffy and Dawn snorted with amusement.

“How fast do you heal?” Simon asked.

“I just picked up your girl with the shoulder I dislocated a couple of hours ago, Doc,” Faith grinned.

Simon looked like he was going to faint.

“But.... how have you maintained your youth?” Inara asked, “From what you described. All Slayers should have lived as long as you...”

Buffy, Faith and Dawn shared a sad look. After a moment, Dawn spoke, “Best we can figure, since Buffy and Faith were the only 'naturally' called Slayers, the spell supercharged their healing. The Slayers created by the spell all had long lives. Most made it to the century mark, if they weren't killed. Buffy and Faith do age but it's at a hugely reduced rate.”

“As long as something doesn't kill us,” Buffy added, “Willow figures we'll make six or seven thousand years...”

Jaws dropped all around the table. Dawn continued from her sister, “Willow does it with magic. And hopping into cryo every eighty years or so.”

“So I can rest my magic,” Willow added.

“What about you?” Inara asked the youngest appearing girl.

“I am truly immortal. I'm... not really human...”

“Dawnie...” Buffy trailed off.

“I was created by a spell,” Dawn continued, “I'm not really Buffy's sister. I'm more of her mystical clone. Created as a vessel for a mystical force called the key.”

“Dawn was dropped into our lives as a fourteen year old teenager,” Buffy said with a small smile, “Our memories were altered as well as records . Even Dawn's memories before she was sent to us are false.”

“I hit twenty one... well actually, seven and I stopped aging. Zero, zilch. Not getting any older. I theoretically can live until the end of time...”

“Merciful Buddha...” Inara trailed off.

“It's okay... I've learned to live with it. Besides, I'll have my big sis around for quite some time...”

“Family...” Simon muttered.

“Darn tootin,” Willow grinned.

“So... you do... whatever, and River becomes a Slayer,” Zoë began, thinking out loud, “And then what?”

“She learns how to fight...”

“Umm, B? You did see her tear into those Vamps before you got hit on the head. Girl already has the skills...” Faith noted.

Buffy nodded slowly, “Yeah.... How did you learn to fight like that? You were better than any potential I ever saw...”

“The Academy...” was all that River said.

Buffy and Faith each tossed back a shot of Kaylee's engine wine. Wincing at the burn.

“Son of a bitch...” Faith muttered.

“Gorram Purple Bellies,” Dawn added.

“Fourteen?” Buffy asked Simon.

“She was seventeen when I was able to get her out.”

“Fuck...” Buffy trailed off.

“Where is this academy?” Faith asked. A scowl on her face, “No one does this bullshit to one of our sisters...”

“It's a secure military and scientific facility. You couldn't just waltz in the front door,” Simon admonished.

“Isn't that what you did, Doc?” Zoë commented.

“It took me three years to set that up.”

“You went in and got her out yourself?” Faith asked, surprised.

“River is my sister...”

Dawn and Buffy shared a look and smiled, “You're our kind of people,” Dawn added.

“Was it a Tuesday when River left for the academy?” Buffy asked.

“I don't...” Simon began.

“Yes,” River cut off her brother with a grin.

“What is it with little sisters and being taken for nefarious things on Tuesday?” Buffy smirked at Dawn.

“Hey! That hasn't happened to me in over two hundred years,” Dawn complained, “And I'm still mad at you for not backing me joining the Independents.”

“So... this Joyce Summers wasn't your Momma...” Mal interrupted.

“Joyce is our mom, “ Buffy replied, then glared at her sister, “You used Mom's name when you enlisted?” she asked her sibling.

“Not like you didn't when you joined the Royal Guard on Shinon a hundred fifty years ago,” Buffy snarked back.

“That was so I could get my hands on Shan-Yu.”

“He wasn't a Vampire,” Dawn replied.

“He sure tortured like one,” Buffy shot back, “Made Angelus look like an amateur...”

Inara piped up, “You killed Shan-Yu?”

Buffy nodded, “Not one of my better decisions. How did I know that after I killed him, in the power vacuum, the Alliance would form...”

“Merciful Buddha...” Inara gasped.

So... you're to blame for the Alliance forming?” Mal asked. Both mad and slightly awestruck.

“Oops,” Was all Buffy replied.

Faith snorted in amusement, “When you fuck up, B... you go big.”

“Says Miss, 'I slept with the King of Londinium and was nearly killed by the Queen'...”

“He was hot...”

A shrill whistle broke everyone's train of thought. Mal brought his fingers out of the corner of his mouth, “Now that we've got this settled. We got some things of real import to discuss... namely. What does River want?”

“I want this,” the girl in question replied.

“You sure, Albatross?” Mal asked.

“I am sure.”


Simon looked closely at the red haired woman who had become his friend the last few months aboard, “You're sure no harm will come to River?”

“Nothing life threatening, Simon. You know I'd never purposely hurt her.”

River leaned over and took Willow's hand in her own with a smile of near adoration on her face. Kaylee giggled slightly and Inara smiled. They had all seen the signs.

“Willow... What are your intentions towards my sister?” Simon asked.

Willow's blush matched her hair, “I... uhhh....”

River answered the question by suddenly kissing the red haired Witch. Willow turned even more scarlet.

Inara tried to hide her snort of amusement as a cough. Mal frowned, “You know what I feel about shipboard romances...”

“Says the man sleeping with his... Business Manager,” Inara replied, “Of course, alternate sleeping arrangements can be made.”

Mal sputtered, “Well.. just be careful.”

“Not like I can get her pregnant.” Willow grinned.

Simon's jaw dropped causing Kaylee to gently close it.

Only Zoë caught the looks that flickered between the Summers sisters and Faith, “That a bad word with you three?” she asked.

Buffy nodded sadly, “It's hard for Slayers to get pregnant... almost impossible. There's only been four that I know of. Nikki Wood, Vi Beauregard, Angela Harrison and... Faith.”

“What?” Simon asked.

“And those Slayers that did, only had boys.” Willow added.

Faith's eyes seemed to soften and a small smile appeared on her face, “Alex and Jessie. My boys. Their father was Nikki Wood's son, Robin... my husband.”

Zoë looked at the dark haired woman and saw a kindred spirit. Warrior, lover, mother, and someone who had lost her husband, “How long ago?” The First Mate asked.

“Five Hundred years...” Faith replied.

“Still hurt?”


Buffy squeezed Faith's shoulder in support. Faith returned the squeeze. Dawn had a sad smile on her face, "All of us have lost loved ones to tradgedy..." Dawn began before the sudden cry of a baby over the modified com unit that Kaylee had converted into a baby monitor drew Zoë's attention.

“Sounds hungry,” Faith commented with a alight smile.

“Yep...” Zoë replied, “Two o'clock feeding... at one am.”

“Getting late,” Mal added, “Got a meeting with Badger about a job tomorrow morning. Gonna need River, Jayne and Zoë with me. Kaylee, you alright to babysit?”

“Shir-ah Cap'n,” The mechanic replied.

“Who's Jane?” Buffy asked.

“It's Jayne with a 'Y',” Kaylee explained, “He's off ship at the moment. He's kinda our...”

“Jayne's our gunhand,” Zoe explained.

“Muscle.. got it,” Faith replied.

“What do you need to do this... whatever.... magic thing on Albatross?” Mal asked his cook.

“Just the Scythe and either Buffy or Faith... and a good night's sleep.”

“Understood,” Mal replied. “Dawn? You still interested in the job?”

“If you'll have me.”

“What job?” Buffy asked.

“Pilot,” the younger sister replied.

“You helped design the Firefly class.”

“She did?” Kaylee replied in near awe.

“I was the developmental test pilot,” Dawn corrected. Downplaying here role.

Even Mal's eyes widened, “Well now... How about we make that ten percent.”

Dawn settled onto her new bunk. Buffy was sitting on the air mattress on the floor across from her. Mal had invited Buffy and Faith to stay aboard for the night and get some Simon recommended rest. Slayer healing or not.

“So...” Buffy began, “What happened to your old job?”

Dawn shrugged, “Mechanic had grabby hands. Be a while before he can grab a wrench again...”

Buffy grinned, “That's my sister...” she stated before frowning slightly

“What is it?”

“I missed you.”

Dawn sighed and then moved to her sisters side. Putting an arm around Buffy's shoulders, “Missed you too," she said then frowned, "Freaky on how much the captain looks like Caleb."

"Tell me about it," Buffy sighed as she hugged her sister, "Totaly wigsome..."

The two sisters sat arms around each other for a while before falling asleep, snuggled together.

Next door, River awoke with a start. Reaching for her clothes and a stake. She needed to get Willow. Jayne was in way over his head.

Jayne grinned and flopped back down on the mattress. His compensated bed mate doing likewise.

“Well, I gotta hand it to ya' Mr. Cobb. You sure don't disappoint,” The blonde whore chuckled.

“I do my best, Darlin,” Jayne replied.

The woman drew her hand up and down the man's chest, “So big and strong...”

“I work out a lot.”

“I can see that.”

“You hungry for more?” the Mercenary grinned, wiggling his eyebrows suggestively.

“You have no idea, Baby,” The blonde replied.

Before Jayne's eyes, the woman in bed next to him changed. Yellow eyes and a pronounced forehead

“What the hell?” Jayne roared as he scrambled out of the bed reaching for his gun hanging from the bedpost.

Just as Jayne had his gun in his hand, the whore was on him, batting his pistol away like it was a toy. Nearly breaking his hand in the process.

With a quick backhand, Jayne flew across the small room into the wall, cracking the plaster. Struggling back to his feet, Jayne looked for a weapon to use.

“What's the matter, Hon?” The blonde nearly purred, “Thought you were ready to go again?”

“What the gorram hell are you?” Jayne yelled back.

“Your worst nightmare. Gotta admit. You're damn good in the sack. Think I'll keep you. I haven't sired anyone for ages...”

Jayne made a dash for Binky, his bowie knife. With inhuman speed, the blonde intercepted him, “Naughty naughty...”

With a powerful punch, the Vampire knocked the big man unconscious. As Jayne slumped down the wall, she licked her lips, “Dinner time...”

A sudden gust of wind interrupted the Vampire from her feast, just inches from sinking her fangs into the big man's neck.

Turning quickly, the Vampire had to blink several times. Not believing who stood there.

“Impossible...” the Vampire gasped, “Willow?”

“Harmony, Harmony, Harmony,” Willow smiled, “Long time no see.”

“How does a Vamp as dumb as you stay around, Harm?” Faith asked from where she stood behind the red haired Witch. Beside the brunette Slayer stood River Tam, a sword in her left hand and a stake in her right.

“Hi Faith...” the Vampire formerly known as Harmony Kendall said shakily, "Who's your friend?"

“I'm River,” the girl replied.

"And she's a potential," Willow added.

“Oh shit...” Harmony replied just before River's blade decapitated her. The Vampire's body crumpled into dust.

“Good riddance,” Willow grumbled, “Been trying to get Harmony ever since she went evil again.”

A groan from Jayne on the floor brought the three women's attention to the slowly awakening and very naked Mercenary.

“Eeeep,” Willow squeaked before covering River's eyes with one hand and looking away herself.

Faith just grinned, “Yummy...”


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