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I Choose You

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This story is No. 1 in the series "I Choose You". You may wish to read the series introduction first.

Summary: My first foray into the Buffyverse/Crossed over with Firefly. 500 years from now, two nearly immortal Slayers, a powerful Witch and the Immortal Key struggle with the same thing they always have. Love, Family and Vampires. Willow/River pairing.

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Chapter 6

Disclaimer: Joss, MGM Owns em’. I’m just playing. No money being made. This is a work of Fanfiction. No Copyright infringement is intended




I Choose You


Chapter Six


“Lieutenant Rosenberg,” Mal growled as he came to his feet, “You got an explanation for this?”

Willow's eyes hardened, “No I don't, Sergeant Reynolds.”

Sputtering, Jayne shot to his feet, “What the Je shr shuh muh lan dong shi is going on here?”

Willow, her blood riled up. Slammed down a bowl and stalked towards the big man, “I'm a witch, Jayne,” she began. Her hair turning white and beginning to blow around, “That whore you were with last night? She was a Vampire. She tried to eat you. And River was forced to dust her to save your gorram life. Harmony... at one time was a... friend...”

Buffy looked at River, “You dusted Harmony?”

“Wanted to eat and turn Jayne...” the girl replied.

“You mean all the go-se my Ma used to spout about vampires and demons bein real...” Jayne trailed off.

“All real, Jayne,” Willow replied as she calmed herself, “I taught your Mother about Vampires. She's a witch too. Not very powerful but she still can do some spells. I was her teacher when she was a teenager. Heck. I delivered you when you were born...”

“You... you know my Ma?”

“Yes Jayne.”

“You delivered Jayne?” Simon asked.

Willow sighed, “Yes Simon. I did. You're not the only one in the room besides your sister with a genius level IQ. After five hundred years, I've acquired a few degrees. I haven't practiced medicine in nearly a century. But childbirth is not all that hard to remember how to handle.”

“I never thought about it like that...” Simon replied.

“Heck, even I got a couple o' degrees over the years, Doc,” Faith grinned.

Simon looked incredulously at the leather clad slayer, “What?”

Faith smirked, “Don't let the attitude and leather fool ya Doc. Got me a PhD in Mathematics and a masters in Ancient Languages.”

“Tzaogao,” Mal muttered while Simon looked shocked.

“How many degrees you got now, Dawnie?” Faith asked.

The brunette rolled her eyes before whispering, “Six...”

Faith smirked like the proud semi big sister she was, “Let's see... Doctorates in Ancient and Modern Languages by age twenty four. Masters in Mechanical Engineering by twenty eight. Another PhD. This time in physics by thirty six. Another PhD in International Relations followed another in Political Science all by age fifty.”

“Don't forget the two stints at the Naval War College,” Buffy added with a grin.

“And what rank did you retire from the US Navy at, Little D?”

Dawn mumbled something to Faith's question.

“I didn't hear you, little Sis,” Buffy grinned.

“Rear Admiral. Upper Half.”

“And commanded through the years, An SG team, A fighter squadron, the USS George Washington aircraft carrier, The USS Apollo, the USS Stennis' Battle group, and then the SGC itself,” Faith finished with a smirk.

“Wo de ma,” Simon swore in shock.

“An Admiral?” Zoe and Mal said in unison.

“Ya-huh,” Dawn grinned sheepishly.

“And you were just a...”

“Captain...” Dawn interjected into Mal's question.

“... in the Independents.”

“I wanted to fly... Generals and Admirals don't fly. Besides, not like the High Command knew I was five hundred years old. They thought I was just another twenty year old officer candidate from Valentine...”

“Valentine is outer core,” Zoe commented.

“Where we were living at the time... Buffy, Willow, Faith and me.”

“Wash was from Valentine, Wasn't he?” Kaylee asked.

“Wash?” Buffy asked.

Zoe's face hardened as she took her daughter from Faith's arms, “Lizzy's Father. My late husband. Hoban Washburn...”

“What?” Buffy gasped. Here eyes opening in fright.

“Oh crap,” Faith whispered.

“Hoban Washburn... about five foot, eleven. Sarcastic sense of humor. Lived and breathed flying...” Buffy breathed.

“Wore Hawaiian shirts?,” Dawn added,” Suddenly knowing the answer.

“Yes,” Zoe replied sternly.

“My baby...” Buffy whispered. Before beginning to sob.

Dawn blinked back tears, then turned to Zoe, “Buffy raised Hobie as her own. She was dating his dad, Rudy Washburn. Hobie's Mom had died in childbirth. When Rudy died... Buffy adopted little Hobie. When she sent him off to flight school...”

“I had to disappear again. The Alliance was getting close. It was the build up to the War. We have to change identities every twenty years or so,” Buffy sniffled.

“You’re Wash's Ma?” Jayne asked.

“Adopted, but I think so,” Buffy replied. Regaining some of her composure.

“I named Lizzy after Wash's Ma.”

“When I was raising him, I used the name Elizabeth Mullen. But everyone still called me Buffy...”

“Is Buffy your real name?” Kaylee asked.

Buffy nodded, “Buffy Anne Summers. Daughter of Joyce and Hank Summers.”

“Can we get back to the part where Zoe and Moonbrain is all strong now?” Jayne asked.

“Yes... I'd like to know about that as well,” Inara asked. She had been silent throughout the previous conversation.

“I didn't do the spell,” Willow began, “This has all the hallmarks of the Powers work. Buffy and Faith, reunited with Dawn and Myself. Meeting Faith's great many times granddaughters. I'm on the same ship as the son of one of my students...”

“And Kaylee is a dead ringer for Jen McKay,” Dawn added.

“Who?” Kaylee asked.

“Dr. Jennifer Keller-McKay. She was head physician at the SGC when I ran an SG team back on Earth-That-Was,” Dawn replied. “Her husband, Rodney was the chief scientist. I know that they had three kids. Two boys and a girl.”

“My Momma was a McKay,” Kaylee replied, “Afore she married my Pa.”

Buffy and Faith shared a glance and then said in unison, “The Powers.”

“So... my great-great-great whatever grandma was a doctor?”

Dawn smiled at the mechanic, “And her husband Rodney, was almost as smart as River. The only one I think was smarter than Rodney was Sam Carter.”

“Back to Zoe and Myself now being Slayers?” River asked.

“The Powers that be must be planning something,” Buffy stated.

“But what,” Faith asked.

“I think I can answer that,” said a woman's voice from the doorway.

Several weapons were aimed as well as energy conjured in Willow's hands. Energy she released when the red headed witch saw who was standing in the entrance to the galley.

“You're dead!” Buffy cried out.

“Sort of, Buffy...”

“Who the hell are you?” Mal asked. Pistol still in his hand.

“My name is Anya. And Buffy...I'm Whistlers replacement. Since the powers are no more and there’s new Management in charge...”

“Anya... is it really...”

“Me, Buffy? Kinda. I did die in that hallway back in Sunnydale. And thanks to my... 'good' deeds with you guys, I didn't head... downstairs. But I couldn't go upstairs either...”

“Limbo,” Willow stated.

“Pretty much, Willow,” Anya shrugged, “After the you know who's wiped out Earth. The Powers fought back. In the process. They wiped themselves out. The last of them transferred their power to someone else.”

“Who?” Dawn asked.

“The Alterrans. And a few others that they helped ascend.”

Dawn began swearing in several languages. The Sumerian was especially profane.

“Relax, Dawn. There were only a few powers left. Therefore only a few Ancients got that power.”

“Anyone we know?” Faith asked. She had done a tour at the SGC and had met a few of the Ascended beings.

“Morgan LeFay, for one,” Anya replied. She smirked at Inara who had stiffened at the name.

“Who's these Alterrans?” Mal asked.

“An ancient... precursor race to humanity. They lived all through the Milky Way and Pegasus galaxies. They eventually evolved to the point where they ascended into beings of pure energy,” Anya replied.

“With immense personal power. When they chose to utilize it. Mostly they were worse than the Powers. Had rules about non-interference,” Dawn added.

Anya smiled, “Once Morgan inherited the power from the Powers... she and a few others began taking a more aggressive role. Putting plans into place that led to where we are today.”

Buffy looked angry, “What kind of plans?”

“Ones, that if they work out. Will mean true freedom for Humanity and many of you in this room will receive something to repay you for your sacrifices over the centuries...”

“Like what?” Faith asked.

Anya grinned, “I'm not giving the surprise away, Faith. All I can say is that you will be happy and you and only you, Buffy should attend the Captain's meeting with Badger this morning.”

Faith looked pissed, “The Powers kill Robin?”

Anya shook her head, “That was an accident...”

Before anyone could say anything else. Anya simply disappeared into thin air.

“Did she like... just disappear?” Jayne asked. His brain nearly overloading.

“Anya does that...” Buffy sighed.

Mal shook his head. The last twenty four hours were well beyond his reckoning, “Don't care what whatever she is, says. Ain't no one goin to the meet other than Me, Jayne and River.”

“Badger is an old... acquaintance? I guess... maybe? Anyway. He's half Bracken Demon. Keeping an eye on him is kinda my job. Besides. If I'm with you. He won't pull a fast one on you,” Buffy smirked.

“Why's that?” Mal asked.

“He's scared to death of Buffy,” Willow grinned, “Why do you think he's always so nice to me?”

In the cell. The blonde woman awoke with a gasp. She looked around frantically. Her heart beating wildly in her chest. That fact alone frightened her more than her location did. Because, Harmony Kendall’s heart hadn't beaten for over five hundred years.

“I... I have a pulse...” the now seemingly human former vampire whispered. Suddenly she leaped to her feet and yelled at the top of her lungs, “I HAVE A PULSE!” followed by a small dance of pure joy.

“Harmony... will you please be quiet. My head is killing me...”

Harmony let out a cry of surprise and gazed at the man who was slowly sitting up in the corner of the room, “Giles?”

“Of course it's me you... OOF!” Harmony tackled the older man in a hug. He managed to gasp out, “Air...”

“Sorry,” the blonde replied, pulling back. A wide grin on her face, “But how are you here?”

“What do you... Bloody hell! Where am I?”

Harmony glanced out the small window, “Looks like somewhere near the Eavestown docks on Persephone.”


Harmony had an epiphany. Giles was here and alive. She was alive again. She distinctly remembered being dusted by some dark haired girl who was with Willow and Faith. She turned to her former high school librarian and later her boss, “What's the last thing you remember?”

Giles' brow furrowed slightly, “I had just returned from London. Cassie Frasier had requested my help with a translation and the text couldn't be teleported. I remember entering my apartment and going to bed...”

“What day was it?” Harmony asked.

“Sunday, the sixth of March.”

“What year?”

“2018... Why?”

“Because the last thing I remember was some girl who I think was a potential dusting me. She was with Faith and Willow. And the date was December 16, 2519...”


“Giles... you've been dead for five hundred years.”

“Good lord... wait... you said, a potential dusted you? But Willow ensouled you...”

Harmony shrugged, “She did. Worked great for about four hundred years. But my... demon got too strong. I still had my soul... but I... I started killing again. I must have turned hundreds the last century or so... I...” Harmony began to sob

Giles had slowly backed up from Harmony until he realized a beam of sunlight was coming through the window. Striking the blonde's back. And she wasn't burning. Slowly Giles moved closer to her and tentatively pulled her back into a hug.

“There, there, Harmony,” he said patting her back as she sobbed, “Soul or not... you did what you could...”

Giles was cut off by simultaneous groans from three of the lumps in the opposite corner. Three men slowly sat up. One, a gray haired man in his fifties. A brunette in his late twenties and the third. A man in his early forties with reddish brown hair. A little gray creeping in along his temples. All were in superb physical shape. The oldest was dressed in Jeans and a leather jacket. The two younger men in tactical black, military like uniforms. Complete with body armor and weapons.

The reddish haired man spoke first, “Jack? What the heck are you doing here? For that matter. Where the hell are we?” The gray haired man he addressed just shrugged. Then froze at who had spoken to him.

“Looks like a cell of some kind,” the brunette replied, “Suddenly his eyes shot wide, “Eddie! I saw you get shot! Nearly point blank staff blast. You died...”

“I did?”

“You both did,” Jack stated, “I went to your funerals!”


“Xander!” cried Harmony as she sprinted across the room, wrapping her former classmate in a hug.

Eddie looked around the room. He locked eyes with a gobsmacked Giles, “Rupert? What the hell is going on?”

“I haven't a bloody clue Edward. But damn... it is good to see you again.” the older man replied with a huge smile.

With another squeal, Eddie was engulfed in a vampire strength hug, “Eddie! I missed you!”

“We go somewhere?” Xander asked as he rubbed his left eye. His hand suddenly froze, “Eddie?”

“Yeah, Xander?”

“Do... do I... have two eyes?”

“Holy shit...”

“Hey!” bellowed Jack O’Neil, “Let's get back on track. How the hell are you guys alive?”

“I could say the same, General,” Giles interjected, “You were killed in a car accident in DC in 2012.”


Giles then pulled Xander into a hug, “God Xander. I missed you my boy...”

“Really confused here,” Xander mumbled.

“And according to Harmony, it's at least the year 2519,” Giles continued.

“What?” Eddie yelled.

“Dad... shush. It's too early for you to be yelling.” said a sleepy voice.

Eddies eyes shot wide in astonishment. He hadn't heard that voice in eight years. Tears welled in his eyes as the red headed girl sat up, and looked at him strangely,“Dad? Did you just get home from a SWAT call out?”

“Amy...” Eddie whispered before he passed out. Harmony caught him before he could fall.

“Dad!” cried the girl as she ran to Eddie.

Giles was also in shock. He tried to process what was happening. Jack O’Neil doing the same.

“Who are you?” Harmony asked the teenager.

“Amy Mullen. This is my Dad.”

“Bloody Hell,” Giles muttered.

“I'll see that and raise you a holy shit,” Xander stated.

“I'll call it with a, what the fuck?” Jack added.

“Stop swearing in front of my daughter,” Eddie mumbled as his eyes opened.

“You okay, Dad?” Amy asked.

Eddie reached out and engulfed his daughter in a hug, crying. “Dad?” Amy asked, confused. Her father had never been much for hugs.

“You're really here... Xander. She's really here, right?” Eddie croaked through his tears.

“She's here, Eddie,” Xander grinned. He had seen photos of Eddies daughter. A girl who had been killed by Caleb and Bringers before Sunnydale fell. Amy Mullen had been a potential Slayer.

“Ahhh!” cried out a girls voice as she sat up. At the same time the last unconscious figure in the room began to stir.

All eyes focused on the girl who cried out. She blinked and looked confused, “Mr. Giles... Xander? Did we win?”

“Amanda!” exclaimed Xander.

“Who?” Harmony asked.

Giles replied, “Amanda Thomas. From Sunnydale. She was one of the girls who fell there in the battle against the First...”

“Oh... you're Mike Thomas' little sister,” Harmony stated.

“Uhhh, yeah... Who are you?”

“Harmony Kendall.. I was in your brother's high school class. Along with Xander.”

“Okay... enough old home week. We seem to be in a cell. We need to do something about that,” Jack interjected.

“Quite right, General,” Giles replied, “Perhaps we should ascertain who our last guest is?”

“Oh my head,” groaned the last figure on the floor. Suddenly his figure shifted from human to something furry and vaguely humanoid. Then shifted again into a large red timber wolf and back to human. His clothing suddenly forming back on his slight frame.

“Oz?” Xander asked.

The orange headed man blinked a couple of times and looked around, “Hey, Xander... Giles.”

“Son of a bitch,” Xander muttered before hauling the shorter man to his feet and wrapping him in a manly hug.

Suddenly images flooded Oz's brain. The memories implanted by Tara, “Whoa...”

Xander released him, “What?”

“We need to get out of here,” Oz began.

Jack moved over to the door and tried it, “Locked up tight.”

Oz grinned, “No problem. We got two Slayers and a former Master Vampire. You're still strong, aren't you Harm?”

“I... I think so,” the blonde replied.

“Probably. My ribs are aching from the hug,” Xander chuckled, “The reason you're not a Vamp anymore, we'll deal with later.”

“Dad... what's a Slayer?” Amy asked.

Eddie crossed himself and then muttered something under his breath. He then looked at Xander, “The Powers.”

Xander nodded, “The Powers.”

“Darn...” Jack growled.

“I agree,” Giles added.

Xander then grinned and picked up the MP-5/10 that had been laying next to where he had woken up. Eddie reached for his own sub machine gun. Jack slapped himself on the forehead and reached behind his back and withdrew his service 9mm Beretta.

Eddie and Xander flanked the door, Weapons at the ready. Jack moved to the rear to cover the two armed Watcher's backs. Giles, Oz and Amy moved behind the General. When he was ready, Jack nodded to Xander.

Amanda and Harmony moved up next to the stout metal reinforced wooden door. The pair shared a grin and on a three count. Kicked the door.

What was left of the door shattered on the wall opposite the cell. Putting a sizable dent in the metal wall.

Xander and Eddie moved into the corridor like they had dozens of times on missions clearing out vamp nests.

“Clear right,” Eddie said.

“Clear, left,” Xander added.

Amanda reached down into the pile of debris that was once the cell door. She quickly located three sharp wooden shards. One she handed to Harmony. Another she took for herself and the third she tossed to Amy. Eddie groaned internally when he saw how effortlessly his daughter caught the makeshift stake.

Amy was indeed a slayer.

“Let's move,” Jack suggested.


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