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Anatomical Correctness

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Summary: Slash (non-explicit). Xander is getting a glass eye. At Seattle Grace Hospital. Seriously.

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Television > Grey's AnatomychurkeyFR1351,864168,4147 Mar 119 Mar 11Yes

The Patient

The Patient

“The patient is Alexander Harris, here to receive an ocular prosthesis of porous polyethylene in the left eye. The left eye was lost approximately three years ago in a construction accident. The damaged tissue was removed and the optical nerve cauterized. The muscle and tissue have some degeneration so motility of the prosthesis may not be optimal,” Xander remembered this doctor from his first visit. Her deadpan and emotionless delivery was a little frightening, which Xander found strangely comforting. He’d had enough false smiles to last a lifetime.

“Thank you, Dr. Yang. Mr. Harris’s surgery is scheduled in about three hours…” the doctor paused, as Xander had stuck his hand up.

“Um, could you just call me Xander? ‘Harris,’ surprisingly is the least favourite part of my name. Considering that my middle name is Lavelle, that should be enough said. Oh, um, and can you not tell anyone that my middle name is Lavelle. Not the most manly of names and I usually try to never tell anyone, but I’m a little nervous about this whole surgery thing. Really hate hospitals. I was also wondering if there are gonna be any new scars? I don’t mind so much, but I already have tons of scars and scars on my face might not solve one of the problems I hope to solve by getting me a glass eye.” Xander trailed off as he realized that the two (super hot) doctors were just staring at him.

“Lavelle? Seriously? That really is a bad middle name. Not to worry, Xander. We’re not going to tell anyone and you won’t have any new scars. You see these hands?” Said hands were brandished for Xander’s inspection, “These hands don’t leave scars. If you have any further questions Dr. Yang will be happy to answer them,” and Xander’s doctor was heading out the door.

“Hey! Wait! I don’t know your name. You might be ridiculously hot and whatever, but I lost my appreciation for hot and mysterious a really long time ago.”

The doctor stopped and turned. A smirk worthy of Spike turning his lips up. He crossed his buff arms over his buff chest and simply said, “Mark Sloan.”
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