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Anatomical Correctness

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Summary: Slash (non-explicit). Xander is getting a glass eye. At Seattle Grace Hospital. Seriously.

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Television > Grey's AnatomychurkeyFR1351,864168,4007 Mar 119 Mar 11Yes

Checking In

Checking In

“Xander, we’re just getting ready to prep you for surgery and I wanted to check in on you. Still feeling nervous about the procedure?” the ridiculously hot Dr. Sloan was back (and still ridiculously hot).

“Nah, feeling fine about it now. Asked Dr. Yang a bunch of questions and she made me feel of the good about it all. I’m good,” Xander smiled broadly, thinking of his Q and A session with Dr. Yang. She was freaking awesome.

“Dr. Yang comforted you? Eased your anxieties? Seriously?”

“Seriously. And can I say that you guys say seriously a lot? Although, I suppose everyone here is so hot they can pretty much do whatever they want and not a person will complain. Um, can we modify that statement to all the women here are so hot that no one will complain? Um, wait, or maybe just strike the conversation entirely from the record?” Xander looked up, eyes full of hope, at Dr. Sloan. Who simply smirked and looked at him with eyes like lasers.

“Now, Xander, I don’t think you want me to start forgetting things just as I’m about to operate on you, do you? Now, I got a policy about sleeping with patients, so we’re gonna wait until after your surgery, post-op check up, and your one month check-up to have sex. Deal?” Mark didn’t often sleep with guys, but with everything going on with Addison and Derek, he just wanted some fun. Guys were usually good for that. And Xander, even if he had goofy looking ears, was just the right kind of rough. Mark liked his women beautiful and his men rough. As they say, variety is the spice of life.

“Deal. Er, I mean, I’m not that kind of girl. Or I wouldn’t be if, you know, I were a girl. Which I’m not. Either way, don’t I at least get dinner first? Wait! I don’t date guys, all about the boobies here!” Xander had turned an interesting shade of red and his heart monitor was beeping like crazy.

“Oh, we have a deal. Dinner, then sex,” Dr. Sloan smirked and leaned in, real close, “you’ve mentioned that I’m hot twice now. Maybe you’ve never been with a guy before. That’s okay. Lots of bullshit out there about how it ain’t right or manly. You see me? I’m all man and sometimes I like a man now and then. No big deal. I’ll be real, real gentle and you won’t regret it,” one last smirk and he was out the door.

Xander, still blushing like a stop sign, only swallowed and shivered at the feel of that rough voice whispering in his ear.
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