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Summary: After a phone message is accidentally sent to Rachel’s home number, the Sineya Council invades McKinley High seeking justice for one of their own. Ie, the Scoobies take Rachel away.

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Chapter Two

Doomsday - Chapter 2
Author : JennyAnn

Summary: After a phone message accidentally sent to Rachel’s home number, the Sineya Council invades McKinley High seeking justice for one of their own. IE, the Scoobies take Rachel away.

Disclaimer : Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Glee belong to people much more creative than me. My ownership of them consists only of the DVD purchases I’ve made over the years. Go pester Joss Whedon and Ryan Murphy about any other ownership rights.

Author’s Note : So I was pleasantly surprised to see that not only did a number of people agree with me about certain characters and behaviors, but a few people even wanted to see more.  So, yeah, this is where my brain went next, including Rachel finally talking about how things went down with Santana and the reason I found Finn’s lying about his virginity so disgusting (a reason I have yet to see anyone bring up anywhere).  Edits from the last chapter: I fixed Principal Figgins’ name (not Higgins) and we’re operating under the assumption that Dalton was having a day off and Kurt stopped by for a quick visit before classes.  As for continuity, I’d place this story somewhere between ‘Prom’ and ‘Funeral’.  Jesse is off... elsewhere.  Hope you enjoy and apologies for the crudeness of Faith’s threat!


The rest of the day was a waste for McKinley High School.  The teachers were all distracted by the looming threats of lost employment, and thanks to his all-glass office front, everyone could see for themselves that Figgins had spent most of the day weeping on his desk.  The students were distracted by the wild rumors flying around – everything from Sue’s stint as an assassin being revealed, to a shadowy international corporation taking over the school for nefarious reasons.  By the time Glee practice rolled around, Mr. Schuester knew it would be a waste of time to even attempt trying to get the kids focused and instead decided that they should go to Rachel’s to apologize for hurting her feelings and get her to come back to New Directions.

They took two cars, Santana’s SUV and Mr. Schue’s clunker.  Mr. Schue drove like a little old grandmother, so the other car arrived first to a scene no one expected.  There were two moving trucks parked in front of the Berry house with a number of young adults wandering the grounds and loud music pulsing out the windows.  Most surprising, however, was probably the sight of Azimio carting a set of dining chairs to one of the trucks.

“What are you doing here?” Santana demanded, holding open a door so Mike could help Artie out while Brittany and Kurt grabbed his wheelchair from the back.  Quinn and Mercedes just stopped and stared at the spectacle in front of them.

Azimio froze and placed the chairs on the ground carefully, clearly embarrassed and still a little terrified.  “Hey.  So, yeah, I’m sorry for all that stuff.”

“What? Seriously, what are you doing here?”

“They made me come and help Berry move,” he admitted, running a hand over his sweaty scalp.  “They’re all up at the house if you wanna talk to them.”

“Talk to who?” Brittany whispered as they all followed him.

“Hey, jockboy, I don’t remember telling you to invite any friends,” came a shout.  It was Faith, looking almost annoyingly cool in the same leather pants she’d worn to the school, although she’d lost the jacket to show off an extremely tight tank top.

“It’s the Glee Club,” he answered politely, much to the growing surprise of the visitors, including the rest of the club who’d just arrived.  “They’re probably here to talk to Rachel.”

“Gotcha.  Rachel!” she hollered loud enough that the brunette in question could hear her from anywhere in the house.  

Azimio motioned for them to take seats along the porch.  “Can I get anyone some water?” he asked.

“Dude, don’t take this the wrong way,” Sam asked instead, “but what’s up with you?”

The jock tossed a worried glance at Faith.  “You can be honest,” she told him smugly.

“Man, these people are frickin’ terrifying.”  Several people looked to Faith for her reaction, but she was smirking like she’d just been handed a rare compliment.  “Faith told me that if I didn’t straighten up and stop acting like some useless punk, she’d slip me drugs so that I couldn’t move, but I’d still be able to feel everything as she chopped off my balls, and then she would grind them up and slip them into my food.”

A lot of horrified faces, including a speechless Mr. Schue, turned to the leather-clad brunette who looked utterly unrepentant.  “Clear and detailed threats are usually the most effective.”

Before anyone could respond, the singer they’d come to see walked out the front door.  “You bellow…. Oh.  Hello, you all.  Did you need something?”

“We wanted to talk to you about your leaving,” Mr. Schue spoke up.  “Surely there is some way we can change your mind.”  He spared a glance for the efforts of the people moving furniture around and packing boxes.  “Granted, we weren’t expecting you to be moving so quickly.”

Faith scoffed.  “No point in dragging things out.   The Berrys have spent enough time being harassed in this town.”

"What do you even do?" Mr. Schue asked, his earlier feelings of shame outweighed by annoyance of having someone constantly point out his failings.

"We're a historical consortium that has been around for a good several hundred years, recording history and preserving the past. Hiram Berry is one of our finest researchers, and we've been trying to get him to relocate to one of our main facilities for a while now." It was sort of obvious that she was reciting a company line. "The only thing stopping him has been the idea of making his daughter move away from her friends and transferring to a private school."

While the older two spoke, Mr. Schuester trying to pry more information out and Faith delighting in being vague, Rachel turned to the Latino cheerleader who'd tormented her for so many years.  "Santana? Can I talk to you in private for a minute?"

"If you're going to bitch at me, you can do it right here. We all know that I've made your life hell and there's no point in hiding what you're saying when we all know what it's going to--"

"I'm sorry." No one expected that. "I'm sorry, Santana. I'm sorry for taking it out on you that Finn kept your night together a secret. I'm sorry that we made you feel like you were only good enough to be some dirty little secret. I'm sorry that I never stood up for you when someone called you a slut. "

"I wouldn't have stood up for you."

"It doesn't matter. And you stopped most of the bullying from the jocks, even if it was only for a little while, so in a way, you did.  The point is, I should know better than anyone how it feels to be treated poorly for being who they are.  You’re rude and abrasive and self-centered, and so am I.  I’m sorry, Santana.”

The Cheerio shuffled her feet for a moment, clearly uncomfortable with the positive attention.  Rachel felt a tug at her gut when she realized how rarely Santana was singled out for something good, or at least not for something bad.  She muttered something under her breath, something that sounded like thanks before following it with, "Sorry for how I told you.  About Finn and me."

"Thank you for telling me."

Finn looked annoyed - though when did he look anything but when it came to Rachel and her drama.  "I don't want you to apologize for me, Rachel."

"Finn?"  The name was whispered, and the surprised horror let them know that she hadn't actually noticed him before.  She swiveled to look at the door like she was expecting an attack that never came.  "You can't be here.  Really, you need to leave.  Now.  Now!"

"You're not trying to warn him off, are you, Rachel?"  Buffy asked from behind her.  No one could have explained where she had come from.

"No, I just...  I'm just tired of this nonsense.  I'm done with Finn.  Can't we just let it go?"

The smile on the blonde's face was understanding, but she wasn't going to give in on this, whatever 'this' was, and they all knew it.  A couple of the Gleeks realized that the other conversation between Faith and Mr. Schue had stopped at some point, and when they looked, they realized that Faith had jumped over the railing to position herself behind the quarterback.  Another, younger brunette had appeared with Buffy, and she moved to successfully block him in.  "I'm afraid not, Rach.  You may be done with him, but it's obvious that no one has held Mr. Hudson accountable for his actions, and someone needs to."  Her voice was comforting as it spoke to Rachel, but then she focused on Finn.  "Come on, kid.  We need to have a talk."  

Mr. Schue started to speak up in defense of his lead singer, the one who reminded him so much of himself, but before he could do anything but inhale he was pinned with a number of threatening glares from the growing crowd.  

Buffy took hold of the quarterback's arm, leading him over to a sofa that had been brought outside but not yet loaded in a truck.  Once again, the group took up positions around him.  "So, Finn, I understand you're pissed at Rachel.  You want to explain why?"

He looked baffled.  "She cheated on me with the guy who was my best friend until he got my girlfriend of the time pregnant."

"Did he rape her, the old girlfriend?"

"What!?  No."

"So she was involved in the process as well as the guy who got her pregnant.  I just wanted to check."  Buffy studied him, and while Finn was really uncomfortable having to talk about this with so many people watching, he felt that she was seeing something more than that.  "When was the first time you kissed Rachel?"

Finn wasn't stupid, even if sometimes you couldn't tell.  "Last year."

"Last year?"  She asked with a quirk of the eyebrows.  "When last year?"

"I don't know exactly when.  Like, the date."

Everyone looked for Rachel to chime in with the exact day, time, and temperature, but she just watched Finn with a sad look on her face that caused Puck to reach out and take her hand before he'd had a chance to think about it.  The grateful smile she aimed at him only made him feel worse for her.  Finn wasn't the only one having to relive all this drama.  

Buffy, meanwhile, waved off his lack of answer nonchalantly.  "Understandable.  I mean, you had a lot going on last year.  Kennedy knows all about that."  The brunette that had arrived with her nodded, eyes locked with a redhead on the other side of the crowd.  "But your first kiss, it was after everything came out into the open about your girl friend and your best friend, right?"  He didn't answer right away.  "Finn?"

At the almost concealed warning tone, Finn slumped a little further.  "No.  It was a little bit after I joined Glee.  Before Quinn told me she was pregnant.  We were practicing in the auditorium and I, well, I kissed her."

Judging from several indrawn breaths, this was not common knowledge for many of the high schoolers and out of character for Saint Finn.  

"I see.  What about your second kiss?  Did that happen when you were single?"  His silence was damning enough, but she pressed on.  "Where did that one happen?"

"At the bowling lanes."

"The bowling lanes?  That's normally a dating spot, isn't it?"

Finn wouldn't meet anyone's eyes, and William found himself stepping forward to put a stop to this.  It was a mistake.  "Mr. Schuester."  An older man in a suit interrupted the action, speaking in a British accent as he polished the lenses of his glasses.  "You've shown a remarkable history of overlooking this boy's actions.  I believe you should let us handle this."  The man shouldn’t have been threatening, but something in his demeanor made Will feel certain that this was a person that shouldn’t be underestimated.

"Yes, it's normally a dating spot."

"So when did you take Rachel there?"

"... The week after I found out about the baby."

"So your girlfriend was pregnant, you thought you were the father, and you decided you were going to take Rachel out on a date."

"No!  It wasn't like that."

“Oh?  What was it like?”

“Rachel had quit the Glee Club for the school musical, and I thought if she would come back and we did well, I could get a college scholarship so that I could, you know, get a better job to support Quinn and the baby.”

“So you took Rachel out and explained all this to her.”

“No.”  He sighed, but didn’t bother to wait for her to question.  “I let her think that it was a date, that we were going to be together and be the stars of Glee if she would come back.”

“You deliberately led her on, manipulated her feelings for you so that you could benefit from them with another girl.”  It wasn’t a question, and he didn’t answer.  Noah’s hand tightened on Rachel’s.  “I just wanted to get that straight.  All right.  So, explain to me why you're angry with Rachel."

"She cheated on me!"  The teen burst out.  "She kissed Puck - Puck of all people - just to hurt me."

This was an argument the club had heard a number of times.  The blonde just raised an eyebrow.  "Really?  You were in a problem free relationship, and she decided that she should hurt you for no reason?"

"Well, she found out that..." he paused and glanced at Mr. Schue, "that I had slept with Santana when she was still dating Jesse, her last boyfriend."

"Found out.  So you weren't the one who told her?"

"No, Santana did."

"But she knew that you had been with someone, just not who that someone was."  The silence was damning enough.  "Now, you were hoping for a pretty physical relationship with Rachel."

"Well, I mean, I wasn't going to push her about it or anything."

Rachel made a quiet noise of disagreement even as Buffy interrupted Finn.  "That wasn't actually a question.  You're a teenage male - I know that answer."

Finn frowned in embarrassment and Mr. Schue stepped forward, having once again gathered his courage to defend his favorite student.  "This really isn't appropriate.  I understand that Rachel has had a rough time, but there's no call to air every bit of personal drama like this."

"Personal drama?"  Faith interrupted.  "Teach, why do you think we're upset about this?"

"Clearly Rachel felt injured by his actions, which disregarded her feelings."

"Are you serious?" Dawn chimed in, looking as horrified as the rest of the strangers.  "You think this is about her feelings?!  Don't get me wrong, Rach, your emotional well-being is important to us, but this guy must be joking."

Will was starting to feel like he was facing down Sue and being torn to shreds as usual.  "There's no need for all the insults."  A hand took hold of his shoulder tightly, stopping him.  

It was the British gentleman again, suddenly looking a lot more threatening than Will remembered.  "Before you continue butting in, you might want to remember the federal inquiry starting at the high school.  You're not exactly proving your credentials or your merit as a teacher at this point."

Other than some frantic whispering at the very clear threat, there was a moment of quiet before Buffy continued.  "So you had sex with Santana."  She turned to the cheerleader in question, who looked physically ill for being present for this confrontation.  "Just to let you know, none of us are judging you for this.  The bullying, yes, but all of us here are firm supporters of the right to be with the people you want.  And as many as you want.  This is not in any way an indictment of your behavior or choices, okay?   But you've had your fair share of partners, right?"

Santana shrugged her shoulders, then answered, "I guess so."

"And among those partners are Puck and Brittany, who each have been sexually active with a large number of people as well."

"Yeah, I've been... intimate with Brittany, but it's not like I'm a lesbo or anything."

"What's the big deal about being gay?" the redhead, Willow, questioned.  "I am.  Well, most of the time."

"Me too," Kennedy chimed in.

Xander chuckled.  "I think most of us are fans of the girl-love."  Dawn slugged him on the shoulder.

"So, anyway," Buffy continued, raising her voice just enough to make it clear she was trying to bring the conversation back to its point.  "You've been sexually active with both Brittany and Puck.  Again, who you share yourself with is entirely your choice, and none of mine have any issues with that.  But between the three of you, you've slept with a rather large number of people, right?"

At Santana's still embarassed nod, Buffy turned back to Finn.  "So, Finn, have you ever heard the concept that you've slept with everyone your partner has slept with?"

He shrugged, filled with attitude and clearly having progressed to the sulking portion of the confrontation.  "I guess so.  They mentioned it in my Sex Ed class freshman year."

"But you lied about being a virgin to Rachel anyway.  You put her at risk for sexually transmitted diseases and god knows what else because you didn't think it was important."  By now, Buffy's disgust was quite obvious.  "Because it would have made things more difficult for you."  She stared at Finn for a long moment, judging something he couldn't be sure of.  "You know what?  I'm done with you.  We're not even going into how disgusting your lack of defense and action against the bullying is, or how wrong it is that you constantly tried to change Rachel to suit you."

"I don't know what you're talking about."

"When was the last time you stood up for her in front of another person?"

"I ... um..."

"Exactly.  So I'm glad she spent some time with Puck.  At least he had the balls to go against popular opinion without a proverbial gun to his head.  All right,” Buffy called out with a clap of her hands, “if you’re not here helping with the move, thanks for stopping by but break time’s over.  So are visiting hours.   And to be honest, it really wasn’t that nice meeting most of you.”

“Wait!”  Rachel interrupted, halting the departure of the group who’d quickly learned that when the blonde told you to jump, you didn’t bother asking how high.  You just jumped.  “Wait, I have something for the Glee Club.”

The short diva ran into her house, reappearing a minute later at a slower pace and carrying something.  “Here.”  She handed the teacher an external hard drive and a number of thick notebooks, all labeled ‘Glee’.

“Rachel, I really don’t think they deserve that.”

“Actually,” Willow corrected Dawn in memory of her own years of high school torment, “I think that’s exactly what they deserve.”

“What is this?”  Mr. Schuester asked.

“The recordings of the Glee meetings.”  Judging from the way she was staring at him, the baffled expression on his face was unsurprising, and still, after everything, hurtful.  “Remember?  When you first took over the Glee Club, we talked about recording all the performances?  So we could go over them later for notes for improvement?”

He vaguely remembered some excited discussion on her part that seemed to match – specifically the part where he blew her off with a noncommittal ‘yeah, sure, Rachel,’ and immediately wrote it off as unimportant.

“Berry?”  Quinn spoke up.  “You’ve been recording us without our knowledge?”

Rachel added some defeat to her expressive face.  “It was detailed in both the Glee introduction packet and Glee Club commitment form everyone signed and returned upon joining the club.  Plus I’ve tried to bring it up on more than one occasion.”

“I should have been a part of this,” the teacher informed his student, the reprimand understood, and he was rewarded with a dark look from her.

“I tried to discuss it with you too, Mr. Schuester.  You kept blowing me off.”

Later, Will passed the notebook marked with a ‘1’ from hand to hand as his computer installed the necessary drivers for the harddrive and scanned the contents.  It was filled with audio files labeled by date.  Every Glee Club meeting and performance.  He leaned forward, eyes focused on the paper he held, finally starting to figure out the gift Rachel had given them.

He opened one of the earlier files at random and the first notebook, flipping a few pages in and absently noting that she’d provided a table of contents on the inside cover.  He picked a spot halfway down the page and began to read.

0:45:36 – Artie has an instinctive sense of rhythm.  Only one besides me not late here.  Should set him as a guide or tutor for those having trouble hitting their clues.

0:46:21 – Tina – Tone is beautiful but weak.  Suspect too much too quick would overwhelm and discourage.  Avoid classic Broadway and musical pieces for a while.  Start with songs she knows and is comfortable with, then continue to introduce new / unfamiliar material.  Eventually could be a fantastic lead singer if carefully encouraged.

0:52:13 – Kurt – Potential for strong crossover singer.  Could easily handle a variety of styles.  Perhaps start with a traditional female part, such as ‘Home’ from Beauty and the Beast.

0:52:50 – Mercedes – Fantastic pipes on that note.  Will have to be careful not to shoehorn into wailing at end of songs and R&B.  Try some more restrained pieces, to expand her capabilities beyond what she seems to limit herself to , such as…..

End comments: Yeah, so, it always struck me as odd that a girl as determined as Rachel wasn’t recording and critiquing every one of her performances, which is one of the best ways to improve in a performing art.  So when we saw her bugging the choir room in “Laryngitis", it’s my opinion that she did so way before the episode, probably even before the show even started.  

I’m gonna be honest.  I’m not particularly pleased by this chapter.  I wanted to include more, such as a little more explanation about Rachel’s fathers, more on the Scoobies, Karofsky apologizing to Kurt complete with explanation, but I suspect it mostly would have turned into Buffy [me] ranting about all the ways Finn lying about his virginity makes him a disgusting piece of trash.  As pointed out by Dawn, Rachel’s feelings on the matter are way, way down on that list for me.  This has been checked over a few times, but I’m sure I’ve left a number of errors so please let me know if you catch any.  I’m leaving it marked ‘complete’, but there is a slight possibility of a third (final) part where New Directions go to the Council school and see how people should behave.

Thanks for reading!


The End

You have reached the end of "Doomsday". This story is complete.

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